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Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc. 500 Hats , February 1, 2010 When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Google Friend Connect for Authentication? Berkonomics , November 29, 2010 Rice Alliance IT/Web 2.0 First Principles.

CTO 80

Startup Metrics for Pirates (Lean Startup Circle, Jan 2010.

500 Hats

GeeksOnaPlane East Asia 2010: Startups Are Global. Posted by Dave on Monday, January 25, 2010 at 06:22 PM in Geeks, Tech, Startups , Metrics & Measurement , Venture Capital & Startup Finance | Permalink Technorati Tags : aarrr , lean startup , pirates , startup metrics Digg This | Save to The Internet Revolution, Act III.

FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

VC Cafe

Israel moved in the right direction in 2010, climbing 11 spots to #30. C ountries are also brands. Hat tip to Uriah Av-Ron ].

Chile 31

The Power of Why

Feld Thoughts

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk from TedxPuget Sound (Sept 2009) has been posted and is just awesome. Some know HOW they do it.

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Video Web 131

Startup Valuation: How Much Is Your Company Worth?

Seed Stage Capital

skip to main | skip to sidebar 19 January 2010 Startup Valuation: How Much Is Your Company Worth? July 31, 2010 6:21 PM Jennifer said.

How We Knew When to Launch Our Startup

Vinicius Vacanti

From a PR perspective, I like to think of the internet as an ocean full of schools of fish. It’s tragic and a huge blown opportunity. So smart.

PR 106

Invest in Lines, not Dots

Both Sides of the Table

Everyone seems to be in such a rush to get shacked up these days. In normal times investors will look for “traction&# before investing. A dot.

Understanding How The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects You

Both Sides of the Table

One of the most influential books of my career is The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clay Christensen. It is not a beach novel to be sure. billion.

Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

Both Sides of the Table

Back in 1999 when I first raised venture capital I had zero knowledge of what a fair term sheet looked like or how to value my company. No gotchas.

Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering?

Both Sides of the Table

I recently did a post for startups on understanding sales people. I don’t believe that one exists. Every team configuration is different.

CTO 148

5 Lessons from 150 startup pitches

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I just reviewed several hundred startup pitches for Capital Factory. Most were on paper and video; 20 were invited to pitch in person. I just do.

What’s A Startup? First Principles.

Steve Blank

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill. Everyone knows what a startup is for – don’t they?

12% Drop in VC Investments in Israel for Q1 2010

VC Cafe

According to the Q1 2010 report, Israeli companies managed to raise $234 million from both Israeli and foreign venture capital funds. Deal size.

The Benefits of Top-Down Thinking & Why it is Critical to Entrepreneurs

Both Sides of the Table

For the first 5 years of my career I was a “bottom up&# thinker and worker. I started by doing billing systems. This is bottom-up planning.

Startup Development


I’ve come to realize that I have lots of posts around startup software development scattered around in different posts. Thought it would be good to capture them in one spot and also include links to related posts from other sources. How to Work With a Contract Web Developer How To Bootstrap Your Startup

How New Ideas Almost Killed Our Startup

Vinicius Vacanti

Odysseus resisting the Sirens. On my three year startup journey that lead to Yipit , I had over 30 other completely unrelated ideas. Each time I got the idea, I would immediately start sweating profusely for three straight hours in a ridiculous state of unbridled excitement and optimism. Sounds great, right? Not really. The Temptation. The Danger.

Job Titles That Can Sink Your Startup

Steve Blank

I had coffee with an ex student earlier in the week that reminded me yet again why startups burn through so many early VP’s. That was the plan.

Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting.

Seed Stage Capital

It’s a bit like a triathlon, in that it stretches your abilities in multiple arenas. A few tips for startups doing deals: 1. Get creative.

Startup CTO or Developer


I’ve been having discussions with several people recently about the role of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in very early stage companies.

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Flash boy - May 6th 2010


THAT America’s stockmarkets dropped by 10% in a few minutes on May 6th 2010 was worrying enough, even if they did bounce back quickly. Markets May 6th 2010Worse still was the realisation that nobody understood why or how it had happened. Original Article, The Economist.

Real Unfair Advantages

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Office 2010 will be the end of Zoho, if we stop innovating, stop being nimble and flexible in our business model. Like what?? P.P.S. What else?

Life is 10% How You Make It and 90% How you Take It

Both Sides of the Table

Startups are hard. When you read the press you only read the glamorous bits. Whether you choose to be happy or not is up to you. Life is hard.

Invitation (and special discount) to The 2010 London Business School Entrepreneurship Conference

VC Cafe

When: Friday, May 7th , 2010. F or the 12th consecutive year, London Business School will be holding its annual Entrepreneurship Conference.

Perfection By Subtraction – The Minimum Feature Set

Steve Blank

“ By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist.&#. Book of Five Rings. Steve, you’re wrong. Why A Minimum Feature Set?

Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems

Nathan Hurst

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Don’t be a Grin Fucker

Both Sides of the Table

So I’m willing to suffer from less readership on this one and go with the saying. Plus, everyone on Twitter egged me on and then some. anyways.

Crisis Shmisis: Q2 2010 Closes with 40 deals and more than $400 million raised in Israel (Deal Summary)

VC Cafe

Several of the rounds we not disclosed – perhaps the IVC report later this month will provide a bit more information. The company has raised $1.1

LP 31

Never Hire Job Hoppers. Never. They Make Terrible Employees

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of my startup advice series. This post isn’t going to be popular. I’m sure of that. That’s OK. Never. By definition!

Hiring 107

10 random online resources for Entrepreneurs (2010 version)

crowdSPRING Blog

In 2010 it paid for several airfares that we would have otherwise come straight off the bottom line. This is what I get when I read Paul Graham.

No One Wins In Business Plan Competitions

Steve Blank

Last week one of the schools I teach at invited me to judge a business plan contest. They called back laughing and the invitation disappeared.

Just Make It Faster

Feld Thoughts

As a user, how often have you thought “I wish this web service was faster.&# As a CEO, how often have you said “just make it faster.&# Or, more simply, “why is this damn thing so slow?&#. This is a not a new question. This turns out to be especially valuable for performance & optimization work.&#. We had one big problem.

SQL 66

How to Not Suck at a Group Presentation

Both Sides of the Table

Most people suck at presenting to big groups. This was evident at the Twiistup pre-event company pitch last week at UCLA. I was the judge. No joke.

How a startup should leverage a personal assistant

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Rob is one of the most successful "micropreneurs" — creators of small, cash-generating startups frequently sold for cash. Introduction.

Startup Sales – Why Hiring Seasoned Reps May Not Work

Both Sides of the Table

A while back I wrote a bunch of posts on Sales & Marketing and have been meaning to get back to that theme for a while. You learn by asking.

3 Things to Consider When Staffing a Software Development Project

3 5 of the Best New User Experiences of 2010 4 Google May Acquire Groupon for $6 Billion, and. Does your budget line up wth expectations?

How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

Both Sides of the Table

I know that people have an allergy to lawyers out of fear of being screwed. Much of this is unfounded – some is not. the link is here. Sorry.

Solving the "marketplace" business model

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

A sizable percentage of Capital Factory startup submissions take the form of the "marketplace." Maybe it's the "go big or go home" mentality?

Good enough never is (or is it?)

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, September 27, 2010 Good enough never is (or is it?) April 23, 2010 in San Francisco. Ship it.&#

MoneyBall for Startups: Invest BEFORE Product/Market Fit, Double-Down AFTER.

500 Hats

My apologies. this is a long piece (~2500 words). Not for the faint of heart. If you want the short story, read the abstract below

The Four Main Things that Investors Look for in a Startup

Both Sides of the Table

I obviously don’t speak for all investors. This post was prompted by an email exchange I had with a young entrepreneur. That’s fine.