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Hiring Your First Engineer: A Technical Entrepreneur’s Take

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How do you build your engineering/dev team from the ground up? What kind of engineers do you need? Now consider a few high-level categories of engineers: Front-End. The best engineers I’ve worked with cross into multiple categories. This is about trust — a lot of trust goes into this first engineering generalist.

Google Engineer: How We Interview, How I’d Beat Us for Talent, & How Non-Technical Founders Should Approach Devs

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Saurya Velagapudi is a senior software engineer at Google, based in their Cambridge, Mass., Portfolio companies can contact us to learn more.)

Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering?

Both Sides of the Table

This time I thought I’d try and address engineering talent. Your deepest thinkers on technology architecture are seldom good team leaders.

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The Engineer Exchange Program

Code as Craft

Twitter and Etsy are working together on a new project to help our engineers learn from each others’ practices, with the idea of making both of our engineering teams better as a result. It takes a level of trust to let an unknown engineer into the fold, let them sit in on meetings and make changes to code.

Yahoo's New Logo Design: Micromanaged, Over-Engineered, Boring

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The controversial CEO’s engineering-based obsession extends far beyond products and Yahoo Mail and logo redesigns. Let me be more direct.

Lessons Learned: The engineering manager's lament

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, October 20, 2008 The engineering managers lament I was inspired to write The product managers lament while meeting with a startup struggling to figure out what had gone wrong with their product development process. This engineering manager is a smart guy, and very experienced. Sound good? Heres why.

Do you need data engineering before data science?

Version One Ventures

One thread explored the differences between data science and data engineering. I’ll admit that I was completely unaware of the engineering behind data science when we first launched Insight Data Science back in 2012. You can read about this from Maxime Beauchemin , data engineer at Airbnb). Data Engineering.

Why CEOs Shouldn’t Mess with Engineers


Why CEOs Shouldn’t Mess with Engineers. The sad story of its sinking seems to have several potential causes, but one is noteworthy both in terms of engineering and leadership. The ship became top-heavy and much less stable as a result, and while the engineers tried to compensate with more ballast below, it wasn’t enough.

Should Your Engineering Startup Join A Chamber Of Commerce?


When it comes to engineering, much of what you will be doing is design, especially if your niche within the industry is civil engineering.

A New Campus for Budding Engineers and Entrepreneurs in New York

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The full project, being constructed by multiple architecture firms, is not expected to be completed until 2043.

We Invite Everyone at Etsy to Do an Engineering Rotation: Here’s why

Code as Craft

At Etsy, it’s not just engineers who write and deploy code – our designers and product managers regularly do too. It has five sections.

Sunday, 3/20: Financial Engineering Meetup—Sourcing Investments in Private Companies

David Teten

This Sunday, March 20, 6pm on W. 23rd St., RSVP: [link]. Events NextNY Private Equity

Lessons Learned: Customer Development Engineering

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, September 7, 2008 Customer Development Engineering Yesterday, I had the opportunity to guest lecture again in Steve Blank s entrepreneurship class at the Berkeley-Columbia executive MBA program. Its a nice complement on the product engineering side to his customer development methodology. for H.

Lessons Learned: Sharding for startups

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, January 4, 2009 Sharding for startups The most important aspect of a scalable web architecture is data partitioning. So far, this is just a summary of what all of us who have attempted to build web-scale architectures considers obvious. Stateful servers require more careful attention. to store it.

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Running An eCommerce Store? Here’s How To Make Google Love You!


For the most part, duplicate content is caused by poor planning, a non-intuitive website structure, and careless information architecture.

Recruiting Startup Engineers | Femgineer

People constantly ask if I know people, where to find the so-called ’startup-engineers’, or even where the can find someone like me.

Google Analytics Tutorial: 8 Valuable Tips To Hustle With Data!

Occam's Razor

Nourish yourself with the "info snacks" the tool's engineers and product managers cooked up. I mean really use the tools. Click!

Etsy’s Debriefing Facilitation Guide for Blameless Postmortems

Code as Craft

For many organizations engaged in software engineering, the group “post-mortem” debriefing meeting (and accompanying documentation) is where the rubber meets the road. Here’s a narrative taken from real debriefing notes, generalized for this post: “I don’t know,” the engineer said, when asked what happened. “I Now: how do you do that

Important Reasons to Leverage Case Studies for Your SEO in 2016

Duct Tape Marketing

Yes, that is how important search engine optimization (SEO) has become in online marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Brief. You might have basics on SEO but why is your website not ranking on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs)? This highlights the latent potential for search engines.

Former Head of Microsoft Israel Dreams of Billion Dollar Israeli Startups

VC Cafe

His ability to lead large teams of engineers had made him one of the most influential executives at Microsoft and the world. By Ben Bakhshi.

Intel Disrupted: Why large companies find it difficult to innovate, and what they can do about it

Steve Blank

Today that’s built on the premise that an x86 architecture is the one best suited for big data. What’s holding large companies back?

API First Transformation at Etsy – Operations

Code as Craft

Operations: Architecture Implications. api engineering infrastructure mobile operations philosophy API PHPLinux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

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Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


Conversely, a low-performance application might have an architectural bottleneck through which many request types flow (e.g., High throughput.

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How Etsy Uses Thermodynamics to Help You Search for “Geeky”

Code as Craft

data engineering search heat death thermodynamicsEtsy shoppers love the large and diverse selection of our marketplace. Quantifying “broadness”.

API First Transformation at Etsy – Concurrency

Code as Craft

api engineering infrastructure mobile philosophyAt Etsy we have been doing some pioneering work with our Web APIs. Finally, how did it end?

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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Profitable Niche Content Website by Yaro Starak

Niche content sites, as I call them, are static websites that are rich in content that are well optimized so that they attract heavy natural or organic search engine traffic for free. Because search engines like keywords. How do search engines work? Remember, no one knows what and how search engines think. Why not?


10 Course Corrections Every Startup Should Memorize


Business architecture pivot. Engine of growth pivot. Eric Ries image via Fast Company. Zoom-out pivot. Customer segment pivot.

Building a Translation Memory to Improve Machine Translation Coverage and Quality

Code as Craft

The Translation Memory Architecture. Machine Translation at Etsy. Listing descriptions account for the bulk of text we machine translate.

Blameless PostMortems and a Just Culture

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Failure cares not about the architecture designs you slave over, the code you write and review, or the alerts and metrics you meticulously pore through. If not with the original engineer, another one in the future. This cycle of name/blame/shame can be looked at like this: Engineer takes action and contributes to a failure or incident.

It’s An Agile World

Feld Thoughts

The backend infrastructure that handles all the Internet connectivity and services for a world-wide distributed technology that was built by a team of 150 engineers overseas. implemented with 2 engineers compared to an estimated 25 for the old system. Enjoy the story and contemplate whether it applies to your organization.

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Startups Lessons: Product First

Venture Chronicles

The early architecture conditions created what engineers called “technical debt” and that effectively became weaponized to stall significant investment in fixing the old in order to build the future. engineers paired would jump from frontend to backend erratically at each sprint iteration.

Hey MongoDB Haters: The Problem Isn’t Mongo, It’s You

Nick O'Neill

Fortunately there are often some very rational people in the comments on Hacker News, but I feel like there is one key takeaway: developers and engineers will always be overcoming challenges no matter what system they select. One of the first systems our engineers built in AWS is called the Chaos Monkey. I hope so!

What Hardware Powers

Code as Craft

Output of the “top” command with 32 cores on Sandy Bridge architecture. engineering infrastructure operationsDatabase Class.

Founder Challenges with Startup Development Teams and CTOs


These are often the same things that cause a founder to reach out to me about helping their CTO, VP Engineering, tech team, off-shore development, etc. Architecture All startups will make a lot of changes and scale the product as they move along. Issues with the architecture and technical team will take longer to diagnose.

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The Daily Bacon - The American Institute of Architects has.

Mark Birch

Here is one example of some of the more pioneering and cutting edge bacon engineering. ( via itageverythingbacon ).

TechEmpower Benchmarks and the Microsoft ASP.NET Core 1.0 Performance Story


This new release is one of the most significant architectural updates we’ve done to ASP.NET. Frankly, those two statements are often correlated.

Ardent War Story 5: The Best Marketers Are Engineers

Steve Blank

Some of these advisors from the academic community would work with our of VP of Engineering and help us solve specific technical problems.

Re-Introducing Deployinator, now as a gem!

Code as Craft

Bringing you this release embodies our generosity of spirit in engineering principle. We deploy code about 40 times per day. Major Changes.

Tracking Every Release

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We use a variety of monitoring tools to help us correlate issues across our architecture. Combined with engineers pairing up for code reviews, we catch most issues before they get deployed. Monitoring every aspect of your server and network architecture helps detect when something has gone awry. Ah-ha!

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Lying on your resume

Steve Blank

Steve, the VP of Sales and Marketing previously ran their engineering department. Most of the sales force were previously design engineers.