Entrepreneurs that Got Filthy Rich in 2011

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Eric Lefkofsky provided $1 million in seed money to Andrew Mason to develop the idea for the coupon buying site. Still, it’s not just about the money, says Vechey. Mark Zuckerberg isnt the only entrepreneur good at making bank.

Land of the Freaked-Out

Inc Startups

Investors put less money into new ventures. And did I miss something about the recoveries from the 1990 and 2001 recessions? What turns them on is opportunity--to be independent, to make money, to change the world, to create something new and exciting, to fulfill a dream, whatever.

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Should Founders Be Allowed to Take Money off the Table?

Both Sides of the Table

If a company has reached a level of success, has been around for a few years and you believe the company has potential to break out into a much bigger company then you should let the founders take money off of the table. Not FU money, but “feed the family&# money. On a panel that I sat on with Ron in LA in 2008 he stated that there were no circumstances in which the founder should take money off of the table. I raised $500k in seed money to start the company.

MicroFinance And The New Small Business Owner


An article posted to the Urban Research Monitor , in 2001, delves into this argument. These institutions, most funded by the SBA and community outreach, are given money so that they could provide you with small seed money and education for your new business. You may have this business start-up idea. Perhaps you only need a few thousand dollars to start and get the equipment that you need. However, you're jobless or living from paycheck to paycheck.

This Week in VC with @VCMike Hirshland of Polaris Ventures

Both Sides of the Table

One of the most difficult things to do as a first time entrepreneur is to get to know the investors you might be working with if you accept money. So how is Mike able to do this at a time where others have warned against taking seed money from VC funds?