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Hire a VP Finance Sooner Rather Than Later

Feld Thoughts

If you don’t have a VP Finance on your team reporting to you, do yourself, your team, and your investors a favor and go hire one right now. At 15 people, you want someone who will do all the work, but also has the ability to scale up and manage a small team. You want a doer who can manage, not a manager who will reluctantly do.

4 Creative Ways To Finance Your Growing Business


Anyone who has managed a growing business will tell you that there is a big difference between profit and cash flow. Purchase order financing.

6 Early Warning Signs Your Business Finances Are Off Track

YFS Magazine

Protect cash reserves you have by having these important flags in place to immediately warn you when your business finances are going off track.

Disrupting Finance From Above: Wealthfront

Wealthfront is at the cutting edge of wealth management. longer track record and larger assets under managment will build increasing trust.

Finance Fridays

Feld Thoughts

They suggested we call this “Finance Fridays&# to bookend Fred’s MBA Monday’s – I checked with Fred to see if he was ok with this and his response was “Hell yes. He will be entering Chicago Booth to complete this MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship and finance in the Fall 2011. The more the merrier.&#.

Smart Finance Decisions For Your Start-up Business


Your decisions about finance may have the biggest impact on the success or failure of your company. Critical tools for financial planning.

How to build the right management team

Version One Ventures

Every start-up is unique so the same path won’t work for every company and management team. With that said, here are some general guidelines I have developed over the years for building a management team. Brad Feld has a great post on the importance of hiring a VP of Finance sooner rather than later.

5 tips to getting small business financing

Up and Running

It’s no secret that small businesses can have a hard time getting financing. Maintain a manageable debt load. Shop around for financing.

Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work

Steve Blank

—– Lean Innovation Management. Each horizon requires different focus, different management, different tools and different goals.

Lean 154

Managing Your Personal Finances As An Entrepreneur: 14 Tips from Leading Experts

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As an entrepreneur, it''s important that you have your personal finances in order because you never know what may happen with your business ventures

Your Blog as a Startup: Tips to Manage Your Finances and Make Money Blogging

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Just as important, they need to manage their finances in order to thrive in the long term. Tips to Help Bloggers Manage Their Finances.

CPA 54

5 Critical Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Managing Their Company's Finances.

Small Business Force

It is understanding what your numbers mean and how to best manage them. If don't generate it, you have nothing to manage.

Financing your business: Debt vs Equity


Therefore, this is often not the starting point for financing your business. Deciding how to finance. Equity. Funding lifecycle.

Tips On Starting A Business Without Sabotaging Your Personal Finances


According to the SBA, the number one source of financing for new businesses is personal assets/savings. In other words, don’t tap it all.

8 Quick Tips on How to Establish Business Credit and Get Financing

Up and Running

Have you ever been denied for business financing? More than 50% of small business owners who apply for financing get nothing.

Paperless Financing Docs

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I've been on a mission to dramatically reduce the legal costs of a venture financing. Tops on that list is document creation, distribution, change management, and ultimately signing. We've noticed that some of the new online funding platforms, like Profounder , have managed to totally automate this process online.

Cash Flow 101: The Best Ways to Manage Cash Flow

Up and Running

If you’re having trouble managing your cash flow, or if you’d just like to try and figure out how you could manage it even better, consider these tips.

New Year, New Finances – How To Keep Your Small Business Finances In Control


Instead of letting your businesses’ finances cloud your day-to-day, make the steps to take control this year: revisit, rethink and refuel.

Managing your Product Management Career

The Product Guy

Jordan Bergtraum VP Product Management, ServiceChannel. Dominic Gadoury Director Product Management, ADP. Signup to be a Mentor Today!

Personal Finance Getting A Failing Grade In US Schools Across The Nation And May Contribute To A Difficult Financial Future


New studies released give our schools a failing grade when it comes to teaching children about personal finance.

Critical Decisions About Financing Your Business


Managing your business requires you to make dozens of important decisions every week. Decisions about your finances are critically important.

Product Management Mentoring – Growing Globally

The Product Guy

Sign up to be a Mentor today & join an elite group of product management executives! December 6. January 10. February 7. March 13. April 17.

Money Management Tips For Virtual Assistants & Small Business Owners


Bookkeeping and money management are best practiced year-round. Totally applies to business decisions regarding money management and budgeting.

4 Brilliant Ways To Create And Manage Multiple Revenue Streams

YFS Magazine

Management of revenue streams is just as important as the creation of them.

4 Steps To Prepare Your Finances For Self-Employment

YFS Magazine

Finance Grow money money management money saving tips starting a business

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save on Healthcare Finances

Up and Running

Managing a Business affordable care act health insurance healthcareYou don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself about day-to-day decisions.

Why Is Cash Flow Management Crucial For The Success Of A Startup?


huge reason why failure appears is improper cash flow management. How To Have Proper Cash Flow Management.

5 Tips For Millennial Entrepreneurs To Secure Financing


By Evan Singer, General Manager for  SmartBiz. Online alternative lenders create financing solutions that are fast and easy. 

11 Personal Finance Tips For Startup Entrepreneurs

Early Growth Financial Services

We talk a lot about managing cash flow if you start a new business, but less about managing your own finances while you do that!

The Most Important Financing Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Women's Summit why there is a funding gap between male and female founders

Securing Startup Financing for Tech Companies

Early Growth Financial Services

The webinar featured Lighter Capital’s CEO, BJ Lackland, Silicon Valley Bank’s Head of Early Stage Banking, Claire Lee, and Voyager Capital’s Managing Partner Erik Benson.   We compiled the top audience questions and answers: How is getting funding from VCs different from obtaining financing from other types of investors?

4 Ways To Get Your Finances Under Control


If your finances are starting to get out of control, the first thing to think about is what your earning is compared to your spending. Budget.

6 Smart Money Tips For Startups

YFS Magazine

Finance Grow bookkeeping business finance money money management small business accounting

3 Tips For A Successful Career In Finance


If you’re looking for a profession that is exciting and rewarding, embarking on a career in finance could be ideal for you. Know what to expect.

Founders – Don’t Forget To Manage Your Own Personal Finances


The trouble is that while many of these founders may keep a paranoid eye on their company accounts, some neglect their own personal finances.

Hiring Product Managers

The Product Guy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Jon Stross, lead a conversation around “Hiring Product Manager”.

The ideal product manager


It took me several years in the Startup World to fully appreciate the importance of a good product manager. Instead you need to be managing, leading and enabling a team. As Product Manager you need to have 360 degree view of the business. After Jevon (the CEO) and his team raised financing, he brought on Ben to drive product.

Product Pricing in Product Management

The Product Guy

Jordan Bergtraum VP Product Management, ServiceChannel. Dominic Gadoury Director Product Management, ADP. Signup to be a Mentor Today!

Managing Risk and Improving Efficiency of the Supply Chain

Up and Running

Understanding these costs will empower you to better manage all the vendors across your supply chain. essentials of supply chain management.

Managing Your Small Business Cash Flow This Holiday Season


billion in financing to more than 33,000 small businesses in a wide variety of industries across the United States. Seasonal employees.