The Great Internet Stock Correction of 1997, or 1999, or …

Feld Thoughts

” I remember a moment in time in 1997. The post The Great Internet Stock Correction of 1997, or 1999, or … appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Yesterday I read Kara Swisher’s post What Does the Recent Tech Stock Downturn Mean? The Truth Is Nobody Knows. It’s great. Go read it – I’ll wait for you.

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The Incumbents Advantage

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But, “Dilemma” first came out in 1997, and I think we need to acknowledge how companies which. I am a big fan of Clayton Christensen’s “Innovator’s Dilemma”. and his other writings. My blogs and books similarly celebrate disruptors and innovators. Industry Commentary


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We could use more story tellers

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It was 1997 if memory serves me right. Doug Burgum, then CEO of Great Plains (now part of Microsoft) used his entire keynote at the annual Stampede user event to talk about the story of an English clockmaker, John Harrison. Industry Commentary


Larry Ellison: His public versus private cloud

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I first met Larry Ellison, briefly, in 1997. I have watched him infuriate competitors, drive analysts to drink, generate more quips than all boring tech execs put together. Over those 15 years I have also learned to look beyond his. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) Industry Commentary

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The Changed Definition of Vertical Technology

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It was 1997. Gartner used to publish an annual poster which rated systems integrators/outsourcers by industries, by geographies, by technologies, and other competencies. It was a large wall hanger with many rows and columns, and many analysts, including me, had. Industry Commentary Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

7 Keys To Being An Exceptional Business Leader Today

Startup Professionals Musings

Many people believe that Steve Jobs did not become a recognized business leader until after his return to Apple in 1997, when he became more visible, changed his business style, and focused on communicating the big picture, rather than product development.

Inside Amazon’s plan to dominate advertising business in 2019

The Next Web

Amazon’s unrelenting efficiency, obsession with automation, and brutal pricing strategies have helped it disrupt or dominate industry after industry, which began with books way back in 1997. Over the next year, it’s bringing those tactics to bear on the organization’s latest target: the advertising industry. To thrust its way into a sector that is overwhelmingly controlled by Google and Facebook, Amazon is making brazen new moves into self-serve programmatic advertising.

4 key traits retailers need to adopt to thrive in 2018

The Next Web

Though Kohn and Sting got the party started, the age of ecommerce didn’t truly begin in earnest until 1997. An eleven-time Grammy winner, Sting revived the soul of rock and roll by infusing reggae just when the genre was growing stale. His far lesser known accomplishment is starring in the birth of internet retail.

Outperform Competitors: 3 Strategies for Real Staying Power

Growthink Blog

first moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to go to business school at UCLA. I returned late last night from a trip to Los Angeles. To give a little background.I Two years later I started Growthink, whose headquarters remain in Los Angeles. And then in 2004, I moved back to New York and started Growthink's NY office. read more. Dave Lavinsky

Complete XRM Buys Fanatic Software


Fanatic Software, founded in 1997, develops mobile and Mac applications. Fanatic Software, based in Cedar Park, now belongs to Complete XRM. The Salt Lake City-based Complete XRM did not disclose the financial terms of the deal. Its flagship product is the Pocket Informant Mac, iOS and Android productivity apps. It has more than four million […] The post Complete XRM Buys Fanatic Software appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Austin-based Sizmek Aquired for $122 Million


San Francisco-based Vector Capital, founded in 1997, has invested $1.6 Private Equity Firm Vector Capital announced Wednesday it has entered into an agreement to acquire Austin-based Sizmek, an advertising technology company, for $3.90 a share, valuing the deal at $122 million. billion in more than 40 technology companies. “We believe this transaction provides Sizmek with […] The post Austin-based Sizmek Aquired for $122 Million appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

SXSW Interactive Names Girlstart’s Tamara Hudgins to its Hall of Fame


Girlstart, founded in 1997, runs programs to empower girls in the fields of Science Technology Engineering and Math, known as […] The post SXSW Interactive Names Girlstart’s Tamara Hudgins to its Hall of Fame appeared first on SiliconHills. South by Southwest has named Girlstart Executive Director Tamara Hudgins to its Interactive Hall of Fame for 2015. SXSW is honoring Hudgins for her work in expanding and developing the Austin-based nonprofit organization since 2009.

Freescale Semiconductor to Replace Livestrong as Austin Marathon Sponsor


The Austin Marathon organization broke ties earlier this year with Livestrong, the cancer charity founded by Cyclists Lance Armstrong in 1997. Freescale Semiconductor announced it will be sponsoring the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, replacing Livestrong. Armstrong resigned from the board last year amid allegations of a doping scandal involving his Tour de France titles. [.]

State of Startups from First Round Capital


Two Cornellians are partners there (Howard Morgan, one of the founders of the firm, and Bill Trenchard, who I once represented as his company’s lawyer when he was a Cornell student in like 1997! I just read a fabulous post from First Round Capital. – how time flies by… ). The post is titled State of Startups 2015. Not only does it have some great insights, but it is really fun to read and view. The graphics are easy on the eye and the data analysis is clever.

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Athenahealth Picks Austin for R&D Center and Plans to Create 600 Jobs


The company, founded in 1997, provides cloud-based health information services for electronic medical records and other medical documents. Athenahealth announced plans to put a research and development center in Austin with plans to create 600 new jobs. It plans to occupy 110,000 square feet of the Seaholm Power Plant redevelopment project in downtown Austin and […] The post Athenahealth Picks Austin for R&D Center and Plans to Create 600 Jobs appeared first on SiliconHills.

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Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Steve Jobs

Scott Edward Walker

This week we again present Steve Jobs, arguably the greatest entrepreneur who ever lived, from the 1997 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. To Our Clients & Friends: Welcome to our weekly series “ Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.” Each week, we post a short video clip of a successful entrepreneur, investor or business leader on a variety of topics.

How has the price of currency fluctuated as a result of COVID-19?

The Startup Magazine

At the very minimum, we can expect to see a sharp slowdown in all of the ASEAN economies during 2020, while the eventual decline may ultimately be worse than the Asian Financial Crisis (or Asian Contagion) of 1997.

When Microsoft Threatened to Sue Us Over the Letter “E”

Steve Blank

By 1997 E.piphany was a fast growing startup with customers, revenue and something approaching a repeatable business model. 1997 was also that year that Microsoft was in the middle of the browser wars with Netscape. Somewhere that year we decided to professionalize our logo (you should have seen the first one.) With a massive leap of creativity we decided that it should it should have our company name and the letter “E” with a swoop over it.

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Startups Push The Limits Of MedTech, But Must Check FDA Compliance

The Startup Magazine

In 1997, the FDA passed something known among compliance experts as 21 CFR Part 11 – or Code of Federal Regulations title 21, part 11 of which covers electronic records and signatures, but back in 1997, healthcare computing was a much less complex area, and 21 CFR has since been clarified. For medtech startups hard at work on innovative products, new FDA regulations could present challenges in 2019.

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What Happens When Leaders Forget The Culture That Made Their Company Great?


According to news reports , the origins of the company’s woes can be traced all the way back to 1997 when Boeing acquired McDonnell Douglas, a merger that immediately led to a clash of cultures.

The rise of the “successful” unsustainable company

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Freeloader — On $3m invested, sold for $38m in 1996 — shut down in 1997. It’s appalling what passes for “successful entrepreneurship” in the press or the Valley, but it’s not their fault. Witness, for example, this terrific Fast Company article on Bill Nguyen , serial entrepreneur who’s seventh startup “Color” famously raised $41m for a new mobile app before it even launched. The launch, by the way, was a failure.

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Three Common Expense Tracking Mistakes


William Olsen, CPA, Co-Founder and Director of Deductr been in the tax industry for 20 years and a licensed CPA since 1997. by William Olsen, CPA, Co-founder and VP of Product Development at Deductr. It seems like tax time is fraught with last minute scrambling to gather business records for those who claim business deductions. The vision of sorting through receipts “mining” for deductions makes procrastinators out of all of us.

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Today ecommerce saves customers money and time tomorrow it will accelerate discovery

The Equity Kicker

I’ve just re-read Jeff Bezos 1997 letter to shareholders. It’s a great example of clear story telling and bold strategy, but most importantly Bezos’ judgement is amazing, and much of it stands the test of time. The title of this post is a bastardisation of this quote from the letter: Today, online commerce saves customers money and precious time. Tomorrow, through personalization, online commerce will accelerate the very process of discovery.

Why Now Is The Right Time For New Green Technology


It took a big advance in technology combined with rising gasoline prices to prepare consumers to finally accept hybrid power, and they did so with the 1997 arrival of the Toyota Prius — more than 100 years after the first electric car. by Barry Stiles , founder and CEO of TRUEGRID Pavers. Take a look through the history of recent technological innovations: Beside the glowing milestones of smartphones and hybrid cars, you’ll find a more subdued narrative.

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Because the Domain Makes it Really Real

This is going to be BIG.

I got an internship on the buy side at the GM pension fund in high school--in 1997. Three years ago today, I grabbed the domain name It''s kind of a funny answer to "When did you start Brooklyn Bridge Ventures?". What might be a more relevant date is May 22nd, 2007. That''s the day I sat down for lunch at Coffee Shop with Henry Blodget, just six days after Silicon Alley Insider launched.

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10 Reasons For Joining The New Startup Wave Now

Startup Professionals Musings

According to Fox Business , women-owned businesses have increased 68% since 1997, running more than 9.1 Since the recession, and at least partially sparked by it, I’m seeing a real resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit, and more startup activity than ever before. I believe the days of the “job work” mentality are thankfully waning, with more people looking to get satisfaction by making the world a better place, rather than just tolerating brain-numbing work to fund enjoyment elsewhere.

March 3-6, Birmingham, AL: Alternative Investing Conference

David Teten

This conference is an evolution of the Alternative Investment Roundup that the executives at SSBC designed, developed and ran each February in Arizona from 1997 through 2008. The Southern States Business Coalition (SSBC) is bringing some of the country’s leading Plan Sponsors, Institutional Investors, and Alternative Investment professionals to Birmingham, AL, March 3-6 for the Southern States Alternative Investment Symposium 2013.

Franchises Finding International Niches

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Kentucky Fried Chicken first came to Vietnam in 1997 through the vision of Singapore entrepreneur and franchisee Tony Chew. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Tony Chew: KFC Vietnam. One of the more active regions for international franchising is Southeast Asia. Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos are all seeing rapid growth in American franchise restaurants. One of the most popular franchises is KFC.

The Longstanding Appeal Of Investing In Singapore’s Luxury Hotels


Originally offices, and latterly a post office, in 1997 Sino Land spent S$300 million on converting it into a hotel and developing the adjacent commercial centre. Hotels have long symbolised the glamour of international travel, at the high end at least, so it’s no surprise that they are an eternally appealing prospect for investors all round the world.

Is Design Thinking, Artful?


Artful Thinkers remind us that the “crazy ones” – a term coined in the famous 1997 Apple ad — are people who change the world by taking a naïve stance, trusting in imperfection and their own visceral experience to journey from not knowing to partial knowing.

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[Review] Out-Executing The Competition


build Compaq Financial Services (CFS) from its inception in 1997 into a global force with over $3.7 The world of financial services can be convoluted one, and it’s incredibly rare to have leaders who continually thrive in such a complex – and some say, toxic – environment. But Irv Rothman, author of “ Out-Executing the Competition: Building and Growing a Financial Services Company in Any Economy “, is one such person.

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The Things that Will Break in My Lifetime

This is going to be BIG.

That''s a 6% annual increase since 1997 when I started and it was $16,000 a year. The Cost of a College Education. I just looked up how much my alma mater costs in tuition. Fordham University, the 56th best college in the country, is now $44,000 a year. Take that forward to when my future kid might be going to school and you''re talking $141,000 a year tuition. What in the world could college possibly do for you to justify over half a million dollars in cost.

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Securing Capital: Innovative Financing Options for Today’s Startups


Originally introduced in 1997 by the British progressive rock band Marillion, this means of acquiring capital has surged in popularity, and for good reason. For many fledgling entrepreneurs, trying to start up their own business can be an admittedly exhausting and arduous task.

5 Startup Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs


They opened a local salon in 1997 and did everything themselves. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and want to start your own business, use these 5 startup tips from the experts to get your idea off the ground. Amazon, Apple, and Disney are three hugely successful companies that began in garages. After a little success and funding, they began to grow and become players in the marketplace.

How AI And Big Data Are Changing Century-Old Media Companies


It has stood behind its paywall since 1997, trusting that customers interested in its content would pay upwards of $200 a year for it. by William Ammerman, author of “ The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning “ In the early days of the internet, the news was always free.

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Marketing Is About Values

crowdSPRING Blog

The transformation that turned Apple from a niche player into an industry giant started when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. Speaking in 1997 about Apple’s Think Different campaign (released the same day as the speech), Steve Jobs eloquently and passionately explained the difficulty of marketing when you’re competing for attention with so many other brands: Marketing is about values. Today, Apple is considered one of the best brands in the world.

The Rise of Chinese Venture Capital – (Part 3 of 5)

Steve Blank

It went bankrupt in 1997.). I just spent a few weeks in Japan and China on a book tour for the Japanese and Chinese versions of the Startup Owners Manual. In these series of 5 posts, I thought I’d share what I learned in China. All the usual caveats apply. I was only in China for a week so this a cursory view. Thanks to Kai-Fu Lee of Innovation Works, David Lin of Microsoft Accelerator, Frank Hawke of the Stanford Center in Beijing , and my publisher China Machine Press.

Building An Autonomous and Virtual World: Softbank Teams With Mapbox

Feld Thoughts

Back in 1997, Softbank Technology Ventures (which became Mobius Venture Capital) was the first VC fund I helped raise. The physical world will be the reference coordinates for the fleets of robot cars of our imagination. We’re living through the transformation from digital to virtual, and Softbank leading today’s investment of $164 million in Mapbox accelerates this even faster. I’ve posted about the massive founder crush my partners and I have on Eric Gundersen, the CEO of Mapbox.

The rules of success are changing

The Next Web

I remember how nervous I was when I met the competitor to my first startup, in 1997, afraid as I was that I would accidentally slip him an important piece of information that he would be able to use against me. “There are two rules to success: 1. Never tell everything you know.” ” - Roger H. Lincoln. Every now and then, the quote above pops up again. I’ll read it in a blogpost, or see it tweeted, or shared on Facebook.

Exploring The Evolution Of Online Payment Solutions


In 1997, Coca-Cola developed and released vending machines, which were able to accept payments through text messages. Over the past ten years or so, consumers have been blessed with new payment opportunities, which have brought added convenience. In the past, it was only possible to pay with check, cash, and possibly a money order.

Four Steps To Becoming A Top Lettings Agent


Leeds estate agents Linley & Simpson, for example, are a fantastic company for their Yorkshire knowledge, having been established in the area since 1997. No matter what industry you’re in these days, the competition is sky-high, but this is particularly true when working in the property sector. If you want to be the one earning top-dollar in your field, then there are a few tips and tricks you’ll need to bear in mind.

[Sponsored] Why Angel Broking Demat Account Is Your Best Investment Option In 2018


DEMAT Account came into existence in India in the year of 1997, before which stocks and shares were issued as well as traded in physical paper form. Along with the age of computers and technology, shares and securities are held electronically in a dematerialized form (DEMAT Account), instead of the investor taking physical possession of certificates. The Demat account permits you to purchase, sell and then transact conveniently without the required of any paperwork.

What is the secret to remote work? Just ask your Sales team.

Austin Startup

Halong Bay, Vietnam The world has changed. The charlatans are at the gate; the bloggers are salivating, and everyone’s trying to make a quick buck. The hype cycle for “Remote Work” and “Distributed Companies” has reached a fever pitch, and everyone has an opinion about it.

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