Business 2015 - Optimism, But Upgrade Your Strategy

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Growth is projected to continue at a 3 percent rate, consumer confidence is gaining strongly, hiring is on the rise, and job openings are at a near record level. A healthy manufacturing sector, likely to gain even more strength in 2015, is creating an impetus to invest.

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How To Hire Rock Star Employees


Hiring someone who will be “highly admired” in the workplace is the ultimate goal when filling any type of position. In a 2015 small business survey, 42% of small business owners identified hiring new talent as their biggest challenge.

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Hiring Employees: Should I Hire New Graduates Or Seasoned Talent?

YFS Magazine

Grow Human Capital hiring employees hiring interns HR human capital human resourcesUltimately, when you strike the right balance between fresh talent and experienced professionals you will create a progressive company culture that is poised to meet the diverse needs of the market.

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6 Key Hires For Your Startup

YFS Magazine

Here's a look at six key hires that can greatly support a growing small business. Grow Human Capital delegation hiring employees HR human capital human resources outsourcing staffing starting a business

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Branding Your Startup- Monthly Round Up, June 2015


a) How to hire social media marketing staff for your Startup is a question that’s not easy for a lean organization. We offer some tips including: > hire for attitudes not locations (yes, remote IS a thing). > > hire for collaborative ideas. >ensure

5 Things To Do To Make Sure Your First Hire Is A Good One


Perhaps almost as exciting as starting a new business is making your first hire. So the last thing you want to do is have it all go wrong by hiring someone who’s a bad fit, making mistakes with their paperwork or paycheck, or failing to do your proper due diligence on the candidate.

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5 Things Businesses Should Do Now To Ensure 2015 Success


With the end of the 2015 fiscal year nearing, businesses may be reviewing their consolidated revenues and thinking of ways they can increase their profit margin as they enter the new fiscal year or second-half of the calendar year.

8 Scientific Steps For Hiring The Best Salesperson


While the science and data debate persists among salespeople, with each side having valid points, the issue becomes clearer when discussing the best practices of hiring of a salesperson. Bad hires not only affect the company’s bottom line but can ultimately impact the lives of its employees.

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NextView’s 2015 Year in Review: Recapping Investments, Experiments & the Theme of the Year

View from Seed

In 2015, we decided to triple down on this idea of focus. To help entrepreneurs, we launched a platform of resources as part of our new site, a 5-star-rated podcast specifically to discuss this topic, and several new internal systems and programs to better serve our entrepreneurs facing challenges like hiring or raising their next round. As a result, we hired Tim Devane to be our NY-based Principal. Of the 10 investments we made in 2015, 7 were pre-product.

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How to Hire Your First Employee

Up and Running

Before you get there, however, you have to actually complete the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process. Their responses ranged from practical tips on hiring to what to look for in a first employee. See Also: Is It Time to Hire an Employee? Hire for your weaknesses.

Should Startups Hire Consultants? 7 Benefits To Hiring Consultants


Providing Coveted Time for Hiring. A consultant can offer the extra effort you need to get over the hump, filling a role until you can hire for a specific position. This helps fill a gap so you aren’t rushed through the hiring process.

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The art of hiring a data scientist

Version One Ventures

Since then, over 400 Insight alumni have been hired as data scientists or data engineers at top tier companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Airbnb, and Google. Although I formally left the company in March 2013 (but continue to have an advisory role there), I still field countless questions from entrepreneurs who are looking to hire a data scientist. In addition, you earn their loyalty for taking a chance on them straight out of school and the cost of hiring is lower.

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3 Tips For Hiring Managers On How To Recruit Veterans


It’s great that so many businesses are saying they want to hire veterans. You have to do some legwork to meet them halfway, but for some hiring managers they might not know where to start, especially if they don’t have a military background.

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3 Secrets For Hiring On Wall Street Versus Silicon Valley


Effective recruiters hiring in San Francisco, therefore, should not simply call on prospective candidates and spit out an exhausting list of job requirements. Hiring managers in NYC, therefore, need to tailor their ‘pitch’ to the candidate by focusing on immediate earning opportunities.

How do I figure out who my next important hire should be?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

The question is: How do you decide what role is most important to hire for? If I hire someone to do X, I’ll have time for Y and Z. Hire the best person for that role. Examples: You hire the VP of Engineering for Facebook.

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20 Business Laws Every Entrepreneur Should Know in 2015

Up and Running

Hiring employees. The amount of time an employee works for you will make a difference when it comes to taxes, so research the difference between a W-2 employee and a 1099 employee before making any hiring decisions. Are you finally ready to turn your business idea into a reality?

7 Reasons A Small Business Should Hire Advisors 


The right advisor can have a greater impact on the success of your small business than any other hire you ever make. It’s time small businesses started hiring more advisors. by Jonathan Aspatore, CEO of ExecRank.

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Should We Bring SEO In-House Or Hire A Freelance SEO Specialist?

YFS Magazine

If you are thinking about hiring an SEO agency to handle website optimization, there are generally two types services available today – freelance or bringing it in-house.

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How to Become Your Own Boss in 2015 (Webinar Recap)

Up and Running

Things like your secret sauce, things that are specific to how you do business and they are very, very important that you think about them as part of your business and not just things that are done eventually when you’re busting at the seams and you finally want to hire people.

Hiring The First Batch Of Employees For Your Startup


One of the first things that you need to do is hire your first batch of employees. But if you’ve never hired people before, it can be daunting. For a start, you will need to decide how many people you need to hire in your startup.

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Your 2015 guide to summer reading for startups

The Next Web

The book should be a must-read for any startup founder considering hiring remote employees, as well as anyone who works remotely. Summer has unofficially begun here in the U.S.

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Hiring New Talent? Seven Ways To Spot Entrepreneurial DNA


Be sure your new hires have entrepreneurial DNA. Identifying and hiring entrepreneurial candidates is one of the best things you can do for your bottom line, because these individuals will be self-reliant, engaged, empowered, and innovative problem solvers.

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What To Look For In A Reputable Crane Hire Company


What I’m saying here is that when you’re choosing a crane hire company, it pays to be vigilant and very thorough in your choosing – even if you’re only building a four story building as opposed to a huge, almost-a-kilometre-high building. Others building and construction industry crane hire

15 Steps to Hiring Employees

Up and Running

If you’re ready to hire your first employee, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Before you hire your first employee, you’ll need to set up your EIN, or Employer Identification Number. See Also: Is It Time to Hire an Employee? Interview and hire.

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2015 Q2 DDoS Threat Landscape Report: The Downside Of The Decline Of Search Engine Impersonator Bots, And What It Means For DDoS Attacks


in 2015 seems like good news. Source: Incapsula Q2 2015 DDoS Global Threat Landscape Full Report. All of the above information on search engine impersonator bots and user-agent variants comes from the Incapsula Q2 2015 DDoS Global Threat Landscape Report.

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What Did Entrepreneurs Learn in 2015?

Up and Running

With this period of reflection, it’s a good idea to take a look at what worked—and what didn’t—for your business in 2015. I asked the entrepreneurs of the YEC to share with me their biggest takeaways for their businesses from 2015, and what lessons they learned.

Streamlining The Hiring Process: Three Areas All Businesses Should Focus On


The hiring process, though crucial to any business can prove very tedious and time consuming. Although the unemployment rates are declining, old hiring practices could prove to be very costly for hiring managers.

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Skills To Look For When Hiring An HR Manager For Your Expanding Business


As a new business, you may need your HR person to get involved with recruiting and hiring new staff as you continue to expand. Advice For The Young At Heart hiring hiring practices HR human resources

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Hiring Hybrid: How To Use Old-Fashioned And Modern Tactics To Find Talent


But depending solely on the newest systems to build a team could actually prevent you from hiring the best talent you need to develop a strong, sustainable company. When you want to hire great talent, you need to look at the human side of things.

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5 Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor For Your Business


Here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a financial advisor: 1. Running your own business is more than just a job. It’s a way of life. From the initial concept, through those faltering early days and (hopefully) on to success and growth, a business becomes a 24/7 commitment.

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AppDirect Is Hiring After Closing a $50 Million Financing

Feld Thoughts

The post AppDirect Is Hiring After Closing a $50 Million Financing appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Earlier this year, we took part in a $50 million Series D investment round in AppDirect. Headquartered in San Francisco, AppDirect makes it easy for businesses to find, buy, manage, and monitor cloud services from a central location. They also give providers and developers an easy way to distribute, sell, and market cloud services.

Hire slowly. Fire fast.


New hires can shore up the weak areas of a business in ways existing employees cannot, if hiring is done to fill true needs. Slow down and take more care in the hiring process. Every hiring opportunity is a window to improve the company.

A Guide: Successfully Hiring Code Bootcamp Grads

For Entrepreneurs

Recruiting Hiring Startup HelpThe following is a guest post by Rob Gonzalez. Rob is the co-founder of Salsify, a leading cloud-based product content management and syndication solution that I invested in in 2013 and where I currently serve on the board. Prior to founding Salsify, Rob was at IBM, Endeca and Cambridge Semantics in senior product management roles.

How To Find, Vet And Hire A Software Consultant

YFS Magazine

If you are running a business, chances are you will need the services of a software consultant at some point. Grow Operations software consultant software engineer technology

Hire A Mobile App Developer That Is Both Crazy And Qualified

YFS Magazine

While most entrepreneurs think their mobile app idea is game-changing, a successful app takes collaboration. Grow Marketing & Sales appreneur mobile mobile app mobile app development technology

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Hiring for Fit Gets You to IPO, but Over Time, Hiring for Potential Wins

Hunter Walker

I was DMing Wharton Professor Adam Grant before he even finished delivering the talk describing different startup hiring models and their correlation to success or failure. The actual research about whether culture fit hiring impacts success or not!

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Hiring Momentum: Underrated Component of Startup Success

Hunter Walker

But there are signs to look for, such as (A) do their former coworkers want to work with them again and (B) asking about their hiring plan. And don’t fall back on the crutch that hiring is hard because you didn’t go to Stanford or work at Facebook. Shyp made a key hire before their seed round had even closed and has built an incredible team without founders having the valley pedigree.

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Tech Industry Hiring In Canada Continues To Grow


This has shown that the state of hiring within the Canadian tech industry in current cities and emerging cities are growing. Hiring for tech jobs in Vancouver is all done online. or Indeed are used by HR professionals searching to hire within the British Columbia tech industry.

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Hiring a data-driven modern marketing team

The Next Web

Nick is the founder and CEO of Delmondo. He works with brands and startups improving their digital marketing and social media strategy, focusing on branded content. The recent proliferation in new channels (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, digital TV, mobile messaging apps) ?and

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12 Signs You Need to Hire a Manager

Up and Running

We asked 12 founders from the YEC to share with us when they knew it was time to hire a manager (or a few managers) to oversee the day-to-day activities of their business. There are many lagging signs telling you it’s time to hire someone to handle day-to-day operations.

Avoid These Big Mistakes When Hiring Your Next Keynote Speaker


How to Keep This from Happening at Your Event: When you hire a top business keynote speaker , don’t shy away from someone who promotes his or her accomplishments. To prevent yourself from hiring the Shameless Self-Promoter, contact a few of the speaker’s past clients before signing a contract.

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Hire People Who Care

Mike Michalowicz

Culture Entrepreneurship Hiring & Firing Human Resources Motivation Persistence Recruiting employer lose reflect skills tremendously win workI don’t care what your skills are. If you don’t give a s**t, it will be reflected in what you do. And I, your employer, will lose.

A founder’s advice on hiring a VP of Sales

Version One Ventures

In this case, one of V1’s portfolio companies has been looking to hire a VP of Sales and I asked Jon Zimmerman ( @jpzimmerman ), CEO of Front Desk , to share his experiences and insight on the matter. The resulting dialogue proved so thoughtful and valuable that I wanted to share parts of it with others who might be wondering if it’s time to hire a VP of Sales. However, for us, this would have been the wrong hire. Understand your economics before you hire.

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