Moving To Homer, Alaska

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During one of the long conversations we had at the time about our future, we started talking about calling it quits and moving to Homer, Alaska. If Anchor Point rings a bell to you, it’s because it’s the name of our foundation (the Anchor Point Foundation) and we’ve done some really fun things with it such as the Anchor Point Fellows Program at Wellesley College. After moving to Boulder, we continued to spend a few weeks in Alaska each summer.

How Much Does it Cost to Form an LLC? A Guide For Startups

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LLC Name Reservation. Choosing the right name for your business is not always a walk in the park. It has to be easily identifiable, must follow a certain set of guidelines and more importantly, has to be registered with the Secretary of State name database.

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2013’s Top 10 Small Towns For Mobile Entrepreneurs

Mike Michalowicz

Wasilla, Alaska. Most famous for being headquarters for the Iditarod Sled-dog race, Wasilla is also the home of Alaska’s most visible celebrity, former 2008 Vice-Presidential hopeful and governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Wasilla, Alaska is actually more business oriented than most people (including me) realize. It’s also one of six hubs for Alaska’s Small Business Development Centers and the fastest growing city in Alaska.

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The Spirit of America

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Alaska. The first guy in charge here voluntarily gave up power, when he could easily have been named ruler for life. On this great day when we celebrate America, our freedoms and our way of life, please enjoy (and add to!) my list of twenty of why this is the greatest country in the history of the world: #20. Hollywood. Disneyland. Broadway. Entertainment happens here. #19. Red Sox - Yankees, Celtics - Lakers, The Super Bowl, The Final Four. Sports are spectacle here. #18. Jesus.

Ten Sources to the Best Business Blogs

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One of my favorites in this category is MyAlltop , run by a well-known name with entrepreneurs, Guy Kawasaki. There are several popular ‘groups’ you can join on LinkedIn that are focused on entrepreneurs and startups, like On Startups, Alaska Innovation, and Startup Specialists, to name a few. With as many as 400 million blogs (web logs) now active on the Internet, how can you find and read the ones you need to be a leader in your business domain?

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Building The Right Corporate Culture, From A Self-Confessed Former Jerk Of A Boss


He began to read about the importance of core values and resilience – through books such as “ Built to Last ” and “ Man’s Search for Meaning “, for example – and even traveled to Alaska, finding (and losing) himself mentally and spiritually seeing the majestic glaciers there. And the company was even named as Houston’s top place to work by the Houston Business Journal this year.

[Review] Great By Choice


These protagonists were able to build enterprises that beat their industry averages in the stock market by at least 10 times (hence the name). Why do some companies succeed in turbulent times while others fail? Is there a “secret sauce” to enduring corporate performance? I found the answers to these and more in “ Great by Choice “, a highly thought provoking business book by bestselling “ Good to Great ” author Jim Collins and his partner Morten T.

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Exploring The Everyday: Better Meat For a Better Future

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In the early 2000s, there was an artist by the name of Oron Catts , who, as an art demonstration, was able to grow frog cells in serum and then presented them at a dinner. Another reason is that from here in San Francisco, up to Alaska is salmon country. Exploring The Everyday is an interview series exploring interesting individuals or companies who are trying to make an impact on the lives of everyday people.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

NAME AOL. NAME Comcast. NAME Verizon Communications. NAME Yahoo. NAME Shikhar Ghosh. NAME Toby Stuart. NAME Daniel Dreymann. NAME Charles Holloway. NAME David Cowan. Domain Name/Basic Site. Alaska. Alaska. Your question to the Journal Community Your comments on articles will show your real name and not a username. Why use your real name? Please enter your first and last name. Facebook.

Top 40 Startup Posts for August 2010


I took my Macbook Pro (an older model from about 18 months ago) up to Alaska, left my Lenovo x300 in Boulder, and went native Mac. What the crazy name "Smart Bear" taught me about branding - A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks , August 2, 2010 Every founder struggles to find a great name for her company. My name started as a whim, was almost changed for the wrong reasons, and ended up with a punch-line I would never have dreamed of.

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Book: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

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The view from my living room in Homer, Alaska. It covers Los Angeles, books, romance, endless book and movie references, trivia quiz competitions, books, a cat named Phil, a recently discovered family, and David Hasselhoff. The author, Abbi Waxman , shares the last name with David Waxman , who is a partner at TenOneTen Ventures. Amy and I arrived in Homer this evening for some time in a different place. We are TV-free up here, so that means, well, books.

Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

T ool: Curalate URL: What it does: Monitors and measures traffic from “visual-based platforms”—namely (for now, at least) Pinterest. First Name. Last Name. Company Name. * Alaska. Alaska. ); E-Mail Alert Sign-Up. --> Subscribe Now. --> Media Kit. --> About FOLIO. RSS Feeds. --> --> Bookmark folio. MediaPRO Community. Job Board. SEARCH FOLIO: Search. Careers. Careers Home. Search Jobs. Add Your Resume. Featured Jobs. Newest Jobs.

Transcript of Why Customer Service Must Come from the Heart

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Jeanne Bliss: Alaska Airlines for example, has something they call We Trust You toolkit, which is an app with options. John Jantsch: We got to lock those down before we name our books now, right? Transcript of Why Customer Service Must Come from the Heart written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Back to Podcast. Transcript.

Transcript of Fighting Unconscious Bias in Your Organization

Duct Tape Marketing

All of our emails were identical, but the identity, as reflected by the name of the person sending the email, varied. We pretested lots of names and, in the end, constructed identities that were perceived as either male or female, using a gender binary and perceived as either white-sounding, black-sounding, Hispanic-sounding, Chinese-sounding, or Indian-sounding, and then we had multiple names within each of those identities, but it was 10 different gender and race/ethnicity combinations.

Webinar Recap: Create a Business with Your Art (Q&A with Ann Rea)

Up and Running

My name is Jonathan Michael. I am going to bring it back, I am going to bring it back and say what’s this gentleman name, who have bravely asked the question? This artist I worked with, her name is Jenny Nikki, let me explain who she is and what she stands for first of all. Last week, I had the privilege of hosting a one-hour Q&A session with Ann Rea, a successful artist and entrepreneur who is devoted to destroying the myth of the “starving artist.”

Out of the Crisis #21: Tomas Pueyo on the hammer and the dance, political polarization, and how the pandemic will affect the way we live and work

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His name is Tomas Pueyo. In mid-March, as the coronavirus was sweeping through Asia and Europe, Tomas Pueyo published a piece on Medium titled "The Hammer and the Dance: What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like if Leaders Buy Us Time." One of a series he wrote after starting to analyze pandemic data in mid-February, the piece was shared by millions in multiple languages.