Modeling User Journeys via Semantic Embeddings

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This same method can be used to model user interactions on Etsy by modeling users journeys in aggregate as a sequence of user actions. The details of how we extended Skip-gram are outside the scope of this post but can be found in detail in the Scalable Semantic Matching paper.

Web 3.0 isn't the Semantic Web, it's Hailstorm 2.0. Why it Matters.

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isnt the Semantic Web, its Hailstorm 2.0. Semantic Web , WTF? while i find the concept of a semantic web intellectually stimulating, for the most part i think its just a lot of geeky mental masturbation (did i just repeat myself?). isnt the Semantic Web, its Hailstorm 2.0.

Access, Aggregation, and Other Big Data Challenges for Startups


Elbaz identified several major hurdles that companies face around data: Findability Access Rights and Ownership Economics and Business Models Standards Integration and Aggregation Trust. In some ways, the term "big data" belies the challenges that startups face in tackling the subject.

NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity

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These are still very early days for machine learning, and we’re many iterations and innovations away from a wholly independent AI that can understand all of our semantics, let alone incite the Singularity.

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Yummly Raises $6M for Hiring (and Gratuitous Bacon)

Delicious semantic search engine Yummly has just raised $6M in Series A financing to continue expanding into a complete digital kitchen platform. " [CEO Dave] Feller said that the semantic technology Yummly has built has a lot more potential than the search engine lets on.

Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform?

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When you do semantic analysis on the article shared you would find out that this is an article trying to persuade people that shale oil drilling in the US is important for energy independence.

NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity

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These are still very early days for machine learning, and we’re many iterations and innovations away from a wholly independent AI that can understand all of our semantics, let alone incite the Singularity.

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The Goal? Oh, Just to Be the World's Biggest Location Database

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Founder and CEO Gil Elbaz--who as a child poured over stats on everything from sports to economics to weather--would love to aggregate data on everything.

How to Optimize for a Lasting Positive Memory


There are three main types of encoding: acoustic, visual, and semantic. repeating a phone number out loud over and over again) while long-term memory relies on semantic encoding (e.g. Every company wants their visitors (i.e.

Transcript of Why Local SEO is an Important Lead Generation Channel

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Justin Sturges: Yeah, and one of the key things that is often missed in a lot of the tools out there are the key aggregators … Oh shoot, I’m so bad with names.

Key Insights from Elite Camp 2015 Speakers


Check for semantically related terms and long-tail queries permutations – identify the most popular queries per device. Stay away from aggregate metrics – combine, segment, visualize, predict. Elite Camp is a 3-day traffic and (mainly) conversion event.

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Cliff Notes S-1: Kayak ? AGILEVC

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How They Do It: Aggregate data from travel data warehouses like ITA as well as indexing travel providers websites, provide this information to consumers in a highly customizable search engine. How to Evaluate Firms for a Seed VC. How To Think About The Future. About Me.

SeedCamp European startups visit NYC and Silicon Valley

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

They aspire to be an ad platform (hard to scale), but are also looking at ways to aggregate and filter results from other sources. Uses semantic technology to parse your email and find messages that are important to you. SeedCamp is a European based startup incubator similar to Ycombinator or TechStars here in the USA. Google hosted the top startups from the program in New York City and Silicon Valley this week.

Facebook sharing with Open Graph protocol 1.1

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Facebook completed its rollout of Timeline profiles and Open Graph activity aggregation last week, completing a set of changes announced at their f8 developer conference in September. Semantics. Semantics.

Under The Radar: Tue 6/3, Mountain View - Master of 500 Hats

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Master of 500 Hats A blog about Geeks, Entrepreneurs, & Startups in Silicon Valley, by Dave McClure. The Internet Revolution, Act III. Home Best of 500 Hats About Dave Startup Metrics Dave on Twitter Archive Pages About 500 Hats & 500 Startups About Dave McClure About Dave follow me on Twitter Top Hat Posts Google Open Social vs. Facebook Platform (aka: Open Standards are for Losers.

Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

” Users tend to aggregate around platforms and content they identify with (organized around demographics, topics like movies or restaurants, shopping, etc.) The rest is just semantics. Disruption: David Pakman's Blog. Chronicling the undoing of traditional media. About Me.

Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems

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NoSQL systems typically accomplish this by relaxing relational abilities and/or loosening transactional semantics. This makes aggregations much easier.

Improving Etsy for iOS with server-based logging

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These variants have identical user visible behavior, but different intended semantics: A variant where we explicitly expect the out-of-bounds case and handle it by returning nil, ignoring the inputs, or whatever is necessary in that case. Use the aggregated logs to identify spots in our code base where we’re catching potentially unexpected behavior. By aggregating errors sampled from 1% of app users, we can see where EtsyExpect and EtsyAssert fail.

Memo to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, & AOL: How to Turn 500M email.

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Reminds me of some of the work I saw in the initial xobni outlook plugin beta in the way they aggregated and extracted info from email in similar ways. The internet turns from a rich application medium into a rich-data place = becomes semantic.

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Business Models for Social Networks: Monetizing Social Capital.

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isnt the Semantic Web, its Hailstorm 2.0. Aggregate users by keywords, let them click on stuff, and then direct the traffic to the highest bidder (actually, direct traffic to the best combination of ad copy CTR & keyword costing, and optimize for cash generated).

Venture Cyclist: Incidentalome looming

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In aggregate the data is valuable to researchers, and so it is not really incidental (at least in a negative sense). Semantic Web. (2). Venture Cyclist. Venture Capitalist and Cyclist, hence Venture Cyclist. Pages. Advice for Entrepreneurs. VC:VC. Incidentalome looming. Sometimes I love being wrong. Fifteen months ago, here , I suggested that by 2018 the cost of obtaining a complete human genetic sequence would decline to the $1,000 level (the first one cost $3 billion).

the vc in me.: It's All About the Database.

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Web services, APIs, and to some extent the standards set forth as part of the "semantic web" effort are making this possible - along wth an important general shift to openness in all businesses. Yes we agree, Zebtab is the smart aggregated desktop gadget - free to the consumer and as you can see from the live channels well on its way to building out the Zebtab channels off the back of the 32 major content deals already signed in the UK. the vc in me. Welcome!

Venture Cyclist: Report from the Jungle

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De-identified data may be collected and aggregated in order to aid in analyzing population health or behavior as well. Semantic Web. (2). Venture Cyclist. Venture Capitalist and Cyclist, hence Venture Cyclist. Pages. Advice for Entrepreneurs. VC:VC. Report from the Jungle. I spent today at Social Media Jungle Boston, organized by Jeff Pulver. Check out the twitter stream on #smjbos , if you want to see the back-channel chatter.

Innovate Israel Conference Brings 28 Israeli startups to London

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Unlike other companies, we are a true digital record label, not aggregators. Using proprietary semantic technology, a Jinni search takes you inside plot, mood, style and more – for search that reflects how we think and talk about movies.

Venture Cyclist: Twitter data stream redux

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Once properly tagged, the data becomes searchable, and we are back to "just" a scale problem. -- Is analytical reasoning separate from the event stream aggregator? Semantic Web. (2). Venture Cyclist. Venture Capitalist and Cyclist, hence Venture Cyclist. Pages. Advice for Entrepreneurs. VC:VC. Twitter data stream redux. A couple of weeks ago I posted my slides from Social Media Jungle Boston on Twitter as a Universal Data Stream.

Christine: R&D Technologies for Data Visualization

Interpreting semantic meaning. Christine (.net) net) technology and society Tweets follow me on Twitter Snaps www. flick Recent Posts Rentalic and appbackr Win $150,000 PayPal Challenge Last Chance for First Round Office Hours in 2009! Quick Followup: VCTips at Web 2.0

Burnham's Beat: The Incredibly Shrinking Software Industry

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In 2005, the aggregate market capitalization of the software sector shank by almost 10% despite the broader NASDAQ market being up 1.4%. Areas such as web services, mobile computing, semantic analysis, storage management, message aware networking, Chinese software and virtualized computing (to name just a few) hold significant promise for future growth, but that growth will have to occur despite the long-term headwinds posed by the trends outlined above. Burnhams Beat.

Where will the next ad network breakthrough come from.


trackback I’ve noted in the past that the four core competences of ad networks are: Aggregating Inventory Aggregating Data Targeting Sales Better targeting has historically been one core area of competition for ad networks, especially those focused on direct response advertising. Should someone be able to actually deliver on the promise of the semantic web and make both the rollout and economics of ontologies work , both Andrew and Jeremy will be right.