20 Networking Tips from a PR Expert [+ GIVEAWAY]

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Below is an adapted excerpt from “The Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed” by Jennefer Witter. I didn’t start actively networking until I started my business in 2003. Turns out her company was looking for a PR company.

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Playing with Glass – Changing (and Saving) Lives (Part 2)

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Catch up on Part 1 of his “Playing with Glass” series, this is Part 2… It was 2003, 10 years ago, but I remember meeting Larry Page like it was yesterday. Entrepreneur Zack Price was selected to be a Project Glass Explorer for Google.

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Lean Business: Lessons from A-Rod

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Small businesses and startups can often leverage PR to great effect and it is typically one of the most cost-effective ways to generate positive word-of-mouth, build awareness, and grow a nascent brand. Stop trying to do your own PR – hire a great professional and take their advice.

Twitter Link Roundup #205 – Small Business, Startups, Innovation, Social Media, Design, Marketing and More

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It compares a 2013 smart phone (an iPhone) to what you had to carry just 10 years earlier (in 2003) to have some of the same tools (camera, video, music, etc.).

Happy 5th Anniversary linkedin (& congrats Reid, Dan & team :)

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Middle America vs Silicon Valley, OpenID, & Single Sign-on Top 5 reasons PR doesnt work (for Geeks) VCs & Tech Lawyers: INNOVATE, AUTOMATE, SIMPLIFY. May 2003 Originally uploaded by Chris Congrats to Reid, Dan & the entire LinkedIn team (past & present) Youve come a long way baby. (&

When VCs Invest Together, Does Ability or Affinity Matter?

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” I read the summary, which is kind of the “PR piece” for the article, but I didn’t find it satisfying. ” Also, success was defined as a company having an IPO (the data range for the study was 1975 – 2003).

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The 22 Best Blogs to Help Grow Your Business (That You May Not Be Reading)

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Fred Wilson is a widely known blogger and Venture Capitalist who’s been publishing posts daily since 2003. These experiences have given him a broader point of view, which makes his advice on startups, marketing, PR, and sales all the more worthwhile.

Help Me Celebrate National Small Business Week

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How Open Should a Startup CEO be with Staff?

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In the startup journey if you have success in your early product launches, fund raising and PR you’re likely to get “inbound interest” from likely acquirers. It’s 2003 and VCs aren’t exactly lining up to fund startup businesses. CEO transparency.

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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I raised money as an entrepreneur, like you, in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005 for two different companies. So make sure you have a solid PR strategy. Understanding PR & Crisis Management. How to Work with PR Firms. Raising money is hard.

The Morning Rituals of 15 Highly Successful Small-Business Owners

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Zurofsky is a co-founder of the gourmet sandwich chain ''wichcraft, which started in New York City in 2003 and grew to 15 locations spread over New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. How do you start your day? Many of the business owners interviewed exercised before heading to the office.

When VCs Invest Together, Does Ability or Affinity Matter?

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” I read the summary, which is kind of the “PR piece” for the article, but I didn’t find it satisfying. ” Also, success was defined as a company having an IPO (the data range for the study was 1975 – 2003).

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How Startups Can Use Metrics to Drive Success

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I ran my first marathon in London this way in 2003 raising $3,000 for Parkinson’s disease (and finishing in under 4 hours – my publicly stated goal). Usually you have a catch-all bucket for “direct” or similar that often came through PR or word-of-mouth. You Manage What you Measure.

35 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name


After years working in fashion PR/Marketing in NYC and Milan, and then as a co-founder/owner of a Brooklyn-based rock ’n’ roll play space for kids under 5, I found myself becoming overly excited about my friends starting new businesses.

Side Hustle and Flow Interview Series: Alexandra Levit

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At first, I was a PR Manager for a Fortune 500 software firm in New York with about 20,000 employees. Later, I moved to Chicago and became a vice president at Edelman, a top global PR agency, and focused on creating online campaigns in the early days of social media.

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Want to Create Insanely Great Products? Lessons From Pink Floyd

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In 2003, a remastered version of the 1973 album sold 800,000 copies. The band sacrificed a short-term PR boost, but in the long run, it proved a bold and artistically appropriate choice. The legendary band wouldn't have been so successful without some savvy business moves.

5 Start-Up Strategies You Need to Know

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Bain is also actively involved in entrepreneurship and Seattle’s angel investor community -- the Alliance of Angels -- which has funded ScaleOut since he founded it in September 2003. This serial entrepreneur has some practical advice for any aspiring business owner.

The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisition (Part 1)

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The site was once great; marketed by a high-end NYC PR firm. It had ancient hard drives, an installation of Windows Server 2003 that hadn’t been refreshed for 5 or 6 years, and two SQL Server databases that had not been re-indexed (or had any visible maintenance) for 3 years.

How To Sell Your Tech Startup


By 2003, Blogger had one million users and Google bought Pyra (the first Google acquisition). They get 100,000 subscribers in the first 3 months by launching a PR campaign, talking to journalists, doing an east coast and west coast press tour, etc.

52 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business


The beauty of working in PR is that you get to learn how other companies and industries operate. Before my business partner, Lina Khalil, and I started Fetch Public Relations, we noticed a disconnect in the expected result of PR and the actual deliverable.

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Men on Mars : The Reinvention of Atlas Venture

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When I joined Atlas in 2003 we had way too much geographic and sector complexity. We had legal, PR and recruitment services at our main locations. I joined Atlas Venture 9 years ago.

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7 Reasons You Need a Mentor

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Hower explained in a November interview that in 2003 Hoffman saw-- correctly it turned out -- that social networks would be important for business.

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Why Most Start-Ups Don't Get Press

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"PR isnt about hits and it isnt about placement," says Brooke Hammerling, who''s worked with Oracle, Charity: Water, and Wordpress. She also happened to make the cover of The New York Times’ Sunday business section a few years ago as the poster woman for doing tech PR differently.

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Thursday Guest Stars :: Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct.

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David Meerman Scott David is the author of 7 books, Real-Time Marketing & PR , is his newest addition to the collection.

Does Crowdfunding Work for Early Stage Growth Companies?

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This site appears to be the oldest, dating back to 2003.

It's Not All Rovio - Supercell Is Defining Finnish Mobile Gaming


The company was founded in 2003, but didn't see their first breakaway success until the release of Angry Birds in 2009. Supercell's games are more social than Rovio's, allowing them to be "everywhere" without PR pushes, or seeing game-branded soft drinks or candy in stores.

Elephants Can Dance – Reinventing HP « Steve Blank

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After failing dismally at making disposable digital cameras in 2003 Pure Digital Technologies reinvented their company in 2007 to make the Flip line of camcorders.

Twitter Link Roundup #50 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

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“We create as much information in 2 days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003″ – [link]. Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing.

The Things I Wish I Could’ve Told Young Mr Fishkin | Rand Fishkin, Moz | BoS EU 2016

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From 2003 to 2007, 5 nights a week, Sunday to Thursday I blogged from 10 PM to 2 AM and put out a post every night and that built up our audience through what we didn’t call content marketing yet but today would.

Vistaprint Acquires Webs for $117 Million

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Their then-14-year-old youngest brother, Idris, did a little PR for the fledgling company, listing it on a web directory. Between 2003 and 2007, Freewebs grew 1,704 percent, according to the company history. (It Three brothers founded Webs, which ranked on the Inc.

How Do I Get More Leads in the Top of the Funnel 1 :: Small.

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David Meerman Scott David is the author of 7 books, Real-Time Marketing & PR , is his newest addition to the collection.

Crowdfunding Platforms Make Their First Steps in Russia


The US platform Kickstarter is more appealing to tech projects in terms of both financial and PR impact,” he believes. Online crowdfunding started to develop in the mid-2000s with such projects as Artistshare.com (USA, 2003), Sellaband.com (Netherlands, 2006), and Mymajorcompany (France, 2007). Young Russian film makers, musicians, fashion designers, game developers and tech innovators are now offered a new way to raise the early stage financing they need.

We Will Be the Best-Run Business in America

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Potterfield's lifelong enthusiasm for guns carried MidwayUSA, a purveyor of shooting supplies and hunting gear, to $40 million in sales from its founding in 1977 to 2003. Highly Targeted Larry Potterfield's company has more than 1,500 formal business processes.'>

My year without pants ??? Scott Berkun at BoS 2013

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I was a project manager for there for a while, and I quit my job in software, in about 2003, to write books. So, WordPress, the open source project, was started in 2003. They don’t do PR; they don’t do marketing.


The Untold Story of Larry Page's Incredible Comeback

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Google Books, launched in 2003, has come to encompass 20 million volumes, and it continues to grow. Page, his chief PR executive, Rachel Whetstone, and Google''s CMO, Lorraine Twohill, had spent the day before in a Vancouver hotel room working on the presentation.

World's Worst Employees

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That left Fedex to pick up the pieces of a PR mess in the middle of the holiday shipping rush. In 2003, then 16-year-old David Lennon was reportedly canned from his part-time job at Domestic & General Group, a British insurance company.

From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.


also, just to clarify, the first idea we worked on that we called “meebo&# back in 2003 was my idea. Tech Gadgets Mobile Enterprise GreenTech CrunchBase TechCrunch TV Disrupt SF More TechCrunch TV Beta Invites Crunchies Elevator Pitches Gillmor Gang Podcasts TechCrunch Europe TechCrunch Trends TechCrunch France TechCrunch Japan Whats Hot: Android Apple Facebook Google Microsoft Twitter Yahoo Zynga Subscribe: From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

California Startup Gold – bring it here to scale it

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Great PR and finance firms, but not many startups. In 2003 Electronic Arts actually moved their headquarters from Silicon Valley to Playa Vista, an crazy move at the time, and accelerated their growth as a result. Most of my 25 year career has been in California; about half of those in Silicon Valley.

How to scale an international software business successfully. Thomas Erickson, CEO Acquia at Business of Software Conference 2013

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In fact, we were the fastest growing software company, at Web Methods, in the United States between 1998 and 2003. Number one; I told you one of the number ones already: fastest growing software company in the United States between ’98 and 2003. They own ad agencies, they own digital agencies, PR, people like Young and Rubicam and Ogilvy, and we work on the digital side of things.

BizMe2 is Looking to Disrupt Conferences with Turnkey Solution (Interview)

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Yair Margolin: I was a member of the core team at Peerapp in 2003, a supplier of caching solutions for ISPs. C onferences are big business. Think about it for a second: there are thousands of conferences each year, each of them attracting thousands of people focused on a niche topic.