Roam: My New Favorite Software Product

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We ran my first company (Feld Technologies) on Lotus Agenda from when the first version of Agenda came out sometime in 1990 to when we sold the company in 1993. Until six weeks ago, my favorite software product of all time was Lotus Agenda.

The First Rule of Leadership

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Chance The Rapper, “ Wanna Be Cool “ In 1993, the professional basketball player Charles Barkley famously said: “I am not a role model. I don’t want you to be me. you should just be you. Just because I dunk …


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Dominican Central Bank Reports 29% Growth In Remittances


annually since 1993. million between 1993 and 2020. The COVID-19 crisis had a major adverse impact on the global economy. GDPs of most countries declined. Amid the new restrictions several Latin American and Caribbean nations reported plummeting remittance volumes.

Types of Mistreatment No Employee Should Stand For

The Startup Magazine

Additionally, workers often face harassment in response to taking medical leave, even when it’s covered under The 1993 Family Medical Leave Act. Since the U.S.

How To Thrive With Purpose-Driven Digital Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

When he’s not helping entrepreneurs and executive-level professionals, he can be found traipsing around the woods near the cabin in which he has lived with his wife and menagerie of pets since 1993. .

Book: The Startup Playbook

Feld Thoughts

I’ve known Will since 1984 and Raj since 1993. If you are working on your first startup, this is the book for you. Hopefully, the Foreword I wrote reflects my belief in the quality and importance of this book.

Book: No Vision All Drive

Feld Thoughts

It’s long, but as Gaskins rolled through the Forethought history in the mid-1980s and then his time at Microsoft from 1987 – 1993, I was able to once again time travel back to Feld Technologies, which was an independent company from 1987 to 1993 (when we were acquired by Sage Alerting Systems, which became AmeriData Technologies.). I love origin stories. David Brown , Techstars CEO and co-founder, just updated his and published a new edition of No Vision All Drive.

An Open Letter to Startup Founders Everywhere in a Time of Crisis

David Cohen

I started my first business in 1993, right in the middle of the recession, because I didn’t know any better. March 30, 2020. Founders, I’m talking to you. I’m one of you. Your world and mine are different than they were three weeks ago. – Professional Networking For The LGBT Community


Founded by CEO Richard Klein – who also founded Surface magazine in 1993 – dot429 also has a magazine called 429Magazine that provides a queer professional perspective on current issues, with exclusive content written by industry insiders covering everything from finance and business to leisure and entertainment.

The Philanthropic Efforts Of James Dondero


The Dallas investment management firm was founded by James Dondero and Mr. Okada in 1993 in Los Angeles, over the course of more than two decades, Highland has become a multibillion-dollar global asset manager. James Dondero is an entrepreneur who perfectly embodies how business persons should handle their philanthropic efforts. Mr. Dondero’s charitable activities have seen successful results in a wide array of organizations.

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RIP Len Fassler

Feld Thoughts

We were introduced in the spring of 1993 by Jim Galvin, CEO of Allcom, which had just been acquired by Len’s company Sage Alerting Systems. It took a while for me and my partner Dave Jilk to decide to do it, but we closed the sale in November 1993. Gramercy Park in June 2015.

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Why Philosophy and Entrepreneurship?

Feld Thoughts

It plateaued at around $2 million in revenue before we sold it in 1993. Since releasing my newest book The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Nietzsche: A Book for Disruptors I’ve been continually getting the questions “Why Philosophy and Entrepreneurship?”

Bitcoin: things only grow this fast when something important is happening

The Equity Kicker

You can see from the chart below that the number of internet hosts grew 10x from 1989 to 1993 – that’s roughly 2x a year. Coindesk just published their quarterly ‘ State of Bitcoin ‘ presentation. This slide stood out for me: Looking at the massive year on year increases in most of these metrics I’m reminded of some wise words from Jeff Bezos.

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Jeff Melanson, Others Highlight What Arts Can Do For Young Entrepreneurs


This further bolstered findings from 1993 when researchers concluded that exposure to classical music, specifically Mozart, led to increased cognition in college students. There have been many studies over the years linking arts exposure in youth to increased intelligence, better test scores and enhanced creativity. Exposing children to things like music, dance and theatre is also known to increase awareness and empathy, as well as enhance their ability to focus.

How to Be Ready for What’s Next

Duct Tape Marketing

Under his leadership, the company grew from just over $6 million in annual revenue in 1993 to over $1.6 Under his leadership, the company grew from just over $6 million in annual revenue in 1993 to over $1.6

Why Pioneers Have Arrows In Their Backs

Steve Blank

In fact, a 1993 paper by Peter N. First-Mover Advantage is an idea that just won’t die. I hear it from every class of students, and each time I try to put a stake through its heart. Here’s one more attempt in trying to explain why confusing testosterone with strategy is a bad idea. First mover advantage – great bad idea. The phrase “first mover advantage” was first popularized in a 1988 paper by a Stanford Business School professor, David Montgomery, and his co-author, Marvin Lieberman. [1].

21 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Favorite Business or Entrepreneur Turnaround Story


In 1993, the company reported losses of around $8 billion, one of the most enormous company losses until that time. Poor performance in business doesn’t always imply the failure of a business. It can be an improving point for a business or mark its upward trajectory.

No Vision, All Drive

David Cohen

Here’s the quick story: in 1993, we founded our first company, Pinpoint Technologies, which grew from a basement startup to a successful multinational company with $50 million in annual sales and over 250 employees. It was pretty fun to sit on stage recently with Techstars co-founder David Brown to tell our story in front of the newest class of Techstars founders in Boulder.

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Distilled Moments: Poems By Dave Jilk

Feld Thoughts

We worked closely together for seven years before selling the company in 1993 to a public company called Sage Alerting Systems, which renamed itself Sage Technologies and then finally AmeriData Technologies. Dave Jilk was my first business partner (we co-founded Feld Technologies).

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Happy Anniversary Amy

Feld Thoughts

On the summer solstice in 1993 we went to the top of Ester Dome in Fairbanks, Alaska and exchanged vows. But we count years from that date on top of Ester Dome in 1993. Amy and I have been married for 18 years. Earlier that day we went to Pay ‘n Save and bought our wedding rings (I think we got six for $1.99). I wrote the word “vows&# on a piece of paper twice, tore it in half, and gave one of the vows to Amy to give to me when we got to the top.

What we can learn from the UK’s top franchises

The Startup Magazine

After that things started to move even faster, moving out of London in 1993 and opening pubs in Bracknell and Norwich. Founded in 1993, Quiz Clothing opened 3 stores in Scotland providing fashionable women’s party dresses to women of all ages and sizes, all for a very affordable price. What we can learn from the UK’s top franchises. Franchises are popping up everywhere – that’s the whole point of them.

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They Can’t Kill You And They Can’t Eat You

Feld Thoughts

I was on three other public company boards, including being co-chairman of MessageMedia with Jerry Poch, who was Len’s partner in their previous company (AmeriData Technologies – which had bought my first company – Feld Technologies – in 1993). Since I’d first met Len in the spring of 1993, he was beloved by almost everyone around him. The amount of energy he put into me, and his relationship with me, was unexpected by me when he bought Feld Technologies in 1993.

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Entrepreneurship for the 99%

Steve Blank

million) of the 15 million net new jobs created between 1993 and 2009. This is a guest post from Jerry Engel, the Faculty Director of the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (and the Founding Faculty Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley.). ———– The 99%. As the morning fog burns off the California coast, I am working with Steve Blank, preparing for the Lean LaunchPad Faculty Development Program we are running this August at U.C.

Falling Out Of Love With Being CEO

Feld Thoughts

But we stayed after it and built a successful company that was consistently profitable and acquired by a public company in 1993 for a few million dollars. I was a CEO once. In my first real company, Feld Technologies, there were two founders – me and Dave Jilk. I was President (we didn’t use the CEO title then, but as the President, I was the “chief executive officer”) and Dave was Vice President. As we grew, other people had different titles, but the two of us ran the business.

Here’s Why We Fell in Love with Draft

Both Sides of the Table

I began playing Fantasy Football in 1993 before it was even a big thing. My partner Greg Bettinelli is an avid sports fan who throughout his career has developed an expert understanding in online ticketing (at eBay has was a champion of the StubHub acquisition) and online marketing. Greg knows consumer businesses and customers, which has added tremendously to our team where I admittedly have more of a background in enterprise software, data and online video.

Top 10 internet stocks – more than 1 trillion valuation

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All of which are in their 1993 era. In a very short period of time, opinions of anything can change. It wasn’t so long ago that these statements were made about the internet as a commercial platform: It’s for nerds. “Fine, you nerds can do what you want but normal people are never going to use this thing.” ” It’s completely decentralized, which means you can’t trust it.

[Review] The Cowshed: Memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution


1993 was the year when this book was published and was acclaimed as a remarkable piece of literature. Suleman, senior academic writer at The author of “ The Cowshed: Memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution “, Ji Xianlin (1911-2009), was an internationally renowned authority on Pali and Sanskrit languages. For almost 20 years he had been head of foreign languages department and a teacher as well.

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Why Female Founder Office Hours is So Important

Both Sides of the Table

In Dan Rather’s book he talks about Ruth Bader Ginsberg who was appointed the the Supreme Court in 1993. If you haven’t yet heard about Female Founder Office Hours it is an initiative you should be aware of whether you’re male, female or any other gender identify.

CU Boulder’s New Venture Challenge 10th Anniversary

Feld Thoughts

The entire experience was foundational for me, both as an entrepreneur and an early angel investor (I started investing in 1994 after I sold my first company at the end of 1993.). Tonight, the New Venture Challenge at CU Boulder is having its 10th anniversary. It’s happening at the Boulder Theater from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm and is open to the public. Register here to attend if you are interested.

There’s Something Abuzz With GoodBuzz


In 1993, it was during one of these long walks that he’d stumble on a philosophy that would determine his life’s path – that he’d do whatever it takes to succeed in life. Africa is not known to generate many technology talents – the country is far more prolific in its music, sport and art – but here’s one young African who intends to buck the trend. Mawuna Koutonin is the founder of London-based GoodBuzz , and his story is the stuff of dreams.

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[Interview] Ed Rempel, Certified Financial Planner, Founder Of Unconventional Wisdom


Ed Rempel has been countering financial conventions at least since he hung up his professional shingle as a Toronto-based certified financial planner in 1993. From Ed Rempel’s perspective, there’s way too much conventional wisdom out there when it comes to financial and investment matters, and way too many people both spout it and buy into it. It’s a problem that can cause consumers to be unprepared financially to handle the roadblocks that life can throw their way, he says.

The three legged stool of marketing excellence


2) Robert Lauterborn, 1993. Marketing is a science devised to help drive customers to your door. There are lots of ways to define how to market well, including the four P’s of marketing (1): product, price, promotion and place. This is considered to be the producer-oriented model. These are still the driving focus behind most marketing courses, and deserve to be so. Then there is the four C’s, the consumer-oriented marketing model (2).

The $100K Award At The CU Boulder New Venture Challenge

Feld Thoughts

I got involved as a judge in 1993 and was active through 1997 with occasional visits to the finals in subsequent years when I was around Boston. In the fall of 2007, my friend Phil Weiser, Executive Director of CU Boulder’s Silicon Flatirons Center, convened 25 leaders from CU Boulder and the Boulder / Denver startup community. We spent an afternoon talking about the idea of an entrepreneurial university. Phil called the meeting a Roundtable, even though the table was long and rectangular.

7 Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Improve Communication With Your Team


Starting from a small jet ski rental in Sheffield back in 1993, John has transformed his business into a dynamic multi-event and activity company. by John Tarr, co-founder and CEO of Off-Limits Events Ltd. Effective communication at your workplace is your key to building healthy relationships and getting tasks done. According to the Watson-Wyatt research, companies who cannot communicate efficiently report a 50% lesser turnover than the industry average.

Twice in a Lifetime

Austin Startup

The internet was created in 1983, and people said the same thing about it in 1993. I’ve been a technologist since I first played with an Apple ][+ with a lower case chip. In the mid 1990s I knew that the internet was a game-changing technology. In 1997 I founded an internet company named Perficient, and it went public in 1999. Today the company still uses the logo that my college roommate created, employs thousands of people globally, and has a market cap well over half a billion dollars.

Mentors 6/18: The Best Mentor Relationships Eventually Become Two-Way

Feld Thoughts

Len and his partner Jerry Poch bought my first company in 1993. Each of these relationships are long term ones – Len and I since 1993 and Charlie and I since I was born in 1965. I spent the day yesterday at the Disney Accelerator meeting with each of the teams and then had dinner with the CEOs and a lead mentor for each company.

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Fair and Reasonable

Feld Thoughts

I learned this value from Len Fassler and Jerry Poch in 1993 when they acquired my first company. I was on the phone with an old friend last week. We were talking about a few things around a negotiation, and he said something profound. “I just want things to be fair and reasonable.” ” I loved this phrase. I had never bought, sold, or invested in anything up to that point.

Are You A Boston Based Entrepreneur Looking for a Mentor?

Feld Thoughts

In 1993 I was the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization Boston Chapter and member #1. My long time friend Warren Katz pointed me out to an event on March 3, 2010 called EO Boston Accelerator Shark Bowl 2010. It’s a competition for entrepreneurs under 40 with businesses between $100k / year and $1m / year in revenue.

From Entrepreneur To Boss: Hiring Your First Employees

The Startup Magazine

During the recruitment process, you should be familiar with federal employment laws including The Family Medical Leave Act 1993 and the Age Discrimination In Employment Act of 1967. When setting out to launch a new business, there are many factors to be considered before launching. One key requirement? You need to be prepared and equipped with the right resources.

Launching Startup Life: Surviving And Thriving In A Relationship With An Entrepreneur

Feld Thoughts

We got married in 1993. The second book in the Startup Revolution series, Startup Life: Surviving And Thriving In A Relationship With An Entrepreneur , is shipping in the next week or so. My wife Amy Batchelor and I wrote this one, with contributions from about 20 other entrepreneurial couples. Amy and I have been friends since we met in college in 1984. We have been together as a couple since 1990. Our marriage almost ended in 2001. Today, I am ecstatic in my relationship with Amy.

[Interview] Tony Saldanha, Author of ‘Why Digital Transformations Fail: The Surprising Disciplines of How to Take Off and Stay Ahead’


When I left Procter & Gamble as VP in Global Business Services and IT after a career of 27 years, I’d been associated with setting up the first shared services operation in the Philippines in 1993 — program managing an $8 billion dollar outsourcing deal. Digital transformation isn’t a choice today: any business that wants to survive and prevail during the Fourth Industrial Revolution is going to have to accomplish it.

The Simple Formal Beginnings Of Feld Technologies

Feld Thoughts

A short letter agreement specifying the equity splits and the boilerplate legal docs were the only legal docs we had until we sold the company in 1993. My first business partner, Dave Jilk, emailed me our original partnership agreement for Feld Technologies. It’s one page. We incorporated a month later as an S-Corp.

The Trouble with Titles

David Cohen

In 1993 we co-founded our first startup, Pinpoint Technologies, alongside a third co-founder, Bob Durkin who focused on sales. As of today, I’m changing my title at Techstars to be “Founder and Managing Partner” and I’m dropping the “co-CEO” title. David Brown will become “Founder and CEO” instead of “Founder and co-CEO.” We both remain on the Board of Directors at Techstars.

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