Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 26: Javier Saade and Hillary Hartley

Steve Blank

government is discovering that Lean innovation can help them serve the country better and faster. government is the biggest spender and the biggest investor in research and development in the world. And some of it could be in development. So essentially, the government invests in both (research), and (development).” She came to the GSA as a Presidential Innovation Fellow in 2013, where she worked on the development of MyUSA.gov. The U.S.

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Don’t Underestimate the Undergraduates

Steve Blank

Jim has founded six companies, including Preview Travel, one of the first online travel agencies, which went public in 1997 and subsequently merged to create Travelocity.com as an independent company. Berkeley, joined me in launching the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps class and now has been teaching his own Lean LaunchPad class at Princeton. I asked Jim to share what he learned in teaching the Lean LaunchPad class to undergraduates. Lean LaunchPad Teaching


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Clayton Christensen

Steve Blank

I remember the first time I read the Innovator’s Dilemma in 1997. He explained that companies have a penchant for continually improving sustaining products by adding more features to solve existing customer problems, and while this maximized profit, it was a trap.

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Business Plans Are An Historical Artifact

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By 1997, when I started investing as a venture capital investor, I was no longer reading business plans. In the past decade, we’ve shifted from a “tell me about it” approach (the business plan) to a “show me” approach (the Lean Startup). They can use Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad approach to get out of the building and actually incorporate customer development early into the definition of their business.

Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

As an early employee I worked all hours of the day, never hesitated to jump on a “ red-eye ” plane to see a customer at the drop of a hat, and did what was necessary to make the company a winner. Filed under: Customer Development , Family/Career , Technology | Tagged: Steve Blank , Entrepreneurs , Tips for Startups « Am I a Founder?