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Parker: Open Source and For-Profit Companies

Ask The VC

Eric is one of the best thinkers I’ve ever encountered around this topic and Andrew’s post – which articulates a trend of for-profit companies open sourcing core pieces of their products – is powerful support of many of Eric’s theories. hope we don’t fuck it all up. What else could patents be for ?”

Open-source Something Often

Diego Basch

If you write code for a living, when was the last time you released something as open source? What have you open-sourced for me lately?

Startup 101: “Open Source” Start up Legal Documents

VC Cafe

Legal docs don’t have to be a source of stress when you’re trying to set up a business. Link:  [link]. All docs are here:  [link].

Harvard Professor Yochai Benkler: Cooperation Trumps Self-Interest

VC Cafe

Benkler cites the model of Free Open Source Software (FOSS), which now accounts for more than 40% of all software (Lerner and Schankerman).

a16z Podcast: Software Programs the World

Ben's Blog

“All of a sudden you can program the world” — it’s the continuation of the software eating the world thesis we put out over five years ago , and of the trajectory of past and current technology shifts. So

10 Tools to Design Your Best Product Yet

Up and Running

Open Source Ecology. The Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) Game Design course from their open courseware series. Good luck!

Hackathons and Open Source Invade the Real World

Hackathons and Open Source Invade the Real World. Then I saw this from the record label Ghostly International - they are starting to open up their processes for choosing artwork for their records - writing essays and taking comments about how and why they do it, while they do it. Hackathons and Open Source Invade the Real World.

Lessons Learned: Great open source scalability tools from Danga

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, September 5, 2008 Great open source scalability tools from Danga If you are trying to build a scalable LAMP service, its always best to start with the original and still quite relevant presentation, from Brad Fitzpatrick when he was at LiveJournal. You can find the 2005 version here. Expo SF (May.

Google Summer of Code 2011

crowdSPRING Blog

Since 2005, Google has led a wonderful open source program called Summer of Code. Related posts: Google Crowdsourcing Investments.

Video 19

Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


prompted a good discussion around how CTOs go about choosing the programming language and framework for their startup. The rest is just down and dirty algorithmic programming. We had an interesting presentation at the LA CTO Forum by the CTO of a startup who chose Groovy / Grails as the framework for their startup.

Bedrock programming

Chris Dixon

“Bedrock programming” is a phrase used to describe a style of programming that favors building code from the ground up versus reusing existing open-source or proprietary code. In my first programming job out of college our bosses told us to entirely rebuild our product. startups

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Why are you Still Making.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Below I discuss some of the challenging problems developers face and the open source toolkits that exist to help us solve them. Web 2.0

Using Open Source to Bootstrap Your Data Service

Feld Thoughts

They’ve released the Polymaps source code on GitHub so any developer can quickly see how the API is used, play around with real production code, and modify the base examples for their own use. Tags: Open Source data simplegeo Last week SimpleGeo and their partner ? In my first company, we were heavy users of Clarion.


7 Common Mistakes Startups Make on Accelerator Program Applications

That’s one of the things we might develop during the summer program. Have an account? But this isn’t the case. But there are others.

allensblog: Most languages are open-source projects.

Allen's Blog

Most languages are open-source projects. Interesting how languages, like English, that have no "Academy" to determine proper usage authoritatively are very much like open source software communities. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Most languages are open-source projects. Archives.

Christine: Open Source Dynamics Discussion

It really was just the basics, though, so Irecommend that you visit the Open Source Initiative , SourceForge, or Wikipedia to get more information.

The open API secret

Start Up Blog

The biggest flip the technology age has done on the industrial era is the open API. For the uninitiated, an open API (Application Program Interface) is a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other. applications. And that is outsourcing the R&D to total strangers.

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How to Compete Against Open Source Competition

Software By Rob

Are there exceptions in the open source world? You have a marketing budget; odds are high your open source competitor does not.

Rackspace Launches OpenStack Training Programs


Rackspace has just launched programs for information technology professionals looking for training on OpenStack. Austin OpenStack Rackspace

The Microsoft Accelerator (Powered By TechStars) Is A Hit And It’s Expanding

Feld Thoughts

The  applications are open now through July 13. Most notably it’s much more open source focused. Want to run Linux? Python?

Ruby On Rails Experts Can Accelerate The Programming Process For First Movers


Programming with Ruby on Rails (RoR) is like putting together an Erector set. How Does the RoR Programming Help You?

Software eats software development

Chris Dixon

Open Source. Open source dominates every level of the software stack, including operating systems (Linux), databases (MySql), web servers (Apache), and programming languages (Python, Ruby). Programming languages. Software is eating the world, and doing so using smaller and smaller teams. Services.

Oracle’s Java API Suit Against Google – Five Years Later

Feld Thoughts

Remember, Java was theoretically Open Source, but like so many things in our world when lawyers get involved “it’s complicated.” See  Is Java free/open source or not? and  Is java an open source programming language? Oracle finally filed a patent lawsuit against Google.

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The Best Programming Language for a Lean Startup

Kevin Dewalt

Great developers – not programming languages – build great products. EVERYTHING IS BETTER IN SMALLTALK! There are just different!!

Mapping the Austin Tech Startup Scene


Nick Hammond, an Austin-based software developer, created the map using an open source program called RepresentMap. Other startup communities worldwide are using the same program to map their emerging tech startup economies. There’s a new map in town: ATXup., Longhorn Startup Camp,, [.] Austin

The Cloud Computing Battle

Early Stage Adventures

Citrix cloud product is based on the open source CloudStack that came out of their acquisition a few years back. Cloud

Cloud 102

Hacking Immigration - The Global EIR Coalition

Seeing Both Sides

With the Global EIR program , pioneered by Massachusetts and Colorado , a model has been developed for companies to partner with universities to allow entrepreneurs to become exempt from the stifling H1-B visa cap. We are going to "open source" our learnings from Massachusetts and Colorado in the coming months. That is new news.

PBS Newshour on Accelerators

Feld Thoughts

This makes me happy as part of our goal when we started TechStars was to “open-source” the mentor driven accelerator process.

Google Summer of Code: 55 million lines of code released since 2005

The Next Web

Chris DiBona, the open source and public sector engineering manager at Google, was recently interviewed by Slashdot. Sounds good.

You Are Probably Not a Hacker

Mark Birch

You Can Program – While this may seem obvious, the term has migrated rather quickly beyond its sheltered techie existence.  Real hackers code. 

Announcing the Global EIR Coalition

Feld Thoughts

At the end of the discussion, we decided to start the Global EIR Coalition to open source our approach and try to help every state in the US implement a similar program. Last year Jeff and a bunch of his friends in Massachusetts created the Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur in Residence pilot program.

I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

Steve Blank

Today the National Institutes of Health announced their I-Corps @ NIH program. We’ve pivoted our Lean LaunchPad / I-Corps curriculum. Rationale.

Software Eats Software Development

Peter Levine

Source Code Management (SCM) is the second most fundamental tool for a programmer after compiler and development tools. It stores, versions and branches source code being developed by teams of programmers. Because modern programming tends to be about assembling code—in the form of libraries, open source work, etc.—as

Programming Language Adoption

Constantly Learning

The way the development community adopts new programming languages is fascinating. Github hosts the Ruby on Rails source code. Some Github team members are active in the Ruby community and associated open source projects. You may be able to predict the adoption of programming languages based on which companies succeed.

ZeroVM Creates Software for Cloud Computing


The team from Israel has created an open source platform for cloud computing that is fast and efficient. The open source program runs on Openstack, the operating system for the cloud, which Rackspace created along [.] The post ZeroVM Creates Software for Cloud Computing appeared first on SiliconHills.

Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work

Steve Blank

Companies pursuing innovation can Buy, Build, Partner or use Open Innovation. I’ve been working with large companies and the U.S. Here’s how.

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Standing Cloud Closes $3m Financing, Launches Partner Program

Feld Thoughts

There are a huge number of solution providers out in the world who are specialists in any of the more than 70 open-source apps that Standing Cloud supports. This week, Standing Cloud launched the Standing Cloud Partner Program for these customers. My Investments Foundry Group investments standing cloud

Lessons Learned: Why PHP won

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, January 12, 2009 Why PHP won When I first learned to program on the web, Perl + CGI was the dominant platform. When we started IMVU in 2004, we could rely on a staggering amount of open source software that jumpstarted our initial product offering. As a language, its inelegant. But its not.

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The Lean LaunchPad Educators Class

Steve Blank

ARPA-E joined the program this year, and in the fall we’ll teach a Life Science version of the class at UCSF. Victor Hugo. In 2003 U.C.

Lean 83

Tool and resource list for new founders

The Startup Toolkit

Github – repository for your source code plus task lists and collaboration with your developers. Others are more unusual. Analytics.