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Phil Weiser For Colorado Attorney General

Feld Thoughts

Over the past fifteen years, Phil Weiser and I have worked together to make Colorado a stronger, more collaborative, and more innovative entrepreneurial community.

10 Behaviors That Highlight Your Leadership Ability

Startup Professionals Musings

Based on my years of experience as a new business advisor, I always find leadership to be more important to business success than any new technology or innovative solution. The challenge is to adequately define leadership in terms of everyday activities.

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How to Start a Thriving Drive-Thru Coffee Shop

Up and Running

Image via HeraldNet. Have you opened up a drive-thru coffee shop? Are you thinking about opening one? Drive-thru coffee seems like an automatic cash machine—everyone loves fast, convenient coffee, right?

United Airlines President Says If You're Uncomfortable In Coach, It's Your Own Fault

Inc Startups

The airline appears to have no sympathy with your discomfort. Secrets of the Inspired Traveler


Digital Health is On the Rise – Startup Help from Big Pharma

The Startup Magazine

Ever heard of Grants4Apps? If you have a Digital Health start-up and still haven’t heard of them, you’re probably doing something wrong. —> What’s there to know? Grants4Apps is a start-up accelerator that offers two programs, the Accelerator and the Dealmaker.

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Five Tips for Keeping Positive Even When Everything Goes Wrong

Inc Startups

Disappointments are a part of life. Here are five tips for staying positive when things don't go our way.


8 Habits Of The Highly Successful Leader


Leadership is a skill that takes command, tact, and vision.

Opcity and Yodle Co-Founder Ben Rubenstein Recounts his Entrepreneurial Journey on Ideas to Invoices


By LAURA LOREK Publisher and Reporter with Silicon Hills News At a funding pitch to a venture capitalist, Ben Rubenstein, co-founder of Yodle sketched out a business plan on a napkin. He showed the potential investor how Yodle was going to raise millions to capture the small to medium sized business market as customers for […] The post Opcity and Yodle Co-Founder Ben Rubenstein Recounts his Entrepreneurial Journey on Ideas to Invoices appeared first on SiliconHills.

10 Qualities That Will Make You An Entrepreneur Idol

Startup Professionals Musings

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be a fabulous person, but it helps. Some people, and some entrepreneurs, have that something extra that you can’t quite put your finger on, like Ryan Seacrest is searching for on American Idol.

CIOs love their jobs

deal architect

I have not heard that in a long time and so was struck by that statement in this press release from Harvey Nash, the recruiting firm and KPMG, the public accounting and advisory firm announcing results from their annual CIO. Industry Commentary


Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Is Building the World's Biggest Aircraft. Here's What We Know So Far

Inc Startups

Current and former employees share inside info about Brin's secret project. Icons of Entrepreneurship

4 Types of Companies You Can Form in the UK

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Knowing the different types of companies that you can form in the UK is the first step towards actually starting one, either on your own or with a partner. Every type of company has its own financial and legal liabilities, and knowing them beforehand is important.

Suggestions For Efficient Small Business Operations

The Startup Magazine

When building a startup’s operations, some things may seem inconsequential, but they can be the difference between your business making it past the five year mark, or sinking beneath the bankruptcy seas. You’ve got to have the right attitude going in. First, you’re likely going to be in debt.

Do You Have What it Takes To Be a Business Leader?

Startup Professionals Musings

Running a business is not rocket science. As a long-time business advisor, and occasional investor, I have seen many successful businesses lead by college dropouts and people with average intelligence.


How to identify the gaps in your own leadership style

The Next Web

A leader’s strengths and weaknesses directly inform how they guide others to thrive at work. The good always comes with the bad, as every leader has flaws that correlate with the skills that have led them to succeed in their career.

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Want to Raise Inspired Kids? A Navy SEAL Commander Says Teach Them These 10 Things

Inc Startups

Rule #1: Make your bed, so you'll start the day with a consistent accomplishment.


Billionaire Mark Cuban Leads $1.5 Million Investment into Austin-based Meta SaaS


Billionaire Mark Cuban is leading a $1.5 million seed round investment into Austin-based Meta SaaS, which runs a platform for managing software as a service subscriptions for companies. The startup announced the investment this week which also includes Bazaarvoice and Founder Brett Hurt and participation from Barracuda Networks, Capital Factory, Deep Space Ventures and […] The post Billionaire Mark Cuban Leads $1.5

How to Avoid Being Deceived By Data


From the outside, it seems like data is impartial. It’s cold, objective, accurate. In reality though it’s more complicated. In the hands of someone with an agenda, data can be weaponized to back up that viewpoint. Even in the hands of someone benevolent, data can be misinterpreted in dangerous ways.

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Keep Their Business Focused

Startup Professionals Musings

Every new business or product owner wants to attract the broadest possible audience, so they are prone to adding more features, multiple sales channels, and appealing to every demographic.

The Easiest, Most Unconventional Way To Start Your Own Business


by Shirin Anne Wan, Head of Customer Care for QuickBooks Asia Pacific. The gig economy continues to boom, and it might be a smart, unexpected way for entrepreneurs to launch their small businesses. Many people have dreamt of starting their own small business and striking out on their own.

Google's CEO Doesn't Use Bullet Points, And Neither Should You

Inc Startups

How Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers simple, engaging presentations.


Getting Started at a New Product Manager Job

The Product Guy

Out of the hundreds of nominations, and amazing finalists, the 7th annual winner of The Best Product Person is … Chris Butler. The Best Product Person (TBPP) is the leading international award honoring excellence in Product Management.

Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Feld Thoughts

If you’ve been in our office recently, you’ve seen me fiddling around with one of my newest toys – Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero. It’s now available for the world. Based on what I know about robotic toys, I believe it’s the most advanced robotic toy ever made.

Uber and Lyft Announce Plans to Return to Austin on Monday


Uber and Lyft, the ride hailing companies, that rode off into the sunset a year ago when they couldn’t reach agreement with local officials, have announced plans to return to Austin on Monday. “Austin is an incubator for technology and entrepreneurship, and we are excited to be back in the mix. Our local team is […] The post Uber and Lyft Announce Plans to Return to Austin on Monday appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

6 Steps To Choosing A Pricing Model For Your Startup


by Olga Mykhoparkina, Chief Marketing Officer at Chanty. How you are going to monetize your startup?”. If you are in the very beginning of a journey to your first million or just considering various business ideas, this is the crucial question you’d have to answer one day.

How I Create 10x Content Using Graphic Guides

Inc Startups

It's not enough to just do what everyone else does - even if you're doing it well. You have to go above and beyond to gain your audience's attention. Strategy

Sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches

Jeff Hilimire

[link]. More and more I believe that rolling with the punches is a key ingredient to a successful business. Things are going to go wrong. Mistakes will be made. You’re going to look foolish. If you’re taking chances, its inevitable. Everyone who’s ever built a successful business has stories of epic failures. Likewise, everyone who has tried to build a company but failed has epic failures.


How to transition a company from startup to scale-up

The Next Web

Guns and Roses was a constant presence in my yellow Sony Walkman, and later my Jeep Wrangler’s aftermarket CD player. The band’s leader, Axl Rose, was famous (or perhaps infamous) for a great many attributes; but organizational guru sharing advice, he was generally not.

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Tips for Building and Managing Your Online Reputation

Duct Tape Marketing

Tips for Building and Managing Your Online Reputation written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. If you want your business to be successful in today’s world, you simply can’t ignore online reputation management.

4 Emotional Intelligence Skills To Transform Your Leadership Style


by Steven Stein, Ph.D.,

The Key to Being An Effective Public Speaker

Inc Startups

Listen To The Crowds. Innovate


Telemedicine bill advances in Senate

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Legislative supporters of putting telemedicine on equal footing with other health-care services have agreed to take a one-step-back approach in hopes of gathering more evidence to back their cause


Survival of the Fastest: Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


I was recently invited to speak at the Management and Entrepreneurial Skills Summit held in Delhi, India. My video (as I could physically not be there) was streamed live for the session on building up an entrepreneurial ecosystem and the survival of the fastest.

India 12

The Top 4 Benefits Of Thermal Energy Storage for your Business

The Startup Magazine

Energy storage may be a trending issue over the last several months, but thermal energy storage is not new; it has been around and in use over the last two or so decades.