David S. Rose – Father of Angel Investing in New York

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Rose, who has been described as "the Father of Angel Investing in New York" by Crain's New York Business, and a "world conquering entrepreneur" by BusinessWeek. I recently had the privilege of interviewing David S.

Something New Is F *d Up In My World Every Day

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Something new is f *d up in my world every day. Now, just because something new is f *d up, doesn’t mean I’m unhappy. Realizing that his efforts to run them out have failed miserably, Milarepa opts for a new approach and decides to teach them the dharma. “If

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2001: A (Cyber) Space Odyssey

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Bill Gates, The Road Ahead, 1995 In 2001, I wrote a book explaining why accelerated growth strategies created value for some Internet companies and destroyed value for others. Here’s a sample what I didn’t see coming as I wrote the book in 2001: Google’s dominance. Speed Trap devotes just two paragraphs to Google, which, by 2001, already was the 15th largest U.S. million members before failing in 2001.

Bringing Depression Out of The Shadows In Startups

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A: After I became depressed for the second time, in my mid-30s — in 2001 just after Sept. The last three months of 2001 were awful for me after an 18-month stretch from the peak of the Internet bubble — spring 2000 through Sept. 11, 2001. I was in New York City after a red-eye from San Francisco, landing at 6 a.m. I’ve been very open about my struggles with depression over the years.

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Q&A with Gerry Cohen, President & CEO of business intelligence software provider Information Builders

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FOCUS provided a new way for users without formal technical training or computer programming skills to work with information systems. I felt a responsibility to contribute to New York City’s economy and help grow it into a dominant player in the tech space.

Startup Communities: Creating A Great Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In Your City

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I’ve also got a bunch of guest sections coming from all over the US (I’ve got a dozen so far) so as they come in, I’m trying to fit them in (which often generates a new, or different section). The Internet Bubble (2001 – 2002). TechStars Impact on New York. I’m deep into writing my latest book. For now, the title is “ Startup Communities: Creating A Great Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In Your City.”

5 Patterns agile leaders must monitor

Taffy Williams

Identifying future shifts may suggest a test of new products more appealing to emerging market. Changing the menu around may give insight as to whether the new patrons have different preferences. Few predicted the financial down turns in 1987, 2001, and 2007.

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4 Super Smart Entrepreneurs Who Are Dominating their Market

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New ideas, new methods, and most importantly, new inspiration are what feeds an entrepreneurial mind. In addition to his glowing resume, he is also a New York Times Best Selling Author of The Thank You Economy and Crush It!

Nobody Cares

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How could I have figured out that there would be 221 IPOs in 2000 and 19 in 2001? In his very first season as coach, Parcell’s team, The New York Giants, was hit with a rash of injuries. A great reason for failing won’t preserve one dollar for your investors, won’t save one employee’s job, or get you one new customer. This post is dedicated to the late Al Davis. Rest in peace. Just win baby.”. —Al Al Davis.

Three Counterintuitive Ways To Build A Business That Lasts


Follow the leader in business and you’re almost certainly doomed to fail, especially when you consider that 90% of new companies go under. Despite being a bootstrapped company with little revenue, we over-invested in a central New York City office at a rate of 15% rent to revenue.

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

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This was a modern city in a hurry to make a first impression – think of what Rome looked like in the time of the empire or New York in the 1920’s – now it’s Beijing announcing that China has arrived. copying a known model is less risky than trying something new and untested.

Why Money Isn't Always Your Biggest Problem

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Sometimes, money just hides the real problems," says Caroline Ceniza-Levine, co-founder of SixFigureStart, a New YorkCity-based business-coaching firm. "If When it went bankrupt in 2001, the chairs were auctioned.

Entrepreneur Designs Upscale Hotels for Budget Travelers

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The hotels are the creation of Rattan Chadha, a New Delhi-born entrepreneur who sold his Dutch clothing company, Mexx, to Liz Claiborne in 2001. hotel in New York City''s Times Square, and more are on the way. Rooms in New York City are less than $250 a night. Bigger cities, like New York, Paris, London. we have plans to open more locations in New York City.

Why living in a hotel could be perfect for creative entrepreneurs

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Check my earlier posts “ Experiencing the Sheraton New York Times Square “, “ Top tips for business travel the geek way ” and “ Healthy travels: Staying refreshed, well fed and rested on the road “ on the subject. This post is brought to you by Sheraton.

Finding Innovation in One of the World's Oldest Businesses

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One is Tuthilltown Spirits, an 18-person distillery based in Gardiner, New York--one of the first craft distilleries in New York State since Prohibition. The New York soil was inhospitable and the market was crowded.

VC Investment Reaches Highs Not Seen Since Dot-Com Bubble

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The first quarter of 2014 saw the most venture capital money invested since the second quarter of 2001, with $9.9 In New York, Internet deals attracted 63 percent of all venture money invested. As companies take longer to go public, late-stage rounds get big. No, make that huge.

Entrepreneurship Surges

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New York City has been a pocket of opportunity. VC investments have risen in New York for five straight quarters including the third quarter of 2011, when New York companies raised $891 million, the largest amount since the first quarter of 2001

'Game of Thrones' Author George R. R. Martin on What Makes Ideas Work

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Martin''s stance reminded me of a 2001 profile I wrote of a North Carolina consultancy called Best Practices. A good idea is a good idea, even if it comes from someone else. If you haven''t heard of George R. Martin''s books, you''ve certainly heard of the popular television series faithfully based on them: Game of Thrones, now in its third season on HBO, has most of the nation waiting with bated breath for Sunday night, even if work or school awaits the next morning.

35 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name


In searching for a suitable name for our new device, we came across a Koala orphaned after being caught in a bushfire (wildfire). Formerly a suite of virtual services, the new full-service virtual solutions provider BELAY launched in January 2017.

4 Top Myths About Start-up Pay

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I've been collecting data about startups and compensation since 2001. That research forms the basis for my annual CompStudy survey, as well as the quantitative backbone for my new book, The Founder’s Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup.

The Case for Ending Sales Commissions

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The New York Times recently ran an interesting piece about companies moving their sales teams from commission to straight salary. In 2001 and 2008, the economy suffered tremendous contractions. Salespeople also make less when they take new jobs, or get assigned new territories.

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Stop Bad-mouthing the Millenial Generation and Read the Facts

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million—than at any point since 2001. Moreover, 89 percent said that, in light of the new economy and job market, entrepreneurship education was important. They also reveal new ways of thinking about work that are motivated by the market disruptions of the past several years.

Top 25 Technology Blogs In 2016 You Need To Follow

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They’ve positively influenced many bloggers and small businesses and inspired new entrepreneurs to take their first steps. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Mashable, and TechCrunch among others.

Publicity Stunts: When Good Ideas Go Bad

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They figured that consumers and media would flock to cover the story when they unveiled the giant treat in New York’s Union Square. The new town, named Crush, was built in short order, just for the purpose of having a place for the crash to happen.

Customers Not Buying? 4 Smart Business Moves

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He happened to open his business in August, 2001—12 days before hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Center. “In 2001,” he says, “it was nuclear winter in New York, and in the tech world.”

The Incidental Path to Innovation

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The history of vinyl records, recounted in a recent New York Times article about the quest to research two legendary female blues singers, should remind you that there are incidential innovations too--products invented for one purpose, but that end up serving customers in an entirely different way.

4 Top Myths About Start-up Pay


—————————————– I’ve been collecting data about startups and compensation since 2001. Founders often believe that their own compensation is a ceiling beyond which they will not have to pay new hires.

Is Emotion Necessary To Make More Sales?


A study by two University of Pennsylvania professors found that the most shared content on the New York Times website also had strong emotional undertones – in particular Anxiety, Awe, and Anger.

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60 of the Top Domain Name Millionaires

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After its purchase by Tucows Delaware in May 1999, he was made the President and CEO in 2001. He helped create new methods for domain aftermarket and really made BulkRegister renowned for their excellent customer service. In addition to AfterNIC, he is also a part of the New York Angels, an invitation-only organization made up of Angel Investors. Aside from Business.com, he is a New York Times Bestselling author. Do you own a domain name?

Want to Be a Great Leader? There's an Equation for That

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In his New York Times best-selling book, " Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success ," Conley says CEOs need to be emotionally intelligent, stable, and communicative. Leading a company takes guts, gumption--and maybe a little calculus.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 24: Drew Silverstein and Craig Kanarick

Steve Blank

Joining me in SiriusXM’s studio in New York were: Drew Silverstein , co-founder and CEO of the music technology venture Amper Music. After leaving Razorfish in 2001, Craig spent a year immersed in food, including a stint as a prep cook at Babbo, Mario Batali’s flagship restaurant.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 21, Part 1: Kathy Ku and Orin Herskowitz

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Joining me in SiriusXM’s studio in New York were: Kathy Ku , executive director of Stanford University’s Office of Technology Licensing. Prior to joining Columbia, Orin spent seven years with the Boston Consulting Group’s New York office.

In Tech, You Never Miss Out

Mark Birch

As the Marc Andreessen New York Magazine article was spreading through my network, I actually had little desire to read it. Like for kids graduating college in 1990 or 2001 or 2009.

5 Reasons Great Entrepreneurs Always Go to Reunions

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Even if going makes you feel a little old, you''ll always find something new to get excited about in that atmosphere. New business ideas. You''ll have a conversation and suddenly you recognize new opportunity. New clients. New chances to learn.

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NYC Start-ups: This Man Wants to Be Your Mayor

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He may not be front-page news, but former tech entrepreneur Jack Hidary says he''s got a plan to make New York City the world''s leading tech center. More and more of these spaces are erupting all over New York City. I want to do the same thing in New York.

Life, Death And Gold: Remembering The Panic Of 1857


The New York branch of the Cincinnati-based Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company failed in late August 1857, felled by an embezzlement scandal. ” Cara Wick started her banking career in 2001. by Cara Wick, President of Wick Financial.

9/11 survivor to address SC criminal justice group

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

11, 2001, attacks at New York''s World Trade Center is scheduled to address a criminal justice convention in South Carolina WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) AP) — A survivor of the Sept.

From the Breadlines to the Inc. 5000

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and only four years after he co-founded a company, he told the audience at New York City''s Techweek last Thursday, he got his wish. The Backstory In July 2001, Boykiv booked a vacation in New York City with a return ticket for September 13.

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Everpix, Snapchat, and the Startup Lie

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Making acquisitions the default goal for new software companies is nothing more than demoralizing. The phenomenon of revenue-generating companies being denied funding is nothing new.

Are Online Ads Getting Too Expensive?

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A recent New York Times report by Darren Dahl called "Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click" indicated that pay-per-click costs are on the rise , leaving small businesses wondering how to deal with the increases.

Cost 25