7 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Brand Success in 2016


Here are some marketing predictions for your brand success in 2016. The post 7 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Brand Success in 2016 appeared first on Brandanew. Digital marketing has gone under some major makeovers over the last few years.

Invite: Digital Marketing And Brand Storytelling Trends 2016 Workshop


I’m thrilled to share that Brandanew will be hosting its first digital marketing and brand storytelling trends 2016 workshop on January 15 in Delhi. This will be a good way to start 2016 on a creative and fun note!

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What Did And Did Not Happen In 2016

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

As a starting point for looking back on 2016, we can start with my What Is Going To Happen In 2016 post from Jan 1st 2016. I thought AR/VR and wearables would disappoint in 2016. As my friend Sunil points out, the biggest thing in AR/VR in 2016 was Pokemon Go : Easy to build content (apps) on a cheap widespread hardware platform (smartphones) beat out sophisticated and high resolution content on purpose built expensive hardware (content on VR headsets).

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What Is Going To Happen In 2016

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Oculus will finally ship the Rift in 2016. We just learned that the Touch controller won’t ship with the Rift and is delayed until later in 2016. We will see a new form of wearables take off in 2016. One of the big four will falter in 2016. They did not have a great year in 2015 and I’m thinking that it will get worse in 2016. Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2016. It’s easier to predict the medium to long term future.

NYU Commencement Speech 2016

Steve Blank

Congratulations class of 2016. NYU Engineering Commencement Speech. Thank you for the opportunity to address you on your graduation from this esteemed engineering school. I’m honored to help you celebrate this important milestone.

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7 Ways To Future Proof Your Brand In 2016 And Beyond (And A Bonus)


How can you future proof your brand in 2016 and beyond? Stay tuned to all digital marketing trends for 2016 and beyond with our branding and storytelling workshops. 7 Ways To Future Proof Your Brand In 2016 And Beyond. There are old brand ads that we still love.

New Social Media Trends For Brand Success in 2016: What To Expect On Facebook!


We had recently shared the digital media trends for your brands in 2016 , and some of the changes recommended by Facebook, seem to be playing into those totally! Get updated with what new to expect on Facebook in 2016! These are the new social media trends for brand success in 2016.

25 Marketers Share Awesome Social Analytics Tools For 2016


Social analytics and video marketing are likely to be the key marketing trends for 2016. Brands that will stand-out in 2016 will leverage the power of the community and create a strong ROI based on measurable data-backed decisions. 16 Top Social Analytics Tools For 2016.

Venture Outlook 2016

Both Sides of the Table

Fast forward 3 years and looking out into the 2016 horizon, what do I see? Final venture outlook 2016 from Mark Suster. So my outlook for 2016? I suspect this won’t pop until after 2016 when retail investors tire of the promise of easy money in tech.

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Some of My Favorite Books in 2016

Feld Thoughts

If you want to see some of my favorite books from 2016 that I read on my Kindle, take a look at my Feld Thoughts 2016 Books. The post Some of My Favorite Books in 2016 appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Amazon is setting up Kindle bookshelves for some people, including me. I log all the books I read (Kindle or physical) on my Goodreads page. Interestingly, Goodreads is also owned by Amazon. It’ll be fun to see if / how they ultimately integrate all this stuff.


Some Thoughts on Leadership Going into 2016

Both Sides of the Table

It’s a new year – 2016. 2016 is going to be a tough year. Having time to think about “leadership” at most startups feels like a luxury. It feels like something you could turn your attention to once you have tens of millions of dollars and a large staff to run operations and you could step back from it all and think about how to lead. The reality of most startups is about survival.

The Full Dataset on What VCs are Thinking About Funding in 2016

Both Sides of the Table

Our last thoughts on the VC funding markets heading into 2016 was published here and I followed up with a little more context on the resetting of the venture industry , some thoughts on how startups are valued and how to think about burn rates at startups.

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5 Terrible Social Media Fails in 2016 That You Must Avoid


Let us see some Social Media fails and disasters of 2016, so far… Create a LOVED brand. 5 Terrible Social Media Fails in 2016 That You Must Avoid. Learning : Please behave like we live in 2016 brands! Brands are closer to their audience with the help of social media.

The Venture Deals Course – Spring 2016 – Is Free

Feld Thoughts

This time it is free and runs from April 24, 2016 – June 13, 2016. Take a look at the overview for the Venture Deals Course for Spring 2016 and sign up and join us if you are interested. The post The Venture Deals Course – Spring 2016 – Is Free appeared first on Feld Thoughts. The Kauffman Fellows Academy is offering another session of the Venture Deals course on the NovoEd platform.

The 7 Best Motivational Books of 2016

Inc Startups

While 2016 was a difficult year politically, it was a great year for motivational books


Intrapreneurship Chicago 2016

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

So, you may be surprised when I bend over backwards to promote Intrapreneurship Chicago 2016. In recent years I’ve become a bit anti-conference. I still go to some but I find the formats tired. The formula favors big name authors and speakers who sometimes miss the mark.

[Singapore][Event] Galboss Asia Symposium 2016


For tickets or more information, check out Galboss Asia Symposium 2016’s website. Events & Happenings empowering women event Galboss Galboss Symposium 2016 women women entrepreneurs women power

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2016 SaaS Survey Infographic

For Entrepreneurs

The forEntrepreneurs 2016 SaaS Survey Infographic highlights key metrics from this year’s SaaS Survey and includes links to advice and insights on improving these metrics. You can find the full 2016 SaaS survey results here: Part 1 covers growth rates, go-to-market trends and cost structure. Part 2 dives into a comparison of application delivery methods, operational costs, gross margins, SaaS churn SaaS metrics Startup Help

2016’s Small Business Technology Trends

Up and Running

The growing acceptance of Apple Pay, as well as the PayPal App’s allowance for paying for store purchases and even restaurant bills from within the app, will bring this trend to the fore in 2016. These technology trends are set to drive small business in 2016.

25 New Year Resolutions To Help You Become an Awesome Storyteller in 2016


A good overall goal that I’ve been working on is to become an awesome storyteller in 2016. 25 New Year Resolutions To Help You Become an Awesome Storyteller in 2016. The post 25 New Year Resolutions To Help You Become an Awesome Storyteller in 2016 appeared first on Brandanew.

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Top 20 San Antonio Technology Stories in 2016


San Antonio had a roller coaster year in tech in 2016 with the sale of one of its largest technology companies, Rackspace, to Apollo Global for $4.3

Top 25 Technology Blogs In 2016 You Need To Follow

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Since we all love blogs and being informed, and since we’re sure that you love to too, we have done our research and found the Top 25 Tech Blogs of 2016. She has also won many awards during the past years and also her company in 2016 raised $8.5M

A Year in Review: 2016

Version One Ventures

We couldn’t begin any recap of 2016 without focusing on the bubble we hear so much about. So, what really happened in 2016? As Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint showed, in February 2016, public SaaS companies had fallen 57% from their highs. forward revenue in February 2016 (the low), they appreciated by 6% each month for the following six months. 2016 for Version One companies. Collectively, our companies raised over $100M in 2016.

Tech Wildcatters Pitch Day May 2016

The Startup Lawyer

Tech Wildcatters, the original Dallas accelerator, is hosting their first pitch day of 2016 on May 26th at the House of Blues in Dallas.

Inspirational Videos to Kickstart Your 2016

Up and Running

This year, I’ve selected ten videos that not only sum up what kind of a year 2015 was, but also will jumpstart your drive to make 2016 the best year yet for you and your business. See Also: 2016 Top Technology Trends. Blue Origin’s reusable rocket, the New Shepherd.

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What Do LPs Think of the Venture Capital Markets for 2016?

Both Sides of the Table

Final upfront lp survey data 2016 from Mark Suster. At the Upfront Summit in early February, we had a chance to have many off-the-record conversations with Limited Partners (LPs) who fund Venture Capital (VC) funds about their views of the market.

6 Innovations that Have Changed E-commerce in 2016

Inc Startups

From Apple Pay to Shopify Capital to beacon technology, these 6 innovations have changed e-commerce in 2016

Exits in Canada: September 2016


The post Exits in Canada: September 2016 appeared first on StartupCFO : Mark MacLeod. After a slow Summer, Canadian IT exits picked up last month with 10 deals closed. Here are the highlights for the closed deals last month: 10 deals closed (5 last month). 3 of the deals had a disclosed value.

10 Storytelling Festivals You Must Attend in 2016


Our digital marketing trends for 2016 show us that this field is going to rise, and consumers want businesses to tell them engaging stories. Today, I’ll share a list of storytelling festivals you must attend in 2016. So, which storytelling events are you attending in 2016?

Raising Capital for Marketplaces in 2016

Version One Ventures

Two months ago, Point Nine put together a very helpful chart linking important milestones and fundraising stages for SaaS companies: “What does it take to raise capital, in SaaS, in 2016?”. The post Raising Capital for Marketplaces in 2016 appeared first on Version One. A question we’re often asked during conversations with early-stage entrepreneurs is “What do investors look for when considering a Seed or Series A startup?”

10 Expert Marketing Predictions for 2016

Inc Startups

10 experts share their forecasts for 2016 The New Year is upon us, but what is in store for marketers?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech: 2016 Update

View from Seed

Most impressively, there seems to be a thriving startup of every flavor, with many more joining the list of Pillar Startups on the Guide in 2016 compared to 2015. The post The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech: 2016 Update appeared first on NextView Ventures.

What Do Industry Insiders Think Will Happen in VC in 2016?

Both Sides of the Table

Of course sentiment can swing wildly with new information but I set out to take the pulse of the market as we enter 2016. And the outlook for 2016 shows 77% of VCs expect it to take even longer in the months ahead. Upfront vc analysis 2016 from Mark Suster.

The 10 Best Business Books of 2016 (So Far)

Inc Startups

Here are 10 of the best business books to hit the shelves in 2016 (so far) that are worth sinking your teeth into


9 Sustainable Investing Trends for 2016

Inc Startups

Will 2016 be the year investors pivot to longer-term value


6 Tips for SEO and Marketing in 2016

Inc Startups

SEO and marketing has changed in 2016. They are more closely interlinked than ever before

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InnoTech Austin Announces 2016 IT Executives of the Year Finalists


The conference organizers announced finalists for its 2016 IT executives of the year awards. The finalists for corporate IT […] The post InnoTech Austin Announces 2016 IT Executives of the Year Finalists appeared first on SiliconHills.

Digital Marketing in 2016: What to Expect

Inc Startups

Another year is done and 2016 is starting to get rolling. What will that mean for digital marketing

5 Ways to Succeed with Digital Marketing in 2016

Inc Startups

These tips will help you stay ahead of the digital marketing game in 2016

Exits in Canada: February 2016


The post Exits in Canada: February 2016 appeared first on StartupCFO : Mark MacLeod. As we get busier and busier with exit work at SurePath , I thought I’d share some of the data that we track. We work primarily with SaaS, e-commerce and marketplace companies.