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Planning for the Future: Your Exit Strategy

Up and Running

Even if an island in the Maldives isn’t in the cards, if you’re seeking outside investment, an exit strategy is essential.

Exit Strategy Is An Oxymoron


In early meetings, if a VC ever asks you what your exit strategy is, you should run, not walk to your nearest…um…exit.

What Startups Need to Know About Exit Strategies

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The exit strategy isn’t about you, it’s about your investors. The exit is what gives them a return. last December.

Here is Why You Need a Good Startup Exit Strategy

Startup Professionals Musings

If you startup is your dream, why would you want to think about an exit? To some, an exit strategy sounds negative. Wrong.

Google+ Is Dying - What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As Google continues phasing out their social network, marketers need an exit plan

Prepare Your Exit Strategy Now – Just in Case

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

He was incredibly honest about the fact that while he wants to retire in the next five years, he wasn’t sure if now was the best time to exit.

Why My Exit Strategy Failed

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Exiting the company you founded is a natural part of entrepreneurship, and it can provide great financial rewards. But the exit also has consequences for you. We even managed to miss the 2008 recession and, according to our consultants, we received an above-market price. But I forgot to ask myself one essential question.

Begin with the End in Mind: Include Your Business Exit in Your Business Plan

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In many ways, general business planning is one of the best precursors to business exit planning. Stay abreast of the market.

How To Choose An M&A Advisor When You’re Selling Your ‘Baby’


Look for an advisor who lays out the details for you when it comes to determining appropriate market value. history of (relevant) success.

333 Million Reasons to Have an Exit Strategy Plan

Growthink Blog

We recently formalized our exit strategy planning consulting service. Shutterfly Inc. Interestingly, I'm a Tiny Prints customer.

How do you know when to exit your company?


If so, here are the times when I think it makes sense to take the exit: Lack of Direction. Some markets are ‘winner takes all (or most)’.

Startup Acquisitions: Exit Strategy

Seed Stage Capital

Startup Exit Strategy Thought Piece V7.6 See below for our presentation, which can also be found on Slideshare by clicking here. Thanks!

How to value your company for sale (Part 1)

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

To control a market. Even if you've managed to scrape together ten million dollars of revenue over the pa How-To exit-strategy finance

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Pasadena Angels Invest Over $4M in 2014

Ask the Angels

Our members had four very successful exits in 2014, including Bluebeam, App Swing by Swing, Lendamend, and Allylix. Company exit returns were as high as 10X return on initial investment. Pasadena Angels for the 3rd consecutive year invested over $4 million in an array of exciting start-up companies. Pasadena, Calif. Ron Cohen.

Conversations with Richard Chino, pt. 1

Ask the Angels

Richard Chino is passionate about investing in the business environment. What attracted you to becoming an angel investor? loved it from the first day.

Startup Exits Should Be Positive and Planned Early

Startup Professionals Musings

If you startup is your dream, why would you want to think about an exit? To some, an exit strategy sounds negative. Wrong.

IPOs, M&As, Liquidity, & You. (the entrepreneur)


The two major differences in the exit environment in the past decade are (1) the disappearance of the IPO market and (2) the rapidly increasing size of the average VC fund. As you may know, startups can go public on active foreign exchanges – such as Toronto’s TSXV and the London AIM market – but there’s a catch.

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How to value your company for sale (Part 2)

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Or what if we have another stock market collapse or if they shoot down a plane over California? Are you willing to sell your baby? 10,000?

Finding the Right Fit

Scott Weiss

All great pitches have a few things in common: the founder/team is wicked smart, the idea is big and a breakthrough, and the market is potentially enormous. Founder/market fit” is important. In both cases, they typically have done a superficial, McKinsey-esque market analysis but have no passion or connection to the business.

Exit Strategy – Selling A Business Can Increase Its Value by 50+%

Angel Blog

By designing and executing the exit well, you can often sell that business for $15 million, or possibly even $20 million. Yes, that is correct.

Real Entrepreneurs Exit If Their Startup Goes Public

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Their synopsis of the key risks should make you look hard for an alternate exit strategy: Increased risk of liability. Loss of control.

Limiting the Number of Shareholders in Private Companies


Since the IPO market has been in the doldrums for most of the past decade, high-profile private companies have chosen (or been forced) to stay private while raising huge sums of money from VCs and other private equity sources. The U.S. Raising $1000 each from 1000 investors would surely seem to violate current SEC regulations.

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Probable and Improbable Lobbying Wins: The 1,000-stockholder Rule


Talented entrepreneurs are nothing if not resilient in the face of change:  Market forces, competitive threats, technological shifts, you name it.  In recent years, government regulation has emerged as another such force to be reckoned with in the technology industry.

A long time ago in an economy far, far away.


And, a bit misty-eyed, this old war veteran can actually remember the glory days: Venture capitalists would commit tens of millions for a startup to buy expensive infrastructure; hire sales and marketing teams as products were still being built; and lease out big slugs of office space for the coming hiring spree.  Hardly a founder now alive.

Exit Strategy - Creating Strategic Value

Angel Blog

Another reason a well designed and executed exit strategy can increase the business valuation by 50% or more when you sell a business is the ‘strategic value’ The only reason any company buys another company is because they believe: they can increase the value of the company being acquired, and/or.

The 3 Essential Questions You Have to Answer for Angel Investors


Growth means a strong market and a deliverable that’s scalable and defensible. Are you committed to an exit? It doesn’t take defining the exit in great detail from the beginning; you’re predicting the future here, which nobody does that well, so you get a lot of benefit of the doubt. Are you wondering about angel investment ?

7 Things Investors Use To Determine Valuation

Early Growth Financial Services

In my experience, I’ve seen that there are seven … Continue reading → Equity / Debt / Venture Funding exit strategies financial milestones funding size investor market size milestone funding milestone raises startup valuation valuation VCs venture capital venture capitalists

Exit Strategy - Selling my first company

Angel Blog

Our exit strategy was to sell our company to a Fortune 500 company in the defense business. When the Fed decided to terminate the junk bond business to prevent the real estate market from blowing up, all of our customers in North America, and Europe, suddenly stopped buying at the same time. But I was feeling uneasy.

Machine Learning Meets the Lean Startup

Steve Blank

The technology’s broad market applicability and relevance are clearly paying off. Exit Strategy. SalesStash. Delphi. Homeslice.

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Smart Entrepreneurs Plan Ahead For A Startup Exit

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet one of the first things a potential equity investor asks about is your exit strategy. No exit. Marty Zwilling.

Exit Strategy - Selling a Business and Inefficient Markets

Angel Blog

The market for selling a business is very ‘inefficient’ This is one of the reasons a well designed and executed exit can easily increase the value of a business by 50% or more. The best way to illustrate this is with a counter example - the residential real estate market. The NASDAQ stock market is a good example.

For Equity Investors, A Startup Has To End To Win

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Yet one of the first things a potential equity investor asks about is your exit strategy. No exit. Marty Zwilling.

Exit Strategy - Acquisitions are usually under $30 million

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The really interesting story these days about tech exits is not the small number of really big acquisitions, it’s the big number of smaller acquisitions. I’ve written before on why this is a great time to plan an early exit. The tech M&A market is hot. Those are certainly exciting exits and great startup stories.

What’s the Difference Between a Small Business Venture and a Startup?

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Difference #3 – planning for the ‘end’ or the exit strategy. The exit is what gives them a return.” 24, 2000].

allensblog: Those !@#$%^&* Secondary Markets

Allen's Blog

Those !@#$%^&* Secondary Markets. Lots of recent activity by the commentariat about the risks of engaging in transactions on the secondary markets that are becoming popular (full disclosure: I'm an investor in, and on the Board of Directors of, SharesPost , a principal player in this space).  Much


10 Answers That Make Your Startup Plan Investable

Startup Professionals Musings

How big and growing is the total market and your target segment? They like billion-dollar markets with double-digit growth rates.

Exit Strategy - Investor Psychology and Great Business Brokers

Angel Blog

In industries with inefficient markets, and more elastic pricing, these great sales people regularly get much higher prices for exactly the same product. I’m not sure I should be typing this. It’s something I hate to admit about myself. But the reality is all investors are subject to the same psychological imperfections.

Those !@#$%^& Secondary Markets - allensblog - Typepad

Allen's Blog

More on "Those !@#$%^& Secondary Markets". A few days ago, I wrote in defense of secondary markets for shares of private companies against critics who argued they were dangerous, over-priced, take-advantage-of-the-little-guy markets (full disclosure: I'm an investor and Board member of SharesPost, a principal player in the space).

MindBody Software IPO reaches $500mm

Ask the Angels

Ten years after a small group of Pasadena Angels put up $200,000 to fund its initial expansion, MindBody finished the day at a market cap of $500mm. MindBody, Inc, launched  an IPO today, the first Pasadena Angels company to achieve that milestone. link] /. Tweet Tweet.

Startups Without Business Plans Are Expensive Hobbies

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There really is no excuse these days, with samples on the Internet, business-plan books in every bookstore, and dozens of apps to automate the process.