We Will Never Need Another Financing

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“We will never need another financing.” ” “This financing will get us to cash flow breakeven.” ” “This is our last financing before we become profitable.” “This is the last financing we’ll ever need” is the lead in statement. Ask one of your friends who was a CEO of an Internet company in 2001.). The post We Will Never Need Another Financing appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Making Sense of the Stock Market Drops in Relation to Venture Financing

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I’ve seen friends (and family members) lose much of their savings that way over the years because “Black Swans” happen and in 1987, 2001, 2003 & 2008 (just to name a few from my memory) huge market gyrations caused much financial distress to people seeking short-term gains.

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Hot Seat by Dan Shapiro: A Book Every Startup CEO Should Read

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In contrast, I’ve known and worked with Matt since 2001 when I first invested in his company Return Path (well – it’s a little more complicated than just an investment – see my post Return Path Launches Email Intelligence from 2012 where I recounted some of the story.).

Rally Software Acquired By CA Technologies for $480 Million

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For example, from a post in 2008 about Rally’s $16.85m financing , I riffed on the origins of the company. I remember my friend Ryan Martens sitting down with me and Chris Wand around 2001 and walking us through his idea for changing the how he approached managing the software development process. About a year after he got started, he was ready to raise a venture financing.

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I Encourage Entrepreneurs To Ignore The Word “Bubble”

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This has been going on for at least a quarter or two, but the velocity of it seems to have picked up with a wave of high priced financings along with large financings for nascent companies. In the tech industry, the great Internet bubble inflated between 1999 and 2000 and deflated (or popped) in 2001. I remember it well as 2001 was easily the most challenging year of my business life.


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

But if you can apply lean to hiring, sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and everything else, you will be rewarded with a fast, nimble company. We shuttered Flatiron in 2001 and I took over the entire portfolio with the help of Jerry and Bob. I've been reading Eric's book which I am very much enjoying. And on wednesday night I spoke to the NYC Lean Startup Meetup with the help of Giff who interviewed me.

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Current Startup Market Emotional Biases

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Bill Gurley wrote an incredible post yesterday titled On the Road to Recap: Why the unicorn financing market just became dangerous … for all involved. In 2001 and 2002 I learned a brutal set of lessons, including experiencing that $100 million of paper money going to $0 when Interliant went bankrupt. It’s long but worth reading every word slowly.

Pre-Order Startup CEO, The Newest Startup Revolution Book

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I’ve worked with Matt since 2001 when I joined Fred Wilson and Greg Sands on the board of Return Path. They decided they wanted to join forces, Fred and I cut a deal over the phone in 5 minutes , and Greg Sands (at Sutter Hill at the time) led a financing round that set a price for the combined company. Pre-orders for the new book Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business by Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, are available now on Amazon.

Episode 47: Growing A Colossal Business with Donna Leyens

Mike Michalowicz

She began her career as a Wall Street executive, and earned an MBA in Finance from NYU-Stern School of Business. She started her first business, a handmade jewelry company, in 2001, where she learned that an MBA doesn’t even begin to prepare you for life as an entrepreneur.

Debating the Tech Bubble with Steve Blank: Part I

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In 2001, Stewart Butterfield abandoned plans to build a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) after costs became too great; he built photo-sharing service Flickr instead. Economics Financing

Tianyi Joe Zhu, Entrepreneur and Startup Advocate

The Startup Magazine

Joe Zhu is a quick study with a natural desire to offer assistance anytime, anywhere startups face marketing, operational, and financing challenges.

Episode 50: Video Content and Profitability with Seth David

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An accounting firm based in Santa Monica, CA, specializing in bankruptcy, from 2001 to 2003. Previously, from 1999 to 2001, Seth was a Senior Revenue Accountant for the Veterinary Centers Of America. Also Available On. Show Summary.

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Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

Steve Blank

If it’s driven by profit then the ecosystem needs both entrepreneurs as well as Venture Finance. Car sales in China went from 1 million in 2001 to 14 million in 2011.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere – Show No. 16: Wayne Sutton and Dave Kashen

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” This was around 2001. Silicon Valley’s pay-it-forward culture means that others will help when you’re starting up. Yet this same network of connected people affects who gets funded, how startup teams form, and who gets hired. .

It's Great To Be a Tech Startup Again

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Venture capital deals are so outsize in popular imagination, it''s hard to remember that this kind of private financing actually follows public markets. More specifically, Internet companies received more than $7 billion, the highest level of investment since 2001.

Returns for brand-name VC funds


The information is based on part of a confidential year-end 2011 investment report distributed to investors in a fund-of-funds that made commitments between 1999 and 2001. Crosslink Ventures IV (2001): 246% (104%). General Catalyst II (2001): 149% (53%). Finance jobs.

Unshackle the Middle Class

Marc Andreessen

Yet, in the same JOBS Act, we welcome “the 96%” least-wealthy Americans to invest (via crowdfunding) in the absolute riskiest stage of new company formation—early, seed-stage financings. To put the job numbers in context, the number of total US employees in 2001 was just shy of 138 million people; 10 years later, that number was only 139 million. Arguably the most significant among the changes was the 2001 move to decimalization.

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Interview with eFounders

Cracking the Code

I began my career at McKinsey and when the Internet bubble burst in 2001, I made a shift towards online software (ASP at the time). They also need VCs capable of financing their entire life cycle — on average, SaaS startups raise between $80 and $100 million before an IPO.

What the current market are and are not telling us

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Price shifts at the top of the market, starting with the public markets and quickly spreading to the public market investors who had been dipping into the late stage private markets and continuing from there, will and are clearly changing pricing across all stages of private market financings. In response to a comment to my post earlier this week about the Profit Imperative, I rattled off some ideas about the current state of the markets.

Is Your SaaS Homepage As Optimized As You Think?


However, Cadre is awfully vague for a startup in the finance / commerce space. ” These charts are similar, demonstrating that the homepage really hasn’t changed much since 2001. In 2001, 45% of the screen was useful (content, navigation, or logo/tagline).

GBP | Dirk Paessler | How to Grow & Stay Agile. Part 1: Top 6 Business Decisions

Business of Software Blog

Dirk considers six key business decisions that built Paessler AG to 160 people without external financing over the past 20 years. In 2001 the dot-com bubble had just burst. Four years after starting out alone in 2001, our company already had 6 employees.

Building the Global Startup Part 3: Assigning Ownership and Achieving Commitment

John O'Farrell

While that growth was exciting, it led to a very high financing valuation for such a young company: $820M for a company just nine months old. When the recession of 2001 hit, we had three fairly expensive European sales offices with varying levels of productivity and maturity.

Power To The People – Creating Trust In Data With Collaborative Governance


Launched in 2001, it is the world’s sixth most popular website regarding overall visitor traffic. by Jason Bissell and Calvin Hoon, Talend. Today’s enterprise IT organizations are once again experiencing a massive upheaval due to pressure from employee forces. It’s a familiar story.

Dilution and Investment - An Answer You May Not Expect

Taffy Williams

The companies with low prices either had to dilute investors in a financing, had enough to survive, or went out of business. After 2001 and 9/11 (I was actually in NYC at 5 th and 40 th when the planes hit), the investment in technology and biotechnology was extremely difficult. You do NOT know when financing windows will close. You may remember the Dot.Com bubble which burst around 2000-2001 timeframe. Prior to the burst, investment and valuations were out of control.

'Game of Thrones' Author George R. R. Martin on What Makes Ideas Work

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Martin''s stance reminded me of a 2001 profile I wrote of a North Carolina consultancy called Best Practices. A good idea is a good idea, even if it comes from someone else. If you haven''t heard of George R. Martin''s books, you''ve certainly heard of the popular television series faithfully based on them: Game of Thrones, now in its third season on HBO, has most of the nation waiting with bated breath for Sunday night, even if work or school awaits the next morning.

The 3 Most Damaging Myths in Entrepreneurship

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That’s what we teach in business schools and classic entrepreneurship: you develop a business plan, you get financed, and then you start. And my own company, Palo Alto Software, might not have survived the dot-com crash in 2001 if we’d had more money to spend in 1999.

Burnham's Beat: Software and Internet IPO and M&A Lists

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Articles on Technology and Finance. « Yahoo Buys Rivals From $75M More Than Their 2001 Offer | Main. Lords of Finance. ">. Burnhams Beat. About Bill. Archived Posts. Blog Roll. IPO/M&A Lists. By Category. By Month. Recent Posts. Internet IPOs. Internet M&A. Software IPOs. Software M&A. Search This Blog. Subscribe to This Blog. RSS/ATOM Feed. Subscribe Via Email. Carried Interest Debate Cont.: The Death of Sweat Equity? » 06/22/2007.


How I Did It: James Dyson

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At the time, in 1996, I had no finance director, no production director. Martin McCourt became CEO in 2001. We were growing fast, but in 2001, we were denied permission to expand our existing building.

11 Billion-Dollar Startups You've Never Heard of

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Billion Location: Sunnyvale, California Founded: 2001 What is it: Bloom Energy creates fuel cells called Bloom Boxes that produce clean energy. Here''s a list of 11 startups that are worth billions that are still relatively unknown.

Operating Leverage

David Lee

I'm not a finance guy. Which is pretty scary given that I'm theoretically in the “finance profession.” 2001). ” I didn't even take a single economics class in college. I faked-it-until-I-maked-it and just tried to learn on the job. Probably the useful concept for me in the context of tech was the notion of “operating leverage.”

Think Years, Not Months: 3 Tips for Long-Term Growth

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Get a Firm Grasp on Your Finances For our first few years in business, we did a lot of things by the seat of our pants and that was okay in that crazy start-up time. Do More Than One Thing Well We started out as an email marketing company in 2001.

You Can't Ever Have Enough Hype Until You Have Too Much Hype

Babbling VC

OK, hands up, who's truly surprised by the drop in the stock markets or the postponed tech IPO's or even the upcoming slowdown in venture financing? I am seriously babbling like everyone else did in 2001, 2008 and now again in 2011. No really, who is surprised? If you said yes, stick your head back in the sand. It's all warm and cuddly there and if that's your thing, enjoy. . For the rest of you, let's get back to business. What is the reality now?

Why We Need to Elect @EricGarcetti on Tues as Next Mayor of Los Angeles

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Garcetti worked with LegalZoom, ShopZilla, Hulu and others to try and change the tax ordinance to support the emergence of our biggest tech companies in LA city only to be stymied by the head of the office of finance, Antoinette Christovale as outlined in this article.

The Other Amazon Deal this week. Drupal founder attracts over $100 Million in 3 months.

Scalable Startup

Drupal was launched in 2001, and Acquia started in 2007. Red Hat was one of the first of these types of companies bridging open source with big finance, leveraging Linux support into a profitable business, also leveraging the enterprise. As further market proof of the power of Drupal in the enterprise, Acquia has received about $100 million in funding in the past 3 months, which puts its valuation at over $1 billion. link].

David S. Rose – Father of Angel Investing in New York

Startup Professionals Musings

I also spend close to half my time teaching, and in addition to serving on the entrepreneurship advisory boards at Columbia, Yale and NYU, I am Chair of the Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economics program at Singularity University in Silicon Valley.

The Revenge of the Fat Guy

Marc Andreessen

November 2001. After Exodus went bankrupt in September 2001, the market for cloud. Fred writes: “Ben explains that Loudcloud raised $350mm in four rounds of financing (including an IPO) in the first 15 months of. [This post is by Ben Horowitz.]. Fred Wilson wrote a counter post to my The Case for the Fat. Startup that you can find here. Before countering his counter, I’d like to say. that Fred is one of my favorite VCs and has a marvelous track record of. success.

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9 Key Things Successful Business Partners Always Do

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Who is the person who is fastidious about finances, and who is the one who has the natural charisma and sales ability? According to her, in 2001 she voted to give Chase the right to hire and fire without consulting Zipcar''s board of directors.

Can Document Management Restore Consumers’ Trust In Enterprises?


Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet, Inc. By Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet. Have you ever looked at a work project gone wrong and wondered, how did this happen, who made this change, or how did this slip through the cracks? If you’re like most knowledge workers, the answer is a resounding “yes.”.

Can You Afford to Launch?

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I was beating down every door for traditional financing, and then took out equity on my home, maxed out my credit cards, and was borrowing $500 from everyone who said 'hello' to me," says Kunkel, whose first venture was a bakery on South Beach in Miami.

DokDok: Who’s there?

The Product Guy

Bruno: My first company, started right after graduating from McGill Engineering in 2001, developed a web-based knowledge management application and was bought in 2003. We can all look forward to the next part in our conversation with Bruno and DokDok exploring the company’s finances and future. Email will be with us for a good time longer.

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