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Startup Revenue Milestones

K9 Ventures

In my discussions with K9 portfolio founders about scaling revenue, I very often end up drawing the same picture: $0/month. 1K/month.

How Do You Select A Revenue Model For Your Startup?

Startup Professionals Musings

The revenue model you select is basically the implementation of your business strategy, and the key to attaining your financial objectives.

How Do You Select A Revenue Model For Your Startup?


The revenue model you select is basically the implementation of your business strategy, and the key to attaining your financial objectives.

7 Revenue-Boosting Strategies for Your Travel Business

Up and Running

Customer referral programs can be an effective way to increase revenue for your travel agency, if implemented correctly. trillion U.S. dollars.

SayAhh’s Revenue Projections

Feld Thoughts

The co-founders decided to divide-and-conquer, with Dick tackling expense projections and Jane tackling revenue projections. Jane asked Josh, who provided SayAhh with solid advice on setting up their accounting systems , for help in creating the revenue side of their financial forecast. That’s what you should be doing.

Meaningful Exits for Founders

Bryce Dot VC

We don’t know how many rounds this company has raised, how many other VCs are on the cap table, nor how much the founders own.

How To Find the Right Co-Founders?

Steve Blank

How do you figure out what’s the right mix of skills for the co-founders of your startup? Are We Missing A Founder? ——-.

How To Boost eCommerce Revenues With Upselling


Way back in 2006, Amazon reported that 35% of it’s revenues were as a direct result of it’s cross sales and upselling efforts.

Snapchat and that old no revenues debate

Fred Destin

Grown-up warnings about how real businesses have real revenues were yet again littering my twitter feed in recent weeks. Humongous scale.

The Perils of Founder Fighting

Both Sides of the Table

Nowhere is the politics more difficult than with co-founders, which is why for years I’ve spoken publicly about “ the co-founder mythology.”

4 Reasons A Diverse Sales Team Will Boost Revenue


by Eliot Burdett, co-founder and CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting , and author of “ Sales Recruiting 2.0: As U.S. Access to More A-players.

Doubling SaaS Revenue By Changing The Pricing Model

Doubling SaaS Revenue By Changing The Pricing Model. Most technical founders abominably misprice their SaaS offerings to start out.

Startups With Real Revenue Can Get Venture Capital

Startup Professionals Musings

Your friends and family are really the only answer until you have a significant revenue stream. Overall, investors put $7.5 startups.

How To Make Your Brand “Likable” and Win More Revenue


I have no doubts that making it hard to cancel an account increases retention and revenue, but there’s a cost. It’s a human desire. Humor.

Vision versus Hallucination – Founders and Pivots

Steve Blank

A founder’s skill is knowing how to recognize new patterns and to pivot on a dime. If not your co-founders, someone outside the company.”.

Investors Look First At The Founder, Then The Idea

Startup Professionals Musings

They evaluate you like you should assess a possible co-founder or first employee. entrepreneur startup idea investor funding founder business

What Founders Need to Know: You Were Funded for a Liquidity Event – Start Looking

Steve Blank

To most founders a startup is not a job, but a calling. What does this mean for startup founders? Here’s the thing most founders miss.

3 rules for new founders

The Startup Toolkit

It doesn’t help with that potentially lengthy period when you’re still trying to find an idea with legs and don’t yet have funding or revenue.

From Family Farm to $8 Billion in Revenue: Interview With NASCAR Team Owner Rick Hendrick

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How the 11-time NASCAR championship owner and founder of the country's largest automobile dealership group manages his time.

If I were a Founder

Hazard Lights

We would focus on driving adoption before driving revenue #ifiwereafounder. Our company colors would be a little unusual #ifiwereafounder.

43 lessons growing from $0 to $1+ million in revenue, twice

The Next Web

Every founder I talk… This story continues at The Next Web. This happened a long time ago, but I was recently reflecting on the lessons.

B2B 61

Why 2 founders demoted themselves to become successful.

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The founders of Seven Corners realized the only thing standing in the way of $100 million in revenue was themselves. Here's their story

9 Founder Habits That Leave a Business Foundering

Startup Professionals Musings

I am more and more convinced that it is the right founder behavior that leads to success, rather than some exceptional intelligence or training.

Startup Founders Face Serious Business Culture Myths

Startup Professionals Musings

In fact, they need an early focus on developing their moral compass, as well as setting the right ethical tone. Ethical decisions are seldom simple.

Accidental VC: The Most Dangerous Question for Founders to Overlook in Pitches

View from Seed

Founders must address distribution in their pitches both overtly and succinctly. You can find those here. ). Accidental VC

How We Got Funded: Visual Revenue

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When bootstrapping didn''t cut it, the founders of Visual Revenue went out and raised $2.2 The co-founders need to start fundraising.

Nine Bad Behaviors of Struggling Startup Founders

Startup Professionals Musings

I am more and more convinced that it is the right founder behavior that leads to success, rather than some exceptional intelligence or training.

A Founder's Guide to M&A

Hazard Lights

As a Founder of a venture backed company, eventually the question of whether and how to seek liquidity for your shareholders will come into question.

How to Increase Revenue for Your Clothing Business

Up and Running

It’s not just the overall trend toward online shopping that makes this a solid strategy for increasing revenue, however. billion in the U.S.

How Getting Rejected By Founder Collective Helped Save Our Startup

Vinicius Vacanti

Founder Collective wasn’t going to be investing. If we were successful, we could get affiliate revenue from the deals.

Getting to $100M+ revenue: Understanding the 3 phases of a startup

The Next Web

Mitchell Harper is the co-founder and co-CEO of Bigcommerce. He tweets at @mitchellharper. This story continues at The Next Web.

Founders Finding Funding From Friends May Be Fools

Startup Professionals Musings

Tie payments to your product or service revenue. Some founders are too focused on quick repayment, and they compromise strategic decisions.

How one founder’s $5 million risk paid off

The Next Web

million in venture capital, and over $5 million in revenue. At 26, Nathan is already a bonafide startup icon.

6 Types of Recurring Revenue: Find Out Which Is the Best

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Recurring revenue is predictable revenue that can be expected to continue in the future. What''s the holy grail of recurring revenue?

5 Mistakes Founders Make When Hiring Their First Salesperson


The right call can establish the rocket-ship revenue chart every founder dreams of. Startup Founder: “Experience in our industry”.

When Should Technical Founders Become CEO?

Both Sides of the Table

Much has been written about when it is time to hire a “professional CEO” to run a startup company and of course that has long been a norm in Silicon Valley when founders find that their inexperience may be a limiting factor in company growth ( know as the Peter Principle ). I like technical founders so this wasn’t an issue.

The Importance of Revenue is Back - DShen's Blogs


The Importance of Revenue is Back. Back in 2009, shortly after the 2008 crash, I wrote The Importance of Revenue at Early Stage, Now More Than Ever. Money was hard to come by, and investing in "momentum" or traffic only startups without much revenue was nearly dead. The Importance of Revenue is Back. Archives. Search.

How to Find Startup Co-Founders Online and in the Real World

VC Cafe

So how do you go about finding co-founders and early members of your startup? Who are the co-founders and what have they previously done?

The Other Amazon Deal this week. Drupal founder attracts over $100 Million in 3 months.

Scalable Startup

the original products can’t generate revenue, so when these OS projects occassionally blow up into phenomenons like Drupal and WordPress have over the past few years, it’s gratifying but also quite frustrating to watch others derive so much value from your baby while you toil away to lead its growth with no financial return.

The Bad Advice Diverse Founders are Given Around Fundraising

This is going to be BIG.

Yesterday, I met with a founder with an interesting model who was raising $400k to bring the finishing touches to her product to make it customer-ready. In fact, the only founder I've ever seen completely run the table for a multi-million dollar seed round based off of a Powerpoint is Chantel Waterbury of chloe + isabel. You know what?