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Mary Meeker's 2012 Internet Trends

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

2012 KPCB Internet Trends Year-End Update from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Mary published this presentation this past week.

New Twitter tools for Startups in 2012

47 Hats

Here’s 5 new Twitter tools I’d recommend, and why. Buffer. What: Repeat your tweets so more people see them. I did. In a word, Awesome.

Putting 2012 To Bed

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

But it comes across as a whiny complaint about the shitty year that 2012 was. But the reason I couldn't publish that post is it didn't capture the greater picture that 2012 represents for me. And I feel that 2012 is the next demarcation year for me but this time I have to do it in an existing firm with an existing portfolio.

2012 Valuation Survey of Angel Groups


The results of the 2012 survey are shown in the table below, with groups listed by median overall pre-revenue, pre-money valuation from the lowest to the highest. 2012 Valuation Survey. Of the 22 groups included in both the 2012 and 2011 survey, 18 reported higher valuations while only 4 reported lower valuations. Organization.

World's Coolest Offices | 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These brilliantly inspiring workplaces have sprawling rooftop gardens, bright atriums, and lots and lots of exposed brick. Lavish libraries? Check.

The State Of E-Commerce Checkout Design 2012

UX Study The State Of E-Commerce Checkout Design 2012. September 4th, 2012. September 4th, 2012 7:05 am. - select -. Books. Books.

Stanford 2012 Lean LaunchPad Presentations – part 1 of 2

Steve Blank

We’ll teach over 175 NSF Innovation Corps teams in the Lean LaunchPad course in 2012. The 2012 Stanford Lean LaunchPad Presentations.

Lean 96

Stanford 2012 Lean LaunchPad Presentations – part 2 of 2

Steve Blank

Stanford e245 2012 class photo. Today, the second half of the Stanford Engineering Lean LaunchPad Class gave their final presentations.

Lean 93

5 Most Inspirational Videos of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These five short videos will remind you what's important in life and work. Malaki Paul Sings "Listen" What can I say?

Kenya 49

Favorite Longreads of 2012

Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose, November 16, 2012. Over the past several years, I have become a huge fan of Mark Armstrong’s web service, Longreads.

Spend 2012 on the Right Side of the Haimish Line

Both Sides of the Table

The first day of 2012 seems the perfect day to do so. So in 2012 you’ll see me a lot more often at the Launchpad LA offices. Creek.

The Lean Startup at SXSW 2012

Startup Lessons Learned

In 2012 there are at least five new books coming out that explore some aspect of Lean Startup. SXSW is less than a week away. See you in Austin!

Lean 47

11 Best Business Opportunities for 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Industries such as residential construction, mobile games, and big data will provide the best business opportunities in 2012. compared to 1.7%

7 Worst Tweets of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 2012, businesses still learning how to use Twitter produced a bumper crop of embarrassing, insensitive, and incriminating tweets.

Startup Iceland 2012 Was Phenomenal

Feld Thoughts

He’s got a great post up titled Startup Iceland 2012 – Done! Amy and I just spent an incredible week in Reykjavik, Iceland. This was our first time here and everything was awesome – the people, the food, the weather, the hotels, the weather, the people, the food, the people, the weather – you get the idea.

[Infographic] Online Marketing In 2012: What You Need To Know


For 2012, there are some trends that you need to be aware of. For example: - Mobile searches increased by a massive 400-percent in 2011.

Do More Faster Top 12 Tips At RailsConf 2012

Feld Thoughts

He starts out with the assertion that “developers are the new investors” - how could you not be interested in hearing more about that?

6 Major Tech Innovations for 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We’re only a few months into 2012, but several technology innovations are starting to show promise. Either way, they are ones to watch.

Some Fresh Twitter Stats (as of July 2012, Dataset Included)

Diego Basch

Obligatory chart: signups over time (July of 2012 incomplete, could only fetch accounts created before July 18th for some reason). Usernames.

IP 53

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 Edition

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Required viewing. Tell me this doesn’t make you want to buy a ticket to somewhere, anywhere right away… Travel


FinTech 2012

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Last week, the second annual FinTech program, FinTech 2012, was announced. If you have a fintech startup that could benefit from participation in such a program, you should seriously consider FinTech 2012. I've written extensively about the startup accelerator phenomenon. Paul is a visionary entrepreneur who has changed the game.

10 Ways for Startups to Expand Their Reach in 2012

Startup Professionals Musings

As entrepreneurs, you always need to be on the lookout for ways to expand your current business, and always on the lookout for your next big thing.

Brand Winners and Losers of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These two huge firms respectively burnished and tarnished their brand in 2012. My picks of the best and worst branding efforts of the year.

4 Great Motivational Videos for 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Need a little boost to get the year off to a strong start? Watch these short clips & you'll feel like taking on the world.

Video 44

Startup Map & Trends Analysis – September 2012


September’s Startup Map showcases the latest trends in startup profiles created on Gust between September 1 st and September 30 th. Some of the entrepreneurs chose to keep their startup profiles private and therefore are labeled as unpublished in this month’s map, and were not included in the trends analysis. Invested Interests

12 Female Entrepreneurs Who Inspired Us in 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These young women behind companies including Spanx and Polyvore made it big in 2012. Here's how they made an impression on YEC members.

5 Epic Tech Fails of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These products and innovations once seemed so full of promise. Not so much anymore. I'm a tech connoisseur. And now they risk fading into oblivion.

2012: The Year That Movements Go Mainstream?

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I returned from ten days of skiing with my family last night. I'm on mountain time and plan to stay there until the new year. Staying up late and sleeping late seems to be a good way to bring in the New Year. But even so, my version of sleeping late is getting up at 8am. My family's version of sleeping late is getting up at noon.

Iowa 98

HTIA 2012 – Israeli Innovation at its Finest

VC Cafe

International visitors at the HTIA 2012 conference got much more than what they came for. It wasn’t just your typical roundtable sessions and panel discussions – it was a showcase of some of the. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Israel HTIA shimon peres

Israel 40

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Boston Tech Community – August 2012

Rob Go

Another year, another guide. Boston is a great place to start and build a company. The Grand-daddy. University Resources. MIT 100K. HBS Startup Tribe.

Highlights On The Business of Software (2012)


With what I had seen over the past two years, I had full confidence that the 2012 lineup would be top notch. Day 1. Kathy Sierra. abhamster.

Announcing the 2012 Lean Startup Conference in SF

Startup Lessons Learned

I’m pleased to announce that I am once again hosting a Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco this fall. The eagle-eyed among you will note that for the past two years, the conference has been called SLLCONF, after Startup Lessons Learned. I think it's time to rename it since that's the phrase people actually use.) and Udemy. Sponsors. sllconf

Lean 38

Biggest Tech Trends of 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Pinterest became a major traffic generator in 2012. But in 2012, touch became a business reality. Here are my top picks.

How to Raise Money in 2012

Growthink Blog

So, how should you go about raising money in 2012? And what I hear is entrepreneurs saying that it's so hard to raise money. And so on.

Biggest Companies of the 2012 Inc. 5000

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Which of America's fastest-growing companies sells the most stuff? Would you guess Facebook, Levi Strauss, or Publix, or none of the above? Find out.

ETNow Venture Capital outlook for 2012



I want to mentor you in the Shopify Build-A-Business Contest 2012

Startup Lessons Learned

It's called the Shopify 2012 Build-A-Business Competition and it launches today. We'll be there to help you every step of the way. Real MVP.

Top 10 articles for 2012 from the Startup Blog

Taffy Williams

The articles below were the top 10 for 2012. Startup Blog has been on line for about 2 years now. New topics sometimes come from readers.

12 People to Follow on Twitter in 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Looking for inspiration in 2012? Want to freshen up your stream? Why not refresh your Twitter feed? But the list is hardly complete.

Embracing the mess of 2012 to invite the grace of 2013

Escape From Cubicle Nation

What has this year been like for you? Most people have had a whole series of accomplishments. Then, there have been the not so great moments. Name it.