Millennial Startups: Can You Handle Business Finance?


There are two statistics that matter the most when it comes to millennials and finance. The problem with this lies in the fact that, when it comes to the issue of business finance, knowledge matters far more than confidence. Finance advisor.

Managing Finances When Freelancing


When you receive a pay stub at a typical job, the sight of the difference between your “gross” and “net” pay can make your stomach churn. Professionalisms freelance work freelancing managing money small business finance

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The Difference between Debt Financing and Equity Financing: Which Is Right For You?


When you’re looking for extra funds, there are typically two options: debt financing and equity financing. Debt Financing. Debt financing involves borrowing money from a lender outside of your business. Equity Financing. Others debt financing equity financing

The Glow Up: 13 Sources Of Alternative Financing For Startup Businesses


Are you having trouble getting financing for your business through your bank or credit union? If you can’t get a traditional loan through your financial institution, you should consider alternative financing. To see what alternative financing options you have, keep reading below.

How Payroll Funding Works: An Alternative Way To Help Finance Your Small Business


Understanding How Payroll Funding Helps Finance Small Businesses. Tiered structure rates are the most popular , but business owners can also opt for the daily rate structure or the net funds employed structure. Others business finance payroll funding

Emerging Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: GIST Net Launches


Department of State and several other private sector partners to launch The GIST Network (GIST Net), an interactive online network connecting science and technology entrepreneurs in emerging economies. GIST Net will provide entrepreneurs with the resources and mentorship they need to collaborate, seek funding, and grow their businesses. GIST Net also offers interactive discussion boards to help entrepreneurs connect; a mentorship hub with participants from top U.S.

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7 Ways To Discuss Finances With Your Spouse


The difficult reality is that finances can break relationships. In fact, studies show that finances are the second-most common reason marriages end, right after infidelity. Here are seven ways to discuss finances with your spouse.

Understanding The Different Types Of Finance Documentation And How To Use Them


Official’ finance record keeping has to be carried out using specific financial documents, and supporting paperwork has to be undertaken so that an accountant can calculate the company’s tax liability and submit accounts to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Others business finance

Lack Of Access To Bank Loans Prompts Increase In Alternative Finance Sources


Alternatives sources of finance. One of the research’s most worrying findings is the fact that many SMEs seeking finance did not contact their bank for help. However, aside from the banks, there are a number of other finance options available to SMEs. by Kathryn Donovan.

Tips To Build Your Finances For Your Start-Up Without A Job


The idea is to target investors with a high net worth and convince them that they should invest in your business. Building your own start-up may probably be one of the best decisions you have ever made. On one hand, it is great to have a stable job and receive money every end of the month.

What every entrepreneur should know about financing right now

Version One Ventures

First, there will be a consolidation in the accelerator space, with the net effect of reducing the number of available spaces for start-ups. Any entrepreneur trying to navigate the financing landscape should be aware of the over-abundance of angel money compared with subsequent rounds. If not, revenue from your customers will be your best source of financing. The post What every entrepreneur should know about financing right now appeared first on Version One Ventures.

Raising Startup Capital Through Convertible Debt Financing

Business Plan Blog

The first milestone in a new startup’s financing is called ‘Seed Capital’ which refers to the initial investment raised by the founders from their friends and family, or commonly referred to as FFF (Friends, Family and Founders), who mostly use their personal assets. Raising Seed Capital.

Win With Web Metrics: Ensure A Clear Line Of Sight To Net Income!

Occam's Razor

Wong's key points was how the success of our work, as Marketers, is measured based on a lot of things but not often enough based on perhaps the most important metric of them all: Net Income. Margin times Volume gives you the golden metric Net Income !

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Convertible Note Seed Financings: Founders Beware!

Scott Edward Walker

This post is the third part of a three-part primer on convertible note seed financings. Part 1, entitled “ Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Convertible Note Seed Financings (But Were Afraid To Ask) ,” addressed the basics.

How to Fine-tune Your Small Business Finances—from Funding to Growth [Webinar Recap]

Up and Running

Bates: Good morning and welcome to our CEO panel, “How to Fine-Tune Your Small Business Finances From Funding to Growth” which I think is the direction that we would all like to be going. What is the hardest part of managing your finances?

I’m a Finance Professional And I Have Hella Financial Anxiety

Austin Startup

I’m a Finance Professional And I Have Hella Financial Anxiety Last night my financial anxiety woke me up at 4:00am and WOULDN’T LET ME GO BACK TO SLEEP. My net worth has grown by over 100%, and I own my own damn business. money small-business writer wisdom finance

Show Me the Money: What are my Financing Options for my Business?

Up and Running

Whatever the reason, it’s nice to know you have options when it comes to financing the growth of your business. Investor funds: this is cash in exchange for ownership/portion of net income. finance business financing finance options fundingImage via Wikipedia.

Top Cash Flow Management Tips For New Business Owners


Cash flow is essentially a snapshot of your businesses finances that is taken during a specific period of time. It can also be helpful to check in on these numbers weekly, quarterly and annually, while also checking in on your Net 60 terms vs. Net 30 terms.

How should I finance my new venture? - Startups and angels: Along.

Tim Keane

How should I finance my new venture? It’s a deceptively simple question:  what is the optimal way to finance a new startup? Misaligned interests that lead to poor financing choices are often very problematic for first time entrepreneurs in young companies.    Sometimes, the bonus in bootstrapping is that the venture finds it doesn’t need acceleration financing.  What are the reasons to choose one financing structure over another?

Chronic Under-financing of EU Start-ups Driven by Mindset

Babbling VC

I personally believe that one of the major drawbacks to venture capital in Europe is chronic under-financing and people skirt around this issue. Hence, financing rounds have been smaller (roughly a ratio of 5 to 1 when comparing US to EU). Net returns may have been in line as many EU VC's like to argue but the sums going in and coming out paled in comparison to US deals. Even Dropbox and Etsy have done far larger rounds to finance their growth.

Reblog – Finance Fridays (Sayahh’s Revenue Projections – Part 2)


Here is the next iteration of Brad Feld’s Finance Friday’s. ” Carefully tracking expenses gives you both the burn rate (how much net cash you spend each month) and fume date (the date you will likely run out of cash). This post covers cash forecasts and financial projections.

How To Manage Your Money As An Entrepreneur


To successfully organize your finances, you must: Set financial goals for yourself. Determine your net worth. Others business finance managing money money management

Knowledge Is Power: Convertible Note Financing Terms, Part V


As we conclude our convertible note financing series, there are assorted terms commonly seen in term sheets and deal documents that are worth touching on briefly. This is the norm for West Coast deals, but it’s often the case in dealing with East Coast investors (more commonly for VC financing rounds rather than angel seed rounds) that the lead investor wants its lawyers to draft the documents.

5 Tips For Startups To Avoid A Financial Disaster


And of the total amount of failed startups, a majority reported finances as the major culprit of their collapse. It can be stressful and unproductive to worry about your personal finances while running a startup. by David Johnson, founder and CEO of TempCFO.

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5 Critical Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Managing Their Company's Finances.

Small Business Force

In early stage companies (and even some later stage or mature ones), there is no one area where most entrepreneurs and small business owners are lacking in just basic fundamentals, than in dealing with their company's finances and financial management.

10 Startup Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The Startup Magazine

In order to get through this, you might want to pick a niche instead of aiming for the whole industry and casting your net too wide. 5. Managing your finances. Another issue that you need to address is one of your finances.

How To Save Money In Business: 10 Tips For Young Entrepreneurs


Getting a proper insurance policy for you, your employees, and your business will also serve as a safety net. Others business finance cost management financial advice managing costs managing money money management

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Venture Capital Is Just One Funding Option, Reminds OnPay’s Mark McKee


Here’s his take: Brad Anderson : As someone who’s worked in investment banking and been an early employee at a startup, do you think most founders understand their financing options? How do you collectively plan to finance the business as it grows?

Step By Step Guide To Secure Your Income By The Age Of 55


Especially since your monthly income contributes significantly in meeting the various household expenses, your absence will shake the finances, and may even lead to a crisis for your family. Others personal finance

Smart And Effective Tips For Young Entrepreneurs To Avoid Bankruptcy


This is in fact the ultimate nadir of personal finance. According to finance guru Dave Ramsey, this scary debt relief option is often deemed as one of the top 5 negative events which a person can experience. Be responsible for your own personal finances.

Understanding Pro Forma Financial Statements


This particular pro forma financial statement includes information such as projected net profit, sales revenue, expenses, and costs of products or services. Others accounting business accounting business finance financial statements

Is Bootstrapping Hindering Your Business Competency?


Today, alternatives like Net Suite software are available on the cloud which can be accessed at a far lower monthly subscription price. Thinking Aloud Anand Srinivasan bootstrapping business competency business finance startup finance

Rusty Tweed Explores How Sustainability is Impacting the Construction Industry

The Startup Magazine

In California, regulators have forwarded a measure to have buildings achieve zero net energy consumption. The other important social issue is the net tenant health and well-being. Besides renewable energy, Tweed’s business interest spans sectors like finance and real estate.

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Can Stock Loans Help Your StartUp?

The Startup Magazine

Financing a business venture is a difficulty that many start-up owners have encountered. Stock loans are a means of investing that, in the past, was only accessible to investors with a large net worth or international corporations.

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6 Accounting Tips For Startups


The person in charge of accounting doesn’t require a finance degree. However, he or she should know every detail about the finances of the business, from accounts payable and receivable to payroll and expense reports.

Using Invoice Factoring to Safeguard Your Cash Flow

Up and Running

Quick financing options. Invoice financing or factoring. One option that can sometimes help is invoicing financing or factoring. Invoice discounting, on the other hand, is a type of invoice financing in which you sell your accounts receivable to a third-party lender.

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How to Make Sense of Your Small Business Financial Statements

Up and Running

It’s a good indicator of company stability and liquidity, which are both important factors in determining your business’s ability to sustain itself without outside financing. Accounting financial statements financials small business finances

Overview of Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows

Feld Thoughts

When presented in the SCF, these transactions are broken down into three categories: operating, financing and investing activities. The net $50,100 from financing activities all went into equity on the Balance Sheet.

Are ETFs a good investment?

The Startup Magazine

Whereas, as in mutual fund, the purchase is made only after the market closes once the net asset value of the fund is calculated. This is because, with every purchase and sale, an ETF commission is charged, which reduces your net earnings. Finance

What Stock Brokers Do and How to Engage their Services

The Startup Magazine

Before now, access to the market was expensive making it accessible to majorly high net-worth individuals. For many entrepreneurs and startups, investing in stocks is a good option for building more capital. So knowing more about stocks and trading is critical.

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6 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Consider Buying Life Insurance

The Startup Magazine

6. Safety net for business owners. No one plans to die unexpectedly, and no one likes to think about the time after they’re gone. However, that’s exactly why both everyone, and especially business owners, should consider buying a life insurance policy.

The Secrets Behind Determining the Value of eCommerce Sites

The Startup Magazine

Business’s net trend for the past few years/months. Capital Raising Entrepreneurship Finance Marketing acquisition broker Business model capital eCommerce Email marketing expenses Investment marketing strategies operations purchasing revenue Sales strategy supplier valuation Website

Coping With Late Payment – Managing Asia’s Slow Payers


by Anthony Coundouris , trade finance evangelist for ApexPeak. If an overseas customer is not able to settle an account due to liquidity problems, sourcing local finance to bridge the gap is an option. Alternative financing.

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