The Snap IPO Happened. What Next LA?

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We are the most diverse city in America — perhaps the world — with 200 nationalities, 100 languages and the largest population outside of a home country for 39 nations around the world including Mexico, South Korea, Armenia, the Philippines, Thailand and many others.

IPO 167

Control your euphoria!


Completion of a software project by the remote workers in (Philippines, Brazil, Armenia, fill in the blank… Just name a country whose daytime is our nighttime.) One thing a senior manager can count on is that someday, something will go right, very right.

Alexis Ohanian Built a New Front Page for the Internet (& Got Rich Doing It)

Inc Startups

I peaced out for a few months to do a Kiva fellowship in Armenia. Reddit, created by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, was one of the first start-ups out of the Y Combinator program to be acquired, making Ohanian a 23-year-old multimillionaire. Here's how he did it.

Dealflow from Latvia: Q3, 2015


Nano 55 is based on revolutionary simple, one-step nano carbon tubes production technology by scientist A.Manykan (Institue of Physics of Armenia). MaxTraffic. About: MaxTraffic is a platform for e-commerce sites to help them turn abandoning visitors into customers.

How to Make the World Suck Less Using Software

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I volunteered for 3 months in Armenia, I’m actually half Armenian. A superb talk by Alexis Ohanian to finish last year’s Business of Software Conference – How to make the world suck less using software.