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Why Obama Won

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But he won yesterday because he managed to convince voters that he was just good enough to see the rest of the job through. Consistency.

Federal Reserve to Entrepreneurs: Party Like It's 1999 (While You Still Can)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But this is not 1999. Dunham, managing partner of John Dunham and Associates in New York. Yes, we''re in bubble territory. What Goes Up.

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More Advice from Class of 1999 MBA Entrepreneurs

Launching Tech Ventures

The second is product management. In 1999, Joel Silve r launched, which provided incentive programs for sales reps.

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No Regrets (Mostly): Reflections from Class of 1999 MBA Entrepreneurs

Launching Tech Ventures

Two are presidents of medium-sized businesses, having stepped in as professional managers to replace founders. What are these alums doing now?

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Tonight We're Going To Party Like It's 1999

Launching Tech Ventures

Tonight We're Going To Party Like It's 1999 If the Customer is King, the Product Manager is Re. But its not a wipe-out, either.

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Let's IPO Like It's 1999


While many have anticipated IPOs in the tech industry, I believe I'm right in saying that they still managed to surprise many in doing so.

Crisis Management — From the Man Who Helped Save eBay

Redeye VC

By the time Webb stepped in as president of the company in 1999, the world’s largest auction site was going down so often it was a national news story. Maynard Webb looked out the window to the eBay parking lot. CNN’s van was still there, camped out, waiting for another site-wide outage. Webb’s job: turn things around.

Using Debt Like Growth Equity

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I lived through this story with a company I backed in 1999 and which was sold a few years ago in a transaction that was very good for the lenders and good for the management and very bad for the early equity investors. entrepreneurship management VC & TechnologyHe’s great. This can work out well.

Why Every Company Needs A DevOps Team Now

Feld Thoughts

Since 1999, my passion has been studying high performing IT organizations. manageability, scalability, reliability, security, and so forth). It’s a novel written in the 1980s about a plant manager who has 90 days to fix his cost and due date issues or his plant will be shut down. That moment is now. Why Everyone Needs DevOps.

The Parenting Of Corporate America (Or Tips On When And How To Say “No” For Project Managers)


By Russell Harley, veteran project manager and Director at PMO. Here is where project managers step in. are done, and so on and so forth.

5 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Growing

Up and Running

Tony Hsieh, CEO of online clothing retailer Zappos, has made company culture a focal point in his management style. Build your foundation.

Leaving It All on the Field

Jeff Jordan

I’d had very modest experience actually running a business when I got to eBay in 1999. Most of my management experience had been in running functional groups within organizations, such as being the CFO of The Disney Stores. Meg had been my hiring manager at The Walt Disney Company in 1990 when I joined their Strategic Planning unit.

Launching Tech Ventures: Managing Your Online Persona, Part I

Launching Tech Ventures

Thursday, April 21, 2011 Managing Your Online Persona, Part I by Brandon Giles (republished from his personal blog ) Why Care? that you make.

If the Customer is King, the Product Manager is Regent

Launching Tech Ventures

If he can’t articulate it well, then observing his behavior as IDEO does will help the product manager figure it out. I’m not sure.

The Great Coding School Rollup of 2015

Feld Thoughts

When I saw the proposal, I immediately thought of the web consulting rollups of 1999. A few companies got bought before the whole Internet-bubble thing fell apart, and we almost managed to get bought (for around $500 million, but that’s another story for another day.). I just saw my first proposal for a Coding School Rollup.

Measure twice, cut once

Google Ventures

Yet as the product manager, at each team meeting I’d hear from our engineers about the growing burden FTP represented. Though FTP was the right feature for Blogger in 1999, it had become a niche feature whose time had come. Product Management This article was originally published on Medium. By that 10th birthday, fewer than.5%

No Vision All Drive

Feld Thoughts

A little over a year ago, he joined Techstars full time as one of the three managing partners – the other two being David Cohen and Mark Solon.

Burnham's Beat: Who Will Be The Biggest Loser: 1999 VC Funds or.

Burnham's Beat

Who Will Be The Biggest Loser: 1999 VC Funds or 2006 PE Funds? 1999 vintage Venture Capital funds are infamous for being some of the worst performing private investment funds of recent memory with the average 1999 Venture Capital fund returning only about $0.95 Content Managment. Network Management. Burnhams Beat.


15 Famous Companies That Started As Something Much Different


In 1999, Goodrich became the No. Others brand management brands business strategy change managementBerkshire Hathaway. Fujifilm.

Christine: Zappos Shares Secrets of 75% Repeat Business

Actively manage your culture based on your core values, in every single department. Christine (.net) Quick Followup: VCTips at Web 2.0

After Failure, What’s Next?

Feld Thoughts

How should one manage their own emotions and their own perspectives post failure? And the second VC fund I was part of, which raised $660 million in 1999, was a complete disaster. Recently, I wrote a post titled After Your First Big Success, What’s Next? But let me establish my bonafides first. I’ve had many more.

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After Your First Big Success, What’s Next?

Feld Thoughts

We figured we could easily live for the rest of our life on consulting income and what we’d managed to save, even if none of the angel investments I was making turned into anything. As exits have been flowing nicely again the past few years, many of the entrepreneurs I work with have experienced their first big exit. Totally brilliant.

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Zilliant Hires VP and Launches Channel Partner Program


Zilliant, founded in 1999, makes price optimization and price management software. “We’re Zilliant, based in Austin, announced Tuesday that is has hired Steve Hale as vice president of its newly launched worldwide channel sales. Hale will lead, design and execute Zilliant’s new channel program. Austin

How Long Should It Take For a Startup to Succeed?

Startup Professionals Musings

Six years later, he managed to land a contract with IBM to provide their IBM PC base operating system. Yahoo! In April, 1996, Yahoo! million.

Can You Beat Amazon In The Race To Overnight Success?

Startup Professionals Musings

Six years later, he managed to land a contract with IBM to provide their IBM PC base operating system. Yahoo! In April, 1996, Yahoo! million.

Episode 28: Systemizing and Running Your Business Effectively with Tina Forsyth

Mike Michalowicz

Having worked online since 1999, Tina Forsyth is a ‘jill of all trades’ when it comes to running and growing a profitable service based business.

Back In The Filtering Game: Entrepreneur Drawn by The Siren Call Of The Startup


In 1999, my brother Aaron and I started After the acquisition, I managed the Safe Eyes team at McAfee for two years.

Playing Startup

Agile VC

My first startup job was as an early employee at PayPal, where I took a job at the end of ‘1999 and started a few months later in 2000.

Playing Startup

View from Seed

My first startup job was as an early employee at PayPal, where I took a job at the end of ‘1999 and started a few months later in 2000.

Returns for brand-name VC funds

We agreed to withhold the name of the fund-of-funds manager and to not post the source documents, as a condition of receiving the materials.

On Bubbles …

Those that managed companies in 2008 or thirteen years ago in 2001 know exactly how fear feels. What was that percentage in 1999?

6 Things Terrible Bosses Do ('Office Space' Edition)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There is one running joke after another about how poorly the managers and leaders in Office Space communicate with the employees. "

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Scaling is Hard, Case Study: Akamai

Seeing Both Sides

The first year of revenue (1999) was $4 million – a remarkable achievement. I have been thinking lately about how hard it is to scale start-ups.

A Venture Capital History Perspective From Jack Tankersley

Feld Thoughts

JMB Realty: Real Estate Management company. For many years preceding 1999, the 1982 vintage was known as the industry’s worst vintage year. There are five key risks in any deal: Market, Product (a/k/a technology), Management, Business Model, and Capital. However, there were some things in it that didn’t ring true for me. Total.

Why Your Startup Needs a Sales Methodology

Both Sides of the Table

Like most startup entrepreneurs, when I began my first company in 1999 I had no formal sales experience. We called our methodology PUCCKA.

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Why I'm Sick of Slick Design

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If it all sounds like a throwback to 1999, it actually kind of is. We''re redesigning Basecamp''s website, and it''s plain as can be. And so on.

3 Weird Ways to Make Employees Happy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Second Life, the largest virtual world, was created by the company Rosedale founded in 1999, Linden Labs. Step one: Introduce the "LoveMachine."

4 Steps To Register A Trademark In India – The Fast And Cost Effective Way


by Raja Selvam, Managing Attorney with Selvam and Selvam. File your trademark application electronically/online.

Alibaba S-1: Sizing Up A Giant

Agile VC

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Alibaba officially filed to go public yesterday. Just How Big Is Alibaba? the UPS, FedEx, DHL equivalents).

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Jeff Lipton, Barbados Executive, Comments on Expat Culture on the Island

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As the world becomes increasingly borderless a growing number of people are traveling overseas for work, school and to just live. Business