[Event][Singapore] 2015 Battlehack


The global 2015 BattleHack , organized by leading global payments providers PayPal and Braintree , will be coming to Singapore as part of a worldwide global hackathon competition that will see developers across the globe tasked with creating applications that solve specific challenges. The Singapore leg, which will take place on 28 and 29 March 2015, will see local developers create a mobile app that will solve a local challenge of their choice.

Three Retail Trends This 2015 Holiday Season


Forbes discussed the omnichannel revolution in an article from February 2015 , where, “according to a survey conducted by Retail Systems Research in June 2013, around 84% of the retailers polled worldwide believed that creating a consistent customer experience across channels was very important. by Jake Gasaway, co-founder of Stitch Labs. Retailers are already busy prepping for the holiday season.


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Business 2015 - Optimism, But Upgrade Your Strategy

Startup Professionals Musings

A healthy manufacturing sector, likely to gain even more strength in 2015, is creating an impetus to invest. 2015 business optimism entrepreneur strategy Even though it has been a long haul since the recession, it’s nice to see more optimism as we close out this year and head into a new one. A November 2014 report by Kiplinger asserts that economic momentum is back on track.

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[Event] Tech In Asia Jakarta 2015


Online platform for Asia’s tech community Tech in Asia will round off its highly vaunted Tech In Asia Conference series for this year with Tech In Asia Jakarta 2015 , which will take place on 11 and 12 November 2015 at Balai Kartini. ” For more information and full event agenda, please visit the Tech In Asia Jakarta 2015 website.

Asia 149

Top 10 Wearable Tech For 2015


So, here are the top 10 wearable techs for 2015: 1. Fitbit has released two new fitness trackers for 2015. Technology is now not only changing the way we use mobile phones, but also the way we tell the time, track our fitness and so much more. Rather than this technology just being available in a device that we hold in our hands, it can now be worn on many parts of the body, including our wrists, heads, feet and even on our fingers!

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[Event][Asia] Next Bank Asia 2015


o be held at Red Dot Design Museum, Next Bank Asia 2015 – first founded in 2011 – looks to bring together over 200 financial professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, designers and creatives from across the banking, design and technology sectors together in this global forum to discuss the future of finance, driven by design, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Asia 165

How To Meet Your 2015 Goals


But the difference between typical New Year’s resolutions and my 2015 goals is the very specific plan I have in place to guarantee achievement. Specific key results are assigned to each goal, like playing board games with my kids ten times in 2015 and weekly lunches with my wife. Here are my top five tips for meeting your 2015 resolutions at work or at home: 1. By Kris Duggan, CEO of BetterWorks.

Cyber Threats Startups Need To Watch Out For In 2015


2014 will be remembered for many reasons, one of them being the rise of cyber crime by sophisticated hackers who managed to breach startups, international corporations, and government agencies to steal sensitive data , inject malware in corporate servers, and cause other types of damage. All these industries incurred losses from investments in cyber mitigation, restructuring of servers, class-action lawsuits, and damaged brands.

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Top Conferences In 2015


Then get flights arranged, prepare out that travel money card and get yourself in town for one of these major conferences taking place in 2015. The theme for the 2015 event is “Leading Global Learning: Envisioning New Paradigms”. There are countless other conferences taking place all over the world in 2015 and there is one for every trade, and every profession. Events & Happenings 2015 conferences events

Four predictions for 2015

Version One Ventures

As we end an incredibly active 2014 in the tech/investment world, I am adding my own thoughts on what might be coming in 2015. Expect both of these trends to take off in a big way in 2015. In 2015, we will see the first major applications of VR outside the game industry. This dynamic has just started to emerge and will accelerate through 2015. Which technologies, trends, and areas do you think will break out in 2015?

Kauffman Thoughtbook 2015

Feld Thoughts

My friends at the Kauffman Foundation have released the Kauffman Thoughtbook 2015. . If you are interested in startup communities, entrepreneurship, and how it grows and develops, spend some time online with the Kauffman Thoughtbook 2015. The post Kauffman Thoughtbook 2015 appeared first on Feld Thoughts. It’s a beautifully done, well-organized, and super rich with content web document about entrepreneurship.

2015 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey – Part 1

For Entrepreneurs

For the fourth year in a row, we worked together with Pacific Crest Securities, an investment banking firm with a specific focus on SaaS, to survey 305 SaaS companies. This survey represents deep benchmarking data and insights on the growth and operations of the companies in this space. I want to extend my personal thanks to the […]. Startup Help

Payment Predictions For 2015


But as big as 2014 was, 2015 has the potential to be even bigger. 2015 will be when a lot of the seeds planted in the past year start to bear fruit. So here’s what you should be watching out for in 2015: The EMV-related terminal refresh will introduce new technologies into the point of sale. businesses to get hit with about $10 billion in credit fraud in 2015, so if you’re a merchant, that’s a pretty big incentive to update your terminal for EMV!

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These Are America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities Of 2015

YFS Magazine

Here's an insider look at the top 10 startup research universities that made the 2015 Forbes list. Culture college entrepreneurship culture entrepreneurship degree

Must-Haves For Your Online Store In 2015


With continued innovation in e-commerce technologies, what should online merchants do to take advantage of such innovation to keep their online store abreast in 2015? by Rostyslav Demush, marketing manager at Cart2Cart. Since the first successful launch of online stores, the e-commerce world has developed to unprecedented heights.

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PR Checklist For 2015 To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things


There is still time to take action to make 2015 the year that your business sees the success it deserves. Make 2015 the year you love your business back to success. Can you update your Facebook timeline and make it more 2015? by Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing and author of “ Virtual Assistant, The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA “ Hard to believe January is over and the holidays are a distant memory.

PR 198

Business Owners Share Their 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Up and Running

2015 is here, and you’ve got plans for your business. To give you an idea of what other business owners are planning to do in 2015, we asked entrepreneurs to send us their resolutions. Here’s a compilation of business resolutions for 2015. In 2015…Simplify. Dan Vuksanovich, CMO of Gravity and Momentum, a company which makes special effects for stage performances, says that he has one resolution for 2015: keep it simple. In 2015…Grow.

5 Things Businesses Should Do Now To Ensure 2015 Success


With the end of the 2015 fiscal year nearing, businesses may be reviewing their consolidated revenues and thinking of ways they can increase their profit margin as they enter the new fiscal year or second-half of the calendar year. by Richard Milam , the Founder and CEO of EnableSoft Incorporated.

How to Become Your Own Boss in 2015 [Free Webinar]

Up and Running

Join us on January 20 at 1:00pm EST for a free webinar on how to become your own boss in 2015! Are you ready to become your own boss in 2015? The post How to Become Your Own Boss in 2015 [Free Webinar] appeared first on Bplans Blog. Starting a Business 2015 become your own boss how to start a business new year self employed webinar Are you unhappy with your soul-sapping job? Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Don’t just quit!

Q2 2015 DDoS Trends – The Fall Of Search Engine Impersonators


According to Incapsula “threat landscape report” , search bot impersonation was detected in 60% of the DDoS attacks in 2014 but only in 1% of those in 2015! Google and Baidu impersonators bots – 2015 compared to 2014. Source: Q2 2015: Incapsula global DDoS threat landscape – Full report ). Search engine impersonators are bots that pretend to be crawling a website in an attempt to index it and find useful links.

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2015 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey – Part 2

For Entrepreneurs

Last week I posted the results from Part 1 of our survey in which 300+ SaaS companies shared data on their growth and go-to-market strategies. This week I’m sharing the results from Part 2 of the survey where we compare application delivery methods, operational costs and gross margins, contract terms, churn rates, capital requirements and accounting methods. We’re also very […]. Startup Help

The Lean Startup Conference 2015

Startup Lessons Learned

These community-led experiences were so much fun -- and became a source of such serendipitous, fruitful connections -- that we’ve decided to iterate on the idea for the 2015 conference and make it a core part of our program. Why You Should Join Us in 2015 Since 2011, The Lean Startup has helped countless ventures transform ideas into thriving businesses. Get Involved The 2015 conference will be held from November 16th-19th at historic Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Lean 130

9 tech investments entrepreneurs should consider in 2015

The Next Web

Entrepreneur 2015 Investment Tech There are so many new apps or pieces of software designed to make your business life easier – and more new technologies come out every year. It’s easy to get distracted and invest in a shiny widget or exciting new software when what you really need is an answer to a problem. With that thought, I looked for recommendations from business owners in YEC.

Widget 122

Be courageous in 2015

The Equity Kicker

Forbes have published a list of the 7 Cs to guide you in 2015 : Centre yourself. Be curious. Be courageous. Be candid. Be competitive. Instil character. Embrace change. All good advice, but for me ‘be courageous’ is the most interesting on the list. The article expands on the point thus: 3. Be Courageous. The definition of courageous tells us that it is a quality of mind and spirit that enables us to face difficulty, danger and pain without fear.

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Key Insights from Elite Camp 2015 Speakers


Elite Camp 2015 had an enviable line-up of heavy hitters and rock stars. Chris Hexton ( Vero ): Top 10 Email Hacks for 2015. Aleyda Solis ( Orainti ): The Ingredients for SEO success in 2015. The post Key Insights from Elite Camp 2015 Speakers appeared first on ConversionXL. Elite Camp is a 3-day traffic and (mainly) conversion event. It’s among the very best CRO events in the world, and of course in Europe.

Top iOS App Development Trends For 2015 (And Their Business Impact)

YFS Magazine

What does 2015 hold for the iPhone apps market (and the businesses that rely on them to market and sell products and services)? Grow Marketing & Sales mobile mobile app development mobile apps technology

YFS Magazine’s 20 Most Popular Articles Of 2015

YFS Magazine

Out of everything we’ve published in 2015, there were some articles that truly connected with readers across the world. Here’s a look at the 20 most read stories we published in 2015. Editor Picks Entrepreneurship Small Business startups startup lessons top 20 startup advice business lessons

Monthly Roundup October 2015: How To Do Content Marketing Right


As you can see on my personal blog, 2015 has been a very heavy year of writing – which I truly feel grateful for and have enjoyed working on. I will be presenting and sharing thoughts on how to use content and digital marketing to sell books for a group of writers and those interested in Ann Arbor on November 12th, 2015. The post Monthly Roundup October 2015: How To Do Content Marketing Right appeared first on Brandanew.

Market Like Its 1999 In 2015 – 9 Marketing Strategies That Worked Back Then & Still Work Now


By Victoria Treyger, CMO of Kabbage. It seems like every day there’s a new app, search engine update, or upgrade that marketers simply “must” incorporate into their marketing plan, often at the expense of other tactics. While it is important to keep pace with technological and tactical advances, it’s also important to hang on to marketing tools that continue to prove their worth.

Pictures from #FriendsOfK9 2015

K9 Ventures

Check them out by clicking through to the album on Facebook… #FriendsOfK9 2015. The post Pictures from #FriendsOfK9 2015 appeared first on K9 Ventures. Pictures from the #FriendsOfK9 event on Thursday, September 17th are in! K9 The Kennel #FriendsOfK9 Facebook Pictures


Artists and John Mayer Entertain the Crowd at DellWorld 2015


Bathed in a blue hue of light, DellWorld 2015 officially kicked off Tuesday night with a big party in the Austin Convention Center. Another […] The post Artists and John Mayer Entertain the Crowd at DellWorld 2015 appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin DellWorld 2015At the event, Dell brought in a variety of artists to entertain the crowd including a sketch artist. She drew people’s portraits on a tablet computer and then printed them out.

Bridge Group 2015 SaaS Inside Sales Survey Report

For Entrepreneurs

Survey results from 342 B2B SaaS companies on key inside sales metrics including group structure, ramp and retention, quota and compensation, activity & technology and leadership. Intro The SaaS model has become mainstream, and is everywhere. Gone are the early fears of data privacy and security, and now even late adopters are using SaaS for […]. Startup Help Inside Sales inside sales management Survey

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Branding Your Startup- Monthly Round Up, June 2015


The post Branding Your Startup- Monthly Round Up, June 2015 appeared first on Brandanew. The month of June just ended, and was full of wonderful energy and creativity at Brandanew. As usual, here’s a round up of all the content we shared with our partners in the last month. The tips are summarized here for all the readers to have a quick overview of various topics and themes. This month we worked a lot with Startups and also shared our own stories.

The 15 Best Movies for Entrepreneurs of 2015

Up and Running

If you’re looking for a movie recommendation, I’ve curated this list of 15 films from 2015 that are worth your time. This was one of my favorites from 2015. 2015 gave us two Pixar movies, but if you only have time for one, “Inside Out” (an Oscar frontrunner) is much, much better than “The Good Dinosaur” (on track to become the studio’s first commercial disappointment ). This is unequivocally the movie of 2015. Share your favorite films from 2015 in the comments below.

The Great Coding School Rollup of 2015

Feld Thoughts

The post The Great Coding School Rollup of 2015 appeared first on Feld Thoughts. I just saw my first proposal for a Coding School Rollup. As you are probably aware, 2014 saw the explosion of coding schools all over the US. These are typically four to 12 week programs. Some are full-time, others are part-time. Many are immersive and include internships. A few are longer than 12 weeks.

7 Social Media Events In 2015 Most That You Can Still Make To


A biggie or newbie, here are 7 social media events in 2015 most that you can still make it to if your decisions are made at the speed of light. Date: November 10-11, 2015. Date: September 23-24, 2015. Date: June 15 – 16, 2015. Content Marketing World 2015. Date: September 8 – 11, 2015. INBOUND 2015. Date: September 8 – 11, 2015. About: INBOUND 2015 is ‘the’ event for all inbound and digital marketers.

The Year Of Customer Delight: In 2015, Rewire Your Culture Around Service


So when I suggest making 2015 the year you hardwire uplifting service into your culture, you might be tempted to shrug me off. That’s why, if you want to make 2015 the year you make the leap, commit to my Seven Rules of Service Leadership: Rule 1: Declare service a top priority. The best part about kicking off 2015 with a commitment to uplifting service?

Speak at The Lean Startup Conference 2015

Startup Lessons Learned

Last week we announced the first round of entrepreneurs and practitioners confirmed to speak at the 2015 Lean Startup Conference. What follows is a guest post by Kirsten Cluthe, the new Editorial Director of The Lean Startup Conference. Kirsten is leading our program development and speaker selection -- curating a four day, multi-tracked, 2000-person event.

Lean 125

2015 Q2 DDoS Threat Landscape Report: The Downside Of The Decline Of Search Engine Impersonator Bots, And What It Means For DDoS Attacks


in 2015 seems like good news. In fact, while the top ten fabricated user-agent variants accounted for 90% of application layer DDoS attacks from November 2013 to February 2014, the top ten fabricated user-agent variants accounted for just 43% of application layer DDoS attacks from March to May of 2015. Source: Incapsula Q2 2015 DDoS Global Threat Landscape Full Report.

Search 167

As Year-End Approaches, 4 Things Businesses Should Do Now To Ensure 2015 Success


by Richard Milam , the Founder and CEO of EnableSoft Incorporated. The end of the fiscal year marks a time of reflection and a chance for businesses to set forth tactics and goals to boost performance and profitability when leaping into the next fiscal year.

How To Make it In Mobile: New Customer Experience Research & Trends For 2015


by Young Pham, chief strategy officer at Comrade. Mobile is opening the door for designing new experiences that compliment a brand’s physical presence. The context of when, where and what a customer is doing during their day allows companies to enhance a person’s interaction and customize device-specific experiences.

Mobile 152

5 Insights from Every Speaker of ConversionXL Live 2015


I took inspiration from the good things I’ve seen at other conferences, made sure I avoided the bad things – and so ConversionXL Live 2015 was born. André Morys Web Arts (@morys) March 12, 2015. ConversionXL Live 2015 was a success, and we’ll do it again next year. The post 5 Insights from Every Speaker of ConversionXL Live 2015 appeared first on ConversionXL. I’ve been to a lot of conferences. A lot. Most of them are mediocre.

Conversion Feud – Live Entertainment Show at ConversionXL Live 2015


The post Conversion Feud – Live Entertainment Show at ConversionXL Live 2015 appeared first on ConversionXL. At ConversionXL Live fun is a serious business. This year we tried something never done before – we played a Family Feud style game show we called Conversion Feud. We had two teams of speakers, trying to guess what the actual conference audience (who were surveyed before) answered to questions asked from the contestants.