The Principles of Product Development Flow

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, July 13, 2009 The Principles of Product Development Flow If youve ever wondered why agile or lean development techniques work, The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development by Donald G.

Agile Marketing: How to Implement Scrum for Digital Marketing


Agile marketing may not be a phrase you hear often, but it’s becoming increasingly popular and important. An Introduction to Scrum and Agile Development. Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products.” The Product Owner.


The Customer Development Manifesto: Reasons for the Revolution.

Steve Blank

This post describes how the traditional product development model distorts startup sales, marketing and business development. In the next few posts that follow, I’ll describe how thinking of a solution to this model’s failures led to the Customer Development Model – that offers a new way to approach startup sales and marketing activities. Once the product begins to ship, startup sales execs use orders and revenue as its marker of progress in understanding customers.

Is the Lean Startup Dead?

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Reading the NY Times article “ Jeffrey Katzenberg Raises $1 Billion for Short-Form Video Venture, ” I realized it was time for a new startup heuristic: the amount of customer discovery and product-market fit you need to find is inversely proportional to the amount and availability of risk capital. Startups wrote business plans, generated expansive 5-year forecasts and executed (hired, spent and built) to the plan. It has to find product-market fit before running out of cash.

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No Business Plan Survives First Contact With A Customer – The 5.2 billion dollar mistake.

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When it was spun out as a a separate company, Iridium’s 1990 business plan had assumptions about potential customers, their problems and the product needed to solve that problem. Second, since it knew the solution, it went into a 8 -year Waterfall engineering development process.

The Cover-Up Culture

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The VP of an operating division had run into trouble in product development; the product was late and getting later. The product’s on schedule. The resulting conversations made us smarter, agile and relentless.

CXL Live 2019 Recap: Takeaways from Every Speaker


What to do with AI: Predict churn ; Identify which offers to send to an individual; Accelerate innovation; Personalize content; Account-based marketing ; Algorithmic attribution; Forecast future lift; Predict blame. Product and marketing teams should be involved.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Software Company

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Noah has been a key figure in the making of LivePlan, our own SaaS product. A description of the problem you’re solving for your customers, and your solution to the problem, which is usually your product or service. What would they pay for my product or service?

Lessons Learned: What does a startup CTO actually do?

Startup Lessons Learned

When Ive asked mentors of mine who have worked in big companies about the role of the CTO, they usually talk about the importance of being the external face of the companys technology platform; an evangelist to developers, customers, and employees.

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I’ve seen the Promised Land. And I might not get there with you.

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To get to this Transition stage, the company needed passionate visionaries who can articulate a compelling vision, agile enough to learn and discover in real time, resilient enough to deal with countless failures, and responsive enough to capitalize on what they learned in order to secure early customers. The good news is this team found a business model, product/market fit and a repeatable sales model. The Scalable Startup stage called for opportunistic and agile leadership.

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The Lean Startup Book is here

Startup Lessons Learned

What really constitutes product/market fit? Most of our management tools, like planning and forecasting, require a long and stable operating history. The Lean Startup is a new approach being adopted across the globe, changing the way companies are built and new products are launched.

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Lessons Learned: Five Whys

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Thursday, November 13, 2008 Five Whys Taiichi Ohno was one of the inventors of the Toyota Production System. His book Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production is a fascinating read, even though its decidedly non-practical. Our bias as technologists is to over-focus on the product part of the problem, and five whys tends to counteract that tendency. Most engineers would ship code to production on their first day.

John Doerr's 10 lean startup tips

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Get 18 months or more of cash (runway) in the business against a conservative forecast. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development ► June (3) What is a startup? Kent Beck keynote, "To Agility, and Beyond" Six streaming locations Interviews ► March (7) New conference website, speakers, agenda Two new scholarship programs for lean startups Speed up or slow down?

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10 years of entrepreneurship

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All my products and ideas focus on early cash and a business model that works from the first day. You made me remember that maybe, and just, MAYBE, the early days is not at there to earn money, but rather understand your user and improve your product. Talking about trends is more about trying to forecast the future, like a guru, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Ultimately your product must be useful.

It's a startup, not a spreadsheet

Startup Lessons Learned

Sometimes an early negative result from an experiment is a harbinger of doom for that product, and means it should be abandoned. Imagine a general manager that has read The Innovator’s Dilemma and related books, and is therefore trying hard to help her organization make a transition to a new product category via disruptive innovation. No matter how low we make the revenue projections for this new product, it’s extremely unlikely that they are achievable.