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I'm off to Europe today for a week of board meetings and vacation. It has become a bit of a tradition in our family to spend some time in europe every summer. Last summer we spent close to six weeks in europe in four countries. This summer it will be only one week in two countries. SoundCloud is a good example.

Investing In Startups In Europe

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The answer, as  Sten Tamkivi explains in TechCrunch , is that europe is a great place to invest in startups. At USV, we have made nine investments in europe since 2008 when we started investing there. It is way easier to invest in europe from New York City than the Bay Area and that is something we have taken advantage of.

Europe is underweight in Micro-VC

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However, Samir’s comments are largely based on US data and don’t separate out Europe and Asia. Anecdotally that feels right to me.

Now Europe Wants Elon Musk's Hyperloop

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The government of Slovakia is exploring plans to build a Hyperloop system in Europe that would connect the country with Austria and Hungary

See 5 of the Coolest Offices in Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

5000 Europe aren't messing around when it comes to office design The companies on this year's Inc.

Self-Driving Truck 'Platoons' Complete 1,000-Mile Trip Across Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

"Platooning" can cut emissions by 10 percent. Now we just need to make it legal

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How Europe's Top CEOs Start Their Day

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

To run one of the fastest-growing companies on the Continent, you're going to need a lot of coffee

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7 of the Most Stylish Startup Offices in Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These seven companies marry youth with productivity at their office headquarters

Entrepreneurs, not the government, will save Europe’s economy

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While entrepreneurship and startups have spread tremendously in Europe, a lot of aspiring young entrepreneurs leave Europe for the United States.

Startups Start Local But Go Global. Is Europe Included?

VC Cafe

Campus London European Startups Eze Vidra Innovation Endeavors europe Israel Israeli startups venture capitalLast week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Cities Summit Tel Aviv, in a session moderated by Mr Yossi Vardi. The topic was the "Innovative code" of cities. My talk focused on London and its. [[ This is a content summary only.

Peter Thiel says the Dublin Web Summit isn’t representative of ‘slacker’ Europe

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Entrepreneur Europe News Peter Thiel politics Web Summit How would my life have turned out if I grew up in Germany instead?

Europe Needs Bolder Tech Investments


Europe's problem with tech innovations. The situation is the same all over Europe. Photo: SpaceX. Why is this the case?

Mattermark data shows US venture is slowing down – Europe may be insulated

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The Q1 data for Europe showed investment was flat on Q4, but it will be interesting to see if we see the same declines as the US in April and May.

Business of Software Conference Europe, the 1 minute summary.

Business of Software Blog

Captures the spirit of Business of Software Conference Europe held earlier this year in Cambridge, England. BoS Updates europe

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Young, Digital, and Hungry: Inside the Companies of the Inc. 5000 Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Meet the fast-growing companies defying the downturn

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Startup Equity Crowdfunding Grows in Europe (NESTA Report)

VC Cafe

Below is a table of the equity Crowdfunding platforms operating in Europe: Location. The report reveals that in 2011 alone, €1.5 to offer.

London ranked best startup ecosystem in Europe

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A new report out from the Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital ranks London as the seventh best startup ecosystem in the world.

Google Ventures Lands in Europe


One such that slipped through the net last week was the news that Google Ventures is coming to Europe. billion. billion.

Want to Take Your Company to Europe?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With well over 700 million inhabitants, Europe offers start-ups rich pickings for potential customers--but also plenty of headaches. Interested?

5 Things You Need to Know Before Doing Business in Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Europe is a great place to go global as long as you know how to act. Here are the tricks for gaining credibility

The Next Web introduces 12 local Startup Awards to celebrate entrepreneurship across Europe

The Next Web

Says Patrick de Laive, co-founder of The Next Web: “Europe needs real entrepreneurs to put itself back on the map again.

How to Make Sense of Big Data | BoS Europe 2015 | Vince Darley, King Games

Business of Software Blog

Slides from Vince Darley, Chief Data Scientist at’s Talk at BoS Europe (link). Vince Darley, Chief Data Scientist, King Games.

Why You Might Want to Start Up in Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Consider launching in Europe. Are you thinking of starting a technically innovative company that needs highly skilled workers?

Michelle Dale: Mother Of Three Takes Her Kids Around Europe On A Ten Year “Laptop Lifestyle” Trip Thanks To Her $30,000+ A Month Online Business by Yaro Starak

Michelle has been traveling all around Europe … Read the rest of this entry » The post Michelle Dale: Mother Of Three Takes Her Kids Around Europe On A Ten Year “Laptop Lifestyle” Trip Thanks To Her $30,000+ A Month Online Business appeared first on

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Has Europe Earned its Place as a Global Tech Leader?

Cracking the Code

Short interview on the European tech ecosystem and recent exits at the Dublin Web Summit with Caroline Hyde from Bloomberg

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Founder Institute doubles down on Europe, now runs 10 startup accelerator programs continent-wide

The Next Web

The Founder Institute , the early-stage startup accelerator that aims to ‘globalize Silicon Valley’, is doubling down on Europe big time. In addition, the Founder Institute is also testing new programs in Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Zurich, and Warsaw, and will be hosting several free events across Europe this autumn.

10 Tips for Whine Free Traveling in Europe With Children

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you're waiting to take your kids to Europe when they are old enough to appreciate it, don't wait any longer. You'll have a great time with your little kids if you know what you are doing

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Europe’s growing share of $1bn startups

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Aileen Lee of early stage fund Cowboy ventures wrote a post for Techcrunch yesterday looking at the characteristics of 39 startups founded since 2003 that are worth over $1bn. She calls them ‘Unicorns’ There has been a lot of discussion since. Fred’s Hackpad lists $1bn+ value companies founded after 2003 and founded before 2003.

Europe’s Fastest Growing Tech Center is Austin’s Kindred Spirit


The post Europe’s Fastest Growing Tech Center is Austin’s Kindred Spirit appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Visiting Angels and Entrepreneurs in Northern Europe

Angel Investing News

We found Tallinn to be a delightful place to visit and the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe.  Ireland. Upon arriving in Dublin, we were met by our hostess, Diane Roberts, for a leisurely drive to Belfast.  It was a lovely day in the North of Ireland.  Moscow. Estonia. Finland. Oker-Blom treated us like royalty during our visit. 

Dublin’s attracting more tech events and startups from abroad than ever before

The Next Web

Entrepreneur Europe Events Insider Dublin Ireland startup Tech

Stock up: How to structure employee equity in Europe

The Next Web

The post Stock up: How to structure employee equity in Europe appeared first on The Next Web. Andrej Kiska is an Associate at Credo Ventures.

Coinbase launches in Europe, includes Finland, Sweden


In the Nordics there have been a few contenders for the space Coinbase fills in U.S., such as Safello in Stockholm or Coinmotion in Helsinki.

How to Scale a Successful Software Business | Stephen Allott | Business of Software Europe

Business of Software Blog

Stephen will also be speaking at Business of Software Conference Europe, May, 16-17th , in Dublin, Ireland about how small software companies can sell to large organisations. The post How to Scale a Successful Software Business | Stephen Allott | Business of Software Europe appeared first on Business of Software USA. Product. People.

Reaktor Polte Aims to Be Top Investor in Europe: Rebrands to Reaktor Ventures


Reaktor Ventures. Then they surprised us by announcing almost one investment per week. says Oskari Kettunen the managing parter at Reaktor Ventures.

Cell Phone Solution For Europe

Feld Thoughts

Thanks for all the cell phone suggestions for my europe trip this summer. Tech I Use europe phone tech i useHowever, I decided to take a different approach. I’m going to give the Nexus S another try. I’ve been using it since Friday and the most recent version is awesome. So we’ll see how that goes.

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The Secret To Europe's Economic Problems

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The secret to Europe's economic problems. Of course I don't mean everyone in Europe. You guessed it: Europe. Just most people.

Mast Brothers: Exporting Brooklyn-Cool Chocolate to Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The craft chocolate company is building a third factory, this one in London, more than 3,000 miles away from its Williamsburg headquarters

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Grading Europe’s Top Startup Scenes

YFS Magazine

Europe has a valuable creative scene that should not be overlooked by those in Silicon Valley.

How a community is born: The rise of Polish startups

The Next Web

Entrepreneur Europe Analysis and Opinion Borys Musielak is the founder and CEO of Filmaster. This story continues at The Next Web.