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Women Who Venture

Feld Thoughts

I recently met Renata George through a referral from Katie Rae (MIT Engine CEO, previously Techstars Boston MD). Renata told me about a book she was working on called Women Who Venture and asked me if I’d write the foreword. I was honored to be asked to do this. The foreword I wrote follows.

Finding The Right Angel Investor For Your New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

If your startup is looking for an angel investor, it makes sense to present your plan to flocks of angels, and assume that at least one will swoop down and scoop you up. Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn To Code


If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve ever heard someone talking about the debate between Python 2 vs. Python 3 or what the future of modern programming and coding might look like, you could feel lost.

Chewy S-1: Category Leadership + Conveyor Belt Into Consumers’ Homes

View from Seed

Chewy has rapidly grown from a startup to a multi-billion commerce company, establishing itself as the leader in pet e-commerce. Chewy sells tens of thousands of products from many 3rd party brands, as well as its own private label brands (though latter remains <10% of sales).

Learning as We Go with the Power of Retrospectives

Grasshopper Herder

How to use retrospectives so your entire team can get the most out of your experiments. The post Learning as We Go with the Power of Retrospectives appeared first on Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership Productivity Retrospective

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Every Lie We Tell Incurs a Debt to the Truth

Feld Thoughts

I watched HBO’s Chernobyl the past few nights. I finished it last night, took a deep breath, and said out loud to myself, “that was spectacular.” ” One of the final quotes that stuck with me is the title of this post.

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4 Strategies To Ramp Up The Total Customer Experience

Startup Professionals Musings

Much has been written recently about the requirement to focus today on the total customer experience, as a competitive edge or even for survival.

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Building the Best Seed Syndicates

View from Seed

As I like to say, fundraising tends to move slow until it moves fast. It feels like a bit of a grind in the early and mid stages of a process, but in a successful fundraise, things tend to heat up at the end and move at a breakneck pace once you drive towards final allocations and a close. At this point, founders find themselves in a luxurious situation of being able to build the best possible syndicate.

How To Focus On Being Productive, Instead Of Busy

YFS Magazine

Let’s be honest. Entrepreneurs are notoriously busy. You know what we’re talking about –– hustle, grind, repeat. But there's a better way. Lead personal development productivity productivity tips productivity tools

The Importance Of Background Checks When Recruiting

The Startup Magazine

When your company is in the midst of recruiting more individuals, getting background checks done on the prospective employees is always worthwhile.

How To Be A Business Leader As Well As Thought Leader

Startup Professionals Musings

By definition, most entrepreneurs are thought leaders. They have the ability to recognize a market need, the skills to design and implement a solution, and the drive to start a business from that solution. It all comes from within themselves.

4 Things You Should Consider When Hiring A Human Resource Recruiting Agency


One of the most important responsibilities of management is recruiting quality candidates. Both small businesses that don’t have the time or experience to do it right and large businesses seeking experts or a large number of new hires tend to need help.

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Opcity Plans to Open a New Engineering Hub in Downtown Austin with 200 Employees


Opcity announced Thursday plans to open a second office in downtown Austin with up to 200 employees to serve as its product and engineering hub. The Austin-based startup plans to move into its new office at 901 E. 6th Street in the fall.

Finding and turning your flywheel

Version One Ventures

Good to Great is one of those iconic business books that every founder, CEO and business leader should read at some point. In the book Jim Collins identifies eight common traits that “good to great” companies share.

How to Startup a Mortgage Brokerage

The Startup Magazine

Are you interested in starting a mortgage brokerage business? As a entrepreneurial business, the job is a rewarding one. You help business owners, families, and renters close deals on spaces and homes.

8 Ways To Use Personal Values To Highlight Leadership

Startup Professionals Musings

True business success and leadership starts with real personal values, extends to building a team, and finally to inspiring customers and your community. That’s a huge leap from an entrepreneurial idea, to a product, to making money. Is it any wonder that the majority of startups fail?

Creating A Safe Environment For Failure


by Art Barter, CEO of the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) , and author of “ The Art of Servant Leadership II: How You Get Results Is More Important Than the Results Themselves “ Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. – John Wooden. No one likes to use the word failure.

In the land of the blind.the one-eyed man is King

deal architect

I only half-jokingly proposed that to my editor as the sub-title for SAP Nation 3.0. One of the reasons the book comes out, on balance, positive to SAP is because it is developing, acquiring, releasing a new generation of enterprise. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

20 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Leaders They Look Up To


In our societies and business, there’re leaders who have demonstrated exceptionalities personalities and traits. Some of them alive and who continue to do great things while others we only read about them.

5 Key Reasons Why CRM Integration is a Must for Your Business

The Startup Magazine

Did you know CRM is the biggest software currently on the market? In fact, the projected CRM sales are expected to reach $80 billion in revenue by the year 2025.

4 Keys To A Super-Charged Team And Workplace Culture

Startup Professionals Musings

Startup work environments are always chaos, but they can still be great environments to work in, or they can be terrible. Whether yours is terrible or great, that same tone flows out to your customers, and regulates your productivity inside.

How To Transform Workplace Culture


by Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., author of “ The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times ”.

6 Aspects of Digital Marketing No Entrepreneur Can Afford to Ignore

Up and Running

Thanks to an always-evolving landscape and the nearly limitless availability of engagement resources, it feels like marketing gets more difficult with each passing year. This wealth of options, in fact, can put marketers in analysis paralysis while they try to figure out which direction to go.

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16 Entrepreneurs Describe Their Leadership Styles


Every leading position in business requires demonstration of diverse skills and leadership styles. Working environments differ thus requires the leader to master the best style that works in that business.

Real Estate Investing and Side Hustle Profit Opportunities

The Startup Magazine

Real Estate investments are currently the most profitable source of cash flow but, the risks are equally higher. If you want to add variations to your investment profile with real estate investments; you need to analyze the real estate market thoroughly and find trusted sources to generate cash flow.

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You Have 8 Seconds To Grab My Attention, No Pressure

YFS Magazine

Eight seconds. According to a 2015 Microsoft report, that’s the average attention span of a human. It might sound crazy, but there's more! Grow Marketing & Sales blogging content creation content marketing marketing PR public relations

CNC Production In China – A Rising Trend


The industrialized countries such as Europe, America and Japan have completed the industrialization of CNC machine tools, and China started from the 1980s and is now in the development stage.

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Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Become a Consultant (and 15 Insights for Success)

Up and Running

The gig economy is in full swing, and it has forever changed the work world as we know it. For various reasons, people are leaving their traditional 9-to-5 jobs and working in more agile roles instead—even starting their own businesses. Sometimes this is by choice; sometimes it’s not.

Failure to Execute vs Failure to Raise

Hunter Walker

14 for 14. Homebrew’s first fund (2013-2015) has 20 core investments of which 14 went market for a Series A. All 14 successfully completed this fundraise. The six who didn’t go out for a Series A either (a) shutdown/acquihired prior to this milestone [founder disagreement; lack of product traction], (b) exited due to an early M&A opportunity or (c) in one case, is currently an ongoing concern that hasn’t needed to raise additional capital.

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3 Ways To Attract The Right Employees

The Startup Magazine

Running a successful business can’t always be done alone, and at some point, you might make the decision to hire people to help you and to ensure that your business can truly grow. Hiring is a big decision, and not one that should ever be taken lightly.

Improv for Business

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Improv is a Swiss Army Knife for Problem Solving. I just completed another workshop for high level executives in the use of Improv for Problem Solving. Most of the group were skeptical at the start.

Forklifts – Buy Vs Lease: Which Is The Best Option For A New Business


Whether you decide to buy or lease a forklift, it all comes down to the particulars of its application and the preferences of your business. Let’s be honest, forklifts are expensive.

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Alamo Angels Names Kim Biffle as its new Executive Director


Alamo Angels announced Tuesday that Kim Biffle is its new executive director and CEO. The San Antonio-based group of angel investors, which launched in December of 2016, is now comprised of more than 100 members who have invested in 18 businesses. Biffle is Alamo Angels third executive director.

Thoughts on my Wedding Day

This is going to be BIG.

I’m getting married today. At least, if she says yes. But, assuming that all goes according to plan, I have a few thoughts on how I got here—given that dating and relationships seem to vex a lot of people. I would say that the most important factor that went into both of us finding someone to marry was that neither one of us felt like we had to find someone to marry to be content.

How to Put Personal Money into Your Startup In 6 Steps

The Startup Magazine

Bootstrapping going by the author of the Ulysses, James Joyce implies forcing your way to the top from the lowest of ranks by the aid of your bootstraps. Today more and more people are creating ventures and funding them as well from their own resources and efforts.

Can Entrepreneurs Find Balance? 7 Ways To Move In The Right Direction

YFS Magazine

Entrepreneurship can be a deeply rewarding career. But make no mistake: It can also be brutal. Lead personal development work-life balance

4 Marketing Strategies For Law Firms Struggling In The Digital World


Have you been dedicating time to creating an online presence in the digital world, only to realize you’re in over your head? It seems straight forward at first.

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