What Happened In 2017

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Today, we focus on what happened in 2017. Crypto: I went back and looked at my predictions for 2017 and I completely whiffed on the breakout year for crypto. I did not even mention it in my post on New Year’s Day 2017.

Mary Meeker’s Internet And Digital Trends for 2017


Here are some of my favorite key takeaways: Mary Meeker’s Key Internet and Digital Trends for 2017. Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report. The post Mary Meeker’s Internet And Digital Trends for 2017 appeared first on.

2017 Is A Prime Year For …

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Ok – first nerd joke of 2017 for me. 2017 is a prime number. But 2017 is a pretty special prime. In fact 2017 is a sexy prime with 2011 – bet you didn’t know that! The post 2017 Is A Prime Year For … appeared first on Feld Thoughts.


Venture Deals Online Course – 2017

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The Venture Deals Online Course for this spring starts this Sunday May 14, 2017 and runs through July 3, 2017. The post Venture Deals Online Course – 2017 appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Dalhousie University Commencement Speech – 2017

Steve Blank

— Now graduates of 2017, as you turn back to your phones, light a path for the better angels. Light a path for the better angels.

Global Outlook: China December 2017


China China 2017 China Economy One ChinaMainland China Outlook: The economy continues to defy signs of an abrupt slowdown on the back of resilient household consumption. GDP expanded 6.8% annually in Q3, just a notch below H1’s 6.9% increase and comfortably in line to achieve this year’s 6.5%

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Hello, 2017

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2016 was one heck of a year. It started with a fairly big shakeup professionally. I didn’t end up taking much time off; instead I started meeting with lots of people and looking for my next adventure. In July, 2016 I announced the launch of my new startup, Highline BETA. Over the second half of […]. Personal Development

Colorado Global EIR 2017 Applications

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The 2017 applications for the Colorado Global EIR are now open through April 15, 2017. GEiR terms will begin September 2017 (or once visas are approved) on a one-year basis, with a potential opportunity for renewal up to two additional years. You can apply for the Colorado Global EIR 2017 or email geir-apply@colorado.edu. The post Colorado Global EIR 2017 Applications appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

What Is Going To Happen In 2017

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Look for entrepreneurs and the VCs that back them to have IPO fever in 2017. I expect we will see more tech IPOs in 2017 than we have since 2000. It will be nearly impossible to raise money for an online advertising business in 2017. This scenario will take years to play out, but the seeds have been sown and we will start to see this scenario play out in 2017. These are my big predictions for 2017. And I think that strategy will pay dividends in 2017.

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Voluntary Quits 2017


Quits, layoffs and discharges, other separations, and total separations, January 2007–November 2017 From the BLS: The number of total separations, which is the sum of quits, layoffs and discharges, and other separations, was 5.2 Economics Voluntary Quits 2016 Voluntary Quits 2017

Ethanol Outlook September 2017


per gallon in Q4 2017 and USD 1.68 Ethanol prices remained relatively unchanged over the past month, as increasing production in the U.S. and Brazil kept a tab on demand-induced upward price pressures. The spot price registered on 8 September was USD 1.64 per gallon. The price was 0.6%

Roundup of 2017 VC Predictions and Tech Industry Reports

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2017 Predictions. Hope your 2017 is off to a great start. Below is a selection of themes and predictions for startups/venture/tech in 2017. 2017 VC Predictions. Accel 2017 state of the union – [link]. Time – Tech Predictions for 2017 – [link].

Baker Hughes Metrics April 13, 2017


The yoy production would rise by 215 kb/d in 2017 if we account for the impact of the estimated remaining county-level well backlog being gradually brought back online between 4Q16 and 1H17. Baker Hughes Oil Gas 2017For the 13th week in a row.April 13 (Reuters) - U.S.

2017 Flyover

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Facebook generates an annual collation of “memories” for every member. I looked at mine and felt it was too shallow. Google Search summarizes the most common queries across its user base at the end of each year in video below

My Partners Blogging In 2017

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My other two partners, Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson have blogged in the past, ut took a break in 2017. Lindel is getting into a grove with posts like Saying “No” too often is part of being a good investor , Mi Casa Es Su Casa – How we seek to interact with our family of GPs , and Venture Risk and Return circa 2017. The post My Partners Blogging In 2017 appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Is 2017 The Year Of Flat Headcount?

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If you are growing at a rate of less than 50% year over year, you should consider viewing 2017 as the year of flat headcount. As budgets are settling down and getting approved for many of the companies I’m on the board of, I’m seeing a general trend of much less headcount growth in 2017 than in 2016. The post Is 2017 The Year Of Flat Headcount?

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Profiles on 2017 Boulder City Council Candidates

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The post Profiles on 2017 Boulder City Council Candidates appeared first on Feld Thoughts. On October 19th, Engage Boulder is hosting a breakfast with me from 7:30am to 9:30am to discuss the past, present, and future of Boulder. I’ve lived and worked here since 1995 so I’ve seen, and be involved in, a lot of the evolution of our city over this period of time.

How SMB Owners Can Utilize Digital Changes in 2017 to Increase Profits


Constant digital changes in 2017 and beyond will be the major, predominant force in the world of modern business. Let’s learn how digital can make your brands special in 2017… Learning how to go Digital? Are you ready for paper-less and efficient digital changes in 2017?

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Salt In China 2017


China Jan 2 2017 China salt monopoly salt market asiaA little economic history: the word salary is derived from salt. Beijing prepares to dissolve ancient grip on salt market - Link Salt, salt production, and salt taxes played key roles in Chinese history, economic development, and relations between state and society. The lure of salt profits led to technological innovation and new ways to organize capital.

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Top Five Branding Strategies You Can Leverage in 2017


What could you learn from big players in 2017? Top Five Branding Strategies You Can Leverage in 2017. The post Top Five Branding Strategies You Can Leverage in 2017 appeared first on Brandanew: Content Marketing & Branding Services.

Heading to CES 2017

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I relax into the density of the amount of stuff getting shipping in 2017, as I think about where it will be in 2022. The post Heading to CES 2017 appeared first on Feld Thoughts. I’ll be at CES from Wednesday to Friday. I went for many years, punted for the past few years, but decided to go again this year. Techstars runs a big program called the Startup Stage that has three days of programming.

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The Weekly Independent: November 20, 2017

Startup Professionals Musings

This is the November 20, 2017 edition News and notes for independent professionals and their clients.


10 Ways To Keep The Road Ahead In 2017 A Happy One

Startup Professionals Musings

You’ve probably already made your resolutions for 2017, but if not, I suggest a renewed commitment to finding happiness and satisfaction in your chosen business lifestyle. Make your resolution today to keep the long road ahead in 2017 a satisfying one.

7 Insanely Easy Ways to Mess Up Your Social Media Efforts in 2017


Your social media efforts in 2017 will define how your brand is perceived by new and existing customers. Remember, you do not want to be creating social fails in 2017. 7 Insanely Easy Ways to Mess Up Your Social Media Efforts in 2017.

Five Business Technology Trends for 2017

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We’re at that moment right before it takes off, and 2017 looks to be the tipping point,” says Tony Zhao, founder of a real-time communications firm Agora.io , which gives businesses the ability to seamlessly embed HD live-streaming video and interactive broadcasting into their app or website.

48in48 NYC 2017 in Pictures

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The post 48in48 NYC 2017 in Pictures appeared first on Begin the Begin. We just finished our 7th overall (!!!) and 2nd in New York City 48in48 event – where we build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours with 100+ volunteers – and it was incredible!

Hacking for Defense @ Stanford 2017 – Lessons Learned Presentations

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We just finished our second Hacking for Defense class at Stanford. Eight teams presented their Lessons Learned presentations. Hacking for Defense is a battle-tested problem-solving methodology that runs at Silicon Valley speed.

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Top 3 Posts in 2017

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Below is a list of my top three posts in 2017 based on pageviews. The post Top 3 Posts in 2017 appeared first on WALKER CORPORATE LAW GROUP, PLLC. Happy New Year! Cheers, Scott. How To Raise a Seed Round: Three Basic Tips for Founders.

Should You Launch a Business in 2017? A Look at Economic Trends

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Spring 2017 Small Business Owner Report. Starting a Business 2017 business climate curated content economic trends small business startupAre you thinking of launching your business this year? How do you know when it’s the right time?

Mental Health in the Workplace in 2017

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Mental Health in the Workplace in 2017


Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017


Among all the new posts that were published in 2017, here are the ones that got the most attention. The post Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017 appeared first on CXL. We publish a lot of well-researched content.

Your Survival Guide to Planning for the 2017 Holiday Season

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Countdown: Holiday 2017These four manufacturing and logistics tips are critical to winning the holidays.


Entrepreneurs May Look Different in 2017

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Entrepreneur trends to know in 2017

My 2017 Phone Homescreen

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The post My 2017 Phone Homescreen appeared first on Begin the Begin. I’m always fascinated by what apps my friends are using on their phones. Perhaps its because I run a mobile innovation company ( Dragon Army ), but the reality is that I’m just an app junky :). Before I start, my homescreen comes from the Pixel 2, in my opinion the best Android phone on the market. I’ve tried the Samsungs and this device is simply rock solid and full of great features.

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Last Chance to Sign Up For The Fall 2017 Venture Deals Course

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The post Last Chance to Sign Up For The Fall 2017 Venture Deals Course appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Kauffman Fellows and Techstars are running another cycle of the Venture Deals course with me and Jason Mendelson. Signups close tomorrow as the course runs from 9/24/17 – 11/13/17. The course is free to everyone. The seven-week course, which is about five hours of work each week, has the following agenda. Week 1 – Introduction of key players/Form or join a team.

2017 SaaS Survey Infographic

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You can find the full 2017 survey results here: Part 1 shares growth rates, go-to-market trends and cost structure Part 2 covers application delivery methods, operational costs, gross margins, contract terms, churn rates, capital requirements and accounting methods. The third annual forEntrepreneurs SaaS Survey Infographic shares top highlights from this year’s SaaS Survey results!

The Best Business Books of 2017

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My list of the best business books of 2017. Read one. Better yet, read them all. Strategy


The Ten Biggest Trends That Rocked 2017

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Here's what we'll remember of 2017. It's been a cataclysmic year with equal measures of progress and regression. Innovate


26 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Major Accomplishments in 2017


2017 was a bad year for some and for some it was a great year. In the last few days of 2017, we took some time to ask a few entrepreneurs and business what their biggest business accomplishments were. #1- In July 2017, I finished revising a book of nature poetry.

20 Best Business Gadgets of 2017

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Here is my official list of the best gadgets of 2017, the ones that made me most productive. Technology

Why 2017 Should be a Great Year to Raise Venture Capital

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VCs don’t expect any serious corrections to valuations in 2017 and they seem to be taking financial discipline in later-stage companies more seriously valuing unit economics over “growth at any cost.”

The Best and Worst Logos of 2017

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From food chains to sports teams and social networks, here are the most noteworthy rebrands of 2017. Best of Inc

10 Best Albums of 2017 to Pump Up Your Productivity Over the Holiday Break

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Countdown: Holiday 2017You won't be disappointed by any of these albums.