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skip to main | skip to sidebar 24 August 2009 In Search Of.The Ideal Term Sheet Continuing with our discussion on term sheets (see "Some Thoughts on Term Sheets" and "Closing Term Sheets Quickly" ), today a new "plain vanilla" term sheet was published by Adeo Ressi of

Are Investors Being Unreasonable? - Startups and angels: Along the.

Tim Keane

» August 20, 2009. Ask any of us who've experienced significant down rounds based on some or all of these things, and one begins to understand the cautionary nature of deal structures.    Many I know will actively seek deals to work on that are run by fun, engaging people who are eager to grow the business and know what they're doing.  Startups and angels: Along the way to success.

Angel Investing is Where VC was 25 Years Ago

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As I attended sessions, and had conversations, on everything from deal structures to term sheets and deal flow to exits, it occurred to me that I had been in similar conferences about 25 years ago. The angel investment ‘industry’ today is at about the same stage of development as the venture capital industry was in the mid 1980’s. Last week, I was at the Angel Capital Association annual conference in Atlanta.

Deal Certainty ?The Fallacy of a New Market

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In the aftermath of the economic crisis that began in mid-2007, much ink has been spilled on the lessons learned by buyers and sellers regarding the pitfalls of deal certainty and the development of new paradigms for both financial and strategic buyers.

Knowing When It’s Time To Sell Your Startup


When Amazon came knocking in 2009, they had been modestly profitable for only two years. They devalued the company and sold 70% of the business to private investors in 2009. This deal-of-the-day service was founded in November 2008 and quickly became a sensation.