Mandatory Redeemable Preferred - Equity Not Debt, According to IRS

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On June 25, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service (the "Service") released a copy of a private letter ruling ("PLR") addressing a class of preferred shares issued by closed-end funds as a form of refinancing for auction rate preferred shares; it is the first PLR that the Service has issued pursuant to newly liberalized ruling guidelines for resolving the debt/equity treatment of certain corporate instruments. The change in guidelines, announced in early 2010 (see Revenue Procedure 2010-3, ?

A Diamond in the Rough: Reinventing a Sleepy Mortgage Company

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Doman, a Cleveland mortgage title executive, started kicking the tires of sleepy mortgage processing company called Accurate Group, in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2008. Its two managing partners, Brendan Anderson and Jeffrey Kadlic, were always looking for diamonds in the rough.

How I Built a Sushi Empire

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One that caught our eye was Charlotte, North Carolina-based Hissho Sushi. He chose Charlotte as the company's base because of the number of banks the city had, but quickly learned they were hesitant to give him a loan without previous successes. Our success came because we built relationships with one partner at a time and we stand behind our product." Hissho's mission to produce the highest quality sushi with the best ingredients starts at its hub in Charlotte.

Why a 50/50 Split is Almost Never Right for Co-Founders by @DaveParkerSEA

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6 great athlete-entrepreneurs and what they accomplished

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As a brand unto himself, he not only acted as a spokesman, endorsing numerous other brands, but is also the owner of the NBA Charlotte Bobcats, which he bought for around $175 million in 2010.

Highlights On The Business of Software (2012)


a privately held IT consulting firm servicing enterprise customers with offices in Atlanta, GA ; Birmingham, AL ; Charlotte, NC ; Chattanooga, TN ; and Mobile, AL. Beyond the Team / Investors, Partners. The following is a guest post by Matthew Dean.

A Fast Fashion Revolution -- via Facebook

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Late in 2010, JCPenney opened the world''s first Facebook store from a major retailer--a separate, shoppable tab on its Facebook page--and many other retailers followed suit. Local unemployment hit 14 percent in early 2010. "If

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Top 100 Mompreneur Bloggers to Follow in 2013

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After trying a slew of “get rich quick schemes” for years on end, Ashleigh Towers finally found her saving grace in 2010 when she kicked into gear. Charlotte Siems. 12 kids and 25 years of being out of shape, Charlotte Siem needed a change in her life.

The Untold Story of Larry Page's Incredible Comeback

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He was a partner to Page, if, ultimately, a junior one. As Steven Levy reported, John Doerr, the partner from Kleiner Perkins, told Page that a world-class CEO would do a "much better job of building a world-class management team."