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Hire a VP Finance Sooner Rather Than Later

Feld Thoughts

The post is aimed at CEOs of startups who have at least 15 employees. If you don’t have a VP Finance on your team reporting to you, do yourself, your team, and your investors a favor and go hire one right now. This should be someone who has been in at least two startups prior to joining yours. This is not a CFO.

What Seed Financing Is For

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Marc Andreessen posted a tweetstorm last week and he talked about how to think about seed financings and how they lead into Series A and Series B rounds. think of building a startup and funding it as walking up a flight of stairs. think that’s what seed financing should be used for. You can call this the @pmarca feature.

7 Seed-Stage Funding Sources To Finance Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

challenge any entrepreneur, for example, to define the difference between "seed-stage" and "early-stage" financing.

When Does Invoice Financing Make Sense?

Up and Running

Bank, 82 percent of startup and small business failures can be traced back to cash flow mismanagement. What is invoice financing?

4 Creative Ways To Finance Your Growing Business


We associate this type of financing with earlier-stage companies, but we’re starting to see later-stage brands putting campaigns out.

When Financings Fall Apart

Ask The VC

The greatest revenge is to execute like hell, bootstrap all the way, and do what we said we’d do – become Seattle’s next billion-dollar startup, and make the world of marketing a better place. Fundraising financing fundraisingRand does an awesome job of providing extensive details while maintaining confidentiality of the participants.

Lean Startup, Startup Recruiting, Financing and Startup Accelerators

Instigator Blog

In the sidebar, you’ll see a section, Startup Resources , which includes links to pages where I’ve aggregated a bunch of content. Lean Startup Resources. Startup Recruiting. Startup Financing. Startup Accelerators. Startups financing lean startup startup accelerators startup recruiting

Making Sense of the Stock Market Drops in Relation to Venture Financing

Both Sides of the Table

It will make follow-on financings much harder and people will have to consider whether or not to do inside rounds. Startup Lessons

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New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

The good news is that he is all about helping early-stage startups. Early-stage startup. Every startup is early-stage to someone.

Raising Startup Capital Through Convertible Debt Financing

Business Plan Blog

Most startup founders do not have enough capital to launch their companies and need to raise money at some point. Convertible Debt Financing.

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


The good news is that he is all about helping early-stage startups. Early-stage startup. Every startup is early-stage to someone.

The slowdown in equity financing is changing venture debt too

Version One Ventures

that provide venture debt to a start-up often with the expectation that the start-up can pay back that debt with its next round of equity financing. Venture debt can be an important complement to a start-up’s financing strategy, especially after you have found product-market fit and you know how to scale sales & marketing. assets).

Convertible Notes for Startup Financing

Early Growth Financial Services

If you’re planning a seed round raise you need to know your way around convertible debt: what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are.

The Biggest Financing Mistake Startups Make

Growthink Blog

If you take the time to ask one of these entrepreneurs about their startup period, what you learn may shock you. Sounds good, right? read more.

11 Personal Finance Tips For Startup Entrepreneurs

Early Growth Financial Services

We talk a lot about managing cash flow if you start a new business, but less about managing your own finances while you do that!

Sizing Option Pools In Connection With Financings

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

What I like to do, as I mentioned in the post I linked to, is agree with the entrepreneur that the option pool will have enough unissued options to fund all the hiring and retention grants that need to happen between the current financing and the next one. Then we'll do the same thing at the time of the next financing.

Financing your business: Debt vs Equity


Therefore, this is often not the starting point for financing your business. Deciding how to finance. Equity. Funding lifecycle.

Paperless Financing Docs

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I've been on a mission to dramatically reduce the legal costs of a venture financing. One of the best hacks of the Disrupt Hackathon last weekend was Docracy. I am going to find out if we can use Docracy on our next venture financing to make things more efficient. Our firm is doing our part. This whole area is so ripe for change.

Playing Startup

Agile VC

But I think it’s important to discuss, particularly given today’s heady environment for startups.

Playing Startup

View from Seed

I’ve observed what may be an emerging trend, at least in some startups, that I find somewhat unsettling. It motivated me to do the same.

Does Alternative Finance Exist In Singapore And Hong Kong?


by  Anthony Coundouris , trade finance evangelist for ApexPeak. For many businesses, alternative financing was the alternative. link].

Securing Startup Financing for Tech Companies

Early Growth Financial Services

The webinar featured Lighter Capital’s CEO, BJ Lackland, Silicon Valley Bank’s Head of Early Stage Banking, Claire Lee, and Voyager Capital’s Managing Partner Erik Benson.   We compiled the top audience questions and answers: How is getting funding from VCs different from obtaining financing from other types of investors?

Finance Fridays: Getting Started – Allocating Equity and Founder’s Investment

Feld Thoughts

Finance Friday’s gets off the ground with today’s post by introducing you to an imaginary startup, the entrepreneurs that we’ll being following throughout the series, and their first challenges: splitting up the founders’ equity and addressing the case where one of the founders provides the initial seed capital for the business.

5 Myths That Could Seriously Damage Your Startup Finances

Early Growth Financial Services

There are many things that entrepreneurs don’t know about startups—and an equal number of things that they think they know, but about which they are wrong! And then there are those startup insights that seem to linger and gain traction over the years. The “truths” that guide entrepreneurs.

Why Recent Grads Are Ditching Finance for Tech Startups (Infographic)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In New York, tech startups are the new investment bank. Here''s why

Series AA Equity Financing Documents

Series AA Equity Financing Documents Y Combinator and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati are happy toannounce the Series AA Equity Financing Documents.

How Much Stock Should Startups Dole Out?

YFS Magazine

Finance Grow employee stock options money raising capital raising startup capital stock options

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6 Smart Money Tips For Startups

YFS Magazine

Finance Grow bookkeeping business finance money money management small business accounting

The Best Financing Options for Women Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you need funding to start or grow your woman-owned small business or startup, consider these female-friendly investment, loan, and grant opportunities

Your Blog as a Startup: Tips to Manage Your Finances and Make Money Blogging

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Your blog really is like a startup business. Just as important, they need to manage their finances in order to thrive in the long term.

CPA 54

Notes on raising seed financing

Chris Dixon

sketched some notes for the class which I’m posting below. I’ve written ad nauseum on this blog (see  contents page) about venture financing so hadn’t planned to blog more on the topic. successful fashion people investing in a fashion-related startup). 4. startups venture capitalHence a sort of Catch-22.

Convertible Note Seed Financings: Founders Beware!

Scott Edward Walker

This post is the third part of a three-part primer on convertible note seed financings.  This part will address certain tricky issues.

10 More Creative Ways to Finance Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Thus “creative” really means maximizing non-bank financing. Here are ten top sources from Karlene, and my own experience: Personal financing.

Wilson: Financing Options – Capital Equipment Loans and Leases

Ask The VC

Fred once again delivers with his post  Financing Options: Capital Equipment Loans and Leases. In this post, he talks about ways to finance your capital equipment without using cash from your equity financing, which is usually your most expensive source of capital. VC Post of the Day financing fred wilson vc post of the day

Little Data – Insurance, finance and digital footprints

Start Up Blog

This means that in a data driven economy, areas that previously did not affect insurance and finance industries are starting to.

6 Tips on How to Self-Finance a Startup

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Bootstrapping allows you to grow at your own pace and frees you from the demands of investors. Here's how to do it right

10 Finance Tips for Very Early-Stage Startups

Early Growth Financial Services

While your focus is understandably on immediate survival and how you can hit your first big hurdles, what else should you be thinking of, especially where your finances are concerned? 1. So your company’s in its very early stages. We’re talking a skeleton crew of staff, minimal sales, and even less cash. Establish a simple accounting system.

How To Find Investors For Your Startup

YFS Magazine

Finance Grow investment pitch investors moneyRemember that an investor is not a bank, but is a well-connected strategic partner.

Will This IPO Finally Make Finance Startups Cool?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But can it really help startups disrupt the staid old banking industry When this online loan marketplace goes public, it''s expected to raise up to $1 billion.

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Series Seed Financing Documents Series Seed Financing Documents Blog Home Documents Blog Archives Subscribe 09/02/2010 Version 2.0   That’s because there are not that many issues to negotiate in a simple equity financing. Let’s imagine that using the more simple documents saves 10% of the time and money involved in a seed financing.