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Partner, Partner, Partner

K9 Ventures

Every so often, I’ll meet with a founding team and they will tell me that they met with a “Partner” at a VC firm. However, the first time founders didn’t know that. Back then you had Managing Directors/General Partners, Venture Partners/Partners, and then Principal/Associates.

Load Balancing Between VC Partners

Feld Thoughts

Fortunately, I’ve got amazing partners. I was reflecting on this over a cup of stale coffee this morning. But in 100% of the cases, we all know what is going on, have relationships with the founders and CEO, and can quickly engage and help wherever and whenever we bring something to the mix.

Checklist To Find The Startup Partner Of Your Dreams

Startup Professionals Musings

As an advisor to startups, I often get asked what to look for in an ideal co-founder or business partner. High integrity and commitment.

How to Find a Business Partner

Up and Running

You don’t have to do everything yourself—a partner can be an asset to your business. How do you know if your partner is “the one”?

10 Steps To Finding The Right Startup Co-Founder

Startup Professionals Musings

The right answer is to find a co-founder with complementary skills. The challenge is how to find that elusive perfect-fit partner.

Announcing Upfront Ventures’ Newest Partner — Kobie Fuller

Both Sides of the Table

Today, I’m super proud to announce that we’ve just added another talented partner at Upfront and a great person to boot. Why Kobie?

5 Tips To Find The Business Partner Of Your Dreams

YFS Magazine

Starting a business with a co-founder is risky business without having the proper plans and expectations in place from day one.

10 Key Traits Of An Ideal Entrepreneur Partner

Startup Professionals Musings

A while back I talked about how and where to find a co-founder in “ For a Startup, Two Heads are Always Better Than One ”. Level of integrity.

8 Keys To Attracting The Right Technical Co-Founder

Startup Professionals Musings

Should they go after high-tech nerds for partners, or professional technologists? For non-core technical strength, look for outside partners.

Street-Smart Entrepreneurs Need High-Tech Partners

Startup Professionals Musings

Should they go after high-tech nerds for partners, or professional technologists? For non-core technical strength, look for outside partners.

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

Both Sides of the Table

That’s why Greg Bettinelli has become such a successful partner addition to Upfront. Thus began my marketing campaign. billion).

VC Partner Sweet Spot: The Always-Sometimes-Never Rules for Pitching the Right Investor

View from Seed

Yet once the right firms are identified, I believe that the tougher challenge is to determine which partner at these firms to approach. Always.

3 Tricks to Resolving Conflicts Between Startup Co-Founders

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

But conflicts between startup co-founders can put everyone out of a job. Trick #1: Understand your co-founder’s conflict style.

Twitter Co-Founder on What to Look for in a Business Partner

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone explains why it's so important to find the right team to grow your business

A Critique of VC, Founders, and Tech

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

This talk by Maciej Ceglowski (the founder of Pinboard among other things) is mostly a discussion of ad:tech and privacy issues. It raises a number of interesting points and echoes a view of ad blockers that my partner Albert has convinced me is correct (that they are a logical extension of the user agent concept embedded in web browsers).

When Should Startup Founders Discuss Valuation with Seed VCs?

View from Seed

And as my partner Rob Go likes to say, “Time kills all deals.”). So What Should Founders Do? Lower-Than-Market Value.

8 Entrepreneur Challenges Founders Don’t Anticipate

Startup Professionals Musings

Entrepreneurs who love to invent new things, but hate business, need to find the right partners before embarking down the path to a new business.

Ten Steps in Choosing the Right Startup Partner

Startup Professionals Musings

Even experienced entrepreneurs need a partner to strengthen their position. The question is how to find that elusive perfect-fit partner.

How Much Founder Stock Should You Offer Co-Founders?

Startup Professionals Musings

Two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. Now comes the reality check.

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How To Find the Right Co-Founders?

Steve Blank

How do you figure out what’s the right mix of skills for the co-founders of your startup? Are We Missing A Founder? Who can I hire later?

A brief history of founders and co-founders

The Equity Kicker

Having had some success we are looking to rinse and repeat, and that has led us to think about the whole co-founder question in more detail.

Why Founders Should Know How to Code

Steve Blank

His inability to attract a co-founder who could code was a troubling sign. Book of Five Rings. Customer Discovery. This was a great call. Whoah.

Benchmark’s New General Partner: Scott Belsky

The partners at Benchmark are delighted to announce that Scott Belsky has joined the firm as our newest general partner. It is rare for us to encounter a partner candidate who has so much experience as an operator, investor, and advisor at such a young age. Adding a new partner is a significant event for Benchmark.

The Perils of Founder Fighting

Both Sides of the Table

Nowhere is the politics more difficult than with co-founders, which is why for years I’ve spoken publicly about “ the co-founder mythology.”

10 Partner Qualities to Test Before Sharing Equity

Startup Professionals Musings

A while back I talked about how and where to find a co-founder in “ For a Startup, Two Heads are Always Better Than One.” Level of integrity.

Every founder and startup investor should be contrarian

The Equity Kicker

This logic applies to startup founders as well as their investors. We work hard to have an edge at Forward Partners.

Forward Partners solo-founders office hours – 19th Sept

The Equity Kicker

We are holding our second open office hours for solo founders of ecompanies in the commerce ecosystem on 19th Sept. Pradeep explained the details last week on the Forward Partners blog , copied below. Are you a solo founder with an idea? We can help develop and validate the idea, build a product and find a co-founder. You

How Do You Pick the Right Business Partner or Co-Founder?

Small Business Force

Picking a partner or co-founder isn't like finding a new friend. What have been your experiences in picking a partner - good and bad?

Making Forward Partners a company we are proud of: Our culture

The Equity Kicker

But secondly, it’s important that Forward Partners is a great place to work. Forward Partners Uncategorized

The Co-Founder Mythology

Both Sides of the Table

covered what I call “the co-founder mythology.&# So embedded is this conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley that it feels like heresy to even question it. It’s Either you’re not technical and you think you need a technical co-founder or vice-versa. Hire your co-founder. Truly treat them like a co-founder.

Vision versus Hallucination – Founders and Pivots

Steve Blank

A founder’s skill is knowing how to recognize new patterns and to pivot on a dime. Pivot a Week. ” Pivot as an excuse. Lessons Learned.

Founder’s Stock Is Gold, If You Know The Rules

Startup Professionals Musings

Here are some typical special terms and considerations for Founder’s stock: Negligible real value. entrepreneur founder rules startup stock

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Founder Failure

Instigator Blog

Yesterday, Chris Poole (known as ‘ moot ‘, founder of 4chan) shut down his startup (which created Canvas and DrawQuest ).

Treat Your Clients Like Partners

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Kim Kaupe, co-founder of ZinePak, explains why always saying "yes" to your client works against creating quality service

Founder's Dilemmas: Equity Splits

Startup Lessons Learned

On average, the founders who keep the most control over their company make the least amount of money. Uncertainties abound. recommended readin

The One Trait Every Founder Should Possess

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Niko Bonatsos, Managing Director at General Catalyst Partners, talks about traits he looks for before investing in founders

Founder's Dilemmas: Equity Splits

Founders Dilemmas: Equity Splits. On average, the founders who keep the most control over their company make the least amount of money.

9 Key Things Successful Business Partners Always Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The answer was apparently no in the case of Zipcar''s founders. Here are nine proven best practices for business partners: 1. The reason?

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selecting a Venture Partner (And Avoiding Killing Your Business)

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Your VC updates partners every Monday. Do other partners in the firm fit your culture? This is your partner. This is a good thing.

When Founders Leave


They say that the co-founder relationship is like a marriage. The Founder Pre-Nup. Founders are initially resistant to this.