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8 Entrepreneur Challenges Founders Don’t Anticipate

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New entrepreneurs quickly find that what they learned in business school is no substitute for real-world business experience and training.

Founder Suicides

Feld Thoughts

recently heard a terrifying stat about founder suicides recently. The post Founder Suicides appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Founder Dilution

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I saw a blog post this weekend that looked at the IPO filings of 79 tech companies and calculated the ownerships of the founders and the VCs at IPO. That will typically leave the founder/founder team with 10-20% of the business when it’s all said and done. Employee Equity: Dilution. entrepreneurship VC & Technology

Single Founders or Co-Founders?

Instigator Blog

Conventional wisdom says that startups should have two or three founders. Some investors won’t even invest in single founders at all–so understandably for entrepreneurs this is a big issue. Of the investments I’ve made to-date, six have 2 founders, one has 3 founders, and three have 1 founder.

8 Keys To Attracting The Right Technical Co-Founder

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Technology is so key to every business these days that experienced business-smart but non-tech entrepreneurs are feeling deeper and deeper in the hole.

7 Keys To Being Seen As A Superhuman Startup Founder

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Investors know this, hence the saying “Bet on the jockey (founder), not the horse (idea).” A great jockey is a great role model. Don’t stop now.

Time For Founders School

Steve Blank

After weeks honing the script and days of filming, I’m honored to present the “ Startups ” section of Founders School.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Startup Co-Founder

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Most true visionary entrepreneurs have unusual energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and a propensity for taking risks. Cause organizational whiplash.

Founder Market Fit

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” But my post yesterday about  The Power of Passion When Starting Your Company  was about “founder market fit.” ” And I’ve come to believe that – especially among first time entrepreneursfounder market fit is much more important than product market fit at the inception of the company.

How Much Founder Stock Should You Offer Co-Founders?

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Two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. business entrepreneurs startups

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Why The McDonald's Story of The Founder Made The Perfect Entrepreneur Movie

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Ray Kroc wasn't really a founder. But "The Founder" gets at the arc of a successful startup better than almost any other film

5 Ways To Improve Startup Founder Team Productivity

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For one-on-one coaching from the startup founder, I call this approach five-minute mentoring. Listen and adapt your style to theirs.

10 Tough Quandaries That Lead Entrepreneurs Astray

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Should you start a company solo or find co-Founders to help you? The co-Founder relationship dilemma. The Founder succession dilemma.

Pixar, Artists, Founders and Corporate Innovation

Steve Blank

always thought that when I used the “founders as artists” analogy, the “artists” I was describing were painters, writers, sculptors and composers.

What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From 'The Founder'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

New film about the McDonald's origin story serves as a cautionary business tale

Meaningful Exits for Founders

Bryce Dot VC

We don’t know how many rounds this company has raised, how many other VCs are on the cap table, nor how much the founders own.

When Should Startup Founders Discuss Valuation with Seed VCs?

View from Seed

In theory, there are three levels of pricing for an entrepreneur to potentially signal to a prospective investor: 1. So What Should Founders Do?

Leadership Mistakes Plague Every Startup Founder

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Even entrepreneurs who have built many startups, or sold their last one for millions of dollars, know they make occasional people leadership mistakes.

Book: The Founder’s Dilemmas

Feld Thoughts

The Founder’s Dilemmas by Noam Wasserman is another book that belongs on every entrepreneur’s bookshelf. If you are a founder, or considering being a founder, a board member, or an investor, buy  The Founder’s Dilemmas right now. Books hbs noam wasserman the founder's dilemmas

6 suggestions for an aspiring founder

This article is inspired by Startup Edition in response to “What advice would you give young entrepreneurs?”. Tweet. Buffer. Experiment.

The Perils of Founder Fighting

Both Sides of the Table

Nowhere is the politics more difficult than with co-founders, which is why for years I’ve spoken publicly about “ the co-founder mythology.”

Five Recruiting Metrics Every Founder Should Track

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Founders furiously work their networks, post open positions on every reasonable-looking job board, and hope to quickly start hiring.

The Emotional Co-Founder

Seeing Both Sides

There is a bias against solo founders in Startup Land. But if you find yourself a solo founder, don't despair.

Investors Look First At The Founder, Then The Idea

Startup Professionals Musings

They evaluate you like you should assess a possible co-founder or first employee. entrepreneur startup idea investor funding founder business

Founders on a Mission

K9 Ventures

Put differently, there are some founders for whom failure simply isn’t an option. Instead she is a mother. She is Asian (South Korean).

A Startup Visa – The International Entrepreneurs Rule – Form I-941

Feld Thoughts

On Friday, the USCIS proposed The International Entrepreneurs Rule. The UK created an Entrepreneur Visa. Lots of articles were written.

Canada 101

How to Divide Founder Equity: 4 Criteria to Discuss

View from Seed

like to say that “there are only co-founders” — it’s extraordinarily rare for a successful business to have just a sole founder.

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Startup Founders Can Learn From Reality Television

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet the process is eerily realistic, and every entrepreneur can glean some important lessons. business entrepreneur lessons Shark Tank startup

Founder’s Stock Is Gold, If You Know The Rules

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Here are some typical special terms and considerations for Founder’s stock: Negligible real value. entrepreneur founder rules startup stock

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Every Successful Entrepreneur Does This One Thing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One thing every successful entrepreneur does is prioritize. Startup co-founder and CMO Sangram Vajre shares his tips for prioritization

7 Ways Founders Demonstrate They Can Run A Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

When starting a new business, an entrepreneur has to take a “hands-on” role. The best founders know how to pull the best out of others.

4 Founders & Harvard MBAs on Finding Startup Traction & MBAs-as-Entrepreneurs

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Matt Prince , Co-Founder and CEO, CloudFlare (Web performance and security to protect and accelerate websites; $72.1 Clark (RelayRides): .

Startup Founders Need To Manage Their Optimism

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m sure we have all seen entrepreneurs with high levels of passion and confidence touting an idea that seems to make very little sense to us.

10 Impressive Startups Founded By Women Entrepreneurs

YFS Magazine

People Success Profiles female entrepreneurs female entrepreneurship people women entrepeneurship women entrepreneurs women in business

The Founder of Twisted Sister Wants You to Be a Rock Star Entrepreneur. Here's How

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Wanna rock as an entrepreneur? Here's what the founder of Twisted Sister can teach you about running a successful business

What Inspired 10 Successful Entrepreneurs to Become Founders

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

So I asked 10 successful entrepreneurs to share their original inspirations. simply can''t remember not wanting to be an entrepreneur.

These 8 Disciplines Define A Fundable Entrepreneur

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Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask me what to do first when starting a business. Your credibility as an entrepreneur is at stake.

The Discipline Of Execution Defines An Entrepreneur


When entrepreneurs come to me with that “million dollar idea,” I have to tell them that an idea alone is really worth nothing.

How one founder’s $5 million risk paid off

The Next Web

Then, late last year, Nathan got the email every founder dreams of:… This story continues at The Next Web.

Google Founders Define the Meaning of ‘Exceptional’

Startup Professionals Musings

I tell entrepreneurs that Google was an “exception” to all the investment and startup rules, but I’ve always wondered what it takes to be an exception.