A Summary of Current Trends in Canadian Mergers and Acquisitions - 2011

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With keen international interest in Canada's resource sector, the return of financial buyers, strategic investors looking to pursue acquisitions as a means of increasing earnings, and the recent uptick in Canadian "mega-deal" activity, there is no better time to discuss the M&A trends unfolding in 2011. Rapid growth in Asia has also led to concerns over food scarcity. Potash and other Canadian agricultural commodities are increasingly viewed by Asia as vital strategic assets.

Cracking The Code: The Bessemer 10 laws of SaaS - Fall 2008.

Cracking the Code

Save Asia for post-IPO Single instance, multi-tenant, single datacenter - Have only one version of the code in production. A simple example would be if Customer A signs a one-year deal at $10,000 per month, and Customer B signs a three-year deal at $5,000 per month.

Why Leave A Six Figure Corporate Job For Internet Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

Before I get into what I have done and why I know what I know, here is a brief background on myself: My Background The name is Indian, but I was born in South East Asia (just above Yaro’s homeland) in an upper middle class family of entrepreneurs. I travelled all over the world wherever business deals were happening, gained tremendous experience and exposure to the Corporate landscape, and learned invaluable life lessons in my career.