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Employee Equity

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Andy was a founding partner at Benchmark and knows his way around a startup cap table. Wealthfront Equity Plan from Wealthfront. Where Andy and I differ a bit is how to calculate how much equity should be granted. So I was excited to see that First Round Capital featured a blog post by Andy Rachleff on this topic yesterday.

Are You Getting Your Fair Share Of Startup Equity?

Startup Professionals Musings

So the first question I usually get is what percent of the company or equity is that person worth? Now comes the reality check. Martin Zwilling.

What VC Can Learn From Private Equity

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

spent a week in Europe a few weeks ago with our friend Eric who is a managing partner in a private equity firm. Venture Capital and Private Equity are very different investment disciplines. Venture Capital is minority investing. 2/ Private equity can’t afford to lose money on an investment. It’s powerful.

Can A Hoodie Increase Brand Equity?

crowdSPRING Blog

For years, the purple hoodie was given only to valued partners and Twitch employees to wear while covering gaming’s biggest events. Let them.

Should You Offer Equity Compensation to Employees?

Up and Running

Of course, not every equity compensation story is a David Choe Story. In this article, I’m going to examine: What equity compensation is.

Founder's Dilemmas: Equity Splits

Startup Lessons Learned

Setting the early equity split in stone is one of the biggest mistakes founders can make. Having the real facts helps us ask better questions.

Founder's Dilemmas: Equity Splits

Founders Dilemmas: Equity Splits. The following is an exclusive excerpt which sets up a common pitfall regarding equity splits. Contact.

CTO Equity and Compensation at Venture Backed Companies


The data is a bit tough to deal with via a post, so I've shared it two ways: You can find a PDF with some analysis at: CTO Equity Compensation PDF.

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The right way to give equity to your employees

The Next Web

As a rule, entrepreneurs are very protective of their equity, and try to keep 100 percent ownership for themselves.  stock, options, warrants).

VC Partner Sweet Spot: The Always-Sometimes-Never Rules for Pitching the Right Investor

View from Seed

Yet once the right firms are identified, I believe that the tougher challenge is to determine which partner at these firms to approach. Always.

How to think about cash vs. equity compensation

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

With WPEngine recently I had yet another question to answer: “What if I took $X/mo salary, then how much equity would you part with?

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Equity-Only CTO and Equity-Only Developers


Understand where they were in terms of being able to pay or was this equity-only (sweat equity only). And he was still in the process of raising additional capital, so it was equity only. There are cases where I will do equity-only deals. who start with small equity percentages don’t end up making very much from startups.

Partners Forever (or close to it)

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

But I have a fair bit of empathy for him on this specific issue. I am still technically a partner in a venture capital firm (Euclid Partners) that I left in early 1996. still get K1s from them as there remain a few illiquid investments in the last fund I was a partner in. One of my partners sits on another board.

How To Allocate Founder and Employee Equity

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

It never makes sense to give anyone equity without vesting. The thing I love the most about Joel's post is he throws darts into a lot of conventional wisdom about founder equity allocation. particularly like his notion that the person with the idea should not command a premium on equity allocation.

Financing your business: Debt vs Equity


VentureBeat wrote a post recently on debt versus equity which one is right for your business. Equity. Equity is pretty straightforward.

Are You Ready for Equity Based Crowdfunding?

Up and Running

Donation and equity crowdfunding both appeal to the public’s desire to participate collectively in fulfilling others’ entrepreneurial visions.

How to Divide Equity to Startup Founders, Advisors, and Employees

How to Divide Equity to Startup Founders, Advisors, and Employees. Equity for Founders. From there you can get the percentage of equity.

The Right Way to Grant Equity to Your Employees

Redeye VC

Prior to Wealthfront, Rachleff co-founded and was general partner of Benchmark Capital. is the virtually universal practice among tech companies of distributing meaningful equity (usually in the form of stock options) to ordinary employees. Andy Rachleff is President and CEO of Wealthfront, a software-based financial advisor.

Convertible Equity, A Better Alternative To Convertible Debt?

Convertible Equity, A Better Alternative To Convertible Debt? Kleiner Perkins Partners With Rock Health To Give Health Tech Startups A Boost.

Announcing Volition Capital’s Newest $250 Million Growth Equity Fund, Volition Capital Fund III

Thinking About Thinking

This fund will have substantially the same strategy and focus as all of our prior funds – which we call small cap technology growth equity.  We invest in high growth, principally bootstrapped, technology companies that are poised for market leadership. Onwards and upwards… Filed under: Growth Equity , Volition Capital.

Announcing Volition Capital’s Newest $250 Million Growth Equity Fund, Volition Capital Fund III

Thinking About Thinking

This fund will have substantially the same strategy and focus as all of our prior funds – which we call small cap technology growth equity.  We invest in high growth, principally bootstrapped, technology companies that are poised for market leadership. Onwards and upwards… Filed under: Growth Equity , Volition Capital.

CircleUp Draws More Investors As Equity Crowdfunding Gains Ground

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Securities and Exchange Commission would debate how to shape regulations necessary when one attaches to it equity stakes.

Quality over quantity on The Equity Kicker

The Equity Kicker

In 2006 I was a newly minted Partner at DFJ Esprit (now  DraperEsprit ) without the family, fundraising, and fund management responsibilities I have now. Robert Scoble is perhaps the greatest blogger of them all, so when I started blogging in 2006 I read  Naked Conversations , his guide to blogging. One of his tips was to post every day.

What is Sweat Equity Worth?

What is Sweat Equity Worth? Determining how to value sweat equity is key when negotiating with investors and employees. Entrepreneurs often ask me how to value the sweat equity invested in their startup. But over the years, I have come to realize that sweat equity isn't the same thing as market value for your startup.

How To Attract The Right VC Partners

Early Growth Financial Services

Set Selection Criteria — Well before … Continue reading → Equity / Debt / Venture Funding The relationship between investors and founders can be tricky to navigate. At the best of times, it’s symbiotic, leading to gains for both sides. At others it can degenerate into a test of wills, or worse. Be curious.

Pay for Publicity with Equity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The price: A little equity. Would you exchange equity in your company for help getting the word out What do you think?

9 Key Things Successful Business Partners Always Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The story drives home the keys to how most successful business partners work together and what wrecks the chemistry between others. The reason?

How to Convince a Big Brand to Partner With You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The only thing you need is a big brand to notice you, realize the brilliance of your startup , and sign on the dotted line as a partner.

Private Equity: Threat or Menace?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Private equity is under attack in Presidential politics. So, What is Private Equity, Exactly? What Might You Want from Private Equity?

Will New Equity-based Crowdfunding Regulations Cool the UK Market?

Early Growth Financial Services

This guest post was contributed by Richard Heap, Partner at Kingston Smith. New UK regulations for equity-based crowdfunding While the U.S. It involves large numbers of people contributing small amounts over online platforms as equity investment or cash loans to support new business initiatives.

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What to Look For in a Business Partner

Up and Running

When I was going through the co-founder “dating” process, I’d found a potential partner through my network who seemed to be perfect.

11/29/2014 - Superfund Equities Report


11/29/2014 - Superfund Equities Report - The fund sold F (Ford) and piled up on TASR (Taser), SWHC (Smith & Wesson), ZNGA (Zynga) and ABR (Arbor REIT) Citi Group''s Index unit is for sale - LINK OPEC''s meeting in Vienna this week shook the oil markets. Williams Partners L.P. senior notes due 2016.

How Much Equity a Technical Cofounder Should Get - Nathan Hurst's Blog

Nathan Hurst

Technically inclined people can definitely build something on their own, and then seek a non-technical cofounder, retaining more equity for themselves.

VCs Are Partners, Not Bosses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In addition, VCs often have the contractual rights to control a company's destiny, especially if they hold preferred equity.

Crisis Shmisis: Q2 2010 Closes with 40 deals and more than $400 million raised in Israel (Deal Summary)

VC Cafe

As a part of the round Rina Shainski, General Partner of Carmel Ventures joined company’s board. Viola Private Equity Buyer Funds: 28.

Do You Really Need a Partner to Launch A Startup?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Serial entrepreneur and senior contributing editor Norm Brodsky explains why startup founders shouldn''t necessarily rush to find a partner.

Startup Investor Makes a Deal: Engineers for Equity

“Once that product is built, you will probably have given away a lot of equity.&# ); // Welcome to Mashable! Have an account? startupcto

What Private Equity Sharks Can Teach You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

So what does successful private equity thinking offer us entrepreneurs? No, really. Passionate entrepreneurs they are not. Lose money? 2.

Tritium Partners of Austin Closes on a $309 Million Fund


Tritium Partners of Austin has closed on its inaugural $309 million private equity fund. The fund’s investors include leading retirement systems, private pension plans, university endowments, foundations, diversified financial institutions and insurance companies. Austin

How many business partners should you have? Maybe zero

Up and Running

It’s almost as if we – the startup community – have been led to believe that you need partners. Some with partners, others without.