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7 Steps to Launch Your Small Business

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America today. Without demand, there are no sales and your business is doomed.

How Small Businesses are Key to the Survival of Corporate America

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Without customers employed by small businesses, Corporate America is up a creek with no paddle

How to Avoid Failure: Two Common Small Business Mistakes

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As business owners, failure is common to us- not every idea can be a winner. In a world of thousands of business, that’s pretty hard to believe.

Why Banks Are No Longer Lending to Small Businesses

Up and Running

Remember the days when you’d need funding to start or grow your business, and you’d get in your car and head down to the bank on the corner?

America’s Collective Small Business Is the Music Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The small musician is the epitome of today's creative entrepreneur and small business owner

10 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do

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Most of the challenges in starting a business relate back to doing the little things right. You need to manage your cash. Do you buy inventory?

5 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Growing

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Running a small business is a daunting challenge. Here are five ways to keep your small business growing. Conduct research.

It's Official: America Loves Small Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Report: Compared to major corporations, small businesses have won the hearts and minds of consumers. Well, most of them, anyway.

Five Ways to Automate Your Small Business

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

You checked out of corporate America, punched the time clock for the last time and pursued your dream of running your own business.

How Small Businesses Can Effectively Use the Sharing Economy

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When used in the right places, any small business can save capital in almost any sector. Outsourcing small tasks. Business trips.

Startup America Partnership

Feld Thoughts

On Monday I was at the White House to help announce the Startup America Partnership. For an awesome description of Startup America, please read Aneesh Chopra’s (the United States CTO) post on TechCrunch titled Startup America: A Campaign To Celebrate, Inspire And Accelerate Entrepreneurship.

10 Perks Your Small Business Can Afford

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Mark Bilbe, Mimecast's general manager of North America, explains that it goes even further--towards team unification. "We Nap room -- Engauge.

4 Ideas For Marketing Your Small Business On A Shoestring


So how can your small company compete with the big players who flood the market with their seemingly unlimited resources? It’s simple: strategy.

Outsourcing HR: Big Savings for Small Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Their product is available in every Whole Foods in America and Western Canada, with a conventional grocer roll out already underway.

Twitter Link Roundup #276 – Patriotic Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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So, Happy Birthday, America, because once again, it’s time for our weekly Roundup! Happy 4th of July! We also like the fireworks. Enjoy!

Twitter Link Roundup #251 – Cool ideas about Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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Small Businesses and Startups – 3 New Years Reflections and Resolutions | crowdSPRING Blog – I hope you enjoy!

Financial Knowledge Can Lead To Small Business Success


Starting a small business often means taking a lot of risks, especially financially. by Debbie McGrew, Make a Plan. Negotiate.

Millennials Are Reshaping America’s Workforce And Small Business

YFS Magazine

Grow Human Capital business trends company culture HR human capital human resources millennials workforce developmentMillennials have a more updated career vision, and have largely thrown out the 9 to 5 playbook.

The 50 Best Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Mike Michalowicz

Business owners with a brick and mortar store need to reach out to a bigger audience online. Get a Twitter account in your business name.

Twitter Link Roundup #288 – Necessary Stuff For Small Business, Startups, and Designers!

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How to Map Out the Business That You Want to Build Ways Baby Boomer’s Businesses May Fail In Near Future

The Morning Rituals of 15 Highly Successful Small-Business Owners

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Many of the business owners interviewed exercised before heading to the office. This article originally appeared on Business Insider

A Look at the Most Successful Small Business Cities (Infographic)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From east to west, here''s where you''ll find America''s booming small business cities. There''s a least one great excuse -- besides the sunny weather and proximity to the ocean -- to start up your business in Riverside, California. Small businesses in this city are booming, bringing in an average annual revenue of $1.2

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Small Business and Startups: Telling the Truth | @crowdSPRING Blog Maybe. I should say so. My advice to you?

Is Small Business Marketing On Facebook A Complete Failure?

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Among other things, Forrester surveyed a small group and used a screened sample that although presented as random, was not random at all.

Manufacturing Jobs Return, Small-Business Lending Increases

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Meantime, banks are increasing loans to small businesses. Small Business Lending Citigroup made $9.1 the past two decades.

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Why Small Towns Are Boons for Small Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Worth and Raleigh-Durham are among the best cities for founding and growing small businesses, according to the Thumbtack survey.

Public Relations Tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs [Webinar Recap]

Up and Running

To grow a business, most entrepreneurs know that they should be implementing PR strategies. I’ve been in the business now for about 30 years.

Small Businesses See More Opportunity in America Than Abroad

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For small businesses looking to grow, the focus is on technology and the economy--here in the U.S. economy''s impact on small business.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Win Large Customers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Most small business owners I know salivate at the prospect of landing a large customer. Separate yourself from the pack. Rich or poor?

Twitter Link Roundup #277 – More Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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What surviving an avalanche taught me about business Creative Business Card Design Ideas for Print

Startup America – Dead On Arrival

Steve Blank

Last week the White House announced Startup America , a public/private initiative to accelerate accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship in the U.S.

Twitter Link Roundup #269 – Impeccable Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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As a small business owner I worry a great deal about productivity: how to achieve it, how to maximize it and how to maintain it. Leashed?

Why Owning a Small Business Is Equal Parts Gratifying and Terrifying

Duct Tape Marketing

Small Business Is a Path. Owning a small business is now the dream of most and surest path to living the life you were meant to live.

Twitter Link Roundup #258 – Whole Buncha Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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Fast Company | Business + Innovation Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive Enjoy!

Twitter Link Roundup #287 – Cool Stuff Small Business, Startups, and Designers!

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How to Map Out the Business That You Want to Build 8 Businesses You Can Start From Your Couch

From the Vault: America’s Founding Entrepreneurs

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As this is a holiday weekend (and the entire team is trying to get in a little recreation), we thought we’d repurpose this and see if it still has legs… On this Independence Day I have been thinking about the summer of ’76 and America’s Founding Fathers. Benjamin Franklin. ” 2. John Adams. George Washington.

Meet the 'Small Business Person of the Year'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Do you marvel at the degree to which your life story inspired your business? Only in America do we have the chance."

Twitter Link Roundup #272 – Picture-perfect Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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The business world is utilizing crowd-based marketplaces to solve their needs | Kellogg Magazine Enjoy! 1FHLNQ3.

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5 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Payroll


No business owner needs the added headache of an audit, and even a late payment could result in a penalty. By Shrad Rao, CEO of Wagepoint.

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These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more!