1995 called. Time to revisit your applications strategy. Now!

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I joined Gartner in 1995. I remember clients would call and say they were getting ready for next-gen applications, but that they felt they had "enough time". The deadline in their case was, of course, the Y2K "wall". By the


True Story: How Bplans.com Started in 1995

Up and Running

January of 1995. Few people knew of the Internet, Mozilla, and the world-wide web. The so-called “Internet” had existed for years, but seemed to the rest of us (anybody outside of a few spook havens and ivory towers) like a nerdy background utility for emails. And I started bplans.com. I hope you’ve noticed big changes at bplans.com lately: more information, more tutorials, and better organized, making what you’re looking for easier to find. And especially a new membership group.

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Plex flexes its shop floor muscle

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When I joined Gartner in 1995, I was part of the AAS (for Administrative Application Systems) service which largely covered accounting, financial planning and hcm applications. We gradually expanded the AAS scope to also cover procurement, order management and other. Cloud Computing, SaaS Global and Vertical extensions Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

WFH productivity and problems

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I was one of Gartner's first WFH analysts in 1995. They were not sure the WFH model would work in analyst world so they had me spend most of the first 6 months at HQ in Stamford, CT. My employment. Future of Work New Normal COVID-19


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When I joined Gartner in 1995, I thought it was quaint some of the older analysts would talk about BUNCH – Burroughs, Univac, NCR, CDC and Honeywell. In 1995, HP, IBM, Sun, Dell, Compaq and other. So 70s and 80s. Industry Commentary


Calling Fellow Analysts

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In my orientation at Gartner in 1995, a senior analyst forcefully pointed out “Sacred cows make the best hamburger”. I cringed on behalf of all vegetarians of the world but took it to heart. For two decades, I have challenged. Industry Commentary


The Real Deal: Art Mesher on ENTRUSTS the next Big Thing in Supply Chains and SaaS

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I first met Art Mesher in 1995. This continues a series of columns from practitioners I respect. The category "Real Deal" describes them well. We were both freshmen Gartner analysts and in class and bars he would passionately talk about. The Real Deal: Guest Columnist


Serial Entrepreneur Bob Fabbio Plans to Builid eRevelance Into a $1 Billion Company


In 1995, Tivoli Systems went public and a year later IBM acquired the company for $743 million. In 1989, Bob Fabbio quit his job at IBM and launched Tivoli Systems, which went on to create of the largest software categories in the world – enterprise systems management. Fabbio went on to found electronic document delivery […]. The post Serial Entrepreneur Bob Fabbio Plans to Builid eRevelance Into a $1 Billion Company appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Ideas to Invoices Podcast

Serial Entrepreneur Bob Fabbio Plans to Builid eRelevance Into a $1 Billion Company


In 1995, Tivoli Systems went public and a year later IBM acquired the company for $743 million. In 1989, Bob Fabbio quit his job at IBM and launched Tivoli Systems, which created one of the largest software categories in the world – enterprise systems management. Fabbio went on to found electronic document delivery startup Dazel, […]. The post Serial Entrepreneur Bob Fabbio Plans to Builid eRelevance Into a $1 Billion Company appeared first on SiliconHills.

Serial Entrepreneur Bob Fabbio Plans to Build eRelevance Into a $1 Billion Company


In 1995, Tivoli Systems went public and a year later IBM acquired the company for $743 million. In 1989, Bob Fabbio quit his job at IBM and launched Tivoli Systems, which created one of the largest software categories in the world – enterprise systems management. Fabbio went on to found electronic document delivery startup Dazel, […]. The post Serial Entrepreneur Bob Fabbio Plans to Build eRelevance Into a $1 Billion Company appeared first on SiliconHills.

Open Cloud Academy Launches Cybersecurity Program for Veterans


Air Force as a cryptographic specialist after 18 years in 1995 in San Antonio and then worked construction jobs until he hurt his back. By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News David Gibson retired from the U.S. Since then he’s been looking for steady work. And that’s why he enrolled in the first class […] The post Open Cloud Academy Launches Cybersecurity Program for Veterans appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio Cybersecurity Open Cloud Academy training veterans

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Snowpocalypse or Blizzard?

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I’ve lived here since 1995 and the amount of fear, anxiety, discussion, preparation, and public commentary is higher than I can ever recall (and yes – I’m now contributing to it.). The level of histrionics yesterday about the weather on the front range that is coming has been epic.

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Genstar Capital Buys Austin-based Accruent


Accruent, founded in 1995 in California, had raised $32 million from two investors in two rounds, according to its Crunchbase profile. Genstar Capital, a private equity firm, last week announced its acquisition of Austin-based Accruent, which makes real estate, facilities and asset management software. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company […] The post Genstar Capital Buys Austin-based Accruent appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Startups Are Not Just The Realm Of Young Generations

Startup Professionals Musings

According to the most recent report from the Kauffman Foundation , the highest rate of entrepreneurship in America shifted a few years ago to the Boomer age group, compared to Gen-X (1965 to1980) and Gen-Y (1981 to 1995). One of the biggest myths in the business world is that startups are no place for Baby Boomers, that aging generation born between 1945 and 1964.

The Long and Winding Road to Rock Band 4

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I originally invested in Harmonix as an angel investor in 1995. Basically, Harmonix tried to go out of business every year between 1995 and 2005 and just managed to fail at that, always coming up with a new revenue deal or a small amount of financing to stay alive before it became an overnight success in 2005 with the original launch of Guitar Hero. It’s here. And you know you want it.

More Words of Wisdom from Steve Jobs

Scott Edward Walker

This week, we again present Steve Jobs in this powerful, one-minute clip from 1995. To Our Clients & Friends: Welcome to our weekly series “ Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.” Each week, we post a short video of a successful entrepreneur, investor or business leader on a variety of topics. My favorite quote: “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” I hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Scott.

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Is the Lean Startup Dead?

Steve Blank

Most entrepreneurs today don’t remember the Dot-Com bubble of 1995 or the Dot-Com crash that followed in 2000. As a reminder, the Dot Com bubble was a five-year period from August 1995 (the Netscape IPO ) when there was a massive wave of experiments on the then-new internet, in commerce, entertainment, nascent social media, and search. A version of this article first appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

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Mike Maples Talks Investments, Startup Smarts and Bill Gates


After his retirement in 1995, [.] By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News Former Microsoft senior executive and current investor and rancher Mike Maples Sr. answered questions ranging from what he looks for in investments to what it was like to work closely with Bill Gates Monday night at Austin’s Startup Grind at Capital Factory. The post Mike Maples Talks Investments, Startup Smarts and Bill Gates appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

13 Important Branding Lessons From The Top 4 e-Commerce Giants


The online classified site’s interface has remained mostly unchanged since it debuted in 1995. No one could call Craigslist a beautifully designed website – even in 1995. by Katie Lundin of crowdspring. Simply showing up online with a business website isn’t enough to guarantee success. E-Commerce giants Apple, eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy seem to have cracked the code. Together, they brought in total revenues of over $275 billion in 2018.

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The Future Of Work Is Distributed

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In 1995, at the dawn of the age of the commercial Internet, this involved landlines, answering machines, pagers, and fax machines. I’ve been a remote worker for 24 years. While I have an office in Boulder, I’m physically in my office for a small amount of time. For many years, this was a function of travel. My investments have always been geographically distributed across the US and I spent the majority of my time between Monday and Friday on the road.

What Buying Habits Tell Marketers About Each Generation


Now comprising the highest percentage of the workforce, this generation (born roughly from 1981 to 1995) receives considerable marketing attention. by Gui Costin , author of “ Millennials Are Not Aliens: …but they are 80 Million Americans Who Are Changing How We Buy, Sell, Vacation, Invest, and Just About Everything Else “ Each generation has unique experiences, lifestyles, and demographics that influence their buying behaviors, financial experts say.

New Rules for the New Internet Bubble

Steve Blank

The Golden Age (1970 – 1995): Build a growing business with a consistently profitable track record (after at least 5 quarters,) and go public when it’s time. 1970 – 1995: The Golden Age. The world of building profitable startups ended in 1995. August 1995 – March 2000: The Dot.Com Bubble. Carpe Diem. We’re now in the second Internet bubble.

Get A Free Flight To Boulder For Boulder Startup Week

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Since I moved to Boulder in 1995, I’ve watched and participated in the evolution of an amazing startup community which I believe currently has the highest entrepreneurial density in the United States. Boulder Startup Week , a five day celebration of the tech scene here in Boulder, is offering several free plane tickets to people who would consider relocating.

Episode 3 on SiriusXM Channel 111: Kathryn Gould, Mar Hershenson, Sophie Lebrecht

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As one of the first women VC’s in Silicon Valley she founded Foundation in 1995, and went on to be selected for the Midas List based on her investments. My guests this week on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM Channel 111 were: Kathryn Gould co-founder of Foundation Capital. Mar Hershenson co-founder of the VC firm Pejman Mar Ventures. Sophie Lebrecht co-founder and CEO of Neon Labs.

What the 5 Stages of Grief Teach Us About Technology

Startup Professionals Musings

Christensen in “ The Innovator’s Dilemma ” way back in 1995. How many times have investors heard startups start their pitch by touting that their technology is “disruptive?” What entrepreneurs forget or don’t realize is that most customers are wary of all technology, educating the market on new technology is expensive, takes a long time, and people buy problem solutions rather than technology. Investors will likely wait for more traction.

How The Right Employees Have An Innovation Advantage

Startup Professionals Musings

An employee of Sun Microsystems, James Gosling, created a new object-oriented programming language called Oak in 1995. Conventional business wisdom tells us that entrepreneurs are today’s main source of innovation. We see the stories of young founders leaving college with a big idea, going to work in their garage, and building something that changes the world. We hear about corporate employees, strangled by slow-moving bureaucracy, that are blocked from making transformative discoveries.

Boulder Conversations at the Boulder History Museum on Wed 2/12/14

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As a relative youngster (I’ve only been here since 1995) it was especially humbling to be asked to part of the “ Boulder Conversations with Extraordinary People” Speaker Series. It’s always an honor to be asked to participate in something to do with the history of the town one lives in.

The rise of the “successful” unsustainable company

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

” Here’s the summary of his track record (excerpted from the Fast Company article): Forefront — IPO’ed in 1995 by CBT — CBT stock fell 85% in 1998 and prompted class-action lawsuits. It’s appalling what passes for “successful entrepreneurship” in the press or the Valley, but it’s not their fault.

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No Logical Relation Between Employment And Health Care: Kenneth Arrow


by Cara Wick, President of Wick Financial. As healthcare makes headlines, I wish more people listened to Nobel Prize-winning economist Kenneth Joseph Arrow. Born in New York City in 1921, at 51, Mr. Arrow was the youngest person ever to receive the award. Famous for his “ possibility theorem ” which says it’s impossible to construct a social welfare function out of individual preference, Mr. Arrow’s insights are why economists today are almost unanimously against price controls.

We Were Right – Just a Decade Early

Feld Thoughts

1995 – 2000 was the climb up to the Peak. This is a line my friend Jerry Colonna uses when something like the AT&T – Time Warner deal occurs. As time passes, the line has shifted to “We were right – just fifteen years early.” ” Jerry was Fred Wilson ‘s partner at Flatiron Partners. We were all investing in Internet-related stuff at the end of the 1990s.

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The Doubly-Linked List Appears to Have Been Patented

Feld Thoughts

The prior art was extremely thin, only went back to 1995, and didn’t mention that entire computer languages have been created around the list as a core data structure. I saw a tweet today that said “ The doubly-linked list, a structure I studied thirty years ago, has recently been patented.” After giggling at the absurdity of the idea, I went and at a patent dated 4/11/06 that appears to be for the doubly-linked list.

How to become the only business that matters

Duct Tape Marketing

In 1995 Yellowstone National Park was in distress. How to become the only business that matters written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. So the question this bold and perhaps presumptuous headline likely brings up is. to whom. The only business that matters to whom. The first answer I suppose most business owners and entrepreneurs might suggest is to their customers. Yes indeed, this is a fine answer, an important answer, a worthy goal, but it might not be enough.

My 2020 Vision for Graduates: How to be Optimistic in Terrible Times

Reid Hoffman

The biggest happened much earlier in my career, in 1995.”. I’m sure it sounds unbelievable today, but in 1995, Fujitsu was a much bigger company than Apple in those days. Because of the Internet — and especially because of the World Wide Web — things were starting to move very quickly in Silicon Valley in 1995. In January 1995, it had around 100 employees. In 1995, though, I wasn’t truly network-literate yet.

Three Questions To Prevent Your Technology Project From Being Poorly Managed


Julie May is CEO of bytes of knowledge (b:ok) , which she founded in 1995 with her husband, Charles. by Julie May, CEO of bytes of knowledge (b:ok). Most IT projects require a variety of skill sets, from design and software development, to hosting and project management. It’s difficult to find someone who is an expert in two or more of these skills areas. For example, the field of computer programming does not tend to attract people with strong communication skills.

Looking Forward to 2025

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The last was dinner with Alex Rigopulos, the co-founder of Harmonix, which he co-founded with Eran Egozy in 1995, sold in 2007, bought back in 2010, and is still running today. ” The years 1995 through 2005, shown almost entirely in red ink, were “The Part Before That. If we fund an early stage startup company today and it’s hugely successful, it’ll be coming into its own in 2025. Ponder that for a moment.

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Want Your Startup to Succeed? Stay Home


It looked at data from 13,166 Danish startups founded between 1995 to 2004 and discovered that companies launched by founders with an average tenure of 6.4 A new study shows that startups do better when they’re launched in the place where their founders were born or have lived for a long time. Makes sense, but the reasons why are surprisingly complex and modern. Our first guess was that the key to startup success is the founder’s ability to go to their parents’ house to cadge a hot meal.

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8 Things Steve Jobs Learned After Getting Fired By Apple


When Pixar released Toy Story in 1995, Jobs understood that audiences weren’t interested in the process or technological tools that make up the Pixar animation system. The secret to my success,” Jobs said in 1995, “is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of a little company called Apple Inc., who passed away from cancer in October 2011, was a jerk.

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Welcome to the Lost Decade (for Entrepreneurs, IPO’s and VC’s)

Steve Blank

Until 1995 startups going public typically had a track record of revenue and profits. Netscape’s 1995 IPO changed the rules. If you take funding from a venture capital firm or angel investor and want to build a large, enduring company (rather than sell it to the highest bidder), this isn’t the decade to do it. The collapse of the IPO market and dysfunctional math in the venture capital community has stacked the odds against you. Here’s why.

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Why Businesses Must Grasp Millennial Thinking Or Face Economic Calamity


Millennials are the generation born roughly from 1981 to 1995, meaning that the older millennials aren’t that far from 40. by Gui Costin , author of “ Millennials Are Not Aliens: …but they are 80 Million Americans Who Are Changing How We Buy, Sell, Vacation, Invest, and Just About Everything Else “ When it comes to shopping and buying, the Millennial generation appears to play by its own rules.

Three Common Expense Tracking Mistakes


He graduated from the University of Utah with Honors in 1994 with a BA in Accounting and earned his MACC from Southern Utah University in 1995. by William Olsen, CPA, Co-founder and VP of Product Development at Deductr. It seems like tax time is fraught with last minute scrambling to gather business records for those who claim business deductions. The vision of sorting through receipts “mining” for deductions makes procrastinators out of all of us.

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Profiles on 2017 Boulder City Council Candidates

Feld Thoughts

I’ve lived and worked here since 1995 so I’ve seen, and be involved in, a lot of the evolution of our city over this period of time. On October 19th, Engage Boulder is hosting a breakfast with me from 7:30am to 9:30am to discuss the past, present, and future of Boulder. I’m hoping to have a thoughtful and open conversation about a lot of the issues that are coming up around our local election. If you are interested, please join us.

The First Real Intersection of Music and Virtual Reality

Feld Thoughts

In 1995 I made a seed investment in a tiny company called Harmonix founded by two guys, Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy. After one meeting with them I knew I wanted to be part of their journey and made one of my early $25,000 angel investments. The journey they went on as founders and a company was amazing. A big part of it was captured in what I think is one of the best long form magazine articles ever about the history and drama of building a company – Just Play in Inc.

Will tech kill your job?


In 1995, thirty-five million people used the Internet. Close. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. “My My job as a (newspaper publisher telephone installer, stockbroker, travel agent, retail store manager) is safe as this economy continues to grow.” Thought so. We are in a decade of creative destruction that will affect most everybody. And the prime motivators of this massive destruction are the same class of entrepreneurs and innovators that have done it before.