Are Things Moving Faster Than In 1999?

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In 1999 things were moving so theoretically quickly that everything was a total blur. The post Are Things Moving Faster Than In 1999? I spent the day yesterday doing Denver Startup Week stuff. I was on a bunch of panels and during one of the Q&A sessions someone asked something to the effect of: “Now that things are moving faster than ever before, how do you deal with / keep up with them?”

The Great Internet Stock Correction of 1997, or 1999, or …

Feld Thoughts

In 1999 we filed an S-1 to take Sage Networks public. The post The Great Internet Stock Correction of 1997, or 1999, or … appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Yesterday I read Kara Swisher’s post What Does the Recent Tech Stock Downturn Mean? The Truth Is Nobody Knows. It’s great. Go read it – I’ll wait for you.

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Market Like Its 1999 In 2015 – 9 Marketing Strategies That Worked Back Then & Still Work Now


When it came to ROI in 1999, the bigger, brighter, and more noticeable your yellow pages’ ad was, the better. Yes, we know there was email marketing in 1999, but it was in its infancy. Print catalogs worked in 1999, and they still work today.

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More Advice from Class of 1999 MBA Entrepreneurs

Launching Tech Ventures

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 More Advice from Class of 1999 MBA Entrepreneurs by Tom Eisenmann I recently wrote some former students from the HBS MBA classes of 1999 and 2000, asking what advice theyd give to current students considering an entrepreneurial path.

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Federal Reserve to Entrepreneurs: Party Like It's 1999 (While You Still Can)

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But this is not 1999. Yes, we''re in bubble territory. And that doesn''t bode well for businesses.

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1998 -- 1999 are Calling and They Want their Wild Abandon Back!

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But, reading this in a place like the FT (as opposed to (the long defunct) "Industry Standard", as well as "Upside", "Red Herring", "Wired") made the hair on the back of my neck stand up in alarm -- I thought I was having LSD flashbacks to 1998 - 1999, when statements like these (this one from today's FT) were thrown about with abandon: " Still, if you try to be rational, you are missing a big point in Mr Musk’s favour.

No Regrets (Mostly): Reflections from Class of 1999 MBA Entrepreneurs

Launching Tech Ventures

Monday, March 28, 2011 No Regrets (Mostly): Reflections from Class of 1999 MBA Entrepreneurs by Tom Eisenmann MBA students who are debating whether to launch a startup upon graduation often ask me, "What are the career consequences if my business fails?

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Obamacare is Here to Stay. Now What?

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Median American Household Finally Earned More Than It Did in 1999, but Income Inequality Worsened

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Last year, average income for the wealthiest increased to $375,088 but the poorest one-fifth of households on average earned $12,943. Economy


Delivery on Demand Like it's 1999? Not These Startups

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On-demand delivery startups are back in a big way, and this time they''re armed with data. Now the challenge is how to use that data in ever-more sophisticated ways

10 tips for creating buzz and business on your anniversary

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Party like it's 1999


Tonight We're Going To Party Like It's 1999

Launching Tech Ventures

Sunday, March 27, 2011 Tonight Were Going To Party Like Its 1999 by Tom Eisenmann Are we in a new bubble, as Steve Blank recently wrote, or do current high valuations for early- and late-stage consumer Internet companies reflect sound fundamentals, as argued by Ben Horowitz ?

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Barbara Corcoran: 'Recognition Motivates Better Than Money'

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How to Give Yourself a Fresh Start

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Let's IPO Like It's 1999


Last week saw both Pandora and Groupon file their S-1 documents , meaning they are now on track for an IPO. While many have anticipated IPOs in the tech industry, I believe I'm right in saying that they still managed to surprise many in doing so.

Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's 1999

Platforms and Networks

For active private firms that did not raise funds during 2001, yearend 2001 equity market value was assumed to equal 49% of total capital raised historically, based on analysis of performance for VC funds launched during 1999.

Startup – Like it’s 1999

Start Up Blog

Sometimes it seems like it’s web bubble time all over again… or is it just me… or is it just Aziz ? In any case this made me laugh, and I hope it brings a smile to your face too. A big HT goes out to Mr Brim. entrepreneurship Aziz Ansari dot com bubble entrepreneur Startup

Party like it is 1999 again?

deal architect

It felt like SAP’s Sapphire in 1999 with Deloitte and Accenture and Wipro logos on big booths, on conference bags, on party invitations. Last week at Dreamforce I had a deja vu moment. In the Marketing Cloud session, I wondered. Cloud Computing, SaaS Outsourcing (IBM, Accenture, EDS

Not exactly partying like it’s 1999… While.

Mark Birch

Not exactly partying like it’s 1999…. While Twitter’s first day on the NYSE was impressive, with a 73% jump from its open price , it would not even have made the list of top 25 first day tech IPO performances from 1999.


Tiff’s Treats Lands $25 Million in Funding


Tiff’s Treats, started by former University of Texas at Austin students Leon and Tiffany Chen in 1999, now has more than 700 employees at 34 stores in Texas and Atlanta. Austin’s homegrown fresh baked cookie delivery company, Tiff’s Treats just closed on $25 million in funding to accelerate its national expansion.

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This Is the Tech Bubble About to Burst

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It happened in 1999 with the dot-com boom, and it looks like it might happen yet again. Money


Here's How Tony Hawk Stays at the Top of His Game, 17 Years Later

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Tony Hawk was the first person to land the 900 in 1999. Follow his journey to do it again. Then watch the result here: [link]. Company Culture


McCrory compares storm threat to deadly 1999 Hurricane Floyd

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Pat McCrory is comparing the threat of Hurricane Joaquin (wah-KEEN') hitting North Carolina following days of soaking rain to flooding from a 1999 storm that wiped out thousaRALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) — Gov.

Simple Cold Calling Strategies That Boost Confidence And Land Sales

YFS Magazine

If you're still doing cold calls like it's 1999, you might as well not do it at all. Too much has changed. Grow Marketing & Sales cold calling direct sales marketing personal selling sales telemarketing

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TPG Capital Buys Grande Communications for $650 Million


William Morrow founded Grande Communications in 1999 and served […] The post TPG Capital Buys Grande Communications for $650 Million appeared first on SiliconHills. TPG Capital, a private equity firm, announced Monday plans to buy San Marcos-based Grande Communications Networks for $650 million. The firm also announced plans to buy RCN Telecom Services of Princeton, New Jersey for $1.6 billion. It purchased the companies from ABRY Partners in separate transactions.

Zilliant Lands $30 Million in Funding


Zilliant, founded in 1999, just landed $30 million in funding from Goldman Sachs. The Austin-based company, which created a customer relationship platform with built in artificial intelligence, plans to use the funds for global growth opportunities in the business to business enterprise industry across multiple sectors, according to a news release. “We have selected Goldman […] The post Zilliant Lands $30 Million in Funding appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

It Can All Go To Zero

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The company had gone public in 1999 and the market cap rose to just under $3 billion ($55 / share, up from $10 / share at the IPO). Perspective can be a useful thing. Cryptocurrencies have had a bad 24 hours. Last night Amy and I watched The Big Short for the second time.

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Venus Williams: 4 Keys to Success Both On and Off the Court

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Venus Williams, tennis star and founder of EleVen by Venus, describes how she learned the first lesson to success from her sister at the 1999 US Open

Tony Hawk Made Skateboarding History After 10 Years, Broken Ribs, Multiple Concussions and Several Teeth

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In 1999, Tony Hawk became the first person to land the 900, two-and-a-half aerial revolutions--skateboarding's holy grail. Hawk talks about what it took to accomplish his dream. Inspiration Chronicles


Jobs Report Blows Away Early Projections

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is now on pace for its strongest year for hiring since 1999 The U.S.