Vyze Lands $13.1 Million in Venture Capital


million in venture capital to accelerate its growth and expand into new markets. Austin Ventures with additional investment from Fathom Capital and Starvest Partners led the Series C financing round. The company, founded in 2008, has raised $48.1 Million in Venture Capital appeared first on SiliconHills. Vyze, a cloud-based financial technology company, has raised $13.1

Why The SBIC Doesn’t Work For Venture Capital Anymore

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And, in the other two, I don’t expect to ever see any of my capital back because of the SBIC leverage. The SBIC was instrumental in the creation of the venture capital business. If you want to see a fun quote on it, read A History of Silicon Valley which quotes: “ …many venture capital pioneers think the SBIC program did little to advance the art and practice of venture investing. Peter Adams, head of Rockies Venture Club, is quoted a few times.


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Venture Capital Exit Times

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My two previous posts described how venture capital investors will want to invest too much and exit only for very high returns. Venture capital exit times extremely long - much longer than you probably realize.

Venture Capital Funds - How the Math Works

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Why the Size of Venture Capital Funds Matters to Angels and Entrepreneurs. My previous post was titled Venture Capital Firms Are Too Big. That post provides one important piece of data necessary to answer the really important question of why the size of venture capital funds matters to angel investors and entrepreneurs. Venture Capital Fund Math. This post is a high level summary of how the math works for a typical venture capital fund.

Why Venture Capital No Longer Defines Innovation


Today’s venture capital deal flow to innovative new companies looks a lot like a fat man trying to squeeze into a slim Italian suit. In 2000, venture capitalists poured a staggering $112.2 Today, venture capital deal flow has slowed to a relative trickle, just $28.4

Why Venture Capital No Longer Defines Innovation


Today’s venture capital deal flow to innovative new companies looks a lot like a fat man trying to squeeze into a slim Italian suit. In 2000, venture capitalists poured a staggering $112.2 Today, venture capital deal flow has slowed to a relative trickle, just $28.4

Want to Raise Venture Capital More Easily? Clean Up Your Own Shite First

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I know that the tone of the title and post will seem a bit aggressive for a post from a venture capitalist on fund raising. If you want to raise venture capital more easily the advice could be quite practical and counter-intuitive. Clean up your own shite.

Why governments support venture capital

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Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, helpfully set out his government’s reasons for making this move: the local venture capital industry is not firing on all cylinders, especially since the credit crunch of 2008. Venture Capital

How Can I Invest In A Venture Capital Firm? | Ask The VC

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How to get a job in venture capital (revisited) | Seth Levine

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Announcing K9 Ventures III, L.P. – A $42M technology-focused Pre-Seed fund

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So with that… I’m pleased to announce the formation and closing of K9 Ventures III, L.P., K9’s last fund, K9 Ventures II, L.P., I would like to thank all the limited partners who entrust me and K9 to invest their capital. I first thought about starting K9 in 2008.

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Venture Capital Firms Have Gotten Too Big

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One of the most important reasons is that Venture Capital Firms are just too big. Why Venture Capital Firms Got Too Big. This was one of the factors that led to venture capital firms becoming ever larger.

Lessons Learned: About the author

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, October 4, 2008 About the author ( Update January, 2010: This post originally dates from October, 2008 back when I first started writing this blog. He serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups, and has worked as a consultant to a number of startups, companies, and venture capital firms. October 13, 2008 6:47 PM Luke G said. December 4, 2008 4:43 PM Valto said.

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Do I Need a Team To Raise Venture Capital? | Ask The VC

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The Role Venture Capital is Playing in Online Schooling (Guest Post)

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Venture capital and other forms of seed funding have been crucial for the development of the best online colleges. A Wall Street Journal piece from April 2012 reports on the impact of $16 million in venture capital awarded to Coursera to increase the scope of the program.

Investing In Startups In Europe

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At USV, we have made nine investments in europe since 2008 when we started investing there. Venture Capital and Technology One of the big european tech conferences starts today. It's called DLD and my partner Albert is giving a talk there tomorrow. The last big european tech conference was LeWeb and I gave a talk there. You might wonder why we fly across the pond to attend and talk at these events.

The State of Cleantech Venture Capital, Part 1: The Money

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I’ve heard it said more than once in the past month that venture-backed entrepreneurship clearly isn’t working here, so maybe we should all pack our bags and go home. 2006 to 2008: Gold rush. billion in 2008. Numbers The State of Cleantech VC 2011 Venture capital

Burnham's Beat: 2008 Software M&A: Year in Review

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« 2008 Public Internet M&A: Year In Review | Main. 2008 Software Stocks: An Oveview Plus The 10 Best and 10 Worst » 01/02/2009. 2008 Software M&A: Year in Review. Unlike the Internet M&A space , the public software company M&A market was actually fairly robust in 2008 with 33 deals worth over $40BN closing.  2008 continues the long term trend of increased public software company M&A.  in 2008 vs. 11.2% Venture Capital.

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What’s Happening Today That No One Sees?

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The climax happens in 2008 and the denouement continues on until 2011. ” When I go back a decade, we were just making the decision not to raise another Mobius Venture Capital fund. Venture Capital and entrepreneurship was dramatically out of favor.

IVC-KPMG Survey: Israeli Venture Capital Fund Raising - 2011 Summary

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Israeli venture capital funds were back to capital raising in 2011, after two very difficult years. No capital had been raised by Israeli funds in 2010, and only $256 million was raised in 2009, a 76 percent drop from 2008 levels. The $796 million raised in 2011 was a much needed breath of air for the local industry, though well short of amounts raised in vintage 2007-2008

The Billion Dollar Valuation Club

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

That is because the billion plus companies started in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 won't all show up right away.   Venture Capital and Technology Aileen Lee has a really good post up on TechCrunch , in which she analyzes the number of companies that have been started since 2003 that have gone on to be worth $1bn or more. This is a very useful exercise in the VC business since it is these big wins that produce the vast majority of returns in the business.

Measuring sales and marketing effectiveness of SaaS companies

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Thoughts from a Venture Capitalist on Software, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud Computing, Internet and more. Monday, March 10, 2008. 1st 2008 with a base value of 100.00 Venture Capital. (3). Bessemer Venture Partners Expands BVP VII Fund.

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Burnham's Beat: 2008 Internet Stocks: Year In Review Plus 10 Best.

Burnham's Beat

« 2008 Software Stocks: An Oveview Plus The 10 Best and 10 Worst | Main. | The Great Abdication: Consumer Internet, Venture Capital, and Angels » 01/02/2009. 2008 Internet Stocks: Year In Review Plus 10 Best and 10 Worst Stocks. Internet stocks outperformed the market in 2008, albeit in the wrong direction.  during 2008 vs. the NASDAQ's -40.5%   See for yourself: 2008 Top 10 Best Performing Internet Stocks.

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Web 2.0 Product Management: Optimizing Metrics & Viral Growth (Dan.

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Startonomics SF 2008) Startup Metrics: Sample User Conversion Dashboard Startup Metrics: Example Marketing Channels Startup Metrics: The 1-Page Business Model Successful Developer Platforms Have 3 Things: Features, Users, Money. » Friday, May 02, 2008 Web 2.0

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Venture Capital Deal Buzz - Mc10

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It's a growing part of the venture world that proved its prominence once again in 2010. Despite murmurings of a pullback in Cleantech commitments, venture capitalists invested $3.98 That's an 8% increase over 2009, when venture firms plunked down $3.7 What's more, five of the six largest venture investment rounds in 2010 went to Cleantech companies, according to Thomson Reuters. The investment was a follow-on to MC10's first venture investment.


Capital Is Cheap And Labor Is Expensive

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While my cynicism around government math and how inflation is calculated is substantial, there isn’t much question that since 2008 capital has been extremely cheap. But I think cheap capital is only half of the equation.


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Gabe at DuckDuckGo launched in the fall of 2008, and bootstrapped for three years, working by himself to build DDG, before we invested. Stack Overflow also launched in the fall of 2008. Venture Capital and Technology Web/TechWith all the talk of massive amounts of cash sloshing around the web/mobile startup ecosystem (including things I've said recently), you would think that nobody bootstraps anymore. But that is not true at all.

Burnham's Beat: Infospace and the Great Shareholder Robbery of.

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While there was supposedly a grand strategy driving to all these purchases, arguably what they were left with after 10 years and $1.7BN in paid in capital was just over $1BN in retained losses and a motley collection of business that looked like they were going no where fast. May 1, 2008 in Internet , Wall Street | Permalink. Venture Capital. May 1, 2008 4:17:34 PM. Venture Capital. Burnhams Beat. Articles on Technology and Finance. About Bill.

Burnham's Beat: Wigix: An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come

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April 29, 2008 in Internet | Permalink. Venture Capital. Apr 29, 2008 8:43:42 AM. The thoughts and opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone and not affiliated in any way with Inductive Capital LP, San Andreas Capital LLC, or any other company I am involved with. Venture Capital. Burnhams Beat. Articles on Technology and Finance. About Bill. Archived Posts. Blog Roll. IPO/M&A Lists. By Category. By Month. Recent Posts. Internet IPOs.

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The State of Cleantech Venture Capital, Part 2: The Investors

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tl;dr: There’s a widespread perception that cleantech venture capital must be tanking compared with VC overall. In yesterday’s post , we looked at the amount of capital that’s been invested in cleantech start-ups to date. For venture-backed companies overall, it’s 9.4


History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Does Rhyme

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And Fred has been ranting about this since at least 2008 when he made a public plea to bury the name Silicon Alley. The questions were great, but some of what they were hearing about venture capital was scary as s**t. A handful of them had jobs in venture capital firms and we talked about how to be effective as a freshly minted associated. Venture Investing Just Had Its Biggest Q1 in 15 Years, Says PwC Report. billion going into venture capital.

The Darwinian Evolution of Startup Hubs

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1995) and eBay (1995), which begat Google (1998) and PayPal (1998), which begat YouTube (2005), Facebook (2004), and LinkedIn (2003) which begat Twitter (2006) and Zynga (2007), which begat Square (2010), Dropbox (2008), and many more. In NYC, that was Doubleclick which was founded in 1996, the same year as my first venture capital firm, Flatiron Partners, which was founded on two premises, that the Internet would be big and that NYC would be an important locus of Internet innovation.

The Third Way

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I think back to this post from 2008 , almost five years ago now, as the kickoff of this long running conversation. Venture Capital and TechnologyWhat do you do when you don't want to sell your company and you don't want to go public either?

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Your Startup's Revenue Projections Are Wrong

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People often ask me:"Paul, what should our revenue projections look like to attract venture capital?"I entrepreneur startup money finance VC venture capital revenueI believe there is no good answer to that question. There’s no “right” projected number that makes us all want to throw money at a startup. Most VCs are savvy enough to ignore the number itself because frankly, most of the time, it's wrong. Not through any fault of the entrepreneur, but simply.

Venture Capital Deal Buzz: RecycleBank

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It feels good first because it's taking a venture approach to an old, broken business in dire need of a refresh?municipal million in venture investments since 2007 from Generation Investment Management, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Paul Capital Partners, Physic Ventures, RRE Ventures LLC, Sigma Partners and The Westly Group. million, was the company's fifth venture investment since it was founded in 2007. By Erin Griffith, Contributing Editor.

Venture Capital Deal Buzz: SCVNGR

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Last week SCVNGR raised a $15 million Series C round of funding led by Balderton Capital, with participation from existing investors Highland Capital and Google Ventures. That's on top of its prior $4 million and $825,000 rounds, made in December 2009 and December 2008. If you've been following the location craze of 2010, you'll know SCVNGR competes directly with venture darling Foursquare, as well as smaller also-rans like Gowalla, Loopt and BrightKite.

Let Your Winners Run

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Between 2004 and 2008, we made investments in 21 companies. This does create a bit of an issue in that we raise ten year venture capital funds. Venture Capital and TechnologyI met with a group of very experienced and sophisticated investors yesterday who make up the investment committee of a large charitable foundation that is an investor in USV.

@altgate » Blog Archive » Market Timing Is A Skill Not Luck


For subsequent ventures, successful entrepreneurs raise venture capital earlier than do first time entrepreneurs. I would have thought the entrepreneurs would have used their own capital to delay dilution.

Venture Capital Deal Buzz: Groupon

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Groupon's latest round of funding in April drew an impressive $135 million from Digital Sky Technologies, Battery Ventures, Accel Partners, and New Enterprise Associates, among others. million in January 2008. VC Backer Lightspeed Venture Partners threw in an additional $8 million, which tops a previous $49 million from Revolution fund, Grotech Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners.

Venture Capital Deal Buzz - Don't Rule Out LivingSocial

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based Lightspeed Venture Partners. The Series D is in addition to a prior $49 million from Revolution Fund, Grotech Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners, spread across six rounds of investment since it was founded in 2008. By Erin Griffith, Contributing Editor. Groupon may have raised, like , a billion dollars , but that doesn't mean it'll rule discounted online commerce forever. Social shopping competitors are afoot.