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Hiring Developers Before Product/Market Fit?


Using my StartupRoar as a radar, I came across a great post by Gabriel Weinberg Do you really need a full-time hire for that? Far from it.

5 Recruiting Hacks to Help Startups Hire Top Talent

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First, take a few minutes to jump on Glassdoor and find out what people who work in the position you’re hiring for complain about. I think so.

Hiring Product Managers

The Product Guy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Jon Stross, lead a conversation around “Hiring Product Manager”.

How To Hire Your First Employee


Hiring employees can be time consuming and an expensive process. by Anand Srinivasan, founder of . That is nearly 10.1%

How to Hire Your First Employee

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Before you get there, however, you have to actually complete the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process. Hire for your weaknesses.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Virtual Assistants

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Hiring a virtual assistant is easy, but some startups tend to make mistakes that affect the pace at which they are growing.

Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Simple, you can hire a virtual assistant to ease the burden of work on you. The post Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

8 Secrets You Need to Know to Get Your New Hire Productive in Record Time

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Hired a new team? Follow this guide to make them rapidly productive

The Illusion of Product/Market Fit for SaaS Companies

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“We have product/market fit.” ” “We are searching for product/market fit.” ” “We are raising this financing to find product/market fit.” ” “Our customer traction demonstrates product/market fit.” ” Product/market fit. But first, some history.

The What & Why of Hiring a Great Startup COO

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Many startup CEOs hire COOs or launch companies with a co-founder carrying the title. When should founders hire one? Should I learn them?

The Psychology of Hiring Great People

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Each person we hire contributes to not only the development of the product, but also to the productivity of the team and overall company culture.

6 Keys To Hiring The Best Team For Your New Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Startup investors tell me they invest in a new venture with a higher caliber of people, rather than the product or service, and I agree.

Traction vs. Product

Rob Go

Option 2 is to focus on product (and proof points more broadly). The product and proof strategy might also fail at the series A.

Five Pitfalls of Seed Round Hiring

This is going to be BIG.

Most companies don't get to do more than a handful of hires during their seed round--so the idea of a "recruiting process" might seem a little bit heavy handed. However, these early employees will not only have a lasting impact on the DNA of the company, but hopefully they'll be some of the most important hires you'll ever make. (If

5 Ways To Boost Productivity And Minimize Negativity

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No startup can afford that huge cost in emotional capital, as well as productivity! Use the hiring process effectively. Don’t hire them.

You Just Hired Someone and They're Not Productive Yet. Here's Why

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The key to new employee productivity is participation. Addressing these concerns during onboarding can build their confidence

Hire Different!

John O'Farrell

Every aspiring CEO has heard of David Ogilvy’s famous admonition , usually paraphrased as “Hire people smarter than yourself” or words to that effect. Time to step up: Hiring the VP of Sales. Virtually all of your early hires will have been engineers or developers. Now you’ve got a product, it’s time to hire a VP of Sales.

Hiring The First Batch Of Employees For Your Startup


One of the first things that you need to do is hire your first batch of employees. But if you’ve never hired people before, it can be daunting.

10 Ways To Kill A Growing Business With Bad Hires


Every startup with any traction quickly reaches a point where they need to hire employees to grow the business. Look for job knowledge first.

7 Traits That Define Work Productivity Superstars

Startup Professionals Musings

That's why recognizing, hiring and retaining the most productive people is “job one” for every leader in every business.

Learn From The Mistakes Of Others – Hire The Right People.


It’s not enough to launch a startup that offers a new product or service that shakes up the market. Cost of Hiring Bad Employees.

Is This Ex-Googler’s Pre-Product Approach the Fast Track to Product-Market Fit?

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Having The Right It is essential for the following reason: Most new products and innovations fail in the market. AS: I get that question a lot.

A Holistic View of Products and Product Management

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My definition of “product” is broader than most. I think of product as everything and anything a company outputs that touches customers. Your product isn’t just the physical item you deliver to customers, or the software that your customers use. Product = Customer Experience. It includes your brand.

3 Critical Questions To Consider Before Hiring Your First Salesperson


When you are a young company the choice of whom to hire as your first salesperson and when to hire them is critical.

10 Ways To Kill A Growing Business With Bad Hires

Startup Professionals Musings

Every startup with any traction quickly reaches a point where they need to hire employees to grow the business. Look for job knowledge first.

The Product Designer Role


The Product Designer Role. You got the go ahead to hire some in-house designers. Your next task is to define the product design role within your company. The way that products are created has changed dramatically in recent years and new models for design are a critical part of this. That’s great news! So Now What?

Training is Product Management

The Product Guy

Recently, I had the unique pleasure of being interviewed on the product management podcast, This is Product Management. As Founder of The Product Group and The Product Mentor I share insights on how product managers can find mentors, how to get new hires up to speed, and how senior product managers can grow into leaders.

Hiring Writers at Your Startup? Scrap Your Usual Approach

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The best writer I ever hired at a startup wasn’t a former journalist. Why We All Usually Botch This Hire. Nothing at all.

Recap: Product Panel: How to build a customer-driven product team

The Product Guy

As organizations recognize the value of customer-centricity as a mindset and discipline, they’ve begun to invest in a dedicated product organization.

What job are users hiring your product to perform?

Chris Dixon

One of Clay Christensen’s favorite concepts is that instead of dividing your customers into segments and asking which features each segment would like, you should think about what “job” the customers are “hiring” you product to perform. Sometimes products that might appear similar (e.g. startups

4 Extreme Hiring Tactics

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Bad hiring has a nasty ripple effect. It can cost a company time and money, and kill morale and productivity. Vote Early; Vote Often.

Hiring A Key Executive – Tips For The Hands-On CEO


The new hire process, particularly at the executive level, is a significant decision and can be quite involved. Be Humble. Sell the Dream.

A Growing Startup Should Only Hire Entrepreneurs

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Then they are surprised to see productivity and creativity take a big dip. business growth Jennifer Prosek startups hire entrepreneurs

Hiring Your First Engineer: A Technical Entrepreneur’s Take

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You need to bring in the right people to build your product. This idea of flexible generalists hired early leads to another question: How do you then vet potential hires? Now, not even Nostradamus can predict each twist and turn your product might take, but don’t you want to be in the best position to navigate? .

SubVRsive Lands $4 Million in Funding and Hires New CEO


SubVRsive, a cinematic virtual reality production house, announced it has received $4 million in funding and hired a new Chief Executive Officer. The Austin-based startup, founded in 2015, hired Johannes Larcher as its CEO. WPP, a global communications services company, invested in the Series A round. Austin

[Infographic] The Financial Cost Of A Bad Hire


The best recruiters know this fact: always hire the best talent one can afford. Infographic credit: ].

How do I figure out who my next important hire should be?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

The question is: How do you decide what role is most important to hire for? If I hire someone to do X, I’ll have time for Y and Z.

Hiring 120

The Most Overlooked Hiring Factor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

but depending on the job, when you''re selecting the right person to hire or promote, one attribute is more important than the others.

The Product Jobs

The Product Guy

I believe in a growing and vibrant product person community. It is out of this endeavor a new product idea was sparked. I get it. Thanks.

How to Make New Employees More Productive, According to Research

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Technology can save significant time when onboarding new hires