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Communist and cultural effects on tech communities

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This is my second visit to Tirana for the OSCAL conference, an annual celebration of open source technology in Albania’s capital.

Supercell Reaches 100 mln Daily Players


I want to thank every single one of them: from Albania to Zimbabwe and everywhere else in between. 100 million!

12 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

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He has served tours in Iraq, Albania, and Kosovo, amongst others, and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. You want to be in the latter camp.

Visiting the Balkan Ghosts

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Serbs, Greeks, and Bulgarians all invaded Albania, claiming to liberate it but in fact intending to carve it up into various spheres of influence.

5 Worst Things You Can Say to a Customer

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However, just in case you’ve been hiding-out in a California commune or were raised in upper Albania, here it is: “That’s our policy.”