Nine Tips To Improve Audience Growth For Your Startup

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Improving audience growth for your startup is probably the most important thing that you can do. You can get funding for your company that will help you grow, but you need to have an audience that is going to buy your products at some point. Find Your Audience.

Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Changes For 2017


Search engine optimization is a practice used to help your website rank higher in the search results fields of major search engines. Replace Keyword Research with Audience Targeting for Best Results. Take time to learn who your audience is and what they are looking for.

10 Questions to Help You Figure Out Where Your Audience Gets Their Information


Developing and deploying content in a way that’s consistent with how your audience finds their information is an important step in increasing your content marketing ROI. In addition to our own mental filters, we often rely on search engines and sites that curate content to help apply filters.

How To Build An SEO Strategy To Dominate Search Results


Think about what people search for. Publishing content on social media channels, blogging and through influencer marketing will make you appear more trustworthy and authorative in the eyes of your audience. Consider alternative methods of search.

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NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity

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This can be done with an application that mimics messaging or exists within these services, which have obviously massive audiences. When-oh-when will a movie premiere online only to a virtual theater audience?

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Web Weaving – Utilising Digital Marketing To Ensnare A Wider Audience


If you feel stuck, as if your current audience is too limited, it might be time to widen your digital net to draw in a bigger customer base. Before you can expect organic search results, you should start by increasing paid traffic to your site.

Developing Content for Your Mobile Audience

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Developing Content for Your Mobile Audience written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Make sure you’re keeping best practices in mind when developing content for your mobile audience. Know your audience.

6 Things Startup Businesses Can Do To Increase Their Instagram Audience


If your account is doing well, you are making frequent posts, but you may have a difficult time finding your audience. Much like any new account on a social media platform, it takes time to grow your audience. Thank your audience for their input and answer questions.

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

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How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. If you’re in the marketing world, it’s time you start paying attention to voice search optimization to help you show up in search results via this method.

Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future

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In late 2011, Google announced an effort to make search behavior more secure. This encrypted their search queries from any prying eyes, and kept from being passed on to websites the users visits after seeing search results. Implications of Secure Search Decision.

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The Best Business Ideas to Get You Started

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Most people can come up with great copies, but not so much be in a position to edit the materials into a final, appealing and composed piece of work that is readable and relevant to the target audience. Search engine Optimizer (SEO).

Proof That Your Audience Is Online

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Let me guess -- you are reading this article because you doubt your audience is online? Today, we tap into online social networks to search for product recommendations, ask for reviews, and share experiences. Yes, Your Audience Is Online.

How To Get Your Audience Involved With Pinterest


The best way to use Pinterest for your business is to get your audience involved. First take a look at both your target audience and Pinterest’s users as a whole. So your goal is to attract that Pinterest population from your audience group.

Match Your Audience With Your Attire

Mike Michalowicz

Know Your Audience. It’s all about knowing your audience. Start by doing a quick search for the people you are meeting with, on Facebook and LinkedIn. The post Match Your Audience With Your Attire appeared first on Mike Michalowicz.

NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity

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This can be done with an application that mimics messaging or exists within these services, which have obviously massive audiences. When-oh-when will a movie premiere online only to a virtual theater audience?

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Sole Traders: The Perfect Audience for Online Accountants

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It is a mindset fueled by a digital age that offers a tonne of information on virtually any subject with a simple internet search. It turns out that sole traders are the perfect audience for online accounting. Sole proprietors are the perfect audience for online accounting in the cloud.

Marketing Tips For Resorts

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In an hour, your products and services could be seen everywhere in the globe and people could search for you online. They prefer to do all searching and booking themselves. Build a website for your resort, add beautiful pictures and optimize it for search engine rankings.

PC For Rent – How To Make Money Searching For Extraterrestrial Intelligence


The first project of this kind was GIMPS , a large-scale program launched in 1996 for the purpose of searching for Mersenne prime numbers , that is prime numbers of the form 2 p — 1 where P is a random integer. Searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

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5 Steps to Small Business Search Engine Optimization

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5 Steps to Small Business Search Engine Optimization written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. When focusing on your strategy, start by developing a list of problems that your target audience is experiencing that you can help them solve.

Massively Expand Your Audience with Guest Posts

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Massively Expand Your Audience with Guest Posts written by Alex Boyer read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. Most of all, it is stuffed with valuable information for your audience. It can expand your audience in ways that your blog alone can’t.

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Can Make The Difference in Your Job Search


Not only is the market overflowing with highly qualified individuals, but to complicate matters, the job search and application functions of yesteryear are no longer valid. To avoid falling into either of these traps, search for keywords that you’re thinking of using in your own profile.

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Memories of an Unconnected Era: Searching for Sugar Man

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So that brings me to Searching for Sugar Man. He was producing in the era of Bob Dylan yet he languished in US audiences. So they go “Searching for Sugar Man.” Many people reading this will be digital natives.

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Tips for Getting Your Audience to Stay on Your Website Longer

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Tips for Getting Your Audience to Stay on Your Website Longer written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. And while you can’t control a stranger’s attention span, there are things you can do to encourage your audience to stay on your website longer. Google turns out thousands upon thousands of search results in an instant. Long, jargon-filled paragraphs and wishy-washy headlines are a great way to confuse and alienate your audience.

Two Amazing Bar Charts: % Content Consumption, % Share of Search

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In the second example there is no site analytics data, that bar chart will tell you that you might be celebrating success too early when it comes to Search while pinpointing for you how high the upper limit is. Both of these things combine to attract new audiences for our business.

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Andrew Chen: Growing renewable audiences

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, September 12, 2008 Andrew Chen: Growing renewable audiences Growing renewable audiences (a talk at O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures) | Futuristic Play by @Andrew_Chen Non-sustainable: In fact, I’ll describe press and blog traffic as “fool’s gold&# because of the associated emotions that it brings. These are things that if you get right, you can optimize your way into a big, sustainable audience.

Widening the Net – Expand Your Digital Presence as an SME

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With the rapid increase in online searches and internet shopping in the last few years, having a strong online presence and utilising a range of lead generation services is no longer optional for SMEs. However, it is possible to expand your online presence and reach a wider audience.

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How to Identify Your Online Target Audience and Sell More


It all starts with knowing who is your target audience and what they need or want. If you want to increase conversions, you have to figure out who exactly is your primary target audience, what they want, what matters to them and what are the sources of friction for them.

The Small Business Guide To SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2017

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If you’re moving slowly or have yet to implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies as part of your overall marketing efforts, you’re falling behind your competitors. Pages that are not accessible from a phone, for example, will do poorly in mobile search results.

5 tips for promoting your Spa/Beauty Business in 2019

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For example, utilise directories and classified websites, as they promote a wide variety of products and will allow for customers to search for your brand. In addition to this, providing more content can allow you to subtly show your audience the experience of your business.

Use Digital Marketing to Elevate Your Website

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Google collects tons of search results and ranks them all. Take the time to hire a professional to boost your site into the Google search spotlight. Social media advertising is a great way to directly target your audience and put offers in front of them.

The Future of Mobile Search Marketing

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The Future of Mobile Search Marketing written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. Search on Mobile Devices. Even Google’s famed SPAM fighter, Matt Cutts, commented he wouldn’t be surprised if mobile search surpassed desktop this year !

Challenges of Growing a Plastic Surgery Practice

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If you do this right, the result will be a success and the target audience will take you into account when choosing a respecting healthcare company. It’s advisable to have your website in the first 6 search results, when users type key words in the search bar.

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The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

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3.You’ll reach a bigger audience. No matter if they’re on their phones, searching their favourite websites or watching videos online, digital marketing ensures that your campaigns will always reach your users. The world of business is moving online – and so is your marketing.

High and Low Tech Ways to Promote Your Business

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Having potential customers search for their business is only effective for customers who already know the business or product name. In order to expand their reach, companies need to come up in relevant Google searches so that they widen their pool of potential clients.

Lean Marketing Tips: Blogging to Build Audience and Drive Traffic

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We write for ourselves, but we also write with our audience of users in mind: small businesses, entrepreneurs, startup folk, and creative types. Search is important when building an audience for your blog, but social media even more so.

How To Write “Compelling” Copy When You Don’t Have An Audience.


The key is to find the words that tap into those instinctual needs of your target audience and place them where they will be seen. Make sure you’re doing relevant searches for your business, services or products on places like, and the various social networks.

Why Reviews Are More Important Than Ever for Local Search

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Why Reviews Are More Important Than Ever for Local Search written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. In fact, reviews have become even more important now that local search directories like Google and Yelp!

Searching for the Kinect Killer App

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We at NextView have been thinking about and looking for investments in seed-stage startups which leverage the megatrend of transitioning computing away from a standard fixed-web PC world. Of course that includes “mobile-first” applications and companies which ride the adoption of tablet devices (more on those in upcoming posts). But this exploration also includes alternative user-interfaces and inputs, like gesture controls.

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Optimizing Your Tweets for Search

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Optimizing Your Tweets for Search written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. If you know anything about your target audience, try tracking a few of them down on Twitter. In order to figure out what hashtags you should be using, simply do a search on terms related to your brand (or to the tweet you’re planning to send).

Stop trying to please Google with SEO and start properly hyper targeting your audience

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Frequent algorithm changes in Google’s Organic search results (and indeed, the actual layout of the search results pages themselves) enforce a world where useful, engaging and purposeful content is quite welcome, and search engine spam is not.

Make Your Restaurant Successful

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You want to make sure that your restaurant appeals to the target audience, so market research can really help here. Another good marketing idea is to claim your restaurant on local search places such as Google.

Increase Sales Using Social Media – Growth Hacks That Work

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You need to establish good relations with your customers in order to generate more sales and social media is the best place to find and attract new audiences. It is important to identify your audience by creating a buyer persona. Use storytelling to engage your audiences.

Startup Marketing: Leverage an Instagram Marketing Service

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So it’s no secret that your audience is out there. The same principles apply here; find relevant hashtags that your specific audience may be searching and include them on your pictures to make the connection. Roughly 88% of the U.S.