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The Option Pool Shuffle

Use a hiring plan to justify a small option pool, increase your share price, and increase your effective valuation. Thanks!

Sizing Option Pools In Connection With Financings

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Investors like to require that an unissued option pool is in the pre-money valuation calculation when they put money into early stage companies. This post is about how to size the option pool. And the investors want the option pool to be in the pre-money valuation. It is bullshit. It annoys me.

Option Pools and VC Negotiations

Rob Go

In my last post about raising seed vs. jumping straight to A, I received a good comment from Chris Woods that my analysis neglected to include the impact of option pools that are created at each financing round. Essentially, the new investor wants there to be a certain % of options available to employees after they invest.

Comparing valuations between rounds

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This is best explained with a fictitious example. ACME Hot Food co first raises a round of £2m at £6m pre-money and hence £8m post-money.

Quick Post on Post-Money Valuations

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When I first started out as a VC nearly 9 years ago, most early stage company valuations were expressed as pre-money valuations.

What is the “maximum” amount (%) of a startup an investor should have?


In general, and in a more-or-less-ideal world, companies should be prepared to give up roughly 20%-40% of equity for each round of early financing, where the size of each round is enough for the company to increase its valuation significantly. After Seed: 80%. After Series A: 64%. After Series B: 51%. After Seed: 60%. After Series A: 36%.

Equity for Early Employees in Early Stage Startups


If the company's valuation is $2 million, $90k is 4.5%. I'll get to service providers in a later post. Which means n = (i - 1)/i. million.

Raising Capital: 4 Things You Must Do

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Don''t spend all of your energy negotiating valuation when you could be talking about the options pool. Here are his tips: 1.

Standart termsheets

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The thing with standard termsheets is that they go straight to the position where you would normally expect to end up after negotiation.

Should I Use My Investor’s Lawyer?

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At what valuation and on what terms? Angel Issues VC Issues anti-dilution provisions convertible note drag-along rights exploding term sheets investor lawyer liquidation preference New York option pool protective provisions redemption rights Series A term sheet series seed silicon valley startup lawyer

How to Evaluate an Offer from a Startup Incubator

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The following are some issues to consider and actions to take before accepting an incubator’s offer: (1) Calculate Valuation and Determine Value. Pre-money valuations startups receive from incubators are typically low…really low. Other incubators may want to set up an option pool. Do they know your space?

What to expect before accepting the offer to become Engineer #1 at a startup

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In exchange, the engineer is likely offered the promise that his or her option shares will one day turn into big money. Engineer #1?

What do investors consider the most important aspect of a potential deal?


Valuation, Size of Raise, Amount of Investment, Form of Investment, Liquidation Waterfall, Option Pool, Board Composition, Anti-Dilution Rights, Protective Provisions, Founder Vesting, *original post can be found on Quora @ : [link] *. Characteristics of the Entrepreneur. Characteristics of the Venture.

Term Sheet Negotiation Tells

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The investor who spends hours browbeating you to avoid a tiny reduction in the option pool will also be tying up board meetings for an hour to talk about an assumption on line 18 of the revenue model submitted for discussion.   Is she too-clever-by-half, developing complex financial structures that even your lawyer can’t understand? 

Is it Time for You to Earn or to Learn?

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Stock options are the icing on the cake. Don’t join for the options.&#. This is part of my Startup Advice series. That’s Ok. 

Using warrants to pump up your VC valuation

How to pump up your VC valuation. Option Pool. Option Pool. Home About Matt Client references Contact. Post-Money.

Viva La Revolucion! AngelList goes into Hyperdrive

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Some VentureHacks posts are today mentioned like religious scriptures by entrepreneurs, such as Nivi''s 2007 Option Pool Shuffle.

Building Convertible Debt into the Premoney Valuation


One interesting point that comes up a lot is how to factor the convertible debt into the premoney valuation of the Series A round. Option pool:  500,000 shares (some issued, some reserved, but that is typically irrelevant as the whole pool is normally factored into the premoney share price calculation). 7692 per share.

10 Steps to Success With Angel Investors

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Pre-money valuation. 10 Steps to Success With Angel Investors. Nominate one lead angel to lead the group. Amount to be invested.

Raising Funding From Family and Friends: Division of Equity

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You have looked at the advantages and disadvantages, and have decided it is the best option for your startup. Stage 1: Idea. You need funding.

5 Tips for Raising a Venture Round

While certainly not every business needs to raise venture financing, it is the path for many high-growth technology startups. Sponsor. Discuss.

Angel Investing at Today's Market Rates is a Losing Proposition


Then we melded that with data from PitchbookVC’s latest 1H 2015 Venture Capital Valuations & Trends Report. The model is just a model.

Term-sheets and Valuations: Thinking about Negotiations - Startups.

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Term-sheets and Valuations: Thinking about Negotiations.   I’ve sat down with entrepreneurs and a copy of a term sheet guide I like [ “Term Sheets & Valuations - A Line by Line Look at the Intricacies of Venture Capital Term Sheets & Valuations ” by Alex Wilmerding, Aspatore Press.] The Valuation Question.

In VC deals, Price Doesn't Matter - But The "Promote" Does

Seeing Both Sides

Entrepreneurs often mistakenly focus solely on the pre-money valuation while VCs look at multiple knobs in the negotiation to drive to a set of terms that, in total, they find acceptable.  The first, and most focused on, is something called the pre-money valuation. Another term that impacts the price is the size of the option pool

How to Divide Equity to Startup Founders, Advisors, and Employees

Percent of the outstanding option pool: meaningless. Strike price of options: meaningless. Ill DM you a couple options.

Cap Table Clean Up


The share price is calculated by taking the pre-money valuation and dividing it by the number of shares outstanding pre-money. So Share Price (SP) = Pre-Money Valuation (PMV) / Shares Outstanding (SO). That is normal for a pre-money % as it will drop down to about 10% post money depending on size of round and valuation. 1.423).

How to Fund a Startup

Ifyour competitors offer employees stock options that might make themrich, while you make it clear you plan to stay private, yourcompetitors will get the best people. Another concept we need to introduce now is valuation. As a company gets more established,its valuation gets closer to an actual market value. No, not generally.A

Most Common Early Start-up Mistakes

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Assuming normal valuations at fund raising rounds you’ll be down to 6-12% after you’ve created a stock-option pool and raised capital. They’ll happily join for 5% or less and they’ll have options and not stock. often talk with entrepreneurs who are kicking around their next idea. Not worth it.

IP 82

Standard termsheets

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The thing with standard termsheets is that they go straight to the position where you would normally expect to end up after negotiation.

How does funding work? Angel & VC investment in Nordic startups by the numbers


The reason for this is that giving a valuation to a startup at this stage is nearly impossible. How did they reach the € 2 million valuation?

Anatomy of a Term Sheet: Conversion and Anti-dilution

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Optional Conversion and Mandatory Conversion. Weighted average anti-dilution may be either “broad” or “narrow” depending on whether certain derivative securities (such as options and warrants) are included in the calculation of the company’s existing capital, with a “broad” formula resulting in less dilution adjustment (i.e.,

5 Tips for Raising a Venture Round


While certainly not every business needs to raise venture financing, it is the path for many high-growth technology startups. Sponsor. Discuss.

The New Funding Landscape

And those who do raiseVC rounds will be able to get higher valuations when they do. Most founders doing series A deals wouldprefer to take half as much money for half as much stock, and thensee what valuation they could get for the second half of the stockafter using the first half of the money to increase its value. Will it be?


Chris Dixon

The most common types of derivatives are futures – the  obligation to buy a security at a future date at pre-agreed upon price – and options – the right to buy something at a future date at pre-agreed upon price. Valuing options was a mystery until 1973 when the  Black-Scholes model was invented. For example.

Some Takeaways From Stockholm & Helsinki's Term Sheet Battle


If a founder leaves, sometimes the VCs take the shares, but the normal situation is to divide it or put it back in the option pool.

How to Raise Money as a First Time Founder

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The cap simply refers to the maximum valuation that the seed investor’s money will convert at when the company reaches a series A financing event.

How to raise money with no lead

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Here’s an outline and transcript: You can close an angel round with ‘mass syndication’ Start with terms and valuation below market. How do you set your valuation? The keys are that you have to set the terms and the valuation very, very reasonably. Start with terms and valuation below market. Another future.

Startup Equity For Employees

Stock vs Options. NOTE: If youre an attorney or tax accountant with experience helping startup employees with stock and option issues, drop me a note. The vesting terms are usually set by an "Incentive Stock Option (ISO) plan" approved by the companys Board of Directors, and are used for all employees. Stock vs Options.

Getting Funded: Step 5, The Legal Grind

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Don’t come in saying that your friend told you that the option pool should be smaller and so you want to change it.

Anatomy of a Term Sheet: Nature of a Term Sheet and Summary of Offering Terms

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Second, the employee option pool is typically set at 15-20% of a company’s fully-diluted post-money capitalization at the time of a Series A financing, though it is sometimes set as low as 10% or as high as 25%. The goal should be to establish a pool that is the right size to meet the company’s needs for the foreseeable future.