The Growing Importance Of Mobile Advertising


As consumers increasingly turn to their mobile devices for a wide array of information and entertainment, advertising agencies and brands across the nation are beginning to focus more intently on the integration of mobile advertising strategies.

How To Develop A Winning Mobile Advertising Strategy

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Media consumption is moving to mobile. If you want to make the most out of a small advertising budget, consider mobile advertising. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing mobile mobile advertising mobile marketing

Effective Advertising Solutions That Start-ups Can Afford


Creative advertising is one of the key requirements to boost brand recognition, but for start-up owners, managing operational and promotional costs can be quite challenging. However, when funds are limited, you have to manage somehow and find room for advertising in your plans.

[Asia] Location-Aware Mobile Advertising Platform Launches In Southeast Asia


“With Singapore as our home, we are able to better serve our regional customers and partners, and have a direct pulse into one of the most mobile-connected cities globally.” In the News AdNear Asia mobile advertising Southeast Asia

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Why In-Game Advertising Sucks

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In-game advertising sucks. It’s as frustrating for advertisers as it is for developers, and gamers are equally jaded. In other words, in-game advertising sucks for everyone. Advertisers (??) If you’re and advertiser or developer, get in touch.

How To Improve Your In-App Advertising Performance


The digital advertising is running according to own path of evolution but the users still influence its course the most. As a result, advertising has massively shifted towards adaptation – device, platform, personal user tastes.

Desktop advertising in decline

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Latest research out from eMarketer predicts that the US desktop advertising market will shrink by 1% this year. The other side of the coin is of course continued rapid growth in mobile, which is forecast to surpass desktop advertising by 2016. Advertising Mobile

How to Make Digital Advertising Mobile Friendly

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How to Make Digital Advertising Mobile Friendly written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. case your company hasn’t already implemented mobile marketing strategies for present and future use, I’m asking you – what are you waiting for? Advertising Olivia Ryan

A Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising & RTB


Programmatic media buying is the new wave of buying digital advertising. With a recent MediaPost report stating that “66% of marketers are planning to raise programmatic advertising budgets” in 2016, there is no indication that is going anywhere.

8 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile App


According to eMarketer research, mobile-device users spend two hours and 11 minutes per day using mobile apps, but just 26 minutes browsing the web on a mobile device. As you can see, mobile apps have become necessary for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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NoiseStreet Brings Interactivity To OOH Advertising


The problem with most out-of-home (OOH) advertising – billboards, large digital screens, etc – is that marketers have absolutely no idea how to measure its effectiveness. Ideaspotting advertising solution mobile app NoiseStreet OOH advertising outdoor marketing Singapore

The Future Of Mobile Phones Is NFC


The first computer was the size of a room, now the latest mobile phones are in essence super computers the size of our palms. NFC chips and tags are so small and lightweight that they could eventually be integrated into everything from sports posters to advertisement signs and more.

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Bots Don’t Buy: 5 Tips To Avoid Advertising Fraud


While digital advertising is not as much of an existential threat as the Cold War was, the principle of verification very much applies. billion in 2017 on fraudulent advertising traffic and clicks generated by bots. billion lost to ad fraud in 2016 as reported by Advertising Age.

Marketing Your Mobile App? Rethink App Stores (And Reach More Users)

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A revolution in the mobile phone industry is unfolding. Grow Marketing & Sales appreneur marketing mobile mobile advertising mobile app development mobile app marketing mobilegeddonMajor.

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Consistent Revenue Growth At Core Of Google’s Mobile Advertising Strategy: TBR


year-to-year, respectively, as the company remains the gold standard for digital and search advertising. Margin growth remains a secondary concern for Google as its Google’s scale grows in digital advertising. by Jack Narcotta, Devices Analyst at Technology Business Research.

Escaping The Advertising Void: How Blockchain Can Help Us Stop Spending Billions On Digital Ads


Are they pushed to the full demographic pools promised across platforms, or are budgets disappearing into an advertising void where extra ads are served to the same people over and over and over…. In 2017, advertisers lost $6.5 by Melanie Mohr, CEO and founder of YEAY.

Maximizing Your Facebook Advertising


e-Commerce And Mobile Commerce Has Changed The Game. ” Mobile, especially, has changed the game – Franchet says that 50% of Facebook’s traffic comes from mobile. Mobile Shopping.

How to Supercharge your Content Marketing with Paid Advertising


While we’ve often talked about organic Content Marketing, today we have guest blogger and entrepreneur, Garett Gan sharing his views on Content Marketing with paid advertising. 8 Platforms to Supercharge your Content Marketing with Paid Advertising.

5 Things To Consider Before Starting A Mobile App-Based Startup


We live in an era where mobile apps have become essential for us. According to the report from Sensor Tower’s Intelligence, “The mobile app users spent an estimated $19.5 Let’s take a look at a few important steps which can help your mobile-based startup thrive.

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Three slides from Mary Meeker show why mobile advertising is so hot right now

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Mobile advertising is a hot market right now. Evidenced most recently by the IPO of mobile advertising network Millennial and Singtel’s $321m acquisition of Amobee. Mobile traffic is growing fast, now up to 10% of all internet traffic. Advertising Mobile

[Infographic] Comparing Tech Company Advertising Spends


You may be surprised, but technology companies are one of the biggest spenders when it comes to advertising. In fact, in 2011 Google literally doubled its global advertising and promotion spending from the previous year to US$1.5

?Health & Fitness E-Commerce Advertising Guide

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Digital Marketing Methodology for Online Sales [+6 Pro Tips] Advertising is your sales team running 24/7 and reaching your target market at scale. Probably not that often… Display advertising, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, is interrupt-driven. Want help with advertising?

Elephanti – Stomping Into The Mobile Marketing Space


Brick-and-mortar businesses – large and small – are increasingly looking towards the online and mobile spaces to boost flagging retail sales. This trend has also sparked the onrush of online and mobile marketing startups eager to answer this need.

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Startups flourish when new technologies take the first 3-5% of a market – case study mobile advertising

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Looking at the mobile advertising industry over the last few years suggests that tipping point is around 3-5%. After the arrival of the iPhone mobile inventory sky-rocketed and revenues at the leading mobile ad network, Admob (a DFJ investment), went in the same direction.

Snapchat – The Next Great Advertising Platform (guest post)

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Brands like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Audi and the NBA are ramping up their advertising efforts with Snapchat , the photo and video app that disappears in 10 seconds. Snapchat is poised to become the next great advertising platform. Snapchat may well be the next great advertising platform.

[Infographic] Why Mobile Ads In Emerging Markets Are The Future


Mobile marketing is big, and is set to grow bigger – but more so in emerging markets. In tandem with such growing wealth will be telecommunications infrastructure, and mobile adoption.

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StickerRide – On-Vehicle Advertising For Brands And Drivers


StickerRide , a mobile app that connects brands and drivers to provide an efficient targeted on-vehicle advertising platform, recently announced plans to enter the US market starting with the ever-busy city of Los Angeles. Ideaspotting advertising marketing StickerRide

The toolkit for mobile ad buyers: Steps to scaling your advertising on mobile

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Whether your business is focused on mobile gaming or travel, it’s essential that your organization continue to scale your advertising on mobile devices year over year. This year alone, mobile ad spending is estimated to reach $31.45

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A Quick and Effective Approach to Facebook Advertising

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A Quick and Effective Approach to Facebook Advertising written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. That means that small business owners who are not advertising on Facebook are missing out on an opportunity to connect with about a third of the global population. If you’ve been thinking about Facebook advertising but are intimidated by the process of starting an ad campaign on the platform, never fear. Advertising Online Marketing Facebook Ads

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Mobile marketing is the promotion of one’s business on mobile and smartphone devices through websites, apps, and social media. Why do you need a mobile marketing strategy? When looking at how we consume digital media, mobile usage has surpassed desktop.

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Yahoo! Launches Mobile Video, Smart And Targeted Ads Across Southeast Asia


As the mobile revolution continues unabated, digital media company Yahoo! last week launched a new series of mobile advertising products in its Southeast Asian markets targeted at helping businesses reach their consumers via the device they’re almost always embracing.

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Marketers Focus More Attention on Mobile Gaming


Those stereotypes have quickly been shattering, however, with the emergence and immense popularity of mobile gaming. In 2013, there were 909 million mobile gamers worldwide, nearly half of which resided in the Asia Pacific region, and 146 million of which came from North America.

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How app developers can avoid TV’s advertising mistakes

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Over the past twenty years the number of entertainment channels available to the public has increased dramatically from simple television and radio, to streaming on-demand, mobile apps, TV catch up, and many more. Apps Business Contributors Entrepreneur Marketing and SEO Mobile

Sponsored Poolfunding: A New Way To Think About Maximizing Advertising Dollars


Google continues to evolve and refine its search algorithms over time, leading more businesses to turn to paid advertising models to get the exposure they seek in the multi-channel, multi-device world. How is Sponsored Poolfunding Better than Other Advertising Options?

On The Road – Starting Your Own Mobile Business

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Learning the basics of starting a mobile business may be your answer. A mobile pet cleaning firm. A mobile business will have special rules. What are the most basic legal controls that will impact upon your mobile business plan?

5 Ways To Kick Start Mobile Marketing For Your Small Business


In our mobile era, people are using phones for many reasons, not least of which is shopping. Major retailers spend millions with ad agencies targeting their customers with ads and promotions on their mobile phones. Make it easy for mobile customers to find you.

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A brief and not-so-kind history of web advertising

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You could chart the history of web advertising like this (quotes from Adrian Saunders/ ): Display ads from Yahoo and AOL: “Incredible returns! ” Mobile: “ Everything before was a falsehood, the reality is that everyone is on their phones now.

Mobile Magic: Leveraging The Power Of Text Message Marketing


When you think of text messaging, you probably don’t think of advertising. Professionalisms Jason Hall mobile marketing mobile text message marketing text messageby Jason Hall, CEO of My Local WiFi.

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A Guide to Facebook Advertising

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A Guide to Facebook Advertising written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. As users, we encounter Facebook advertising on a daily basis without much consideration of the thought, research, and effort that goes into the content in our feeds.

Facebook’s mobile explosion

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Facebook’s ability to make money from mobile is a hotly debated topic in the run up to their IPO. They have yet to start monetising their mobile traffic and it is growing really fast – therefore if you believe they will succeed in wringing cash from mobile then you are a long way towards believing their financial forecasts and their rumoured $100bn valuation. These mobile visitors were responsible for more than 1.1 Advertising Facebook Mobile

What Goes Into Creating An Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign?

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What Goes Into Creating An Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign? I recently wrote a post about the importance of mobile optimization and today I want to expand further on the topic of mobile and discuss mobile marketing and advertising.

Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App


In 2009, the Apple Corporation attracted international attention when it released advertisements featuring the tagline ”There’s an App for That.” Fortunately, a mobile app is the perfect tool for giving customers information that reminds them why your business stands out.

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Mobilization And Personalization: What E-Commerce Customers Want


Mixing channels through mobilization. While mobilization is a big part of these activities, only one-third of survey respondents said they were happy with brands’ practice of mobile device location targeting.

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