The Emerging Architecture Of Internet Applications

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And today Joel has posted something that is really important and needs to be understood by every Internet/mobile entrepreneur, investor, developer, employee, and analyst. Differentiation and defensibility and network effects will be much harder to obtain with this architecture.

Good Developer, Bad Developer

Guy Nirpaz

Here’s my spin on it: Good Developer, Bad Developer. Good Developer, Bad Developer. Good developer is an artist, a craftsman who enjoys the process of creation. Bad developer considers himself as a programmer, responsible for generating lines of code. Good developer understands the problems of the customers. Bad developer understands only the technical problem at hand. Good developer understands the complete architecture of the product.

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Choosing The Right Mobile Application Architecture


The idea of mobile application development for the enterprise is rapidly catching on, as mobile apps are now an obvious (and critical) path to both generate revenue and improve the customer experience for today’s modern businesses. By Nuno Pereira, Director APAC, OutSystems.

Avoiding Monolithic Regret

Launch Any

Many think that a microservice-based architecture is the right answer for their organization, whether they are a startup or a large-scale enterprise. Others are opting for a wait-and-see approach to microservices by first adopting a monolithic architecture.

Product Planning Series: Information Architecture, Flowcharts and Wireframes

Startup Musings

I’ve worked with development teams who were “too busy to generate design documentation” They say: planning is guessing. An information architect would have worked closely with the project manager to develop a top level site map, easily depicted in the form of a flow chart.

Customer Development is Not a Focus Group

Steve Blank

Customer Development is all about gathering a list of what features customers want by talking to them, surveying them, or running “focus groups.” One of the times I screwed this up it left a legacy of 25 years of questionable design in microprocessor architecture. Customer Development is about Testing the Founder’s Hypothesis Any idiot can get outside the building and ask customers what they want, compile a feature list and hand it to engineering.

Slack, Chatbots, and Voice: At the Intersection of Humans and APIs

Launch Any

This article explores the growth of messaging platforms, how APIs and chatbots are changing the way people interact with software, and what it means for digital transformation as well as the future of application development.

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What app developers must do to stay ahead of competition

The Next Web

Instead, develop a robust server side API which all of your current and future apps can use. This can also help you collaborate with potential app development partners at later stages. Developing a single code base for Web applications to run on multiple browsers can save great effort.

Intel Disrupted: Why large companies find it difficult to innovate, and what they can do about it

Steve Blank

ARM, a competitor, not only had a better, much lower power processor, but a better business model – they licensed their architecture to other companies that designed their own products. Today that’s built on the premise that an x86 architecture is the one best suited for big data.

API First Transformation at Etsy – Human aspects & developer adoption

Code as Craft

”, which enforced the company strategy to adopt Mobile First development. We had evolving documentation about the architecture and how to use the framework, in the API handbook. We had workshops in which people did the code lab together with experienced API developers.

Driving developer adoption

Hazard Lights

One of the investment themes we are pursuing here at Flybridge within our Dynamic Computing (which my partner David Aronoff covered in detail here ) is the rise of developer driven business models. This has empowered the developer to experiment, prototype and ultimately drive the adoption of new technologies in ways that were not previously practical. If your developer customer needs to pay to do anything useful, they wont adopt.

Developer Focus: Dominic St Pierre, Focus Centric


Bunker is a project management and online billing service built by small web application developer Focus Centric that is positioned for use by freelancers and small businesses. But he intends to deploy a mobile web app version for now; native apps are still in the development pipeline.

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The Mission Model Canvas – An Adapted Business Model Canvas for Mission-Driven Organizations

Steve Blank

As a formal method, the Lean Startup consists of three parts: The Business Model Canvas – to frame hypotheses, Customer Development – to test those hypotheses in front of customers, and Agile Engineering – to build Minimum Viable Products to maximize learning.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Why are you Still Making.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Development and Business Lessons By Michael Woloszynowicz By Michael Woloszynowicz Sunday, January 23, 2011 Why are you Still Making Crap? Below I discuss some of the challenging problems developers face and the open source toolkits that exist to help us solve them. Web 2.0

The Application Development Landscape – 2012 and beyond

For Entrepreneurs

Today’s application developers are faced with a broad set of architectural decisions that can make or break their company going forward. This presentation, which was given as a keynote for the MassTLC application development conference, highlights the major changes that are taking place in the world of application development. The Application Development Landscape – 2011 [.].

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Why You Need to Learn.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

A high level of interaction was out of reach for most companies as the majority of their client-side developers lacked the programming fundamentals to develop large scale JS based tools, while back-end developers refused to venture into client-side programming. Web 2.0


How does Etsy manage development and operations?

Code as Craft

Recently, someone asked, “ How does Etsy manage development and operations? &# with these comments: Etsy seems to have scaled far and fast, whilst continuing to add new features; how is all this managed – is there a strictly-defined process within which engineers operate, or is it a case of hiring clever people and letting them get on with it (Facebook-style)? Right now, developers are divided up into a number of small teams, usually 3-7 engineers.

Resolving the Frontend/Backend API Design Conflict

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As part of my API design consulting engagements, I’m often called in to resolve the conflict between the API design that the frontend developers would prefer to have and the backend developers want to build. API api api design backend development BFF pattern frontend development

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Vision versus Hallucination – Founders and Pivots

Steve Blank

It was great to watch him embrace the spirit and practice of customer development. Tossing their agile development process and at times their entire business model in the air, the company would go into fire-drill mode and engineering would start working on whatever his latest insight was.

It’s An Agile World

Feld Thoughts

One of the emails reinforced the challenge of “traditional software development” vs. the new generation of “Agile software development.” At the time it was an idea in Ryan Martens brain; today it is a public company valued around $600 million , employing around 400 people, and pacing the world of agile software development. Best Practices agile Failure obamacare rally development software

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Lessons Learned: Sharding for startups

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, January 4, 2009 Sharding for startups The most important aspect of a scalable web architecture is data partitioning. So far, this is just a summary of what all of us who have attempted to build web-scale architectures considers obvious. The solution is to build an architecture that works for the startup condition. To me, the optimal architecture is one that serves four goals simultaneously.

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Lessons Learned: Customer Development Engineering

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, September 7, 2008 Customer Development Engineering Yesterday, I had the opportunity to guest lecture again in Steve Blank s entrepreneurship class at the Berkeley-Columbia executive MBA program. In addition to presenting the IMVU case, we tried for the first time to do an overview of a software engineering methodology that integrates practices from agile software development with Steves method of Customer Development.

How Sam Mizrahi Is Bringing Old World Elegance To A Modern City


That’s one reason, among others, to take a closer look at the work of Sam Mizrahi , founder and President of Mizrahi Developments, and a Toronto developer who’s changing the aesthetic of Toronto neighborhoods through a range of ambitious developments.

Former Head of Microsoft Israel Dreams of Billion Dollar Israeli Startups

VC Cafe

Moshe Lichtman, the man once in charge of all of Microsoft’s technology development in Israel, says that the time has come to build a billion dollar Israeli company. Moshe joined Microsoft in 1991 as a product manager after a career as a software developer. By Ben Bakhshi.

Overcoming The Struggles Of Enterprise Mobility


It’s not easy being a developer. Back in the early days of personal computers and workstations, the average developer only had to worry about applications that ran standalone on the client machine, or during the early days of the internet, client/server apps.

Christine: Three Common Architectures for Blog Community

» Three Common Architectures for Blog Community Todays BlogHer workshop on blog community architectures, led by Nancy White of Full Circle Associates, elicited a set of common community templates: One blog, one blogger. Christine (.net)

Lessons Learned: Product development leverage

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, April 26, 2009 Product development leverage Leverage has once again become a dirty word in the world of finance, and rightly so. But I want to talk about a different kind of leverage, the kind that you can get in product development. The idea of leverage is simple: for every ounce of effort your product development team puts into your product, find ways to magnify that effort by getting many other people to invest along with you.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 24: Drew Silverstein and Craig Kanarick

Steve Blank

At the Rockwell Group, the architecture and design firm, he co-founded Studio Red and the Lab , an incubator for integrating digital technology into physical spaces. Filed under: Customer Development , SiriusXM Radio Show. Customer Development SiriusXM Radio Show

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: The Dojo Toolkit.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

This will not only make your front-end code clean but youll simultaneously be developing a platform, not just an application. Tip 4: Events, events, and more events Dojos architecture is heavily event driven, both with standard events and pub/sub style syndication. Web 2.0

Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems

Nathan Hurst

Ive developed this visual primer with quite a lot of help (see credits at the end), and its still a work in progress, so let me know if you see anything misplaced or missing, and Ill fix it.

Christine: Web 2.0 Inspires Architecture 2.0, and World a Better Place

Inspires Architecture 2.0, and World a Better Place Architecture for Humanity creates sustainable, low-cost housing forboth impoverished and disaster-hit communities. James Baty of AFH is here at Web 2.0Expo to evangelize Architecture 2.0, Inspires Architecture 2.0,

Find a place to hack using NYC architecture

Nathan Hurst

These regulations set forth incentives for building developers to create publicly available space. Essentially, the new regulations allowed building developers to build with a higher base height in exchange for having an enclosed atrium, an outdoor park, or some other public space.

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


We’ve heard this from startup founders, product managers, development team leads, CTOs, and others who see their product gaining traction, but simultaneously see performance falling off a cliff. Performs modestly complex calculations without requiring complex architecture.

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How To Successfully Deploy Your Web or Mobile API to Heroku

Launch Any

The CLI is useful for developers that wish to manually interact and/or automate the management of their applications. Provides a platform for deploying solutions built using a microservice architecture. Just be aware that developer databases support manual backups only.

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GlueCon 2013 Notes: Single Page Architectures: The API and Appification for the Web Steven Willmott, 3Scale

Launch Any

Single Page Architectures: The API and Appification for the Web Steven Willmott, 3Scale (@njyx and @3scale). Zendesk is now single page – use ember, provide an example App for developers to get started using their API. SPAs help drive architectures to APIs for consumption by a variety of sources (intended and unintended). The post GlueCon 2013 Notes: Single Page Architectures: The API and Appification for the Web Steven Willmott, 3Scale appeared first on LaunchAny.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 21: Grant Warner

Steve Blank

Joining me in SiriusXM’s studio in New York was Grant Warner , director of innovation and entrepreneurship at Howard University’s College of Engineering Architecture and Computer Science, and co-founder of ConnectYard. That helped us develop a product. .

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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 20: Nayeem Hussain and Will Zell

Steve Blank

Prior to founding Keen Home , Nayeem Hussain spent his career focusing on M&A, corporate development/strategy, and financial analysist, first at Prudential Financial and then at Loral Space & Communications. Filed under: Customer Development , SiriusXM Radio Show.

Sam Mizrahi: Builder Behind Canada’s Next Skyscraper

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Toronto’s metamorphosis into a new, in many ways architecturally bolder version of itself will end around 2020 when the last of 10 proposed new skyscrapers will be complete in the city’s downtown core.

50 Places You Can Learn to Code (for Free) Online


Princeton : Through Princeton University’s Coursera site, you can find courses on algorithms, computer architecture, and networks. School of Webcraft : Mozilla Foundation’s School of Webcraft is a peer-powered school that offers free web development education.

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Where is the best place to find a rockstar developer to bring it to life?

" Web Development Startups Solo Founders I am a creative guy with a startup idea. Where is the best place to find a rockstar developer to bring it to life? "Where is the best place to find a rockstar developer to bring it to life?"