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Lean Startup in the Enterprise Anti-Pattern: The Lean Waterfall

Grasshopper Herder

More enterprise scale companies are drinking the lean Kool Aid and starting to implement Lean Startup.

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Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Startup + Enterprise = Lean Enterprise. Comparing an enterprise to a startup is like comparing an ocean to a dolphin.

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One Lean Startup Experiment Per Week

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Enterprise Lean Startups Managing Entrepreneurship lean-enterpriseSo how fast is fast enough?

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Lean Startup and Lean Analytics in the Enterprise

Instigator Blog

It’s clear that Lean Startup is shifting from startups to the enterprise. There’s still a lot to learn amongst early stage entrepreneurs, and a lot of discussion that’s needed around implementing Lean Startup, but attention has definitely shifted to applying the framework in large organizations.

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Straw Man Lean Enterprise

Grasshopper Herder

The enterprise adoption of lean startup principles is following much the same course as startup ecosystems adopting lean startup.

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A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

And on wednesday night I spoke to the NYC Lean Startup Meetup with the help of Giff who interviewed me. Eric and his fellow lean advocate Steve Blank have both written at length about the methodologies associated with the lean startup approach. To me, USV is a lean VC firm. We did very well in that period.

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Lean Startup Versus Raising Capital

Instigator Blog

Lean Startup is about experimentation and learning. Over the last few years as Lean Startup has grown in popularity, many startups went to raise money with the mantra, “We’re lean!” Lean Startup got watered down and pivot got bastardized. That’s where Lean comes in.

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What type of lean startup experiment should I run?

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Startups Product/Market Fit Customer Development experiment design survey

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Lean Market Research for Startups

VC Cafe

Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Product/Market Fit and Lean Analytics

Instigator Blog

In the last couple weeks I’ve read a few great blog posts about product/market fit and the confusion that exists around what it really means. I’d say for many early stage startups, product/market fit is thought of as that point in time when you’ve finally built a product that people use and it’s time to […].

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Lean & Startup Patterns – Interview with Sam McAfee

Grasshopper Herder

(Sam McAfee is the Chief Technology Officer of POPVOX and author of Startup Patterns.  I reached out to chat about his approach on Lean, startups and teamwork. Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership lean manufacturing lean product development lean startup

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Free Reprints of “Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything”

Steve Blank

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Demo Day Fundraising and The Lean Startup

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Startup takes our biggest business risk and reduces it. The post Demo Day Fundraising and The Lean Startup appeared first on Accelerators & Incubators Lean Startup FundraisingIf our biggest risk is that our demo day fundraising pitch will fail, we can test that.

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The Lean LaunchPad Online

Steve Blank

In 2004 I funded IMVU, a startup by Will Harvey and Eric Ries. Now we had a definition of what it was startups were searching for.

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Lessons Learned Launching a Lean Startup Accelerator

Instigator Blog

Year One Labs is a Lean Startup accelerator. Since our launch we’ve co-created and invested in 5 startups (which was our target number).

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Lean in Larger Organizations – Interview with Jay Badenhope

Grasshopper Herder

Jay Badenhope (Senior Product Manager of JustAnswer) leads product teams that experiment and build things to solve meaningful customer problems.  I reached out to him to chat about his approach to implementing lean startup in large- and mid-size companies.

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Living Lean

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Startup is not easy. Now I''m a Lean Startup." Lean Startups Managing Entrepreneurship Minimum Viable Product MVP

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Templates Suck, Here’s Our Lean Startup Template

Grasshopper Herder

Every few weeks, someone asks me if there’s a template that they should use to define their lean startup experiments…and I say no. I’m not a big fan of templates in the broad sense of a one size fits all template to define experiments regardless of the context. I am a huge fan of having […].

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Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work

Steve Blank

—– Lean Innovation Management. We can adapt these startup tools for use inside the corporation. Here’s how. —-. Oh no!

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Corporate Lean Anti-Patterns: 5 minute video

Grasshopper Herder

Unlike startups, large companies have many moving parts to manage when attempting to lean new ways for creating customer value.

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Guest Post: Pitching to Investors: A Lean Startup Perspective

Grasshopper Herder

(Andy Cars, founder of Seedcap and Lean Ventures, helps startups with strategy, business development, lean startup and fundraising, and large companies create and execute on their innovation strategies. If he’s not busy helping startups and enterprises, you can probably find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.)

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Digging Deeper into Lean Business Model Canvases

Instigator Blog

These tools are also very useful for enforcing rigorous thinking and processes in building a startup. This is a work in progress.

What’s wrong with the lean startup methodology?

The Next Web

Instead of building in isolation from users, startups regularly expose the product to customers throughout the development cycle.

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10 Lean Startup Machine Tips and Tricks

Grasshopper Herder

I was at Lean Startup Machine in New York last weekend and I was so impressed by a post by Cindy Alvarez that Trevor distributed, 10 Things I’ve Learned, that I decided to blatantly copy her and create my own top ten list. Lean Startups and Customer DevelopmentUnfortunately I’m a terrible editor.

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Taxonomy of the Lean Startup Anti-Pivot

Grasshopper Herder

Customer Development Entrepreneurship Investment Lean startup Pitching anti-patterns lean startup pivot pivotSometimes pivoting describes how entrepreneurs adapt to customer feedback. Sometimes it's an annoying buzzword, grating to the ears.

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Analysis Paralysis (and Blaming Lean Startup)

Instigator Blog

Lately, I’m getting more and more feedback from entrepreneurs that Lean Startup is holding them back. I’m seeing this in action as well; startups that are “stuck” in a permanent mode of analysis with little to no action. Entrepreneurs blame the Lean Startup process. (Powered by LaunchBit ).

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Lean Startup Machine Boulder

Feld Thoughts

I judged Lean Startup Machine Boulder yesterday afternoon. I had a blast and thought the program was really impressive. It’s not a coding / hacking weekend – it’s an applied process of the Lean Startup Methodology. Lean Startup Machine has a goal of doing 50 events in 2012 and 200 events in 2013.

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Hacking for Diplomacy – Solving Foreign Policy Challenges with the Lean LaunchPad

Steve Blank

how to use an entrepreneurial mindset and Lean Methodologies to solve foreign policy problems. Hacking for Diplomacy Lean LaunchPad Teaching

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Playing Lean – Interview with Simen Fure Jørgensen

Grasshopper Herder

(Simen is the creator of Playing Lean, the board game about Lean Startup that is now live on Kickstarter. He’s the CEO of Iterate, a Norwegian consultancy that specialises in Lean Startup. reached out to him to chat about his approach to teaching Lean.

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Lean Analytics

Startup Lessons Learned

Lean Analytics is the latest addition to the Lean Series. You can order Lean Analytics today McCallum. Inertia is real.

How to Structure Good Hypotheses for Your Lean Startup

Instigator Blog

Crafting good hypotheses for your startup is hard. Here’s an example of a hypothesis I might have for NextMontreal (which is primarily a content site on startup news for Montreal): “I believe that U.S.-based based investors have a growing interest in the Montreal startup ecosystem.&#. Tweet. Just do it. Daily?

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The Challenging Pace of Lean Startup

Instigator Blog

Some people think of startups as sprints. Some think of startups as marathons. The pace of a startup is incredibly hard. When it comes to the Lean Startup process, it’s even harder. And then, Lean Startup says, “Great. All of this makes the pace of Lean Startup very challenging.

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The Ultimate Guide to Running a Lean Startup

Grasshopper Herder

Don''t read posts with titles like "The Ultimate Guide to Running a Lean Startup.". Lean Startups

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The Lean LaunchPad Educators Class

Steve Blank

The Lean LaunchPad entrepreneurship curriculum has caught fire. In 2004 I funded IMVU, a startup by Will Harvey and Eric Ries. Thanks!”

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Four myths about the Lean Startup

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, April 18, 2010 Four myths about the Lean Startup Myth: Lean means cheap. Expo SF (May. for H.

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Lean Startup vs. Visionary Entrepreneur

Grasshopper Herder

There is an ongoing misconception that creating a company under a lean startup approach is incompatible with a big entrepreneurial vision. Customer Development Entrepreneurship Lean startup startup vision

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Lean Startup at Scale

Startup Lessons Learned

Guest post by Lisa Regan, writer for The Lean Startup Conference. As Lean Startup methods have been used now for a number of years, we’ve become increasingly interested in how companies use them to sustain growth. Next Tuesday, October 22 at 10a PT, we’ll take a look at this advanced entrepreneurship question.

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Lean startup methodology is brilliant but confusing

The Equity Kicker

I just read two articles which beautifully illustrate the brilliance and challenges with the Lean Startup methodology. Brilliant.

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The Lean Startup Book is here

Startup Lessons Learned

The Lean Startup Book is done. Some are from obscure startups who you haven't heard of -- yet. lean startuplink].

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How To Build a Web Startup – Lean LaunchPad Edition

Steve Blank

As part of our Lean LaunchPad  classes at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and for the National Science Foundation, students build a startup in 8 weeks using Business Model Design + Customer Development. How To Build a Web Startup – The Lean LaunchPad Edition. Craft Your Company Hypotheses (use the Lean LaunchLab ).

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