Fashion Icon Kate Spade, Who Reinvented the Modern Woman, Is Dead at 55

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The fashion icon launched a handbag business in 1992, which became a household name for modern women. She was found dead on Tuesday morning of an apparent suicide. The Inc.

How Wayfair Grew From Grandfather Clocks to $4.7 Billion in Sales

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This week, it faces the Supreme Court in an effort to maintain a 1992 ruling that allows e-commerce companies to avoid collecting local sales taxes in some cases. The Boston-based company is the largest online-only retailer of home goods.

Stephanie Breedlove, Co-founder of Homepay, Provides Entrepreneurial Advice on the Ideas to Invoices Podcast


Stephanie Breedlove founded Breedlove & Associates in 1992. She built the nanny payroll company into a multi-million-dollar business with more than 10,000 active clients. In 2012, acquired her company for $55 million and it became Homepay, according to an article in Forbes. Today, Breedlove is an angel investor with the Central Texas Angel […].

CU Boulder’s New Venture Challenge 10th Anniversary

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I was involved in the early years (1992 – 1996) as a judge and funded a number of companies that went through the MIT $100K (which was called the MIT $10K at the time.) Tonight, the New Venture Challenge at CU Boulder is having its 10th anniversary. It’s happening at the Boulder Theater from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm and is open to the public. Register here to attend if you are interested.

Free Video: How to Hack Your MBA

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Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Larry Gold – 2/18, 6:15pm

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He’s been a professor at CU Boulder since 1980 and was the chairman of the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Department from 1988 to 1992. This Entrepreneurs Unplugged with Larry Gold is going to be special. If you don’t know Larry Gold , he’s just amazing.

POLISH METAL FRIDAY: Decapitated Saints by Vader - Continuing on.

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Decapitated Saints was a tune from their first LP in 1992, The Ultimate Incantation. POLISH METAL FRIDAY: Decapitated Saints by Vader - Continuing on the great tradition of extreme metal from Poland, I bring to you Vader. They are the godfathers of Polish extreme metal and they are named for the greatest movie villain in history. While this is usually Cover Friday, this is “kind of” a cover.

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Banks 'Extraordinarily' Undervalued: Analyst | Deimar ~ Business.


Between 1992 and 2006, banks earned a return on equity roughly 2.7 NAVMENU. Business. Strategies. Startup. Quotes. Contact. latest posts (Home). Sep 21, 2011. Banks Extraordinarily Undervalued: Analyst. by Deimar Gutierrez. 21.9.11. Pin It.

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SUMMER SONGS: Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang by Dr.

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SUMMER SONGS: Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang by Dr. Dre - When The Chronic dropped in late 1992, you heard it everywhere. I was not into rap so much, but the thing that got me hooked was Snoop Dogg’s delivery, it was like nothing I had heard from so many other rappers. To this day, I believe he had the best flow of anyone before or after. Let It Ride and Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang loomed large the summer of ‘93. I went with the latter though because those rhymes and that beat, that is summer.


FullContact Continues Its Journey To Solve The Contact Management Problem

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My first company (Feld Technologies) was acquired by a company doing a rollup (AmeriData – acquired 40 companies between 1992 and 1996 when it was then acquired by GE Capital.)

Pretend We’re Dead by L7 - What started as a LA punk band.

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Their big break though came with the release of the Bricks Are Heavy album in 1992 with their hit single Pretend We’re Dead. Pretend We’re Dead by L7 - What started as a LA punk band in the mid-80’s become one of the seminal bands of the 90’s grunge movement and one of the few featuring an all-female lineup. Listening to the album again, I am not sure I appreciate it as much, but on the few occasions when I had seen them perform live, they definitely rocked.


What Warren Buffet and Victor Kiam know about men’s Shavers

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By 1992 Bond was bankrupt. When considering any business, there is one thing you simply must know. No matter if you are to be an owner, developer, investor or even a senior executive. Taking the leap without this knowledge has seen the inevitable failure of countless endeavors.

Thinking of Home: Dickinson, Texas

In 1992, she was recognized nationally for her leadership in the H.O.S.T.S. For those of you who have moved away from the town where you grew up, the few times that you see your hometown in the national news creates an enormous sense of pride.

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Free Webinar 9/13: How to Hack Your MBA and Get the Most Out of Your Degree

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For background, since 1992, I’ve been (slowly) working on a book tentatively titled “Hack your Education: How to Squeeze Maximum Value from College or Graduate School” I’ve attached a presentation below I’ve given on the topic, plus a draft of the book. On 9/13, I’ll be delivering a free, one-hour webinar on “ How to Hack Your MBA and Get the Most Out of Your Degree ”.

How to Hack Your College or Graduate School Education

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I’ve been gestating this since 1992. You’re likely investing $20,000-$50,000/year, plus opportunity cost, to attend school. How can you maximize the benefits of all the years and all the money that you are investing? I have a tentative answer.

Grace Hopper, computer innovator, would have been 107 today I.

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Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906 – January 1, 1992) was an American computer scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral. Grace Hopper, computer innovator, would have been 107 today. I had no idea who she was until I saw the Google doodle.

On #WorldMentalHealthDay, Praise for Neurodiverse Creatives

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Established in 1992, the day is intended to raise awareness related to struggles involving mental illness and mobilize resources to address those struggles. Image Source: Imagine Therapies. On October 10th every year, folks around the globe recognize World Mental Health Day, and this year is no exception. With the rise of social media, the visibility of the day and the conversations that surround it have been, thankfully, greatly enhanced. This issue is incredibly important.

Digital Transformation And The Evolution of Apps – What’s The Link?


each retailing at a cool US$4,000, with the first text message (SMS) only sent in 1992. by Keiichiro Nozaki, Regional Marketing Architect/Evangelist of Asia Pacific, China, and Japan for F5 Networks. A century ago, we had the industrial revolution.

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Where There’s A Trend, There’s A Profitable Business

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Warner’s sales doubled each year, exceeding $6 million by 1992. If you’ve ever built a business around a passing trend or fad, you know there’s only a short window of time for such a venture to survive. Knowing your product or service is a fad doesn’t make it easier.

[INTERVIEW] Peter Tassiopoulos, President Of Sphere 3D Inc.


Peter Tassiopoulos has focused on finance, technology and startups since 1992. Nature or nurture? It’s an age-old debate, and as relevant to academic whiz kids as it is to the most seriously successful entrepreneurs.

Those Beautiful Nest Eggs

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Tony –working on “iPhone” circa 1992 Me–product manager, having a ball. Congratulations to Tony Fadell, Matt Rogers and the world class team at Nest! Today Nest announced that it has agreed to be acquired by Google.

How to Hack Your College or Graduate School Education

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I’ve been gestating this since 1992. You’re likely investing $20,000-$50,000/year, plus opportunity cost, to attend school. How can you maximize the benefits of all the years and all the money that you are investing? I have a tentative answer. Below is the draft of a book I’m writing, “How to Squeeze Maximum Value from Your Education”. I’ve also posted slides from presentations I’ve made on this topic.

When I Hear “Fastest Growing” I Reach for XKCD

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It became a market economy in 1992. You may have heard of Christiane Amanpour. She’s the Chief International Correspondent for CNN. She probably has a dedicated room in her house to store all the journalism awards she’s won. Math awards though, she probably has none.

Dollar Bill by Screaming Trees - Someone I met last week.

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They had a major breakthrough with the song Nearly Lost You off of Sweet Oblivion in 1992, but the song I most dug was Dollar Bill with its chilled out acoustic opening before building up into a big finish. Dollar Bill by Screaming Trees - Someone I met last week mentioned that they were a huge Screaming Trees fan. I completely forgot the context of how we got onto the topic, but it piqued my interest.

Groupware Technology

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Campbell, CA Founded in 1992, Groupware Technology is an exceptional company, comprised of extraordinary professionals with a steadfast commitment to value-driven solutions that leverage technology to enable growth, enhance performance and control costs.

Newest Barbie Is an Entrepreneur With a Tiny Tablet and Smartphone

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She was a "Business Executive" in 1992 with a bright pink skirt suit and white heels. The iconic doll finally got her startup game on and will hit stores in June. Barbie will be joining the cut-throat startup world this year armed with a tiny smartphone and tablet.

5 Business Minded Celebrities You Could Gain Inspiration From


In 1992, Tony started his own manufacturing company of skateboarding products, which eventually took off. Celebrities aren’t often just famous for being actors or superstar football players. Many of them are also successful entrepreneurs.

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90’S METAL: Sober by Tool -  I have stated on many.

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When I first heard their Opiate EP in 1992, I knew that they had something special. 90’S METAL: Sober by Tool - I have stated on many occasions that Tool is one of my all-time favorite metal bands. They had the anger, the musicianship, and the tightness of a band that was on a mission. What they did not yet have was the material. As much as I enjoyed songs like Hush and Jerk-Off, there was nothing unexpected or new going on.

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Phantom Limb by Alice in Chains - I talked about this album last.

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It finally felt like the work of a band willing to let go and be what it is now even if most fans are stuck in 1992. Phantom Limb by Alice in Chains - I talked about this album last month when I posted my favorite track on the album, Scalpel. I do get a few chuckles with the “Devil Put Them Bones Here" quips. I am going to go out on a limb here and admit that this album is excellent. At first, it seemed muddled with a bland layer of sameness. It was an album that lacked :pop".


COVER FRIDAY: Sweet Child o’ Mine performed by Luna - So.

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It is actually a bit of a toss up as Guns N’ Roses has two power ballads that pretty much dominated the charts and pop culture in their respective years; November Rain in 1992 and Sweet Child o’ Mine in 1988. COVER FRIDAY: Sweet Child o’ Mine performed by Luna - So we have played pop metal ballads all week long, yet I had not gotten to what many consider one of the biggest ballads of them all.

6 Sales Questions You're Afraid to Ask

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There''s a famous scene in the 1992 movie "A Few Good Men" where the hardened professional soldier (Jack Nicholson) yells to the idealist lawyer (Tom Cruise): "You can''t handle the truth!" Salespeople often avoid asking these six important questions because they''re afraid to know the answer.

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NEW ALBUM WEEK: Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga by Rob.

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While getting his start in the mid 80’s with White Zombie, it was not until their first major studio release in 1992 (and with exposure on Beavis and Butthead) that the band started to garner any attention. NEW ALBUM WEEK: Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga by Rob Zombie - Well, Rob Zombie is back! Admittedly, I was never the biggest Rob Zombie fan, but I liked his shtick in pieces.


Shift in Opinions on Working-While-Parenting

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Knowledge@Wharton describes his 20-year study of attitudes towards working parenthood : In 1992, he surveyed more than 450 Wharton undergraduate students as they graduated. In 1992, men were much more likely to agree with such statements than women, according to Friedman.

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Mentors 6/18: The Best Mentor Relationships Eventually Become Two-Way

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Charlie started his own company, The Feld Group, in 1992 , when my company (Feld Technologies) was five years old. I spent the day yesterday at the Disney Accelerator meeting with each of the teams and then had dinner with the CEOs and a lead mentor for each company.

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Tech Guru Sabeen Mahmud: 'Fear Is Just a Line in Your Head'

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For Mahmud, who fell "passionately in love" with the first Mac she saw in 1992, the decision was simple. The founder of Pakistan''s first hackathon boldly goes where few women have gone before. Sabeen Mahmud could easily fall into the Silicon Valley stereotype.

Cultivate an Olympic Mindset to Achieve Success

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Andre Agassi winning the Wimbledon Cup in 1992. When Andre Agassi won the Wimbledon Cup in 1992, he said, “I have already won Wimbledon at least 10,000 times before.” Image via AdWeek.

Standing Ovation Before The Speaker Begins

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I was on a panel with a few of my colleagues from that first Birthing of Giants class that graduated in 1992. A few weeks ago at Thinc Iowa I noticed the tradition they had of giving a standing ovation to the speaker when the speaker took the stage. I had never seen that before and thought it was awesome. Speakers also got a standing ovation after their talk.

Iowa 101

Surviving 2016 as a seed stage startup: Don’t batten down the hatches but take an umbrella.


In 1992, we were in a recession. In late 2008, I was about to turn in my 2 week resignation at Google to start a company when Sequoia sent out a presentation to their portfolio companies.

The Billion Dollar Fashion Week

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For fashion week’s chapter of the age-old tale of money and politics, let’s go back to 1992. “New York is Fashion” was fashion week’s moniker then, and it now had a little sister: “Restaurant Week.”

Always Trade the #1 Pick in the NFL Draft

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Why give $50-60M to an unproven player? Thats All-Pro money. I'd trade the #1 pick every time.