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Vertical Velocity

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I predicted 2016 will be the year of verticals in the enterprise software space. This morning Jose Duarte, CEO of Unit4 updated us about the Higher Education acquisition they made a few months. Industry Commentary Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc We are off to a good start.

Vertical or Horizontal

A Crowded Space

The conventional wisdom is to say that horizontal marketplaces will be replaced by vertical marketplaces. Maybe this is a flawed framework?)

Go Vertical

Seeing Both Sides

Yet, in my own work with various incubators, I am often struck by the lack of vertical focus. Start ups are great barometers for the future.

Oracle's Acquisitions and Why it Will Be a Good Year for Vertical SaaS Startups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Originally published by Tomasz Tunguz on LinkedIn: A Key Moment In Time For Vertical SaaS StartupsIn the past week, Oracle acquired two vertical SaaS companies. OPower is an Arlington Virginia

Scaling Techstars Horizontally

Feld Thoughts

There are two common ways to scale a system – horizontally or vertically. Scale Vertically (or “scale up”): Add resources to a single node in a system, typically involving the addition of CPUs or memory to a single computer. You can scale vertically and horizontally at the same time. Techstars Berlin (Berlin).

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Vertical and Social Web Trends For The Decade


In fact, in the discussion on JuJu brands is yet another validation of the verticalization and niche-ization of the Internet. On Jan. Sponsor.

Inside Warehouse drills down into verticals with ecommerce tool for publishers


But taking a hard look at user acquisition they wondered where webshops really fit in. "We A if you will. bloggers and publishers

Why large companies acquire small companies

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

So this acquisition is worth more than $20m in revenue, which at the average revenue-multiple for public tech companies , yields $100m in market value.

Nokia Buys Into Wearables Market With Withings Acquisition


Vertical Markets 2: Customer/Market Risk versus Invention Risk.

Steve Blank

Steve,&# he said, “you’re missing the most interesting part of vertical markets. Personally, I think that customer acquisition, brand, reputation, etc., In contrast, customer acquisition, brand, reputation, etc. Markets with Customer/Market Risk are those where the unknown is whether customers will adopt the product.

Is Freemium Compatible with Enterprise Software?

Venture Chronicles

Some enterprise products are not appropriate for freemium models but almost exclusively the result of high COGS and/or specific industry vertical issues (e.g. Build your website for throughput and efficiency in support of customer acquisition through the trial experience. compliance).

Twitter’s Acquisition, Chirp & Managing Developer Relationships

Both Sides of the Table

I think Twitter made a minor gaffe by announcing their Blackberry app and their acquisition of Atebits (Tweetie) before the Chirp conference.

Startup goal: be the leader when technology approaches 10% adoption

The Equity Kicker

Amazon is perhaps the major winner, both through it’s own efforts and through acquisitions, with Spotify and Apple also having significant share.

7 Brilliant Strategies Marissa Mayer Used to Shake Up Yahoo

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

She''s launched new verticals. Why all the new verticals? Launched in 1994, Yahoo is one of the old dogs of the tech world. billion.

Why Metrics Get Worse With Scale

Seeing Both Sides

Here are a few other key metrics that are hard to scale: Customer acquisition. Customer acquisition is like drilling for oil. in 2012.

Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

Steve Blank

Creating a vertically oriented regional ecosystem is a pretty amazing accomplishment for any country or industry. ———-.

Global 153

Should Apple Buy Hungary?

Agile VC

Over the long arc of time (by tech standards) Apple has done very few acquisitions >$100M and has never done a billion+ dollar deal.

Amazon acquires robotics group Kiva for $775m – trend to vertical integration continues apace

The Equity Kicker

Yesterday Amazon announced the $775m acquisition of robotics group Kiva Systems. This is interesting because it is another move by a major internet company to vertically integrate its value chain. Amazon is currently a customer via it’s acquisitions Zappos and Quidsi , but doesn’t use Kiva in it’s home grown warehouses.).

Evaluating whether a sector is interesting as an investment target

The Equity Kicker

Full stack vertical AI startups actually work – main reason: low level task based AI gets commoditised quickly whereas vertical AI plays solve full-stack industry problems with subject matter expertise and unique data which make them defensible. This reached the point where $m per PhD was talked about as an acquisition metric.

Benchmarking Performance: Your Options, Dos, Don'ts and To-Die-Fors!

Occam's Razor

With that, let's look at the first rich source of benchmarking data in CI tools, the industry and sub-vertical reports. Yes, four! etc.).

1M/1M Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Vertical And Social Web Trends For The Decade


This curriculum is based on the various questions entrepreneurs have asked me over these 64 sessions, spanning financing, positioning, customer acquisition, marketing, sales, channel, and various other early stage startup related issues. . As usual, then, I worked with three entrepreneurs working on specific businesses. . Then J.J.

The only 2 ways to build a $100 million business

Version One Ventures

Generally speaking, there are two ways (and only two ways) to scale a business to hit that $100 million threshold: Your business has a high Life Time Value (LTV) per user, giving you the freedom to spend a significant amount of money in customer acquisition. High LTV can usually be found in transactional or subscription businesses.

Visualizing the Interactions Between CAC, Churn and LTV

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

The black horizontal line represents time and the unlabeled vertical access represents relative profit. (Guest post by Gordon Daugherty.

Top 25 SEO bloggers you should follow in 2016

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Great Post to Read: Use Verticals To Increase Reach. Looking for some SEO tips or want to hire someone to improve your website's SEO?

SEO 42

10 Tools for Understanding and Dissecting an Industry

VC Cafe

Companies like Gartner, Forrester or eMarketer regularly produce reports about tech trends and verticals. Steve Jobs. 1) Industry reports.

5 Things You Need to Know Today

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Growth Via Acquisition Dyn--the Inc. A roundup of the day''s news--curated by the Inc. editorial team to help you and your business succeed.

Hourglass of Focus

A Crowded Space

Once the product / market fit is established and acquisition channels are better understood, the startup can enter the next phase.

A visual guide to pitching

Version One Ventures

Some example questions include: what are your strategies for customer acquisition? Describe and demo what you’ve build so far (the “What”).

4 Reasons You Need to Set Business Goals

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are four reasons why you should be setting goals for your organization. We can't predict the future, but we can certainly plan for it

Tips for Success via Business Crowdfunding


And for issuers, many have even less resources to dedicate to marketing and investor acquisition. What types of companies perform best?

Q&A with my great friend and mentor, Stan Rapp, about his latest book, Release the Power of Entangled Marketing

Jeff Hilimire

(Stan Rapp over video announcing the acquisition of my first company to the staff). Stan Rapp is one of my favorite people, for so many reasons.

Unique ways to solve today’s talent crunch

Version One Ventures

Today’s trend of acqui-hires can result in some dissatisfied technical teams post acquisition. These are good avenues for finding very smart people in your vertical, particularly global or small market candidates who may not be visible otherwise. After all, the caliber of talent makes or breaks a company, no matter its size. visas.

“YouTube is still the only place where you can passively monetize your content” – Online Content Evolution From Awestruck’s Sarah Penna

Hunter Walker

After the acquisition, AwesomenessTV empowered us to go back to our core DNA of management and shed the MCN moniker. Sarah Penna is cool.

UX Benchmarking: What Good Is It for Conversion Optimization? [Original Research]


Knowing where you stand in relation to competitors helps define product positioning, channel acquisition, messaging, and more. Not much.

So You Want to Start a Startup Accelerator…

Instigator Blog

We’re seeing accelerators emerge in verticals – RockHealth is an example. Creating a vertically-focused accelerator has a number of advantages. Talent acquisitions are more likely when the acquirer is closer. Everywhere you turn there’s a new startup accelerator launching. Great! So what should it look like?

The 7 Business Slides for Startups

Early Stage Adventures

There are many Web-based subscription businesses targeting many different customer markets (consumer, very small business, SMB, specific verticals, etc.). Such events could range from competitors’ significant product releases to acquisitions, financings, new competitors, pivots, and the like. What information should you provide?

Software Eating Industries

Mucker Lab

From the outside, they are vertically integrated challengers to decades if not hundred-years old incumbents. Software is eating industries.

Who can build the marketing machine?

This is going to be BIG.

To begin with, there seems to be a serious shortage of customer acquisition experts--particularly given how hot subscription services have gotten. If you are in marketing right now, or a student thinking about it, an *instant* way to get a job is to build up customer acquisition skills. In New York City, that just shouldn't happen.

SEM 16

Finding Blue Oceans #prodmgmt

The Product Guy

In a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , James Alexander, lead a conversation around “Finding Blue Oceans”. Enjoy!

User Experience Design Tactics for Product Managers

The Product Guy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Marc Wendell, lead a conversation around “UX Design Tactics”. Enjoy!