Media, Education and Context in 2020

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I was asked to contribute to a crowdsourced book about the future, looking to predict the world in 2020. ” Media in 2020. The year 2020 will offer a much wider range of media, enabling anyone (and potentially “anything”) to create content and share it with the world.

Why the LP Outlook is Good for Venture and Startups in 2017–2020

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Study: You Will Need This Top Job Skill to Succeed in the Age of Robots by 2020

Inc Startups

World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs Report" reveals the top 10 job skills required for workers to thrive by 2020. The Future


Email Marketing in the Year 2020

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Email marketing, small business email marketing

3 Hottest Technologies That Will Change Your Business By 2020

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Consulting firm KPMG has just released a report covering the top technologies that will drive business transformation over the next three years. Here are the top three. Innovate

Here's Everything Elon Musk's Tesla Hopes to Accomplish by 2020

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It's an incredibly ambitious list. Innovate


4 Entrepreneurs Who Might Run for President in 2020

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The next election could again feature a high-profile candidate from the business world. Politics

Amazon's Best Kept Secret? Alexa Could Kill Email Overload by 2020

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But could the bot help by 2020? Amazon Alexa does not really help with the email deluge today. Technology

Odds Are, Your Culture Will Look Like This in 2020

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The business landscape is changing. This is what the workforce will demand in the next three years

20 Changes Facebook Predicts For 2020: People, Technology, Commerce

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change, future, predictions, facebook, technology, commerce, mobile. Pivot: Reinvention Central

The Future of Work is Here - Reflections on Vision 2020

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4 key takeaways from current thinking and practice


The Trend That Will Define Business By 2020

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It''s already here. Does your company offer what the top talent is looking for


Top 5 Books to Prep for Leadership in 2020

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These reads have an eye on the future of business and leadership

2 Entrepreneurial Challenges You’ll Face by 2020

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The business landscape will evolve and can significantly change by 2020--today''s leaders need to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow


How the Cloud Will Transform Business by 2020

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Companies that don''t take advantage of cloud computing will be in the minority in less than six years. Here''s why

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The 10 Most Important Business Skills in 2020 (Infographic)

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In just six years time, the skills you''ll be looking for in star employees will be vastly different from those ideal in today''s workers. Consider this your crystal ball

Mark Cuban Will Consider Challenging Trump in 2020 Presidential Race--Under a Few Circumstances

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The billionaire investor also dismissed his ranking on Forbes 's annual list of richest Americans.


Half Of The Workforce Will Be Millennials by 2020. Here's How to Rethink Your Recruitment Strategy to Attract Top Talent

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7 ways to bring your recruiting process into the 21st century and ensure that you can compete for top Millennial talent. How to Hire the Best

3 Technologies That Will Reach Inflection Point by 2020

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These technologies are: electric power, computer vision, and cloud computing. Here is why, Where the opportunities are, and what needs to happen

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Mark Cuban Could Beat Trump in the 2020 Election

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A new poll shows the Shark Tank star neck-and-neck with the president among registered voters


Combining entrepreneurship and leadership: Vision India 2020, by Sramana Mitra

Grade A Entrepreneurs

Vision India 2020 by Sramana Mitra describes where India could be – or should be 10 years down the road. Sramana’s Vision India 2020 is an entrepreneurial utopia, as well as a personal and intellectual futuristic autobiography.

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3 Reasons Your 2020 Strategy May Be Doomed

Inc Startups

You may only have three years left, but it doesn't mean you can't greet the new decade with big improvements


2020 Mentorship and the Generational Divide

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Mentors play pivotal roles in a young person's professional development. They guide and share the business life lessons on which a successful career is based. However, it's up to the next generation of worker to seek out the mentors that they need to get ahead

5 Ways Movie Theaters Will Evolve by 2020

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Everyone seems to think movie theaters will soon be extinct, but that''s far from the truth. Here are five innovations that cinemas will make to stave off their demise


Study: Gig Economy Will Be 43% of Workforce By 2020

Inc Startups

Decreases in benefits and increases in unemployment created the perfect storm for a huge economic shift, according to Intuit Inc. and Emergent Research


Midas List 2020: Forerunner’s Eurie Kim (and Why Company Names Matter to Her)

Hunter Walker

Forerunner Ventures is one of Homebrew’s favorite co-investors for consumer commerce/retail startups. Firm founder Kirsten Green has an amazing analytical mind combined with empathy for the consumer.

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This Is How We'll Work Together in The Year 2020

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Wearable tech will shift from novelty to norm in the next 5 years, and it''s going to impact the way we work together


4 Reasons Gen Z Will Rule The Tech World By 2020


Here are a few reasons why Gen Z will change the technology world by 2020: Social media evolution. by Nate Vickery, editor-in-chief of The new generation is coming of age and marketers turn their gaze to the new consumer focus group.

How Leaders Should Equip Themselves to Lead In 2020

Inc Startups

While we don''t have a crystal ball, there are trends and topics that can help leaders prepare for the future


Robots May Take More Than 5 Million Jobs by 2020

Inc Startups

Office and administrative roles are the most at risk


What will marketing departments look like in 2020?

Jeff Hilimire

Last week I was in a brainstorming session with a bunch of marketing people a lot smarter than I am ( I’m not kidding ), and we were brainstorming on what marketing departments will look like in 2020. Random marketing 2020 quoraThe discussion was great and we came up with a lot of interesting directions to explore. Before I share some of the things we landed on, how do you think marketing departments will change over the next eight years?

10 Critical Skills You’ll Need to Succeed at Work in 2020

Inc Startups

Which skills will be most in demand in the coming years? This infographic shows you how to set yourself up for success

Start Today: 20 Habits That Will Help You Be Your Best in 2020

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Who knows what the world will look like in five years? It''s safe to say we''ll have more innovation, inventions and modernization. What we won''t have is more days, hours or moments


The Rapid Rise of the Gig Economy is Changing the Way We Work

Inc Startups

Freelancers are expected to make up 43% of the American workforce by 2020. Startup

NASA's Comeback, George Costanza and Other Thoughts on Leading in 2020

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How we lead in 2020 will depend on our ability to adapt today. We can learn a lot from NASA, and even George Costanza


The Most Important Change You Can Make to Prepare for 2020

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How to use culture as a strategic competitive advantage


The Top 3 Ways To Be a Powerful Business Leader In 2020

Inc Startups

Reinventing oneself as an entrepreneurial leader will be critical over the next handful of years. and it''s easier than you think with these three steps


The #1 Job Skill in 2020 #blindpost

Jeff Hilimire

This blindpost was recommended by @gumboshowjoe and is based on this article, The Number One Job Skill in 2020 , which I didn’t read until after I wrote this. Let’s start with this, what’s different in 2020? In 2020… - Everything will be connected. Whereas today its very easy to create software, in 2020 its very easy to create actual products in your home. - “Marketing” is personalized on a one-to-one basis and its everywhere.

300 Billion: That's How Many Passwords May Be In Use By 2020

Inc Startups

The number of passwords in use is expected to skyrocket over the next few years


Gummy Bear Maker Haribo Will Open Its First U.S. Factory in 2020

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Move over cheese, gummy bears are coming to Wisconsin