Forget SEO And Think Local by Yaro Starak

Local search is still considered SEO by those near and dear to our hearts. I’m certainly not saying to forget it completely, but I read a lot blogs semi-regularly and you might be pretty well served if you started catering… Read the rest of this entry » Blogs & Blogging Online Marketing & Internet Business Guides local blogging local marketing local seo twitter meetupI know the headline is a bit contradictory.

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The SEO Cupcake

Duct Tape Marketing

The SEO Cupcake This content from: Duct Tape Marketing When asked to talk about marketing these days I spend increasing amounts of time explaining the notion of being found. Likewise, content is the underpinning of any attempt to score well in SEO – you need lots of it, in many flavors.

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SEO Keywords, SEO Keywords – Is your Copy Stuffed?

Rembrandt Communications

You are finally done with your search engine optimization (SEO) research and have a great list of keywords to use in your copy. Increase Sales SEO SEO Copywriting Web Copywriting Writing Tips Marketing sales search engine optimization SEO keywordsWoo Hoo! You add all of your coding to your Website and write all of your online copy. Then, you wait to see your site traffic increase… and you wait… and you [.].

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From abracadabra to SEO power words

Grade A Entrepreneurs

It’s also a good idea to seek the guidance of professional SEO copywriters or attend their training. By Marylene Delbourg-Delphis. Abracadabra , “create as I say&# in Aramaic , has been the power word of magicians for centuries.

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SEO is no longer a viable marketing strategy for startups

Chris Dixon

Many of the today’s most successful informational sites such as Yelp, Wikipedia and TripAdvisor relied heavily on SEO for their initial growth. This led to a virtuous cycle where SEO drew more users, leading to more contributors and more inbound links, leading to more SEO, and so on.

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The End of SEO as We Know It

Inc Startups

And second, Siri, and the tools and apps to follow from Apple and later from third-party developers, will forever change what we see as "traditional" SEO. But what it does mean is that your current SEO strategies will have to adapt and change as well. Meet Siri.

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Do You Know These SEO Social Secrets?

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Recently, I focused on how it’s important to provide value to your customers in your search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting efforts. Uncover SEO Secrets with These 3 Social [.]. SEO SEO Copywriting Copywriting sales search engine marketing search engine optimizationYou can ask your customers what they want via surveys to get some good information, but there is also another way to get information from your customers.

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32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


SEO for Startups )? SEO Support - will URLs need to be well formed? Will back-end support for SEO be needed? Almost every day I'm talking to early stage startup founders (see Free Startup CTO Consulting Sessions ) about what they plan to do.

What’s Really Scary About SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is essential if you want to get the most traffic possible to your site. To avoid any scary surprises, here are three tips to help you keep your SEO program [.]. Reaching Goals SEO Marketing sales search engine optimization search optimization SEO copywriterHappy Halloween! However, you may be a little fearful of spending too much and seeing little results from your efforts.

Must-Have SEO Tools for Small Businesses

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Search engines are essential for getting your site noticed; however, it is a huge challenge to optimize your site when you don’t have the resources or tools necessary. With these tools you can optimize your page both on and off site. On-Site Optimization On-site optimization takes into account the factors on your website that you

3 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s no wonder a lot of entrepreneurs hire SEO firms to handle this for them. Optimizing your website to gain search engine positioning can be a process that takes a lot of time and focus. But that can be very expensive, and it’s hard to know which firms are the best. While many stick to

SEO Case Study: Month 10 Results An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

I started these SEO case study reports back in mid-November of 2010, and now provide monthly updates on how my various SEO campaigns are faring. SEO Firm Keywords. Hired New SEO Guy. Isn’t SEO supposed to be a long wait? SEO Income.

How cold calling (properly) works better than AdWords

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

SEO is extremely powerful, but it takes time. (Powered by LaunchBit ). Tweet. --> This is a guest post from Robert Graham — a solo bootstrapper who blogs about the experience. Robert has been working in software since 2005. He is a Ph.D. dropout who spent time working for Google.

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Recruiting: 12 Questions For Uncomfortably Hands-On SEO Interviews

All Things SEO. Enterprise SEO. Overview: What Is SEO? Video: What is SEO? SELs Guide To SEO. Periodic Table Of SEO. SEO Columns. How To: SEO. Google SEO. Bing SEO. SEO Library. Our SEO Events. How To: SEO.

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SEO is Dead. Now What?

Inc Startups

Search engine optimization has changed significantly since the earlier days when the term was first coined and industry leaders are beginning to hint at a fundamental philosophical shift that would effectively render the traditional SEO as a dead or dying craft.

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Check Your Tech – How to Avoid Unnecessary SEO Surprises

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It’s been months since you did extensive, search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research and added the appropriate tags to your site. SEO SEO Copywriting Copywriting sales search engine optimization site optimizationLately, you’ve been focusing on other things like landing pages, newsletters, case studies, and more. But as you scan the Web one day, you notice that your site is not showing up in the [.].

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SEO Firm that Charges Based on Rank Only An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

I’ve been alluding to this SEO company in my SEO Case Study post series lately, but haven’t revealed who they are until now because I wanted to use them for a while longer in order to give you a more accurate overview of their results.

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Replace Tired Old SEO Tactics with these Winners!

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Although Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming task, it can make a big difference to your bottom line when done correctly. Having long-term goals and focusing your optimization tactics on those goals is very important. Google and other search engines have become more skilled at being able to determine which websites truly deserve to

Your startup needs a pre-launch signup landing page

47 Hats

Your SEO won’t build itself. But it’s proven true that if you bring your URL up with the product launch you are starting with 0 SEO. [After last week's post on A prelaunch page for your startup , Josh Ledgard of KickoffLabs reached out to point out his alternative.

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10 Marketing Lessons for Early-Stage Tech Startups

Both Sides of the Table

Because market is such a broad topic, I’m restricting these lessons to PR marketing (as opposed SEO, SEM, product marketing, etc.). I made every textbook mistake at my first startup, which is why I believe I was much more effective at my second one.

From Zero to SEO Hero in 315,569,520 Seconds

Inc Startups

Becoming a master of SEO doesn't happen over night. I often find it challenging to help business owners know where to start with SEO. I’m supposed to be the SEO guru, right? ” I’m a bit spoiled at Slingshot SEO.

SEO Case Study: Month 11 Results An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

Writing the title of this blog post made me realize just how long I’ve been ‘working’ on SEO. That really puts things into perspective for me – I know SEO is all about patience, but 1 year (nearly) is really a very long time! SEO Firm Keywords. New SEO Guy: 1 Month Later.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Rank #1 On LinkedIn Search by Yaro Starak

Search Engine Optimization aziz ali craig bass Google keyword analysis keywords research linkedin seo tipMy fourth article on EJ, and the love I have been receiving from this community is amazing. I feel really welcomed, so thanks to you all.

Phil Laboon Interview – SEO Expert & Founder of Eyeflow

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For beginners, SEO is one of the toughest nuts to crack in online marketing – use this interview to learn simple SEO tips to help you dominate the search engines, and reap the benefits from some very simple website tweaks… Phil Laboon truly epitomizes the hard working and determined online entrepreneur – through listening to

How Startups Can Use Metrics to Drive Success

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How many adds came through organic SEO? For example, if you have developers, content people or SEO folks working on SEO programs you’ll need to allocate their time / costs to this effort. SEO is seldom “free.”. You Manage What you Measure.

Startup Tools

Jason Reply jorge , on February 27, 2011 at 9:38 am said: wow. Reply jade , on February 27, 2011 at 2:25 pm said: Great compilation. Reply John Fan , on February 27, 2011 at 6:10 pm said: Dim dim was acquired by Salesforce and has been shut down.

The State of the Crowdsourcing Union, 2011

crowdSPRING Blog

is the first company to devise s system to effectively crowdsource SEO (search engine optimization) services. A company looking to place ads on search networks posts their campaign through Trada and their community of SEO experts contributes keywords and terms to the campaign.

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How to Get Past SEO and PR Frustration Fast

Rembrandt Communications

Motivation PR Reaching Goals SEO Copywriting public relations search engine optimizationI have been on the phone since 5:00 a.m., and it’s now 11:00 a.m. I just got a major media-venue to agree to an exclusive story about my client. But, it’s been one hour since I spoke to him, and I haven’t heard back… what gives? I call him up, and he says he has [.].

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On the (un?)importance of design

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

They don’t have better data, better branding, better name, better SEO, or more money. We recently underwent a Cinderella-like transformation: A total redesign of the WP Engine website from despicable steaming pile of hideousness to a designed, thematic — dare I say artistic?

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Fighting micro-burn-out

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

In other interviews of Noah he’s alluded to mentors in other aspects of his business too, like getting SEO advice from the great Avanish Kaushik. This guest-post was written by Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo of , the daily deals site for web entrepreneurs.

When being an “expert” is harmful

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Methods of reaching consumers change every year (compare SEO or AdWords strategies from 2003 and 2010).

How Many SEO Keywords Should You Use?

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I just finished speaking at PINK’s big, “Spring Into Ownership” event in Atlanta about search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting and social media, and one of the biggest questions I received was… “How many search engine optimization keywords should I use on my Website pages?&# Well, first of all, stop worrying about how many SEO keywords [.]. SEO Copywriting Writing Tips search engine optimization search engine optimization keywords SEO SEO keywords target market

How Do You Build A Brand That Google Rewards With Traffic? by Yaro Starak

Traffic Generation Cafe , for instance, has quickly become a site known for teaching how to get more web traffic in a language everyone can understand – even when it comes down to the all-mysterious SEO. To be more precise, how can you “help&# Google to see and accept you as a brand and bring you more SEO traffic as a result of it? Blogs & Blogging Branding and Publicity Search Engine Optimization ana hoffman brand building Copyblogger google seo problogger

Can you do the SEO for your business?

The Startup Magazine

You are probably aware that SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy, but how can you afford to invest in it? The experts know how to optimise your SEO potential to improve areas such as sales and leads. Taking on full responsibility for the SEO of your business is a big task.

Best Web Metrics / KPIs for a Small, Medium or Large Sized Business

Occam's Razor

If you are doing SEO then you are likely paying for someone. We have access to more data than God wants anyone to have. Thus it is not surprising that we feel overwhelmed, and rather than being data driven we just get paralyzed. Life does not have to be that scary.

The Last Lean Startup Bundle: 48 hours to claim $3,000,000 in prizes

Startup Lessons Learned

You’ll the complete video recording of the amazing Lean Startup track at SXSW 2011 , every single presentation. The Lean Startup Book launches in just under a week. How many copies will this book sell in its first week – real, hardcover, paper copies?

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What’s Your Call-To-Action on Your SEO Page?

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Are you staring at a blank screen ready to write some search engine optimization (SEO) copy for your Website? You need a call-to-action for your SEO copy first! SEO SEO Copywriting Web Copywriting organic SEO sales search engine optimizationHold on! Before you start writing, you should know exactly what you want site visitors to do on that page of your Website. Do you want them [.].


The 5 Minute Guide To Cheap Startup Advertising


You’ve greased the wheels with a few bloggers, targeted some keywords with SEO, created a bit of linkbait, and scheduled the press release to launch in the morning. The following is a guest post by Rob Walling.

Blog Writing 101: How To Satisfy Readers And Deliver Top 10 Google Rankings by Yaro Starak

According to the above-mentioned SEOmoz report, the collective opinion of 132 SEO experts polled assign the uniqueness of content across the whole site 89 points out of 100. It appears that the majority of the 132 SEO experts think that the longer your posts are , the better chance they have to rank higher , thus bringing you more search engine traffic.

Uh Oh. Is your SEO Website Old?

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Increase Sales SEO SEO Copywriting Web Copywriting online sales search engine optimzation Web salesBe honest. When is the last time you updated your Website? I know that you have many, other priorities. But, if your Website is old, you are losing customers! After all, who wants to look at the same old data all the time? And I’m not talking about drastic, expensive changes. I’m talking about [.].