Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

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“Great API documentation is essential” many people exclaim. So, you fire up your favorite API definition editor and start writing docs. The Hidden Value of API Documentation. API documentation tells the story of your API.

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Reduce need for 3rd party apps with open source solution

The Startup Magazine

Its secret is a business model that focuses on providing a premium service using open source solutions, 90% cheaper than its competition, according to Eleconomista. The post Reduce need for 3rd party apps with open source solution appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

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Open-source Something Often

Diego Basch

If you write code for a living, when was the last time you released something as open source? Assuming you take pride in your work (if you don’t… well), open-source code is an incentive to: Make sure the code is not horrendously embarrassing.

Harvard Professor Yochai Benkler: Cooperation Trumps Self-Interest

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Benkler cites the model of Free Open Source Software (FOSS), which now accounts for more than 40% of all software (Lerner and Schankerman). Free Open Source Software Trends .

The open API secret

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The biggest flip the technology age has done on the industrial era is the open API. For the uninitiated, an open API (Application Program Interface) is a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other. It is also a system where web companies ‘open up’ their platform for external non affiliated software developers to create applications on.

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Avoiding Monolithic Regret

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This is typically accomplished through clear public APIs for a module. These frameworks commonly offer accelerated development, code generation, open source plugins/extensions, simplified deployment and the ability to scale out by adding more instances as required to support the current load.

How to publish a open source nuget package

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

In this article, I am going to document the process I went through to open source the code, and package it in a nuget package. I called “nuget setApiKey API-Key”. You can find your API key in your account).


Crunching Apple Pay tokens in PHP

Code as Craft

Today we’re open sourcing part of our server-side solution, applepay-php , a PHP extension that verifies and decrypts Apple Pay payment tokens. Many payment processors offer APIs to decrypt Apple Pay tokens on your behalf, but in our case, we wanted the flexibility of reading the tokens in-house. Our search yielded a couple of open source projects, but none that fully complied with Apple’s spec.

Software eats software development

Chris Dixon

Startups created simple APIs that abstract away complex back ends. Open Source. Open source dominates every level of the software stack, including operating systems (Linux), databases (MySql), web servers (Apache), and programming languages (Python, Ruby). Software is eating the world, and doing so using smaller and smaller teams. WhatsApp was able to disrupt the global SMS industry with only a few dozen engineers.

Building in public forces true competitive advantage

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

For example, if Etsy open-sourced their entire stack, would that make it easy for a competitor to overtake Etsy? Now that Facebook has open-sourced their entire data center infrastructure, does that make it easy for a competitor to overtake Facebook as a social network?

Building on Someone Else’s Railroad

Mark Birch

Like the real estate adage about location, API’s and platforms can be hugely important in gaining traction. LinkedIn however is no innocent victim, declaring an open API while making it impossible to leverage. tech startups platforms API traction

#DefragCon 2013 Notes: Towards an API Commons – Steven Wilmott, 3Scale and Kin Lane, Presidential Innovation Fellow

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Towards an API Commons – Steven Wilmott, 3Scale and Kin Lane, Presidential Innovation Fellow. The number of APIs are exploding. Need client code to help interact with the APIs. API copyright is a legal grey area. Will require lots of client code to connect to the multitude of APIs. Can we use open source and creative commons to build an API commons? Enable API definitions and patterns to be openly shared and marked as reusable.

NYC Open Data

Mark Birch

NYC Open Data : nycdigital : NYC Open Data makes the wealth of public data generated by various New York City agencies and other City organizations available for public use. The age of open sourcing government is upon us and it starts with open access to data. Open data is a right that is as important as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, and has much more potency than the right to bear arms. government API big data NYC open source technology

10 Ways To Win With Multiple Concurrent Businesses

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With open-source tools and public APIs, every product is no longer owned by a given company. With the cost of entry at an all-time low, and the odds of success equally low, more and more entrepreneurs are starting multiple companies concurrently.

Google Summer of Code: 55 million lines of code released since 2005

The Next Web

Chris DiBona, the open source and public sector engineering manager at Google, was recently interviewed by Slashdot. ” We had a couple of APIs at the time. ” I asked some friends in Open Source, “What if I gave you some students?

Infographic: What Tools Developers Actually Use

Many of the categories are wide open. Many of the categories are wide open. open source. ReadWriteHack. ReadWriteWeb. Channels. ReadWriteStart. ReadWriteBiz. ReadWriteEnterprise. ReadWriteCloud. ReadWriteHack. ReadWriteMobile. ReadWriteHack. Archives. Twitter. Facebook.

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Hiring Developer Evangelists

David Cohen

They typically take the form of APIs and make life easier on the web for developers. The thread went on: “There is a large community around our open source project. I define “web infrastructure” companies as those (at least initially) targeted primarily at developers. I’ve invested early in many such companies including SendGrid , Twilio , FullContact , Stream and RunScope.

Gluecon Year 5

Feld Thoughts

Building using Netflix’s Open Source Architecture (a 4 hour workshop). Using Swagger to Build a Great API Interface. is for APIs. As we enter the 5th year of Gluecon , I’m very excited to see it come together. Eric Norlin has been saying year after year that his goal is to make Gluecon “ the most technical, developer-focused conference ” out there and I love watching him try.

GlueCon 2013 Notes: Machine Learning APIs (You Probably Didn’t Know About) – Chris Ismael, Mashape

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Machine Learning APIs (You Probably Didn’t Know About) – Chris Ismael, Mashape. Many machine learning libraries have complexity hidden behind an API. link] – a variety of machine learning algorithms open sourced that may be candidates for API-ification. link] – cloud API marketplace. link] – machine learning APIs. Natural language processing (NLP) and social media are often seen together. Common machine learning categories.

Announcing Hound: A Lightning Fast Code Search Tool

Code as Craft

Today we are open sourcing a new tool to help you search large, complex codebases at lightning speed. The backend keeps an up-to-date index for each repository and answers searches through a minimal API. We have committed to using the open source version of Hound internally, so we hope to address issues and pull requests quickly. We are calling this tool Hound.

CEO Interview with BlazeMeter, Self-Served Load Testing in the Cloud

VC Cafe

Israeli startup Blaze Meter , a load testing in the cloud compatible with open source Apache Jmeter, has recently raised an undisclosed round from Yoav Leitersdorf’s YL Ventures. Alon: I’m a strong advocate and evangelist of cloud and open-source technologies.

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How Etsy Manages HTTPS and SSL Certificates for Custom Domains on Pattern

Code as Craft

Until fairly recently, this is the point where you had to open up your wallet. Some CA’s offer API’s, but three years is a relatively long time, so chances are you do this manually. Plus, who even knows which cell in which SSL pricing matrix gets you API access?

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The 50 Most Promising Israeli Startups in 2016

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Redis Labs – Enterprise-grade open source NoSQL database (Raised $27M). Capriza – Mobile-enable critical business workflows without the need to access source code, APIs, or integration (Raised $51M). Image credit: Kosher OC Magazine.

Networks And The Enterprise

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

MongoDB is an open source datastore for web scale applications. These developers became a network of users and contributors to the open source project. Twilio build a dead simple API and cloud service that allowed developers to quickly connect their apps to the world of telephony and SMS. WorkMarket built a platform that allows enterprises to take their freelance workforces and put them onto an open shared network.

When You Should Still Use a Relational Database Instead of NoSQL

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Create Branded Facebook Storefronts With TabJuice


For companies that already have existing sites and e-commerce solutions, TabJuice makes integration easy with their open source API. Have a thriving Facebook page but struggling to leverage and convert users into actual sales?

Experimenting with HHVM at Etsy

Code as Craft

In 2014 Etsy’s infrastructure group took on a big challenge: scale Etsy’s API traffic capacity 20X. HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) is an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in PHP.

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Mesosphere: A Platform for the Next Generation Datacenter

Peter Levine

At the time, he spotted a new open source technology that had been built at UC Berkeley called Mesos and he helped Twitter bring it into full production. Today, almost all of Twitter’s infrastructure is built on top of Mesos, which is now an Apache open source project and is at the core of Mesosphere’s products. Mesosphere is harnessing the core open source technology of Apache Mesos, and making it possible for everyone to tap into its power.

How Google is using Machine Learning and AI

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

In an effort to accelerate innovation, Google is making the core Machine Learning framework Tensor Flow available as Open Source. Machine Learning will impact everything we do at Google. You can already see the results in Google products you use today.

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VC Cafe highlights everything you need to know from hosting your code in hackathons to open source legal docs. Lean Methodology Sources. High Quality, and open sourced! Use their api to handle payment related stuff. Box API lets you store files dynamically!

A look inside Google Developer Relations - we are hiring!

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Thirteen of them have authored books, at least four of them have software patents to their name, and most of them have made significant contributions to Open Source projects. If you want to learn more about a Google product or API this is the place to go.

Christine: Socialtext "Wiki Wednesday" Hackathon Results

Free pizza and beer and internet, create what you will using Socialtexts open source technology. These analytics hackers used the Socialtext REST API to suck data frompublic wikis, and Analysis I focused on page naming. andSocialtexts REST API. Christine (.net)

HTML5: 10 Provocative Predictions For The Future

It shows the most potential to challenge Android as the “more open” (read: more customizable) open source device platform, which should appeal to device makers. Sections. Social. Mobile. Enterprise. Cloud. Small Biz. About. Contact. Advertise. Privacy. Search. Follow us. Share.


Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS - Over a million writes per second

We call the automation "Priam", after Cassandras father in Greek mythology, it runs in a separate Apache Tomcat JVM and we are in the process of removing Netflix specific code from Priam so that we can release it as an open source project later this year. Open positions at Netflix.

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Where are the opportunities for machine learning startups? [guest post]

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It’s striking that algorithm developments for machine intelligence have been overwhelmingly open source. Actually, that’s a blog post all of its own, but here are a few examples: Clarify makes audio and video searchable via its API.

Programmer Competency Matrix

source code version control Folder backups by date VSS and beginning CVS/SVN user Proficient in using CVS and SVN features. build automation Only knows how to build from IDE Knows how to build the system from the command line Can setup a script to build the basic system Can setup a script to build the system and also documentation, installers, generate release notes and tag the code in source control. Good knowledge of editors, debuggers, IDEs, open source alternatives etc.

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Facebook now a mature and stable partner

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Here’s the list of announcements, taken from a GigaOM post : Facebook’s “stable platform” guarantees: Developers will have a 2-year Core API stability guarantee, and the company promises to remedy platform bugs within 48 hours.

4 Considerations for Expanding Your Startup to International Markets

and China, and recently recorded their 1,000,000th download of Bonita Open Solution. Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people. Jobs Welcome to Mashable!

Do You Have The Moxy To Be A Parallel Entrepreneur?

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With open-source tools and public APIs, every product is no longer owned by a given company. With the cost of entry at an all-time low, and the odds of success equally low, more and more entrepreneurs are starting multiple companies concurrently.

The Building Blocks of the Web

Instigator Blog

It’s a piece of “infrastructure” that tons of developers use, which has encouraged more open source sharing, and allows for easier development. Zapier is a building block for connecting APIs, so you can piece things together more easily.

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